A World Without Children

A World Without Children

A comment left on my post Feminism’s Disdain for Femininity by Rich.

In the movie “Children of Men,” the future is a dystopian battleground where women can no longer have children. The world is dying. There’s global war, mass suicides, and no hope for life.

Finally, a woman does give birth and an amazing scene unfolds where hope is restored for a moment. People are overwhelmed with joy and amazement; soldiers stop fighting. All to see and hear the beautiful crying of a newborn.

Today in the world, 20 to 30 thousand babies will be aborted and another ten thousand will die from starvation. Most of the rest will never know a godly home.

The movie shows how important our children are; life would end within decades without them. There is no future and no hope without them, yet we are killing or destroying them all now.

Motherhood is the greatest job of a woman, and maybe the greatest job period. What mothers do saves this world and keeps it going. Even apostle Paul knew this when he said women would be saved in childbearing.

Without good God-fearing children, our world is doomed. While Mom is climbing the corporate ladder, the future is dying in a daycare.

Please, for the continued existence of mankind, love our children. GIVE THEM A MOM. GIVE THEM A CHANCE.

Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.
1 Timothy 2:15

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    1. That’s why I think people who have no desire to be parents should not have children. I personally think it’s worse to push the idea of kids on to anyone who has such disdain for motherhood/fatherhood. Children are precious and deserve to be in a home where they are wanted and well cared for.

  1. AMEN!!Thank you, Lori, for validating the great need for full- time mothers and keepers at home. I’m following your blog daily and appreciate you staying true to the teaching of the WORD as it pertains to women. May the Lord use today’s post to bring some young mom back home full- time!

    1. Amen and everything Holly said! I spread the word of your blog and have begun pushing back and asking pointed questions of today’s “enlightened” and “empowered” young women to help get those wheels turning back toward God and their God-given roles. I am blessed for having found your blog and enjoy your reader comments too.

  2. A lot of the crazy in the US can be traced back to poor upbringing. Moms and dads more concerned about outside things than their families. Moms at work and not there to defend their children against bullies, assaults and bad entertainment. Now we wonder why men aren’t gentlemen, why rape and molestations are prevalent and why porn is a major US industry. It’s largely because moms have left their posts and put their own children in the care of others and because they haven’t taken the time to raise their own kids properly.

  3. My husband and I keep running into more young couples who say, “We don’t want children” by the time they see how much fun we are having together one of them (husband or wife lately it’s been more men) says, “Man, you guys are changing our minds–you make it look so fun”. I cannot express in words how much love, warmth, and peace my husband and children provide for me. If a tragedy strikes in the “world” more often we don’t hear about it because we aren’t tuned into the outside world, but when someone shares the info what I love most is that I can look at them and feel so blessed so grateful so loved. I told my husband recently, I truly wish everyone could experience the level of security and peace we have. Man, people are missing out on their best years of energy when you have children right after marriage, and I specifically am referencing when you get married in your 20’s like the couple’s we keep running into.

    1. Hey El,

      You would mind sharing why your home is so peaceful and you are so full of contentment with kids? I love my kids dearly and we would like more, but our home is quite stressful most of the time and I feel very worn out and possibly even depressed. I WANT to love motherhood, but I’m struggling. We have a daughter who has a severe bowel issue which causes for lots of extra money, energy, supplements, drugs etc… and my other kids tend to be high need. I also was high needs as an infant and still struggle handling lots of stress as an adult. I spend most of my day taking care of the kids, making very healthy food and specialty food for my oldest with special needs, homeschooling, cleaning etc.. but I don’t find much joy in it I’m afraid to say. I know I should and I really desire to, but just feel overwhelmed and down a lot. I suppose it could be postpartum depression, but seems like its also a heart issue or mindset perhaps as well. Thanks!

  4. I see the process of decay in the hearts and minds of children everyday, as they continue to fall away from God. They are brainwashed, they see the truth as a lie, and lies as the truth. Satan has been hard at work and he has our children. When homes have no fathers and are filled with career driven mothers, Satan’s job is all to easy. We need marriage, we need stay at home mothers, we need to take back our kids.

  5. Over the last few years…10-20…I’ve seen an increase in Maternal Women…women wanting children…wanting more than 2 children.

    Even liberal women wanting children.

    Then in the last year with Greta Thurnberg and Climate Change Protestors, Prince Harry etc etc…I’m hearing the ‘Only 2 children!’ thing we heard in the 1960s and 70s

    I think the 2 child propaganda was starting to wear off so they brought it back with Greta (and yes she has fetal alcohol syndrome…look at her upper lip.)

    1. @It’sME! How rude and despicable for you to imply Greta Thunberg has fetal alcohol syndrome just because of her looks. She is just 16 years old, you should be ashamed of yourself. I don’t agree with her and you have a right to disagree with her as well but she has a right to free speech just as you do and I don’t think you’d appreciate someone implying you have Fetal alcohol syndrome just because of what you believe. FAS is a serious and heartbreaking condition, not very Christian of you to make light of it.

    2. Greta has Aspergers, a type of Autism. Not sure about FAS. It’s very sad, the way she’s being used as a tool by the adults around her.

        1. Autism and Selective Mutisum are both caused by FAS

          Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is the root cause of her problems…the proof being the lack of a philtrum under her nose and over the upper lip (google it)

          My point is, Greta’s parents have issues since they drank during her pregnancy and have turned her into a circus showhorse.

          And they are Swedish so I do think FAS is a possibility…sorry Nordic drinking culture!

          1. Unless you have credentials as a licensed diagnostician, I suggest you put your “Google MD degree” to rest. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a terrible disorder that children have to deal with in real life. You’re making claims without any back up and pure assumptions. In addition, if her lip is the only sign you’re working off of, I’d suggest you do a little more research that involves some credible peer reviewed sources not just “Googleing” it. I agree with Marie, it’s sad to see adults (I use that word loosely) making these claims. I disagree with Greta completely but for goodness sakes, attack her point of view and ideas, don’t attack the child as a person.

  6. I was raised in a home with conflicting messages. On the one hand, my mother had 5 children. (I am the oldest). My mother was the ultimate stay at home mother and homemaker. She regularly took in other people’s kids and adored babies. She used to lament the working mothers and stated, often, that she felt her role and importance in life was to be a “Nana” to all these poor little latchkey kids.

    But on the other hand, she STRONGLY pushed me to be academically successful, go to college, and pursue a career. (Which I did do). She told me “dont ever be in a position where you have to rely on a man”.

    After 2 years of marriage, I became pregnant with my first son. My mother was disappointed. She said she thought I would spend more time to my “self”, enjoying my career!

    So for many years I attempted to “have it all”. It was a struggle.

    It wasn’t until many many years later when I began to study God’s Word that I finally figured it all out. I wonder how many other young women have experienced this same kind of conflicting influence? To you I say, “God’s instructions are perfect. And we are relieved from this conflict when we are obedient”!

    Enjoy the blessing of being a full time Mom and Wife!

  7. Rich,

    What cautionary and inspiring words! I shall turn them into a pray for our women. In Jesus’ name, give children a chance. I am SO grateful our own mothers did!

    God bless you,
    Mrs. Kelley Dibble

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