Men Have Made It So We Think We Don’t Need Them

Men Have Made It So We Think We Don’t Need Them

If a woman wants a steak, she drives to the store in her car that men have invented and built, goes into the store (that men have built) with the money she has earned, and buys a steak. The steak was from a cow on a farm that most likely a man had run. Then a man slaughtered that cow and cut it up to ready it to be sold. Then a man drove the semi-truck to the store. Then she goes home and flips on a switch to turn the lights and air conditioning on: all things that were invented and built by men. This is the same for almost everything else that she will use.

Our homes were built by men. The factories where our clothing is made was built by men and so were the machines that made the clothing. Men have made it so good for women that women think they don’t need them any longer. They can leave their homes all day, work for a boss, and get a paycheck. They are strong, independent, and freed from needing a man in their lives. Most mothers are teaching their daughters that they don’t need men.

The one power that women actually have over men is sex. Men want sex and women will give it to them IF they want to give it. In past generations before birth control, it wasn’t nearly as easy for women to wield power over men in the area of sex. If they had sex, there was a strong likelihood that they would get pregnant and getting pregnant out of wedlock was seen as a shameful thing. Women used to be more careful about having sex with men before marriage. Now they no longer have to be because of the availability of birth control which men created for them and abortion. (I did find out that two women invented the suction device that made abortions “safe.” NOT so! One person is always murdered in an abortion. This is an evil invention created by women – Romans 1:30.)

You will most likely see women commenting on this post about all of the amazing achievements of women, therefore, men really aren’t that great nor have they made our lives better. Ignore them. Yes, women have invented a few things but they are minuscule in comparison to what men have invented and built. Feminists don’t want to admit this. Many of them truly seem to despise men. They made the term “patriarch” to be a horrible word as if men as leaders of families and nations was a horrible thing. They think they can do better than men.

Well, I can tell you I am thankful I have a man, very, very thankful. I have been able to be home full time for almost 34 years. I was able to be the one home to raise my children because he works so hard to provide for us. I am thankful my children have a father in their lives who helped me raise our children. I am thankful my sons have a father who spent hours playing ball with them and that all four of my children have a father who loved them deeply and spent countless hours talking to them about everything. I am thankful to have a man who fixes things I can’t, carries things that are too heavy for me, and takes care of me in numerous ways. I can’t imagine ever thinking that I didn’t need a man. I always wanted a man! I never fell for the feminist agenda.

Young women, feminism has sold you a load of lies. (I want so badly to use another word but I won’t since I don’t.) The best things in life are from the Lord. He created marriage and He calls children a blessing and gift from Him. He created MALE and female. He made us the weaker vessel so we would need and want a man. In past generations, women and children wouldn’t have been able to survive without men and if something were to happen to all of the men today, we wouldn’t survive for long either. They still do all of the heavy lifting that keeps cultures running smoothly.

For the man is not of the woman: but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.
1 Corinthians 11:8, 9

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  1. With freedom comes responsibility. Men lead and protect us, thus needing to make the choices, and having the freedom. We take for granted how easy it is to live nurturing our homes, while our men have to bear the burden of providing our every need…

  2. Even feminists’ “achievements” were created by men.
    -Women can vote only because men voted to allow them to.
    -Women can hold public office only because men voted to allow it.
    -Contraceptives were legalized by men (Griswold v Connecticut).
    -Oral contraceptives were invented by men.
    -Abortion was legalized by men (Roe v Wade).
    -No-fault divorce was legalized by men.
    -Women are allowed into universities because men chose to let them in.
    -The first women clergy were ordained by men.
    -Women can serve in the military because men chose to allow them to.

  3. So very true Laurie. Men didn’t hold back the fight of the feminists and the women who want feminism will have to suffer under its cruel rules and consequences, often stressed, exhausted, and alone much of life.

    Taking on roles that God never intended for them; for it is man’s curse to work by the sweat of his brow, not woman’s. I am happy to work hard to feed, provide and protect my wife and family, and to see that they have the best lives that I can help them live.

  4. You’re right about that, Laurie. They wouldn’t be able to have any of their “rights” if men didn’t let them. Yet, many still have a hatred towards men. It’s like they are biting the hand that feeds them.

  5. Yes, they were the ones who have fought for our freedoms and many paid the cost with their own lives. Many seem to want to easily forget this.

  6. Thanks for upholding and honoring true manhood, Lori. I am so looking forward to reading this post to my husband today; it is a tribute to the man in my life!

  7. It’s unfortunate that we need to be reminded of men’s many achievements. Ideally, women would not be so envious of and antagonistic toward men that they minimize male contributions to civilization. Instead, we would cheer on men as they build and make and do, and try to help them out in our roles as daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, etc.

  8. EveryTHING in this world was made by men.
    EveryONE in this world was made by women.

    We will all be throwing rocks and raiding neighboring villages when we fully displace gratitude to men for having built society.

    We will all be pushing daisies in the end when we finish displacing childbearing from women.

  9. To be 100% honest, I DON’T need a man. Neither does any woman, in this day and age. Women can – and are – doing pretty much anything men can do. I am perfectly capable of butchering a beast for the freezer. I have a truck licence. I change the oil and tyres on my car. My sister and I were raised to be capable.

    But the thing is, I WANT a man. Not just any man, but my man. I want him. Tomorrow, we will have been married for 17 years and although we have been separated for a few months of that time, there have been very few days when I haven’t been glad of him, and his company, his protection, and his love.

    I love the fact that I don’t have to stress over money – he does all of that. We both earn it, but he takes care of it, because I find it stressful and he enjoys making sure we are all provided for. And he does it well.

    I love that he fixes things around the house that need fixing, no matter what it is. He even does the simple things like changing lightbulbs (because he knows I am afraid of heights, so he makes sure to change them so I don’t have to struggle with my fear while standing on a chair to reach.)
    I love that he makes sure all the bills are paid and the children and myself have everything we need, and I don’t have to worry.
    I love that he finds the money for new appliances when our old ones break down. I know he will take care of it – I don’t have to worry.
    I love that even though he smokes (very, very expensive here in NZ!!) he makes sure the groceries are bought for the week, and we have petrol in the cars, before he buys his smokes.

    Every day, my husband takes care of his family. I *could* do it, if I had to, and I could do it well. But I don’t need to worry about anything because my husband takes care of it all.

    No, I don’t ‘need’ him. But I absolutely want him! And I’m very grateful for him.

  10. Even if all the technological advancements were stripped away, we would still need men. It’s basic and fundamental to who we are as women. God made us for men not so that we can go off and do our own thing. Bad things happen when we try to deny this simple truth. It’s a pity that girls are shamed for aspiring to marriage, motherhood and homemaking. Generation Cedar touched on this recently.

  11. I need my husband because I love him. I don’t love my husband because I need him.

  12. And the only reason that you can “currently” do that is because of the civilization and infrastructure that men have built and continue to sustain. Without men to enforce the laws and maintain this “civilization”, women would be just what they were for centuries, (and still are in many parts of the world today) serving solely at the pleasure of whatever man that she either willingly submits to… or whatever man subjugates her.

    If our civilization continues to crumble and (as many think might soon happen) a collapse occurs in “western” civilization… when there is no longer the rule of law and good men to enforce it… all of these “I am woman hear me roar”, “I don’t need no man” women are going to quickly face the reality of what they really are; the weaker sex. If they do not already have a man to protect them, they will have to quickly find one or they will become the property, sex slave and/or domestic servant of the first (non-Christian) man that comes along to subjugate them.

    Since time began, when women fall, they (at least the younger ,more attractive ones) are always able to fall on their “backs” and for many, their self-preservation instinct will kick in and they will submit themselves to and willingly serve whatever man that can provide them with protection and/or provision.

    Now I think that most men would prefer willing cooperation but most of the women who are too proud to willingly submit to one of the “better” men will be beaten into subjugation by the worse ones. Many (of the more attractive ones) who still refuse to cooperate will be caged/enslaved and used purely a sex objects until they are used up, then they will die. Others (the less attractive and more disagreeable ones) will just be killed outright or left to die a slow and painful death of dehydration, starvation and/or exposure to the elements.

    In short, feminism will die a quick, merciless and horrifyingly painful death. One way or another, women will go back to being what they were created to be; “companions” and “helpers”, in submission to men.

    Sure, currently women are able to do SOME things for themselves but only because there is (too much of) a civilization that was built by and continues to be maintained by MEN… that allows for it.

  13. …and the women who want feminism will have to suffer under its cruel rules and consequences, often stressed, exhausted, and alone much of life.

    The women who DON’T want feminism will also have to suffer –heck, already ARE suffering– the consequences of (their forebears) remaining silent while feminism pushed its way into power.

    Women today who prefer to be stay-at-home wives and mothers face relentless economic and social pressure to rejoin the workforce full time, finding it increasingly more difficult to manage a household on their husbands’ (increasingly precarious) incomes. All of this the result of women flooding the workplace, combined with the socialism-driven economic globalism, a major by-product of a century of women’s suffrage.

    And pity the young women coming into adulthood who want nothing more than to find a good young man to marry and start a family with, rare as these are. Feminism has not only turned dating into a minefield for all men, but the Age of No-Fault Divorce, VAWA, and a whole host of other feminism-induced laws that have essentially criminalized the male sex have made intersexual relations, to say nothing of marriage, a non-starter for ever-growing numbers of young men (adding insult to injury is the overt economic deprivation of young men today, robbing them of the ability to gain provider status and thus become husband material).

    And need I also add that the Church’s acceptance, whether passively or actively and enthusiastically, of the secular feminist status quo isn’t helping matters either?

    To be 100% honest, I DON’T need a man. Neither does any woman, in this day and age. Women can – and are – doing pretty much anything men can do. I am perfectly capable of butchering a beast for the freezer. I have a truck licence. I change the oil and tyres on my car. My sister and I were raised to be capable.

    Forgive me for being brutally blunt here, but you should be very grateful that you already have a husband, because if you were a single woman making that statement as an an advertisement for a husband, you would be the LAST woman on earth I would ever consider as a suitable candidate for a wife. Not only is your boasting of your manly skills distinctly unfeminine, but the fact that you make it clear that a man is optional in your life sends up a big red flag as well. “Optional” to a man means “disposable,” and I don’t know of many self-respecting men who relish the idea of that label and status.

    Anyway, glad things are working out for you and your husband. Different strokes for different folks, I guess…

  14. KAK,
    You are lying to yourself like all the other feminists are doing. Women need men. Women can’t do everything men can do. They are the protectors of societies. If women can do everything men can do, how come a man, who isn’t that great in a sport against men, can “become” a woman and beat the best women in the world?

    Men have ten times the testosterone than women for a very good reason. They have much more muscle mass, are faster, stronger, and taller than women on the whole. God made them this way and tells us that we are the weaker vessel. We were created to bear and raise children. We were created to make a house a home and be help meets to our husbands. Our purpose is good and lovely but it’s different than man’s. Just because you can do some things that men can do doesn’t make you a man.

  15. Lori – I agree with you about the athletes. One of our weightlifters on our NZ team was a transgender woman (man?). As a man he was a very mediocre weightlifter. As a woman, of course she won.
    But that is not my argument.

    Of course men are physically stronger. God made them that way. And women are more nurturing, gentle etc. God made them that way. And God’s way is best. But again, that is not my argument.

    In our modern world, with the tools and machinery we have to help us (yes, most probably made by men) there is very little we women can’t do. Here in my small town we have women mechanics. Women engineers. Women farmers. Women plumbers. Women veterinarians. Women doctors. Women truck drivers. Women electricians. These days, women CAN do whatever we want, because of modern technology giving us the tools to help us. It’s not just about brute strength anymore.

    I am very glad that I don’t have to do any of those things. I’m glad that my husband likes to do all the manly tasks for me, so I don’t have to. Besides, he’s usually better at it than me – quicker, struggles less. But I CAN do it, if I have to – he has ruptured discs in his back and sometimes is in agonising pain. On those days, all the tasks fall to me.

    When we are lifting heavy items in our business, he is always mindful of my lesser strength. He makes sure he moves slowly enough so I can carry my end of the heavy furniture without struggling too much.

    I have no desire to be a man. You’re missing my point. My point is that women actually can do everything men can do. We have women police officers here and they have no trouble restraining men twice their size – it’s technique, not strength. With lifting heavy things, we just need two women instead of one man. So it’s about cooperation, rather than strength.
    My grandmother’s father was in WW1. Her husband was in WW2. When the men were off fighting, the women were left alone to cope, and cope they did! Very well! They WANTED their men, and they missed them every day. But still, they coped, because they had no choice. That is my point: that life is easier with men, most definitely. But if our men aren’t there, women can do whatever needs to be done. Women aren’t helpless creatures.

    Trey – I’m not sure that I believe men are the disgusting creatures you’re making them out to be. Most men, even non-Christian men, are good men. They stand up for what is right. They would not allow your hypothetical situation to happen. Historically, there have always been good men trying to maintain law and order. It’s only the minority who let power go to their heads and mistreated people. And if men *are* as bad as you say, maybe it would be better for everyone if women were the ones in charge? Our Prime Minister has been acknowledged around the world for her compassionate leadership to the terror attack here (New Zealand). Even the countries in the middle east where women are oppressed, have applauded her. She’s using her strengths as a woman in her leadership. Maybe her leadership style is different to that of a mans, but she’s doing a good job, regardless.

  16. What a beautiful article!
    When I was a kid, all I ever wanted to do was get married and have kids. It was all I ever wanted to do. Even my sister’s friends knew this about me.
    I had no interest in a career, no interest in travelling…. my dream was to be a wife and mother.
    I don’t remember being ridiculed as much as questioned. What would I do for money? etc. I didn’t go to University (although I did train as a nanny straight out of school). I’ve never earned much above minimum wage. I’ve never even aspired to.
    But my life has turned out exactly as I wanted it to: married at 20, first baby at 21 then 2 more back-to-back, a 4th a few years later. And we’ve been married 17 years today!
    I don’t regret a second of it. I’m so glad I followed my heart and did what I had always dreamed of doing, instead of following what society wanted and going to University and travelling and getting a high-powered job.

  17. Feminism was created by evil women — yes, I’m going to call them evil, because that’s the truth.

    Lesbians, haters, mentally ill women created feminism to lure normal, loving women into that philosophy of despising and hating men, and despising and hating womanhood and motherhood.

    There is a war coming Lori. I am so hesitant to say this out loud, but there is a war coming. The evil women have trained a generation of young women to hate God, to hate men, and to hate normal women. They now have an army at their command, and most of the American government and legal system doing their bidding. Their goal is to infect the world with their hatred.

    Men have a hard time resisting them — we are unable to see the evil of women; we are made weak by our natural instinct to protect and serve.

    I fear for my children.

  18. There are MANY women who say they don’t need men and now depend upon the government instead of husbands, especially single mothers. Women need men. Children need fathers. Our cultures are dying because of the mentality that women don’t need men.

  19. “Women need men” is so true and we are the physically weaker.
    Women won’t survive without men.

    “Men need women” however is equally true because women bear children to produce the next generation. Men will not survive, or even exist without women.

    Men are made to lead and women are made to follow. But neither sex can survive without the other. And God made it so.

    It’s sad that women think they do not need men, who lead us and protect us and build the world for us.

    But it’s also sad that women do not appreciate the significance of being a women, who perform the greatest miracle of all —— creating new life out of her very own body.

    Feminism hate women being women. They despise women and want them to be men. That’s the ugly truth, I think.

  20. Our culture is evolving as the people within them do. It’s taking your message to a medium that will help the younger generations. They don’t experience life the way we did back then. It’s well known that there are more men leaving the Church or not joining than there are women staying and joining. Why is that? The men of this world are turning their backs on religion and no one is saying anything about it. Yet it’s the women that stay and are now competing for resources. The same system we helped build is being destroyed by us too.

  21. Re “disgusting creatures etc”: of course I cant speak for Trey but I believe Trey had something like this:
    in mind in that post.
    In other words, things can get very ugly for prolonged periods of time, and in that kind of situation, a woman, unless already attached to a man/men (father, brothers, husband, extended family), wouldn’t stand much chance by herself, or even with a gang of other accomplished women, who can do everything themselves, so don’t need men (but want them).

    Re your prime minister: she’s a prime minister isn’t she? At that level of politics the person, regardless of his or her sex, should be able to handle the situation in a mature way, calming down possible tensions etc, she (only) does her job right, she gets paid for it. I wouldn’t call it “leadership” though.

    (by the way, I’d be curious about your PM’s leadership if hypothetically eg Turkey declared war on you.)

  22. When cultures break down due to anarchy which can easily happen since the younger generations have no respect for authority, women and children are in the most danger always. Everyone knows this to be true.

  23. Great Post

    In Sparta women began to rule men and society collapsed. Not just demographically (too few boys were born) but politically, socially and spiritually. Men and women have the same average intelligence although intelligence clusters differently. Women tend to cluster close to the median and men cluster at the bottom and the top. Women are capable to do what men do in almost all spheres of life. However, women are not biologically (on average) not designed to take up certain duties in society.

    It does not fall on them naturally. Women (on average) are not optimized to take certain roles just as men. This is why all societies have practiced division of labour and given men and women different roles within society –men have been given the political, social and economic power for a few reasons.

    Firstly, Women are (in general) not defenders of family or nations and they have never been. This is why all religions and cultures made the man the head of the family and the spiritual leader. The second reason is that all civilized societies want to curb women’s hypergamy behavior. Civilized society does not allow healthy men go unmarried as it causes severe political and social turmoil. This is also why Christianity is so clear: Regardless of power even the king could have just one wife. The Nordic Viking culture did practice (to some extent –only very wealthy men) polygamy but these women were widows, a large surplus of healthy women and captured women during raids. The Nordic-Viking culture embraced Christianity and became monogamous which is healthier for all men and women but has also key for more advanced societies. Slavery was also abolished around that time but it had been a decline for 200 years. The slave holders in colonial America saw to that all healthy male slaves were married because if not the institution of slavery would have become as instable as in the Caribbean. Note that I don’t endorse slavery just note that the American slaveholders understood human basic socio-biology.

    Our society tells us women are moral and men immoral. Looking at adultery numbers women practices at almost at the same rate as men and they are also commit the vast majority of the domestic violence. However, more or less all men only invest in one or a few women over their life-time. Almost all men who are unfaithful do in survey tell us that they rather have sex with their wives. This is not the case for women who emotionally leave their husbands when she is unfaithful. When a man is unfaithful the relationship may last but when a woman is unfaithful the relationship is usually over. Women are able to act an immoral life because of contraception, abortion and government who function as a surrogate for a man and protect them and their selfish interests.

    As said before women have no natural feeling towards nationalism and conservatism and prefers liberalism and feminism. Women also reject libertarianism as “free market system” would make women more vulnerable and depended on a man as they government wouldn’t back them up with jobs, welfare and protection. Almost all research in political science, economics and sociology seem to show this in surveys, experimental studies and when national data is analyzed note that women on average are significantly more left-wing than men. This is not for “humanist” reasons but to protect their current statues as individuals with power over men.

    In the end feminism (and liberalism) will come to a halt as you write. You see this throughout history, when the husbands and sons are defeated women (in particular young women) submit to the invaders including the most honorable and good women. The same take place in the animal kingdom among mammals. Female mammals almost always submit and many even allow their female children to be killed by invaders. All religions call for men off all nations to protect women – and in particular the women belonging to their nation. Since 1945 Western men have been told by liberals, socialists and feminists that they ought to submit to foreign men and they ought to celebrate multiculturalism, open borders, feminism, globalization, gay rights and liberalism.

    A man who does submit will be cut out from society and the elites will go after him. In the end I don’t think he current elite will sway in power with the ethnic and religious demographic changes across the west. What white Christian men and women don’t understand is that people from third world countries don’t buy into feminism o for that matter post-marxism. You can call a Muslim Arab man “racist and sexist” how much you like but still do not care. White men would crawl for these words. In Denmark the Arab, African, Asian and Latin-American communities don’t care about feminism or the values the government tries to assimilate them into. They live very separate from the society and they maintain traditional norms. Yes, some may leave but not many. You see this in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish and Amish communities. They simple don’t much about the surrounding society and focus on protect their (in) group and they are very successful doing so.

    You see this Christian women saying “oh, we should submit to their husbands” and give a references to scriptures without understanding why submission is preached within Christianity. It is about “maintaining” the Christian (in) group.

    You should read the Quran. It is actually pretty short and good read – although much more difficult to follow as it is written erratic (maybe eclectic is a better word) way. You notice the same a lot focus on war and how to maintain the Muslim community. I know a few Muslim women and men (all good people) is very aware from everything from the hypergamous nature of women to why Islam is such a patriarchic religion. It is significant more than patriarchic than Christianity but maybe less so than Hinduism. Muslim women are told straight-up which rights they have (and they don’t have many), obligations and what their role in Muslim society is. There are of course different interpretations and countries may be more or less secular but there is little sugar-coating about certain issues. Muslim women knows their role because they are told what their role is – they don’t have to like it but Muslim men take little consideration of what they think. This is does not mean that Muslim men are not devoted to their wives (few are polygamist) but they do not “back down” on certain issues for the common good for their (in) group.

    Christian women (in particular white Christian women) enjoy freedoms Muslim and Hindu women never will. White Christian men have actually always been though to value women. Throughout history white Christian women have enjoyed so much freedom in their marriages and in civil society in away never seen in other civilizations. Still, white Christian women have some pathological idea that their husband wants to hurt them? I mean? The vast majority of white Christian men adore their wives. The same goes for all men across the world but Western men value their women in a way most people across the world find unhealthy. I think white Christian men need to learn to be a bit chauvinistic – it would do them good.

  24. Feminism was not created by evil women. It was created by white bourgeois liberal women in the late 17th century. It concerned mainly property rights, political rights and some civil rights. These women didn’t like that they had less influence over policy and society when they were wealthy. Feminism was later infused into socialism (in particular Marxism) in the 18th century. Socialism (if you didn’t know) also stem from liberalism. It was not working class women who asked for feminism – they wanted their husbands to make more money so they could be at home with the kids but wealthy bourgeois who spent most of their days doing nothing but consume their husbands money and engage in politics. From 1945 something very interesting happens in Western societies.

    Working and lower middle class men begin to earn salaries which are so significant that they can start a family in their early twenties. There is also a shortage of men in marriageable age caused by the war. On top of this you have still the old social moral structure of the importance of good family values, homemaking, and division of labour and so on. Young men and women marry when they are 21-22 years old. When you radically lift up men economic statues in society, there is a shortage of men and women are confined to a traditional role there will be an enormous amounts of kids and families produced. If the policy (which was purposely designed to halt nationalism to remerge) of that time had continued the Western world had looked very different. Now, the political plan (it is actually explicitly stated) was not to have this economic and social system going on forever. It was a temporary solution to cover for the grand scheme – the remaking of the Western world. It has been done through feminism, multiculturalism, globalization, an overtly enlarged welfare state and neo-liberalism.

    If we stay with feminism – You see, very few women want feminism. It is not designed for the median woman with median intelligence, median ability, median means and median social skills. It was and is designed for wealthy urbanized bourgeois women. If you are a woman who work a menial job and pay out college debt feminism gives you nothing but if you are an upper middle class woman or belong to the upper class. Well, it gives you a lot of opportunities, power and influence. My maternal grandmother and mother benefited enormously from feminism in terms of careers but they also were born into to bourgeois class. My paternal grandmother was born into a working class family and had few chances and never had much schooling. She married my paternal grandfather (who came from the educated middle class background) and so she lived her life (or rather live as my paternal grandparents are still alive) through him and his career. My mother is a staunch feminist and why shouldn’t she? She makes more than what I and my wife makes together. She has no economic worries at all and has a great career (although she has not many years left to her retirement). For working class and lower middle class women feminism means little but for upper middle class women (like my mother) or my passed away wealthy maternal grandmother – feminism have given them much in terms of personal benefits, career and power. Now – feminism will be one of several ideologies which going to break down society but not because feminist women are “evil” (and I will tell you it was men and not women who implemented feminism) but because feminism simply is not practical, economical, politically and socially feasible.

  25. I know few women logical enough to run society.

    Women don’t excel in math and science, they aren’t designed to do so. Those women who insist on masculine endevors tax their female brain to the limit to prove nothing but the fact that men will out do them.

    Women were designed to have empathy, have children and be beautiful for their husband. Women aren’t usually academically gifted , because women live by instinct rather than logic, they aren’t stupid but women have more triggered reaction instead of thoughtfulness.

    Women , especially daughters need to stay clear of sexual sin, because of their need for love they are used sexually. Men will take advantage of the neediness of a woman.

    Women need the leadership of their husband because God didn’t give women the gift of steadfastness, women want to live the moment, women don’t like tasks which require the abstract ability to see into the future. Women are not abstract thinkers, some but few.

    I respect women , but it’s different from the action based respect I have for men.

  26. Men and women are two different kinds of brave, nurturing, kind and intelligent. The two differences when combined make a whole.
    Men will attack a machine gun nest, a woman will endure pregnancy. Until the last century, the later was nearly as dangerous as the former. And each gender thinks the other brave and/or crazy/stupid. Because we are different and what we contribute to the whole is different, that makes the whole.
    But there are downsides to our natures also. The man that can attack that machine gun nest can punch a stranger in a bar for an ambiguous comment. The woman whose emotional need to be a life giving mother overrules her sense of danger to childbirth, can also let emotion overrule her capacity for other logic. Neither behaviors are necessarily logical or illogical in and of them selves, but it is our capacity to exercise them in the correct circumstances that is the strength each gender brings to the table to make the whole. It is our individual failures to rein in the extremes of our natures that gives us a bad rap with the other gender.

    Lastly, mayhap men built the world. But men were not likely to do as good a job if the purpose wasn’t to care for women and children.

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