Children Being Taught By Feminists

Children Being Taught By Feminists

A man wrote me this the other day concerning female school teachers: “I started Kindergarten in 1957, and my teacher was an older woman, probably late 50’s or early 60’s. Same with first grade. When I started second grade at a brand new school, I had my first of many female teachers who were young, probably mid 20’s to 30’s. While there were a few male teachers at elementary schools in the 60’s, women were the norm. So here is my question to you: How do you feel about young boys being taught at school by young women some barely past the tender age of 21, especially in this feminist world in which we live?

I think we can both agree, teaching has always appealed to the feminist woman, probably since the early 60’s. In fourth grade I had my first feminist teacher, though I did not know of the term feminist then. What I did know and could easily see was she favored girls in the classroom like I’d never seen before and was quick to put down any boy who did not measure up to the girls, or at least it seemed that way. Recently, after re-connecting with an old classmate from that time, we were discussing this very teacher, so I did a little research. After not finding out anything I looked up obituaries and sure enough found her by her maiden name even though she was married. She had a hyphenated last name with her maiden name-husband’s name. So my early thoughts back in 1961 about her being different were definitely true. In fifth grade I had an older teacher again, whom I liked very much. Then in sixth, I had what I would classify female teacher who was a ‘subtle’ feminist. Favoring the girls with preferential treatment, things like that, but very subtle.

So back to my question. I know how you believe (as do I) women should not be teaching men, and that it should be the reverse. How does it fit in when the women doing the teaching are paid teachers and instilling their value system (usually feministic) in young impressionable boys and girls, too, for that matter? I see very few older female teachers nowadays, and this has concerned me for a long time.”

This, my friends, is another reason why Christian parents should be the ones teaching their children at home. I began kindergarten about six years after this man and I can recall that most of my teachers were feminists. Even in Christian schools nowadays most of the teachers are feminists! This should be very concerning to the majority of you. There’s no way that feminists should be raising the godly remnant.

I taught for about five years before being able to stay home. Almost all of the teachers I worked with were feminists. There’s only one that I can recall being a Christian. Most of them had children and weren’t the ones home raising them. One day sitting around the lunch table, about six of these women told me they regretted having children since their children turned out to be rebellious. Their careers were way more important to them than being home to raise their children. Do we really want these women raising our children?

“Raising children in today’s evil times is not for the lazy, indifferent, or casual parent who is swept along with the flow of society – even Christian society. Nor is it for the parent who is too busy to pay attention. We need to be willing to lay down our lives, to step up to being the person God wants us to be. We need to guard and sanctify our children’s environment.

Can we expect to win against this bombardment of evil? Absolutely! When your baby sees and feels joy and peace, he grows up addicted to it and adopts your lifestyle as a means to the continuation of that which brings pleasure. He loves the lovely, praises the worthy, and eschews the evil. It is automatic.” (Debi Pearl)

And ye shall teach them your children, speaking of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.
Deuteronomy 11:19

6 thoughts on “Children Being Taught By Feminists

  1. Oh my, where to begin? Thank you for this! I have struggled with the choice to homeschool in recent months since the passing of my dear Mother-in-law. But this just reminded me why I need to stay the course, and how I must never tire of doing good, and lay down my life as a living sacrifice daily! I, too, remember having varying degrees of feminist teachers growing up in the 80’s and 90’s. The one who took the cake was my 11th grade English Lit teacher, who refused to even spell or pronounce the words woman/women the proper way because it had the words man/men in it!! Dear me, this article brought that back to me vividly! A girl from that class is now living a lesbian lifestyle, complete with a shaved head (she truly was beautiful, too, so sad). This teacher was her mentor. My little cousin is 10 years younger than me and went to the same high school. The stories that I hear now are even worse than when I went there, and I didn’t think it could get worse! It really seems that homeschooling is the only safe way these days…

  2. For believers in Jesus Christ, yes Lisa, homeschooling is the only safe place for children these days as we see more and more vile things being taught and allowed in the public schools. Even in Christian schools, children are allowed to have iPhones at young age and are corrupted by their culture around them by the things they see. It’s up to the parents to keep their children as protected and as far away from evil as possible. They should be able to enjoy their childhood in innocence and purity.

  3. Thankfully when l was in school in the 50’s and 60’s none of my teachers were feminists. I had all nuns from first through 12th grade. The only lay teacher l had was for fifth grade and she was in her late 50’s and never married. Years ago, neither nurse nor teachers could be married. They were to be devoted to their jobs and nurses were not allowed to date. So many things seemed safer back when l was a child. All the mothers in my neighborhood were home during the day and it was difficult to get in trouble with many pairs of eyes watching out the windows, lol.

  4. Lisa, this is so nice to read, and although you may have difficult times ahead with the homeschooling, bookmark this post and your response so you can return to it and remember why you started! I am in my third year homeschooling, and it was very difficult the first two years for various reasons, but I’m so glad I stuck with it b/c for the first time this year, I’m really starting to see the fruits in my second grader. I had originally placed her in a public preschool just to see how it went, and I pulled her out by Christmas break. The school told us they had to do backpack checks (in preschool!) every morning before class, and the teacher even called her students her “little monsters” (apparently a reference to Lady Gaga I didn’t know at the time) – they were all red flags. But when the teacher put my 4-yr-old on a Behavior Plan for getting upset about something, I could see where it was leading and I got her out of there quick! The school never inquired why, either. Since then I’ve heard other things about that school and can’t be more glad of my decision. It’s like God is constantly confirming homeschooling. We have also found a wonderful Christian Co-Op, which I highly recommend if you have one near you, especially for the support. The Lord is your strength! He will provide you what you need to accomplish this.

    Thanks Lori for another great post!

    God Bless! 🙂

  5. Sounds like you did the right thing. My husbands do not like people reffering to their children as minions. As it insinuates they are the devils helpers. Its a negative term at least.

  6. I loved Homeschooling our sons. All those sweet moments of joy watching our children mature as babies was so fun. So I could not see why I would want all those moments to be given to someone else once they turned 5. I taught school before they were born. I knew then that if I ever had children, the public school system was no place for children. My 1st cousin is the school superintendent and he was one of my biggest cheerleaders. They are 27 and almost 30 now and it is what they want for their children as well. That is if they ever find a wife.

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