Feminism’s Disdain for Femininity

Feminism’s Disdain for Femininity

This is an excellent comment from Paul Craig Roberts’ blog.

It’s sadly ironic that feminism has such disdain for femininity. Our society now heaps the most praise on women when they exhibit traditionally male traits such as strength, independence, and excellence in STEM occupations. The woman who wants to marry and devote herself to being a good wife and mother, and making home a safe and happy place to be is ignored or disdained by the media.

It’s okay for a woman to be gorgeous and have lots of sex appeal, as it’s another form of power, but to devote herself to her family and sacrifice for her children is now considered embarrassingly old-fashioned. It is universally understood that a happy childhood is the main key to creating happy, productive adults but motherhood is being delegitimized.

Could this be because our overlords want to create a loveless society where every man and woman are looking out only for number one?

Mothers most of all LOVE, and good mothers (and fathers) raise children who are also capable of forming strong, lasting bonds with other people and creating their own happy families some day. Love strengthens us, and the bigger our network of loved ones, the safer we are. We thrive when our lives are filled with laughter, intimacy, companionship, knowing that we matter, and that we will always matter even when we can no longer care for ourselves.

On a material level, when one falls, the others can raise him up, so no crisis need ever be permanent. For a person on their own, the loss of a job or a serious illness can drag them down so low that they may never recover. This is, of course, what our satanic rulers want; for us to be isolated, scared, and vulnerable.

Another disturbing trend is the state intervening between parents and child and superseding the parents in determining what is right for the child. For example, a woman who had just given birth refused the Vitamin K shot for her baby, and the nurse then left the room with the just-born infant rather than letting the parents immediately hold her. It was 12 awful hours before they got their newborn back. It’s part of a trend. Parental rights are being trampled. The state, we are told, knows better than parents what is best for their child.

I believe the ultimate goal of driving women towards careers and unattached sex is to destroy the family and eventually have children being born (possibly from test tubes) who have no parents and belong only to the state. Children outsourced to preschool, nannies and daycare, are not encultrated into family life.

But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.
1 Peter 3:4

19 thoughts on “Feminism’s Disdain for Femininity

  1. In the movie Children of men, the future is a dystopian battleground where women can no longer have children. The world is dying, there’s global war, mass suicides and no hope for life.

    Finally a woman does give birth and an amazing scene unfolds where hope is restored for a moment. People are overwhelmed with joy and amazement, soldiers stop fighting , all to see and hear the beautiful crying of a newborn.

    Today in the world 20 to 30 thousand babies will be aborted, another 10 thousand will die from starvation, and most of the rest will never know a Godly home.

    The movie shows how important our children are, life would end within decades without them. There is no future and no hope without them, yet we are killing or destroying them all now.

    Motherhood is the greatest job of a woman, and maybe the greatest job period. What mothers do saves this world and keeps it going. Even apostle Paul new this, when he said women would be saved in the Childbearing.

    Without good God fearing children, our world is doomed within the next few years. While mom is climbing the corporate ladder, the future is dying in a daycare.

    Please, for the continued existence of mankind, love our children. GIVE THEM A MOM, GIVE THEM A CHANCE.

    1. These are some very encouraging words. Mothers are essential and their work is irreplaceable. I am often amazed at what a great job the women around me are doing in raising their kids with love and patience while passing on those values that will allow them to stay on the right path. We need more of this.

      1. Yes, in the home they are essential and irreplaceable.

        In the workplace, they are a dime a dozen and most of them are just a nuisance.

  2. It’s always such a comfort when you praise femininity! It is very ironic that a movement that claims to empower women starts by stripping a woman of all her femininity. I look at some of my female friends and think to myself “you’re not special, you just behave like a guy and are enabled by a society that tells you that’s how women become “liberated”. When I think back to my early education and the media I watched, it’s a miracle any women grows up with a positive view of femininity because all I remember are feminine traits being bullied out of girls and dismissed as stupid and old fashioned.

    1. Its also very interesting how ridged feminists define empowerment. Feminism is now used as a guideline to judge other women. If you’re not living life how feminists want you to you can’t be truly happy and they feel entitled to tell you how to be “better” and more “modern”.

    2. Feminism is just an excuse to be entitled. Feminist whine and cry about equality because they want free stuff. This is not about the oppression of women anymore, it’s about having your cake and eat it too. These same women who champion feminism, call a male plumber the first second their toilets are broken. They want to blame men for their pain, and the truth is, sin is the cause of their pain, not men.

  3. It’s gotten so bad that I’m really wondering if it’d be worthwhile to go live in a foreign country where there is not as much feminism to find a wife.

    I’m 32 and still looking…

    1. Yes, it DEFINITELY would be. Stay away from North America, Western Europe, and Oceania. Africa and East Asia are your best bets, although Latin America worked for me.

    2. My daughter (not even 20 yet) is worried there will be no God-fearing, traditional, manly men who will unapologetically lead, protect and provide around for her and the children she hopes to have One day ! Please don’t go anywhere lol!

      I advised her to trust in the Lord to provide when she least expect it. Until then, stay a debt-free, tattoo-less virgin!

      1. HI

        Hang in there, I was 25 when I married, hub 29. we were both virgins. tattoo free & debt free-

        Guys also need to stay virgins, drug, alcohol, etc free & debt free Its not fair for only women to wait for marriage when men dont. Both men & women should also be working & saving every penny to pay cash for a nice little house in good shape for when they get married.

        keep praying, they are out there.
        God Bless

  4. what feminism has taught us is that a rejection of individual men as private citizens means women must give more authority to the state to achieve their goals safely. Their power in motherhood goes to the state and as they increasingly take power from men, that will ultimately be transferred to the state as well in order to maintain their ability to hold on to what is traditionally male power/responsibility.

    1. Great observation! Yes all these single women recieve welfare and food stamps, they are always turning Uncle Sam into daddy. Our country is going bankrupt being father to these children. It should be a crime to have a child and not give it parents. Sadly we just try and get these women to kill the baby before it’s born.

  5. Now lets see – femininity = modesty in speech and dress, purity before and chastity within marriage, quiet contemplation, loyalty and obedience to your husband, embracing the role for which God made you, welcoming children and believing that the care of your children should be your top priority.

    Anyone see why feminists might distain femininity. After all they want women to emulate and try to ‘better’ the most amoral men.

  6. HI

    I was at the store yesterday, & got a comment from an older lady (no disrespect meant) & she said how good my baby is trying to talk for being so young, I told her I stay home with my baby, & try my best & she said she likes to hear it when moms stay home with their kids. Ive been getting a little more of that lately. But i still get a lot of reactions on a least you can afford it, I said, I was 25 when we married & had money saved during that time for a house. No college debt, I had full ride scholarship for college, he didnt go.

    Pray for the lady, there was a girl/women? with her in a wheelchair. couldnt tell her age, but she is VERY handicapped, dont know ifs its from birth or accident & I wasnt gonna ask.

    God Bless

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