Doctors, Drugs, and Demons

Doctors, Drugs, and Demons

My mom grew up in a church where doctors, drugs, and demons were synonymous. Her mom raised seven children without ever taking them to the doctor. Her home remedy for almost everything was warm water with fresh lemon and honey. Then my mom married a doctor. She developed ulcerative colitis when I was very young. She went to a doctor who put her on only “white food” and steroids, and told her that there was no cure. She grew sicker. She knew this wasn’t going to work.

She went to “health farms” where they would fast her for several weeks on water only, then give her fresh juices from organic vegetables. After much trial and error, she was able to heal herself completely and even had a doctor do a colonoscopy to prove it to him. (Jordan Rubin from “The Maker’s Diet” cured himself from the same disease.) If drugs, radiation, or surgery can’t heal oneself, doctors will tell their patients that it’s incurable.

I don’t ever remember my mom giving me drugs for anything. We rarely went to the doctor. Therefore, my sisters and I grew up with a healthy fear of drugs. We all went to a large public school where drugs, alcohol, and fornication were rampant. (There was no homosexuality nor transgenderism back then and if there was, it certainly wasn’t out in the open.) This was in the 1970s after the sexual revolution of “free love.” (Satan sure likes to take what is evil like fornication and give it a good name like “free love.” He’s the master deceiver.)

Because all us had a healthy fear of drugs, none of us were ever even tempted by them. Besides, I was relatively happy and didn’t need anything to make me “happy” or deaden any pain in my life like many of my classmates did.

Yesterday, I read a post from a woman whose brother just killed himself with heroin. They weren’t raised in a Christian home, but she became a strong believer in Jesus Christ later in life. She eventually led her brother to the Lord. He had to go to prison shortly afterwards and shared the Gospel with whomever would listen. He went to rehab facilities but could never stay sober for long. Oh, how he regretted ever taking the wicked stuff. It eventually took his life.

A beautiful woman I mentored was married to a man who became addicted to opiates due to a leg injury he sustained while being a fire fighter. He went to a Christian rehab center, and then the two of them were reunited. Eventually, the fire department wanted to reinstate him, but she noticed something wasn’t right about him. She asked him to test his urine and sure enough, he was back onto drugs and a destructive path.

Women, warn your children about the dangers of drugs. I rarely gave my children drugs growing up. Maybe a few Tylenol when they were in bad pain, but that’s almost it. They grew up with a healthy fear of drugs. Yes, there is a time and place for drugs. They have saved many lives including mine, but they should be the last resort, not the first as many do these days. All drugs have side effects and need to be taken with care.

If you are raising your children in the Lord and to know who they are in Christ, they most likely won’t turn to drugs. Their lives will have meaning. Many children are growing up in daycare, then being taught humanism in public schools. They’re taught they came from apes, thus there’s no meaning to their lives. This is such a lie! God formed them in your womb. He sent His Son to die for them to take the penalty of their sin so they could live eternally with Him. They need to hear this often!

And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.
Deuteronomy 6:7


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  1. Just because you teach your children about the dangers of drugs doesn’t guaranty they won’t take drugs. Most parents do teach the dangers of drugs.I grew up in the Just Say No era that taught how dangerous drugs are and many of my peers still chose to try drugs. I never had a desire to try drugs or alcohol. I know the reason was raised in a Godly home. From a very young age, even before I was saved, I had a great reverential fear of the Lord. I was taught drugs and alcohol was a sin and I never had a desire to do them. However, I have many cousins,raised the same way I was, that are deep in drug addiction.I really don’t believe teaching the dangers of drugs is what keeps a person from addiction. There are to many people that were taught the dangers of drugs and still became and become drug addicts.

  2. Drugs eg recreational ones are very bad news. Medications save lives. I need mine to live. There is a big difference between the two. My kids grew up happy and healthy, and rarely needed antibiotics. A good, supportive doctor is a great asset to have.

  3. Yupp. Well said.

    I’m on a 36 hour fast today. I do two 36 hour fasts a week, and if I’m really feeling strong I can do 48 hours and 1 24 hours in a week.

    It will take a long time to be able to fast even 36 hours. You have to start at 16 hours daily, then pick a very busy day, and then, before bed…those last 2 hours are super hard….lock yourself in a room 🙂 That’s what I had my husband do. He locked my in my office for several hours while I growled ‘Feed Me!’ hehehehe But I don’t need to do that anymore.

  4. Hi, Lori!
    Unfortunatelly, my husband has to take drugs for his kidney failure (he does dialysis, too) and we see that many of them have horrible side effects. Although he’s already talked to his doctor and switched some of the worse drugs for lighter ones, he has to take them.
    All we can do is pray, eat healthy and wait in God.
    I always avoid drugs and only take them if I can’t help it, but if I can take a natural path or wait for the pain to go away, I do it.
    God bless!

  5. All the filth in public school systems that teach lies, eventually shows up in our “justice system.” The USA is turning into ROME and will eventually collapse on its own insane beliefs that “nature” is the bad guy, but JESUS used nature to illustrate REALITY to the people. (Born in a manger with animals, Joseph and Mary rode on a donkey, Lamb served at Passover, Jesus told Peter he would deny 3 times cock crow etc.) Did you know that the surrounding nations (Israel was supposed to destroy those nations) which created problems practiced wicked sexuality things….anything sodomite to beastiality. Medically speaking beastiality is so corrupt that they had to kill the children, widows and animals in those groups.

    In the medical world, it is a far-cry from reality to cater to those who “claim” to have multiple genders. This is NOT even close to “tribal” conditions of native americans. The pow-wows themselves have a “men’s” dance and “women’s” dance.

    Pornography is a problem left and right with internet….BUT it doesn’t have to control our sons and daughters if we TEACH and LEAD by example. Teach sons and daughters that Sodom and Gomorrah were FILLED with lust, trafficking, treating women like “meat,” pride/no helping the needs of real people, big-brother/espionage problems etc.

  6. If fornication were already rampant in your generation when you were young, i can’t imagine how worse it is today in my generation.

  7. Thank you for this, Lori.

    Doctors today have become glorified drug dealers. The exorbitant cost of their medical education pushes them into crippling debt, and becoming shills for the drug companies is one of the few ways they have of trying to alleviate that debt. Visit any doctor’s office or clinic on any given day and you will see at least one (but usually a parade of) pharmaceutical company representative visiting, showering the doctors with free drug samples and other gifts, attempting to convince these doctors to sell their poisonous chemicals. They no longer even try to hide what they’re doing.

    American “medicine” is now a criminal enterprise in which doctors either create sicknesses in patients using the poisonous drugs Big Pharma pushes on them (leading to the demand for even more of the poison), or prolong patients’ existing illnesses by managing their symptoms rather than treating the illnesses causing them – all for the purpose of keeping the patient coming back and enriching Big Pharma and the insurance industry.

    The entire system needs to be burned to the ground.

  8. Excellent post! I too grew up without the use of drugs. I have learned that the way to health is to keep our bodies in line with both God’s natural and spiritual principles. You have to seek health, it will not just fall into your lap. People don’t want or know how to do the work of understanding the principles our bodies work on and so want to take an easy pill. Many people see stay at home wives as doing simple tasks but one thing they can and should be doing is learning how to take care of their families health. A lot of what women used to do has been outsourced outside of the home. It’s no wonder some women, especially bright ones, feel like being a stay at home wife is drudgery. Health starts at home not at a doctor’s office.

  9. I agree. I know many Christian parents who have raised frug addicts. Pentecostal/Evangelical Churches are riddled with this issue, many young men and woman with a history of substance abuse are ‘saved’ but addiction continues to revisit them. By painting addiction with the ‘demonic’ brush we do our brothers and sisters a disservice. Just like we are accepting of medicine as a treatment for illness so to must we actually acknowledge addiction as an illness. People are mentally predisposed to addiction, this is science. Once addiction sets in, a rigorous medical approach is the only way to reset a persons mind. God can reset hearts but the physical and mental aspect of addiction are a human failing that can be corrected. If you know someone suffering addiction di more than just praying over them. In between all these support services for the mentally afflicted there is still not enough for those suffering from addiction because they are simply overlooked.

  10. I do the same thing! Every week I do a 48 hour fast mid week (so I only eat food Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays — fasting Wednesday and Thursdays — then eating again Fridays and Saturdays). On fasting days I do drink water, or hot water with lemon.

    On non-fasting days I consume about 1100-1200 calories. Over the past year I’ve been training myself not to need too much food. As you get older (I’m 57) you really don’t need that much food.

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