All the Benefits for Children Being Home Full Time with Their Mothers

All the Benefits for Children Being Home Full Time with Their Mothers

Children desperately need their mothers home full time with them. I asked the women in the chat room to name all of the benefits there are for children who have mothers home full time with them and here are their responses.

Carlee: “This is somewhat specific to babies but getting to experience all the milestones firsthand, getting to rest when they rest if they’re keeping you up all night, knowing all the little things they like and don’t like, forming a bond with them (I have heard of some babies getting attached to their babysitter and not wanting their mom), knowing and controlling their schedule, and getting to breastfeed if possible.”

Nancy: “Closer families and more respectful, well-behaved kids. Healthier habits and choices!”

Sarah: “I think its easier to form a bond with them when their mom is at home. Children generally seem happier and more adjusted. It’s not only better for children, but it’s better for finances, too (not having to pay for day care/child care). I know where my children are at all times. They are nurtured and feel safe (our oldest has even said to me he is/feels so safe and cozy in his home). Their development is guided with such care because there is more chance for one on one attention. They learn life skills (cleaning, preparing meals, etc).”

Jessica B: “No one loves our children like we do, knows them like we do, and wants what’s best for them like we do. We can ground them in the Bible, protect them physically and emotionally, and be there for them 24/7. Our home, husband, and self are all less stressed.”

Megan: “Someone trustworthy and available when advice or guidance is needed. Too many children find school teachers or peers more available and get questionable or terrible advice.”

Michelle: “For their salvation and the fear of the Lord to be implemented.”

Samantha: “I’ve heard plenty of women complaining about all the bad behaviors their young children pick up after they start school. We can’t protect our children from what they hear and see at school. The first time I saw pornography was at school; a boy brought it up on the computer (because the network wasn’t protected) and showed me. I think homeschooling promotes a love of learning where regular schooling promotes a distaste for learning.”

Another Jessica: “The bonding: it sets them up for life. Nothing is stronger then a mother’s love. This is how they learn what unconditional love it. Strangers can not teach this. No matter how much you pay them.”

Dianne: “They will be more attached to their parents and the values they espouse.”

Cassie: “Homeschooled children learn better social skills and do not have the drama of cliques and peer pressure. They are more secure and have stronger family relations than schooled children. Children raised with a mom who is at home don’t deal with the ‘home alone’ syndrome.”

Laressa: “At a wedding we attended this weekend, we noticed a marked difference between children who attend Christian schools and homeschooled children. All have sincere, loving, Christian parents. All the mothers stay at home. The homeschooled children were able to interact with all ages of people well and less foolishness. One family just switched to homeschool this school year and those children were more secure and happy than I’ve seen them before.”

Brook: “A child who is homeschooled can often live a (physically) healthier life. The schedule is set around the children’s natural body cycles. My children wake up when their body tells them to wake up. They are not rushed or hurried. We eat homemade meals and take our time eating which is better for you. Our elementary school allots 15 minutes for lunch. Can you imagine being the last child in the lunch line? When a child is not feeling well or is just having an ‘off’ day, you can adjust the lesson plans to allow for some extra rest. Our kids don’t realize what they are missing when it comes to electronics and toys, so we save money by not having to keep up with other kids’ fun stuff. Evenings are relaxing and peaceful. Dinner is ready when daddy gets home and we have a nice meal. Then, there are no chores or homework to be done, so we spend time playing games, watching movies, etc. before bedtime. There isn’t that evening rush. We can be more involved in church because we don’t have to worry about getting up ‘early’ for school.”

Celina: “Children get sick less! Daycare is a cesspool of illness year round.”

Rebekah: “Children whose mothers are home full time seem much more confident to me! Confident of their parent’s constant love, confident in their abilities, and also, more confident exploring and learning new things.” (This is probably because there isn’t the constant competition with the other children and there’s no bullying either.)

Nicole: “Character development. Having a close relationship with their parents and siblings. The parents knowing their hearts. Not being unduly influenced by their peers. Their mothers get to grow in godliness as they walk in the spirit and die to selfish, worldly desires by being with their children every day. Father is more likely to be involved/interested in the child’s education since it’s happening under his own roof and sometimes even in his presence. Better quality sleep and nutrition.”

Molly: “Stability – mother is able to help children with their goals and education (whether they are in school or homeschool) and someone has to run the home. That is the part that boggles my mind. A real live person has to raise the children and keep the household running. There are no elves waiting in the wings. A long time ago I taught high school and when I had girls who said they wanted to be a mom and stay home I always made a point of listening sincerely to their goals and emphasizing that someone has to raise the children. It does not magically happen. I always said if that’s what you want to do (be a mom) then you need to do it! (And these were smart, good girls who should be having children and raising them!)”

He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the LORD.
Psalm 113:9

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5 thoughts on “All the Benefits for Children Being Home Full Time with Their Mothers

  1. It’s not just for when kids are little. Teens need moms, too! I have had some of the best conversations with my older kids just because I’m HERE all the time. It also helps them to stay out of trouble (teens coming home to an empty house).

    1. This is so true!!
      Last year, a local dairy was robbed by 3 or 4 teenagers armed with baseball bats, knives and machetes. The youngest was just 12. That boggles my mind! 12 is just a baby!! Where are the parents of these children, that 12, 14, 15 and 16 year olds are out robbing shops with weapons?

  2. The thought came to me while reading this post and then reading the comment by Lisa that I was very lonely when I came home from school as a teen. My mother worked out side the home, I knew she loved me, but I truly needed her guidance. I’ve known for a while now how dangerous it really is for children not to have constant guidance by the mother and father as they grow. I wish I had more fully realized this years ago. I have had this burning in my heart to see women understand how important it is to take the whole of Titus 2 seriously. Thankfully there is a growing trend of women, such as Lori and the women who comment on this site who have this on their hearts! Being home has been a huge blessing, I get to minister to my grown children and grandchildren on regular basis now. I am where I am meant to be….To God be the glory!

    1. Amen, Robin. In a while, my son and his wife will drop their three children off here for the night and we’ll take them on a walk at the beach tomorrow to give my son and his wife a little break. We love to do this for them and since I’m home, I can help them whenever they need help. I just sat with my old, sick mother for several hours this morning and had lunch at her home yesterday with my sisters. I can do this since I’m home full time. It’s such a blessing that way too many women simply don’t understand.

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