Fatherlessness is Destroying Our Country

Fatherlessness is Destroying Our Country

Evil seeks to destroy men. Feminism seeks to destroy men. Alcohol seeks to destroy men. Welfare, the government, and no-fault divorce seeks to destroy men. Fatherlessness and divorce seeks to destroy men. If Satan can destroy men, he’s won the battle.

In my post about women needing men, there were plenty of women who told me that they didn’t need a man. That’s plain wrong. Children need a father. Little girls need a father. Little boys need a father. They both need mothers who love their fathers and speak no evil against them. They need a stable home. They need the security that only this can bring. “And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse” (Malachi 4:6).

Fatherlessness is destroying our country. Boys are growing up to join gangs because they are trying to fill that void that only fathers can fill. Children aren’t being modeled strong marriages that last a lifetime, therefore, they fear the idea of marriage because they haven’t seen good ones. Many have seen their own mothers tear their homes down with their own hands. They don’t want this. Abortion and birth control have made the idea of having children a negative thing. All that God has created good, our culture has proclaimed to be bad.

Most of the ills in our culture today is because of evil destroying men. Have you noticed that even many of the news programs are slowly getting rid of men? Men are considered the scum of the earth by many. Feminism teaches women to rebel against men: against their authority (“patriarchy”). Guess who is behind all of this? Satan, the Father of lies and many are being deceived by him.

God made man first. “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth” (Genesis 1:26).” He made men to be the protectors of families and nations. When this protection is gone, women and children are in grave danger.

“Children need the wise, masculine discipline of an interested and involved father. Parenting children throughout all ages is a mother/father team effort. Children need the feminine love and nurture of their mother. However, sons and daughters, on a daily basis, need the masculine encouragement, correction, and if needed, discipline of a loving father” (Colin Campbell).

The just man walketh in his integrity: his children are blessed after him.
Proverbs 20:7

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  1. Amen, a thousand times. Anyone who claims that women and children do not need men in the form of faithful fathers and husbands is deceiving herself in the worst way.

  2. As a product of divorce everything you said was spot on. Not having a father in my life really affected me negatively. God never created divorce and a wife and husband play huge roles in their kids life.

  3. Yes. I am thankful for both a loving father who loves God and a loving husband who also loves our Lord.

  4. This is so very true. I have even heard secular commentators express the same sentiment. I think the appeal of gangs is due to the amount of fatherless young men right now. They are so desperate for an authority figure in their lives that they let a gang leader be that authority. My husband and other men in our faith community have reached out to the fatherless around us in our city and they encourage other men to do the same in their communities.

  5. Appreciate you writing on how feminism has caused havoc to the world we live in.

    Please consider left aligning your text 🙂 Much more readable that way. The comments already are.

    From a guy who religiously follows your posts on Feedly Favorites.

  6. The data are pretty robust: Fatherlessness=increased risk of all kinds of adverse outcomes. It’s amusing watching commentators try to explain away this correlation and insist that all we need are better government programs to replace Dad, or it would be if such attitudes didn’t lead to so much tragedy and waste of human potential.

  7. Oh, and it hardly bears mentioning, but the ultimate rebellion against fatherhood is rejecting the Lord, our Father in Heaven. All else proceeds from there.

  8. They sure are, Diana, but it’s what they have heard their entire lives as they breathe in the feminist agenda. It’s far from the ways of the Lord.

  9. Every person I know who has come from a divorced family is deeply affected in a negative way. A mother and father are the ones who provide stability in an unstable world and when this is gone, it harms children in innumerable ways.

  10. I am not surprised at all and have you noticed that the last few Democratic presidents (Clinton and Obama) weren’t raised by fathers and the Republican ones (both Bush men and Trump) were raised by fathers. The Democratic party definitely acts like women (led by their emotions and feelings) and the Republican like men (by logic and reason). Fathers are SO important in children’s lives.

  11. I believe this is why the rise in homosexuality, too. Men are looking for that father figure that they didn’t have. Fatherlessness creates untold problems for children and culture.

  12. Only several people have asked me to do this in the over eight years I have been writing, PJ. I prefer it centered but if I get more requests, I will think about it. My husband likes it centered, too!

  13. Government programs can never help solve problems with children and families. It’s the men and women who must commit to marriage for life and raise good children who will solve all of the issues that come with broken families.

  14. The whole culture of hating men is horrifying.
    Just this week a very good friend was convicted of a crime against women that he didn’t do, purely on the word of a vindictive woman who promised to destroy him. Oh, she destroyed him all right. He has lost everything. Most of his children are grown-up now, but two little ones, just 6 and 14, will now probably never see their father again.
    It is so, so sad, and it is purely because our man-hating culture has given women this power.

    Women need to love their men well. It breaks my heart to see this hatred against men. It’s not only bad for children who need their father, but it’s bad for society in general.

  15. I definitely prefer it centred! It’s much easier to read on my phone. On my laptop it doesn’t make a difference because the screen is bigger, but it definitely flows smoother on my phone.

  16. I think this attitude is mainly borne by women who have only negative experiences with men. If their father wasn’t a provider, disrespected their mother, abused them … if their first dating experience was traumatic or the man was too forward… if a husband is abusing them … if they were assaulted by a working man… if their brothers were lazy or demeaned women …

    Then the mantra “I don’t need a man” really should be “I don’t need an ungodly or abusive man.” The “I don’t need a man” mentality is a device they think will protect them from the harm they have seen men in their lives caused.

    This is why many single mothers would rather raise their children alone than with their abusive/drug addicted/etc biological father, which in turn makes them afraid to look for a stepfather for their children.

    Often women with such horrible experiences EXTRA need a godly man to show them the wonderful things men can do! They need to be introduced to friends with wonderful husbands, a church with strong, wise, compassionate male leaders, older women with kind and hard working sons, events where they can hear testimonies/ participate in activities/ get to know Godly men, opportunities to volunteer to support military or servicemen, etc.

  17. That is sad, and it breaks my heart.

    I ask. Where are the churches consoling and supporting ex husbands? They have been left to their own, after losing children, friends, and their honor.

    No woman wants divorced men either. It’s difficult to impossible to build a family again. And the women who are interested, had no biblical grounds to divorce their husbands! What’s a Christian man to do??

    Pastors know nothing about how deep feminist ideologies have crept in their churches. They just go along what blue pill preachers say (who in other areas may be dictrinally sound – but not in marriage or relationships with the opposite sex).

    I can only advice men to seek comfort in Christ. Move out of the country if you can. See if you can build a family elsewhere where laws and society are not against men. Of course, ask the Lord first for guidance. Just be careful marrying anyone in America.

    Every day I awake to a world I didn’t think existed before. It’s a rather dark world. You can feel the darkness.

  18. All have sinned and fallen short. I think they need to know Father God and repent and follow the second Adam Jesus Christ. Enough with the blame game. It is costing lives!

  19. Women deceive themselves into believing that they are the “better, more loving” sex. According to Feminists, women have pure hearts by nature, and men are evil warmongering, and violent. So these Feminists dream of a utopia in which men have been eliminated. That is what these women are working on Lori — the total genocide of all men.

    There is just one little detail. Women AREN’T pure of heart…not even close. Women are inherently just as evil as men, more so in many cases. It is women who file most divorces, women who abuse most children, women who bully and hate. A world without men would be a world where a few powerful and hatefilled women, brides of Satan indeed, make all their daughters into utter slaves.

    For thousands of years, young women have found a good man and made their own homes and their own lives. The union of man and woman is God’s ultimate gift of freedom for each generation to build their own lives.

  20. LOL You are so right. Few women call it out as clearly as you do.
    I don’t like politicians of any sort, but you are right, we need to choose the lesser of the evils who are more governed by reason than by various imagined grievances.

  21. The churches are apostate. They’re on Satan’s team. They won’t say a single word to a frivolously divorcing wife, who is robbing boys of their father. They make up excuses and try to make all godly husbands into abusers, and since they teach that women shouldn’t ever have to endue anything for Christ, one word of correction from a husband becomes grounds for frivorce. I have come out from among them, and have separated myself from them. Many of the remnant loyal to Christ, meets through the web, and fellowships in places like this.

  22. What do you think gay people should do? Should they marry someone of the opposite sex and try to make the best of it, even if they feel no attraction towards each other? Remain single? What are your thoughts on this?

  23. Feminists always blame fatherlessness on the fecklessness of men.

    When the real cause of the destruction of the family and the general degeneration of society the sinful immorality of women which flows from feminism.

  24. Our sin nature is to blame for every degeneration on earth. If feminism didn’t exist, an alternative wickedness would be seen as the catalyst for our brokenness.
    We’re all in need of a Savior-Biblical womanhood starts with the Gospel.
    Thank you, Lori, for your continued encouragement and Scriptural teaching of women.

  25. My dad died when I was 12. Does not having a dad stink? Sure does. Much of what you write that family life should be was not the case for our family, though my mother was faithful to train the four of us to know and love the Lord. God steps in. He can do that for other families, even those he rescues from abusive men. Men sin, too. They can tear a house down by building it on shaky ground. Praise the Lord for being a father to the fatherless! And I’ll say the most helpful Christians to the fatherless are those who don’t treat them like a project or a biblical case study for anyone wondering how to tangibly help as we are commanded to.

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