Fearing the Coronavirus

Fearing the Coronavirus

My mom didn’t fear germs at all. She feared toxic chemicals. She learned that a strong immune system is the best fight against germs and the diseases that result from them. So I grew up believing the same thing. I haven’t gotten the ordinary illnesses (colds and flu) much until I began having grandchildren. If they had a cold, I would get it and it would be much worse than the others due to my weakened immune system because of the lack of hormone production and an almost dead pituitary. However, once I began taking elderberry syrup, I haven’t been getting their colds, thankfully. It really does work!

We’re experiencing something in our country that has never happened in my lifetime. A national fear of a killer virus with the stock market plunging and the future unknown. It is a scary time for many but should we, as believers in Jesus Christ, give in to the fear?

Look at the Proverbs 31 woman. In some translations, we are told that she “smiles at the future.” The KJV states, “she shall rejoice in time to come.” We are to live by faith and not by fear. God is still on His throne and He holds the future!

Mothers of young children, you can rest assured concerning this virus since no children from zero to nine have died from it and most children have mild cases of this. It seems to mostly be killing the elderly and those with health problems. (The average of death from the virus is 80 years old.)  I fit into the health problems category but I don’t fear it. I will do the best to keep myself healthy but trust the Lord with my life. Remember, this virus is NOTHING close to being like the Bubonic plague or polio, yet many are acting as if it were.

I am not a hand washer since I’m not afraid of germs. I have dry skin and I greatly dislike the feel of dry hands. Yes, I wash my hands after using the restroom but I have never thought about washing my hands after going shopping or out and about. I don’t use hand sanitizer and won’t since I have read that soap and water are much more effective. I will now wash my hands after going outside of my home to shop or anything else I do away from home. I will try to not touch my face if I haven’t washed my hands. I don’t eat junk food and have a lot of elderberry syrup ready to go. I take vitamin C and D every day. I do what I can and leave the rest in the Lord’s hands.

This life will always be unstable and fearful. This isn’t our home. Many of the things going on in our culture (abortion, children being allowed to change genders, pornography, sex trafficking of children, and so on) are must more destructive to our culture than this virus or the stock market crashing. Maybe God will use this virus for good. Our culture needs a good wake up call. We’re all going to die someday and many times things such as this cause people to examine their lives more closely. The prospect of illness and/or death is where the rubber meets the road and has the ability to wake people up from their slumber.

Don’t live in fear, women, but by faith. God is still on His throne! He is sovereign over all and He has us in the palm of His hands. Our lives are not our own. This is a temporary assignment and we are to use it to glorify God, and yes, even in the scary, uncertain times. Let people see your lack of fear and your trust in God Almighty. Give encouragement to those around you and share the hope that you have in Christ.

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
2 Timothy 1:7


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  1. Amen and Amen Lori!
    Great words of wisdom today!

    Question, have you ever used any store bought elderberry syrup you found effective? I’d like to eventually make some but want to try some readymade if anyone knows of an effective brand please share.

  2. Amen the beauty in all this is that the nonbelievers are now thinking about death more and what happens next. They are thinking about Jesus and Heaven/Hell. Praying more people give their lives to the only one that can truly save them.

  3. I entirely agree we shouldn’t be ruled by fear of anything, including coronavirus, and I’m glad that bodies such as the CDC aren’t promoting panic.

    I wouldn’t look to doctors for guidance on matters of faith, morals, and especially Biblical womanhood, but given the enormous numbers of lives saved by sanitation, vaccines, antibiotics, and obstetrical/neonatal care I think I’ll keep washing my hands and trying not to touch my face.

  4. Lori,
    Thank you for speaking the Truth! Curious…do you take elderberry syrup daily or just when you feel cold/flu coming on? I love my elderberry syrup.

  5. Excellent article. My wife and I were just discussing this with some of our kids and a friend of their’s who is an RN. She said the best thing you can do is what you should always have been doing, wash your hands. You don’t have to wash them a hundred times a day either. We all agreed that, as s we each have professed Christ as personal Savior and Lord, our eternal hope is in Him. We do not have a promise of tomorrow here on this earth, but eternity is promised for all. The only question is where one will spend eternity, and by God’s grace and mercy, each person can choose life in Christ.

  6. amen to this post! The Lord directed me to Psalm 46: 6-11 just now- He has not forsaken us in this time of trouble. He is with us.

  7. I’m not fearful of catching the virus itself. I am more concerned with the way everyone is reacting so now I am considering buying some pantry items, toilet paper, etc. in case we end up being told by the government that we are not allowed to leave our homes. Would you say that it is wise to have a few weeks’ worth of items on hand to hold a family over? Anything that is not needed would be used over the course of the year anyway.

  8. This is not a pandemic. It’s a Dem Panic!

    In 1929, the Council on Foreign Relations tanked the stock market, on purpose, after they had gotten out. So, men like Joe Kennedy made a killing. After the massive crash, these schemers came back in and purchased companies for pennies on the dollar. This crash enabled FDR to get elected, and saddled America with many of the social programs we are still enslaved with today.

    Remember, Americans do not control our money. We lost control in 1913, as described in the brilliant bookS “The killing of Uncle Sam”, and “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, as well as Myron Fagan’s fabulous recording/transcript “The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)”.

    It was ruthless foreign bankers who now controlled our money, and they’ve been manipulating our money and getting us into wars ever since, starting with World War 1. Since these snakes control the media, schools, and tech companies, as well as the Democrat Party, since Woodrow Wilson (they have controlled both sides presidential candidates since Wilson with the possible exceptions of Trump and Reagan), they are Masters of Deceit. They funded Communism in China and in Russia, and are now moving to destroy America, the last real threat to their One World Government.

    They have been using their media and Democrat puppets to ruthlessly attack Trump even before he was President.

    When you examine the roots, you begin to understand how insidiously evil this group of vile bankers is. There will be a war if we try to get rid of their control of our money as these snakes will murder for money and power. Remember, they already murdered 100 million in China and Russia in the last century. We should not be frightened by this, but resolve that these tyrants will no longer be allowed to continue their murderous ways.

    Understanding that Trump is heavily favored to win this upcoming election, they are pulling out all the stops to try to put a Democrat in the White House. They have already deceived tens of millions of Americans with their lies, deception, and slanders.

    Real Eyes Realize Real Lies.

    If God be for us, who can be against us?

  9. I live in Washington state and literally 60 miles from where that nursing home is. I live in the skagit valley. The Costco and other stores here completely out of TP and other things. The local college closed until Sunday. And no one in the valley infected yet! Crazy times but yes, God is still on the throne! Thank you Jesus

  10. I wonder if it won’t be nearly as bad as in China since once people hear someone is infected, they do all they can to keep from getting the virus. People are much more educated in America because of what happened in China, I am hoping.

  11. I just watched your youtube on it! Thanks for linking your ingredients that makes it very helpful! Seems simple enough, Lord willing, I will make it soon, I’d love to have this on deck.

    Thanks for all that you do!

  12. I go the other way when I hear someone cough lol. I have asthma, which I can probably thank my chain smoking parents for. Worse than that, I am allergic to nearly every prescribed antibiotic there is, possibly all of them now. Never got any as a kid cuz my doc wasn’t a believer in them except under dire circumstances. But after bouts of the flu with complications, a ruptured appendix, etc., I’ve used some and have been allergic to them all within days. I went in for emergency appendectomy surgery covered in hives with a Benadryl drip at the same time!

    I do elderberry juice everyday in winter, but I absolutely avoid sick people. While I truly believe in God’s protection, I use common sense. I don’t step in front of buses either!

    While we were putting our annual tornado kit together, we absolutely noticed lots of empty shelves, but we did find all our normal things.

  13. The elderberry syrup is a great suggestion. Is over the counter ok since I do don’t have time to make my own for a few days and live in NYC? What dosage do you recommend? I picked up gummies and syrup. Thanks so much.

  14. People in Australia have been ‘panic buying’ to the point where they have punch ups and screaming matches in the aisle. There’s no toilet paper, very little tissue, rice,pasta,hand sanitizer, baby wipes and now,nappies (diapers) it’s madness. Thankfully just before Christmas our local grocery store had toilet paper half price. So my husband told me to stock up. At the time I thought him mad. However I did it anyway. Now I’m glad I listened! My father in law has worked for a toilet paper company for 40 years. He thinks it’s insane as there is plenty to go around, but it’s hoarded. What’s even more crazy is people weren’t stock piling food at first. Then some bright spark decided to state the obvious. Now food is starting to disappear. My house is well stocked and I’m not worried at all. And it feels GREAT!! Over here we’ve got 70 confirmed cases and 3 deaths. Our country has 23 million people so all considered that’s quite minor. The flu kills more people each year so there’s no reason to panic.

  15. Finnish Sauna

    (even if you live in a warm climate…Los Angeles has Korean saunas and plenty of others)

    I was able to travel to a foreign country for the first time in my life and not get ill either upon arrival there or coming back home.

    The moment I stepped off the plane, I went to a sauna (and went back throughout the trip), and did the same when I came home.

    I did eventually catch the flu back in November…but it only lasted exactly 36 hours and then I was almost fine…and no relapse 10 days later (I had H1N1 years back…and ever since I get the flu twice…10 days after the first time.)

    Tomorrow morning I’m going to the Sauna. It elevates your immune system for 24 hours after each visit.

    I try to go 3-4 times a week. Plus, it’s very relaxing, your skin looks great, you lose a bit of weight (puffiness), and you can do more physical activity without getting sore.

    What I do is I do 15 minutes on the ‘lower rack’ then a cold shower, then I ‘Attempt’ 5-10 minutes on the upper rack then cold shower, then I got back to the lower rack for 15 minutes or whatever I can stand

    Also helps with my excema and dry skin 🙂

  16. We cannot be sure exactly what this is and exactly how the whole situation will develop, however, I really don’t think all of this panic is justified. I remember bird flu and swine flu outbreaks in my childhood and how much of a big deal was made out of that, and I know people who contracted it, and guess what? It was just like having a flu, no biggie.

    I would follow the recommendations and wash my hand thouroughly nevertheless, just to be on the safe side, Lori. I’ll take dry hands over being sick anyday! (Just a friendly advice 😉 )

  17. You can buy it at most health food stores. I recommend 1 to 2 Tbs. if exposed or if experiencing any symptoms and in this case, take every 3 to 4 hours.

  18. Yes washing our hands is so important! It’s literally the best thing we can do to protect ourselves and others, as it helps stop the transfer of virus germs.

    As Christians we are commanded to help others, to look after the vulnerable. Not all of us are able to do much to help others, but we can do our part by washing our hands regularly and help stop virus transfer. It can live on surfaces for up to 9 days, so washing hands is so incredibly important!

  19. New year, new panic virus. Last year at this time, the government was kicking 32,000 religious New York children out of school over the measles. Every year the deep state does this.

  20. At the moment in Australia, there is panic buying of toilet paper. As soon as a load comes i to the supermarket, it goes! Absolute madness! Women fighting even. So people who really need it are finding it hard to source.

  21. Our Coronavirus cases are rising here in the UK. 83 new cases in one day and unfortunately 1 confirmed case in our small town. A local bank employee. We’re not panicking, just being cautious and will continue to be so. Being a retired nurse/midwife I have hand washing down to a fine art. ?

  22. I normally don’t agree with you, Lori, but I will say this:
    the mass hysteria for this is way overblown. The main fatalities are the elderly or people with already compromised immune systems. People need to chill. This isn’t the ebola virus!

  23. Lauren, our family has purchased the Sambucol dissolvable black elderberry tablets, and they seem to do the trick. Even if we get sick, it doesn’t peak the way it used to. We don’t like purchasing the syrups sold in stores because they tend to have a high sugar content, which is a bit counterproductive. I do want to try to make my own, I will check out Lori’s youtube video! God bless!

  24. And a dime-sized amount of olive oil or hand salve massaged into damp hands/nails/cuticles after washing helps seal up the skin and avoid cracked or chapped hands, where little germs love to go and hide! 😉

  25. Sarai
    You are right. It is not. Ebola is only spread through bodily fluids, or eating contaminated food. The only two cases of people who contracted the virus in the US (of the 11 cases in the US), were health care workers. Covid 19 is an airborne virus, spread by coughing. Corona viruses are spread like Influenza virus, but they are not the same. Influenza of any type is transmittable via airborne virus from birds, pigs and humans – interchangeably from species to species and within the same species. Covid 19 has an initial host, and is transmitted from contaminated food. After that, it transmits from human to human. So, by stopping transportation, you can stop a Coronavirus. Stopping transport will surely slow the spread of Influenza, but birds migrate and influenza will spread globally every single time. Swine flu infected a known 60 million people in 2009/2010. CDC knew it was coming. It had a known and widely available test and a known and widely available vaccine. I got the vaccine and my husband did not. He got swine flu and coughed in my face for two weeks, and I did not get it. He was hospitalized for 4 days with septicemia from overwhelming lung infection. He was 37. Swine flu killed a known 12,000 people. I am sure the numbers are higher for both infection and deaths, as not everyone was tested. That is a death rate of 0.02 percent. Covid 19 has infected a known 1,098 people with a known 27 deaths. that is a death rate of 2.46 percent. So, currently, Covid 19 is 123 times more deadly than Swine Flu. Yesterday, I heard the State of Ohio Secretary of Health say he estimated 500,000 people are infected in Ohio with Covid 19 and don’t know it. If the death rate of 2.46 percent is accurate, that is 13,000 people who will die in Ohio in the next month. I do wash my hands a lot. I have Anti-viral wipes and spray at my desk (I always do.) I have a little bottle of hand sanitizer, given at my Dr.’s office. I never used until the last couple of weeks. I usually avoid Trichlosan and anti-microbials along that line. Last week, I bought some, though, thinking I should put it in rotation with my other household cleaners to use it around the house on door knobs and sink handles and such. Which I did last Friday. I also use a sanitizer wipe on grocery cart handles, like they provide at the door. I am not afraid of being sick with the Coronavirus, but I am concerned about it closing down my company. The schools, libraries, theaters and many other businesses have closed here, even though there are only 12 confirmed cases statewide. Mostly, I am mad about being lied to. Tuesday, this was all ‘blown out of proportion, according to Hannity on Fox, and not as dangerous as Influenza. Wednesday, practically all sporting events were cancelled. Thursday, Tucker Carlson on Fox news said ‘Governments and societies are fragile. Stock up on food, and ammunition and be prepared to protect and care for yourself.’ Today, it’s a National State of Emergency. Also, today, I learned that 2 of my 1,800 coworkers have tested positive for Covid 19. The chance I have been is exposed is probably pretty good. I am not worried about being sick from the virus, But, I seem to have a bit of a runny nose and a dry cough. I don’t feel bad. I thought it was allergies earlier this week……….but now, I am not so sure. I wish they had delivery service here. I wish I did not have to go to Costco. Sorry, but I do.

  26. I’m not fearful of my husband and I.. or even our toddler getting the virus. Our daughter had the measles soon after her first birthday and I don’t think she even noticed. However, I am coming close to the end of my pregnancy and the hospital sent me an email the other day saying if a mother delivers while she has the virus they think it might be best to keep mother and baby separated. Reading that was like a knife in my heart, I understand why.. but I was separated from my daughter at 5days postpartum when I developed postpartum preeclampsia and it was the darkest time in my life, I felt physically ill over being away from her. That is where my fear is coming from, having another daughter taken from me and missing that early bonding time. Anyone who reads this, please pray for me. We dealt with infertility for 7yrs and 3 miscarriages before our daughter arrived so I think not having my babies in my arms makes my heart hurt even more.

  27. I know this might sound gross to some, but do we have any old flannel sheets or worn out cotton clothing that could be cut into strips to be used for tp? If need be, the soiled ones could be thrown directly into a bucket of bleach water to soak and then thrown into the washer with hot water and detergent and bleach. Very similar to using cloth diapers for babies.
    Maybe we could also eat plenty of wholesome foods. Make a nice pot of homemade chicken soup. Make sure everyone gets outside for plenty of fresh air.
    God bless❤

  28. Good point regarding use of old fabric for tp. I’ve been collecting old cotton t-shirts and stained cotton clothing my children have outgrown. I am considering cutting them into cloth size squares to use for paper towels. They easily could be thrown into the daily load of laundry.

  29. We have a family member in the house who has severe asthma, even on multiple medications per day wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath. Under these circumstances, I am encouraging all family members to wash their hands, cover their coughs, and open their windows to get fresh air in the house. I wipe down the kitchens and bathrooms, and other high touch areas. Our kids are home from college for at least 3 weeks. Plenty of healthy food in the house, fresh air, family time, reading, yard work, walks, biking to keep us busy during this “stay at home time”. I am working on sewing projects. I take it seriously. My great grandmother lost her husband and young son within days of each other during the Spanish Flu pandemic. I was looking through her picture albums on a visit as a child, saw family pictures of two people I did not know, asked about them, and she told me the story. I was only 7 and I still remember the sadness she still lived with 50 years later. Trust God, be mindful, and do what you need to protect your family, friends, strangers, and the vulnerable among us.

  30. Hi Lori, do you know if it is safe to take Elderberry syrup (gummies?) while pregnant and would it pass through while nursing? I’ve searched the internet but haven’t found anything useful. Also, how about on a daily basis? Just curious! Thanks!

  31. Well this gives me time to work on a quilt that I’ve been trying to finish and focus my time on God’s word.

  32. You know Katherine, you are right. And like a lot of people, I was very ignorant about this virus at first (because I was listening to the news saying ‘it’s no big deal’). It IS a big deal, and I was wrong. Thank you for giving me that info, it is so correct. Stay safe and God bless you!

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