Why We are Voting For President Donald Trump

Why We are Voting For President Donald Trump

Written by Ken and Lori

We nervously voted for Donald Trump four years ago. We weren’t thrilled about him and didn’t even know where he stood on most issues. Would he keep his promises? Did he support unborn babies? What were his true views on most everything? We didn’t know! We thought he may be more like a used car salesman than presidential material.

Well, we can now confidently say that we believe he’s the best president in our lifetime. He sees something that needs to be righted, and he goes for it. He’s kept almost of his promises if they were not thwarted by obstinate Dems. You don’t have to wonder what he’s thinking; he says it! Yes, this offends many, but we prefer this to saying one thing and doing another like President Obama did to get elected only to violate the sanctity of marriage and walk away from anything to do with the Christian faith. Trump’s not a politician. We like this too. He knows what hard work and paying taxes are like, and he is working himself seemingly non-stop for what he believes will restore America and keep her from becoming a full-on socialist/communist country.

He supports Israel. We support Israel. He’s the first president to publicly speak at the March For Life rally. He speaks up for the life of the unborn. The Left supports the slaughter of the unborn up until birth and some even support death after birth. He speaks out against wicked organizations like BLM and Antifa. He believes black lives matter as all lives matter, and yes, this means ALL black lives matter, especially the lives of the unborn babies. The BLM agenda is wicked to its core in what it openly promotes in socialism, destruction of property and the lives of good cops. The fruit of this movement brings violence to the land as some appear to have an insatiable appetite of vengeance on society for the wrongs of a few bad apples.

He supports small businesses and wants to do away with massive government regulations. He wants the country to completely open up and allow freedom back to the American people. Allow Americans to take responsibility in deciding how they want to live their lives with the virus, not have government mandates that regularly and too often without wisdom, tries to control us. He believes church is essential, supports Christians, and surrounds himself with strong believers like Mike Pence, Ben Carson, and Jerome Adams.

His children all fully support him and appear to love and respect him deeply. This says a lot about a man! Yes, his past is far from perfect but none of us have perfect pasts. We are electing a president, not a pastor, and VP Biden’s past is not great either, filled with lies and troubled children. Some are saying they can’t vote for the President because he’s a bully or tweets bad things. We are not thrilled about some of what he says, but we appreciate a President who we know where he stands and will not back down from a fight. We are voting for liberty, freedom, and the Constitution; everything the Democrat party seems to be trying hard to get rid of and replace with socialism, radicalism, and free wheeling judges instead of the rule of law.

President Trump has created many more jobs for Americans before the virus hit, including bringing manufacturing jobs back to America that were sold overseas. If the Democrat mayors and governors would open up their cities and states, the economy would most likely come roaring back but this is what they fear. They are doing everything possible to prevent the President from being reelected. He fully supports the police and many police departments around the nation fully endorse him. He supports the military. The police and military are what keeps this nation a free nation. Without them, this nation will fall into chaos. It seems the Democrats love chaos and destruction as this is what many of their cities look like; a war zone instead of places of opportunity and advancement.

The President believes in the American people. The Democrat party wants Americans to see themselves as victims who need to be controlled by them. They believe in tyranny. Our President does not. He trusts the people to make good choices for themselves within the limits of the law of the land. He believes in the Constitution and has been faithful to appoint many good judges who do too.

And isn’t the choice so very clear when you look at the governance differences between the Red and the Blue?  Which states have the highest taxes? Which cities the highest crime rates? Which party is seeking to actively destroy: destroy the family, the unborn, and the very fabric of society, culture, and faith?

The choice of President Trump for four more years is the easiest choice we have had since Ronald Reagan, and he deserves it. Not just because of his outstanding record in the face of all the fabricated lies of the media and Dems of Russia-gate, Ukraine-gate, and more, but because the alternative in Biden/Harris is even worse than the choice between Trump and Hillary, if that is even possible.

Please Christian, if you call yourself by that name, you need to take this matter to the Lord and make the wise choice of which candidate will seek to advance the things of the Lord and believes church is essential, and the other candidate who supports closing down churches for minor infractions and keeping them closed permanently.

President Trump is an imperfect man but he stands firmly and squarely with Christians and Israel while surrounding himself with godly men and women who we know love the Lord Jesus. Who is Biden surrounding himself with? You know the answer (wanting to only appoint Muslims to his cabinet), and they are not looking out for America, but rather desiring to destroy much of what we have come to love about our great country. Vote but more importantly, pray. Prayer to Almighty God is the most powerful thing we can do.

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.
Proverbs 29:2

40 thoughts on “Why We are Voting For President Donald Trump

  1. I don’t think either candidate is great but Trump definitely aligns more to biblical principals then Biden and he’s my choice for 2020.

  2. I am a little surprised by your comment about Trump knowing what it is like to pay taxes. Our national media reports that he paid $750 Dollars tax (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-54319948). I pay more tax than that per month and earn considerably less; but also if all Americans only paid $750 dollars a year in tax Trump would have much less of a budget to spend supporting small businesses, the armed forces, olice etc . I realise that in the UK we only hear part of the story and there is probably a lot we do not hear about your president.

  3. Almost everything the media says about our President is lies. He has paid millions in taxes. The news here definitely has become the Fake News. The only person I listen to on the news is Tucker Carlson on Fox. He’s great!

  4. The $750 is a bit misleading. He paid that amount in FEDERAL taxes. There are other types of taxes, state, local, payroll taxes, social security tax, etc. He paid a lot of all those other taxes. The reason he paid so little in federal is because he apparently had some business with losses, which count against income.If you don’t earn a profit, you don’t have to pay federal taxes.

  5. I think you’ve said that a wife should vote the way her husband does to back up his vote? My husband is undecided, but is leaning toward voting for Biden. He wants me to do the same, but I just can’t vote for someone who is okay with slaughtering the unborn. I feel that’s direct disobedience to God. But to vote for President Trump would be to disobey my husband. My husband says I’m not following his lead. Should I follow my conscience? What should I do? If I vote for Biden and he wins, I’ll feel partly responsible for every baby killed, moving the USA closer to socialism, etc…

  6. We are living temporarily in a different state for my husband’s job but we are going to drive over 9 hours to go back to our residential state so we can cast our ballots in person. Please, please, please, vote in person if at all possible! Trump 2020

  7. We are also voting for Trump. He is wonderful for the economy and international trade. We are happy with his picks for SCOTUS. I know many liberals call him divisive, but he is not the one dividing the country, it is the liberal media. He is also our best chance from pulling back from the gay agenda that is destroying our families. Biden will only make things infinitely worse.

    My husband leads us in prayer for our country every night. The US is so sick right now, it frightens me.

  8. Hi Lori and Ken!
    I love your blog and totally agree. I am a big Trump fan. He has been amazing I am just a little nervous though about his chances for reelection.

  9. I’m with you! President Trump all the way through four more years! May our Almighty LORD bless and keep him!

  10. Dear Lori and Friends, what a treat to visit a blog where our President is appreciated, and where people have voted for him.
    The sheer nastiness posted on alot of boomer blogs (ya’d think financially stable 60-70 somethings would be conservative…guess not ;/
    Anyway, for-real, Donald Trump is the best President we’ve had for a long time.

  11. Don’t forget about the millions in corporate taxes his companies pay before he sees any income. Many don’t realized corporations are taxed first, then they pay the owners/shareholders if there is Profit left after expenses and corporate taxes. Then the shareholders/owners pay individual taxes IF THEY TOOK MONEY OUT OF THE BUSINESS FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL INCOME.

    Many very wealthy people operate everything out of their corporations instead of personally. So, according to tax code, they are subject to double taxation if they take money out personally.

    The $750 is very misleading, because all it means is that Trump didn’t take very much income out of his businesses that year. It has nothing to do with the millions his businesses paid in federal taxes before he could even see a dime personally.

  12. The overt bigotry of the Demokkkratic party is why no loving person should ever consider voting Demokkkrat. This is the party who continually stratifies people placing them in the matters/don’t matters categories. (Blacks didn’t matter now babies). The Republican Party has been consistent with freedom from President Lincoln freeing the slaves to it’s dissent of the Jim Crow laws and support of the Civil Rights movement. On the other hand, once the Republicans freed the Demokkkrats slaves (not one Republican ever held a slave) the Demokkkrats have been trying to enslave people’s minds. Many blacks haven’t mentally left the plantation and now with the BLM movement and the Critical Race Theory (which Trump banned by Executive Order) the whites are yet again enjoying their exalted position over the blacks.

    BLM sought to disrupt the nuclear family (the surest path to success in life). They purposefully wanted to keep the black males out of the family (just within the last 2 weeks they took that off their website). I’ve already mentioned the “black male shortage” in a previous comment. That happened as a direct result of the welfare programs that treat functioning adults like children the liberals keep providing for the black community. This takes away the necessity of a human husband/father and replaces them with Daddy Gov’ment. Us “poor” blacks and browns are too stupid to figure out how to provide for ourselves and need the government plantation. They can’t free us because we couldn’t get along without them!

    Put this in contrast to President Trump’s enterprise zones which encourage poor communities to innovate and to build their own wealth. He has also given to struggling Historically Black Colleges to give a boost to schools and students who have suffered under the welfare state. He is also changing the incarceration laws which gave little hope for prisoners to re-enter society which will fundamentally change some communities. It is terrible living in a community of hopelessness. The very communities “Heels-up Harris” had no problem seeking the harshest punishments to make.

    I don’t think people realize just how hobbling to any community the welfare state is. All the social justice warriors and their sympathizers (who are more righteous than God who says if a man doesn’t work he doesn’t eat) are in reality castrating whole communities. Just a few years ago I had a lovely woman over to my home for dinner. She was one of the many negatively impacted by all the “concerned liberal” programs. She grew up when the welfare state was being introduced. Either by law or perception it was told to them that they would get free money “benefits” from the government but only if they didn’t have a husband in the home providing for them. They were even told that social workers may come by and check at any time. Her father left the home with the purpose of his family being able to get the free money (it’s hard to turn down free money). Well, it isn’t good for man to be alone and eventually it was the start to the demise of her parent’s marriage. He never returned so my friend and her family grew up in a broken home. Without a father my friend made choices to find a “father” and ended up a single mother. Her daughter too made choices and ended up a single mother as well. Their husbands/fathers were the government. THIS is the conclusion to all the “concerned white saviors”. This is the soft bigotry of low expectations that replaced the overt bigotry of the plantation.

    No person who truly loves others will wish this life for them, the life given by Demokkkrat programs.

  13. One thing that is never mentioned by the media in the context of these $750 taxes is that Trump is not under investigation by the IRS. He doesn’t OWE more than $750!

    At best, it means that he has not extracted tons (or tonnes, as you say) of profits.

    At worst, it shows how screwed up the tax code is. Of COURSE we all pay way more than that each MONTH. But nobody is credibly accusing him of tax fraud.

  14. Thank you, Ken and Lori for posting this today. We are praying for our leaders; leaders that will uphold morality, family values, religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and the constitution. Trump is the only clear choice in all these areas.

  15. I don’t vote for a person – I vote for policies, positions, and the probability of executing them. Border security makes sense to me, as does a conservative/constitutional court. I really don’t care about who can use what bathroom…
    My stand on these issues has frequently been met from my liberal friends with “Oh – so you LOVE Trump?” Why so personal? I don’t know Donald Trump. I certainly don’t love him. But I support his positions. What exactly are the positions of the Left beyond “Trump is evil”?

    I look forward to a Trump landslide in November, and then 8 years of Cotton/DeSantis after that. I don’t think Pence has the stomach to run for the top spot. He is too good of a person…

  16. Thank you for saying this. We’re electing a president, not a pastor. Too many people are getting hung up with personality, believing rumors and outright lies from the media, and insisting Trump should conform to their standards while ignoring Biden’s behavior. Just look at the videos of Biden touching little girls, it will have your skin crawling. The choice is between someone who loves this country and keeps his promises as best he can, and someone who supports abortion, socialists/communists, and wants to destroy businesses and families.

    Don’t forget about the recent Middle East Peace deals (which have been shamefully ignored), plus talking to North Korea – these are countries that either do not allow Christians to worship, or strictly limit them. These peace deals are the first step that could allow the gospel to go forth freely in those countries some day.

  17. AMEN!
    The only comment I have is, don’t watch the NEWS! The media is brainwashing those who do.

    Thank you Lori for putting down in well chosen words, how I feel.

  18. It is unconscionable to vote for Biden over Trump. It surely was scary voting for him last go-round, but I won’t be able to cast my ballot fast enough this time.

  19. Here in New Zealand the only thing we really hear about Trump is negative stuff, because the media love mocking him, and he seems to play right into their hands. Going by what I read in the media here, he would be the most useless, most unpopular president ever. But from speaking to my American friends, I know that’s not true. They tell me he has a lot of support, and has done a lot of good things for America.
    It’s reminding me again not to put too much stock in media outlets. They very rarely report the truth. The only one we can truly trust is God.

  20. Kia Ora KAK,
    From a fellow-Kiwi now living in America, I am appalled at the outright lies of OneNews, NewsHub, Stuff, etc. There is absolutely no diversity in what is reported or how it is presented. I experience things here and then check the NZ news to see how it is presented and I’m just so gutted to see that it’s been twisted.
    What’s going on with the election over there anyway? Why did Jacinda move the date forward (and then back)? I’ve not been able to get a straightforward answer. We can vote from over here, but don’t know what the story is.

  21. We should all be horrified at the realization that the future of the freedom, stability, peace, and prosperity of the United States hangs on ONE MAN being elected to or retaining the presidency! Is our nation so completely devoid of moral men of courage, strength, and proven leadership abilities that ONE MAN’S defeat or failure dooms us?

    It should not need be said, but let me still be clear for those who will inevitably misunderstand: this is NOT a swipe at Donald Trump! It is simply a statement of the obvious, that if we truly are without hope without Donald Trump and ONLY Donald Trump in the White House, then our nation is already lost. In fact, if Trump cannot be replaced by someone comparable in 2024 (and who of any renown comes even close?), then all that Trump would have accomplished is delaying the end for four more years. As things now stand, the end might not even delay itself for that long.

  22. Thank you for this great post laying out Trump’s many accomplishments. He is truly the greatest president since Lincoln. If this election was fair, he would win at least 40 states (can’t do anything about New York). He would even have won California in 2016 if it weren’t for the millions of illegal immigrants who voted for Hillary. Unfortunately we know the socialist democrats will commit massive fraud again in 2020. Here in Michigan we have heard of voters in Detroit voting two or three times already. My husband has joined a patriot group who will be watching the polls on election and preventing democrat fraud. He fears what may happen, but understands we have to do everything in our power to ensure Trump remains our president.

  23. If the IRS told President Trump that he owes $700 + in taxes, then that’s all he owes. What’s he supposed to do? Contact them and say, “I would like to pay more taxes, please.:?

  24. Jacinda is very popular here, but we have a coalition government currently, and the coalition partner is not so popular.
    Our election was shifted due to the limited time to campaign, due to lockdown. It was meant to be held in September, but moved to this weekend in October to give parties a chance to get out on the streets and campaign.

    Yes our media is terrible!

  25. Interesting how people then get all over the “love” bit. Depends on how you put it. Do I have “agape” for him — meaning, do I have Christian charity towards him and desire his eternal salvation? Of course. We are supposed to have that for everybody, including our enemies. Nobody seems to get that anymore.

    I think we should go back to the Greek words when it comes to this ever-so-tiresome “love” talk….they make more sense. This society is so sick, so perverse, that they can only think of it in terms of “eros”. We can’t even hug a child we teach in school anymore because our sick society has judged that there shall be one, and only one, definition of the word “love”. Which, of course, only results in less love being given and received throughout society, isolation, loneliness, and depression, much to the great delight of the Father of Lies.

    Love him??? Depends on how you use the word. If you’re going to make everything “eros”, then you have a pretty miserable life because you obviously don’t understand the richness of one’s love for one’s fellowmen.

  26. Take a look at Judicial Watch. Take a look at their settlement. California admitted to a million votes. If they admitted to a million illegal votes, how many do you think were truly cast? 4 times that number? 5 times?

    It is a well known fact that millions of democrats vote illegally and/or vote multiple times. Trump is just the first president with the courage to stand up to their lies.

  27. I’m watching our election coverage now – Jacinda Ardern is insanely popular – even more than I realised! She got more than 49% of the total vote – she’s our Prime Minister again for another term, and she is the most popular Prime Minister in the history of New Zealand.

  28. I don’t understand the American political system. I’m more asking: how is it possible to cast illegal votes? Where is the system failure that allowed it? Is there something in place to stop it happening again?
    Here in New Zealand, only citizens/permanent residents can vote.

  29. Ben Shapiro put out a great video on his YouTube channel. It’s called why I didn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2016 but I’m going to in 2020. It’s a great breakdown of Trump’s record. I highly suggest everyone give it a watch… Even if you know you are voting for Trump. It gives you a great solid rundown of everything. Also share it to people who may be on the fence. I don’t really see the point in sharing it with anyone who has Trump Derangement syndrome but hey you never know. ?‍♀️
    Here’s the link

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