Homemakers are Free to Be Their Own Boss

Homemakers are Free to Be Their Own Boss

A woman wrote this on Twitter recently: “Women who are ‘against feminism’ – hand over your car, bank account, credit cards, retirement fund to your closest male relative. Don’t vote. Quit your job/close your business, delete social media accounts. No more Etsy shop or MLM. No? Then support the women’s rights movement.”

Maggie Price responded to her this way:

“I don’t understand this woman’s post at all. I don’t have any need for any sort of side business, because my husband fully provides for our children and me. We have made sacrifices financially at times to always keep me at home from the birth of our very first child.

“My husband has bought me every car I’ve owned, since we were engaged. I have my own bank account that he places our household funds into every month. I have full discretion to spend that money however I see fit for both personal spending and for keeping the house running.

“He always pays for my gas and other expenses such as that on his own card himself. We share a credit card account. I don’t worry about paying any of our bills, because he does that himself, although he would always show me any part of our finances at any time if I asked.

“I do vote, but I listen to the wise advice of my husband on which candidates he supports and why. I’m free to vote for whoever I want at the end of the day with no quarrel with him whatsoever. We’ve never voted for different people, however.

“I don’t understand this woman’s post, because I’ve never been freer in my life than when I married my husband. He has made me free to essentially be my own boss. I set my own schedule, care for our children as we continue to have them, support him in his career in whatever ways I can, and pursue whatever creative pursuits I want to in hobbies. I’ve learned to cook, bake, and crochet since we’ve been together.

“I am free because I am loved by a man who has committed himself to me in marriage. This keeps me protected physically, sexually, and financially. I am free to be a woman! These poor feminists are so deluded.”

She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.
Proverbs 31:27

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