Lack of Traditional Values Destroys Nations in Three Generations

Lack of Traditional Values Destroys Nations in Three Generations

Yesterday, our pastor said that an atheist man set out to figure out what destroys nations. His conclusion was that the leaving of morals (disintegration of family and unbound sexuality) is what destroys nations in three generations. We can see this happening in our nation.

When my mom was growing up, people still highly valued the institution of marriage, having children, and raising a family. Living together before marriage was considered “living in sin” and everyone knew homosexuality was a sin. If a man got a woman pregnant, he would most likely marry her. Divorce was rare.

When I grew up in the 1960s and 1970s, people still highly valued the institution of marriage but divorce became more common. A lot of my friends in high school were from broken families by the time they reached their teens. Young couples were having sex outside of marriage and were thinking nothing about it. Homosexuality was still considered a sin and rarely mentioned. I went to public schooling all of my childhood and I never heard the terms oral or anal sex, pedophile, or transgender. No one spoke of these things even in a public high school where kids were sleeping around and smoking on campus.

Since my children have grown up, it’s gone steadily downhill to the point where most people in my children’s age group are living together before marriage, not getting married, and if they do, many of them aren’t having children. Sadly, all these are even common in the churches. There is no restraint on sexual immorality anymore. All types of wicked and perverted pornography are available at the click of a mouse. Everything is accepted and even being demanded to be “celebrated.” Traditional values are mocked and ridiculed (just look at the comments on my Facebook page).

Therefore, we are living in the second generation since traditional values have tanked. How are we to live knowing this? Our nation may cease to exist in a generation. Should young couples no longer have children in fear of bringing them into this wicked culture? That’s sure what Satan would love for them to do! He would love for all of the Christians to live by fear and stop having children. His goal is to kill, steal, and destroy and we can clearly see that he is the prince of the power of the air.

Live by faith, young women, instead of by fear. We are all going to die one day. When you bear and raise children no matter what’s happening in culture, you are raising eternal beings that will live eternally with you on the brand new earth. Raise them in the nurture and the admonition of the Lord. Train them in the way they should go. These commands have been given to you, not to strangers. If their eternal souls are all that matter in the end, raise them with this in mind. Sacrifice your time and energy for them. It’s worth it!

This world needs more salt and light, not less. Stay married to the husband of your youth until death do you part. Have children and raise them to know God. Love your children deeply and discipline them diligently. Be faithful to teach them God’s Word, His ways, and hide His Word deeply in their hearts so they won’t sin against Him. Remember, God still reigns over this earth and He will until He destroys it by burning it up with fervent heat (2 Peter 3:10). He will never leave nor forsake you.

Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.
Jeremiah 6:16

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  1. I’m curious as to why you believe that oral sex is sinful? It is mentioned in Song of Solomon and favorably too. It is an important and pleasurable part of many couple’s intimacy lives. And is often a key way in which women receive pleasure.

  2. It’s not mentioned in the Song of Solomon. It’s only recent that this has been taught. My husband went to seminary in the early 80s and it wasn’t taught. Each couple can decide whether or not to participate in it. All I know is that it became popular after Clinton’s “not having sex” in the Oval Office, and the proliferation of porn. It wasn’t talked about at all up until then.

    I’ve mentored women who tell me this is all their husband wants. Something is wrong with this.

  3. Not sure how this topic came up but oral sex is definitely mentioned in Song of Solomon. I think its totally fine but its more of a foreplay thing and shouldn’t neglect actual intercourse.

  4. Sadly, all your observations are spot on. I’m several years younger, but the things going on in our generations were the same. As a substitute teacher I can’t believe what passes for “curriculum “ in our public schools. Many teachers are appalled and don’t wish to teach these things, but they must be members of the union for teachers here in MA and unless the union disagrees; they are bound. Our world is in such a mess.

  5. If Song of Solomon 4:16 is the verse you are referring to, check out the commentaries of old on this verse. Not one says it’s about oral sex. That’s a modern day fable.

    I am not claiming that oral sex is sin because I don’t know. It sure can be when this is all a husband wants. I do believe, however, that anal sex is absolutely sinful and I agree with this OBGYN about it: “Let’s face it, the anus was not made for intercourse. It’s supposed to be a one-way passage,” Dr. Streicher points out. The vagina, on the other hand, “has a thick, elastic, accordion-like lining designed to stretch to accommodate a penis, or a baby.” My dad, who is a doctor, said that anal sex is like playing in the sewer. It’s dangerous.

  6. To each their own. I don’t think oral sex or anal is sinful. I’m against anal sex because it causes more harm than good. Plus the long term effects could be damaging. The bible talks about sodomy regarding a man and a man having sex but anal technically isn’t sinful but its playing with fire for sure. Nothing wrong with oral as long as it doesn’t replaced “regular” sex.

  7. My friends and I have talked about how much things have changed. I grad in the early 80s. Girls that engaged in oral sex were considered the lowest, far worse than intercourse. If word/rumor got around that a girl did it? Time to move. It was THAT bad. When my friends had kids in Jr. High, they told me oral sex was the new goodnight kiss. And that was 20 yrs. ago. Yes, things have certainly changed and seem to be worse every day.

    I remember Dr. Dobson talking about the slippery slope back in 1990ish and thinking to myself that it seemed a bit alarmist. I was sure I’d never see so much perversion in my lifetime. Shows how naïve I was and why the whole *boiling the frog* story is so so true.

  8. I think you are referring to J.D Unwin’s findings that show a correlation between sexual promiscuity and the collapse of civilization. In an article by Kirk Durston, Durston points to another study by Mary Eberstadt, where she expands on Unwin’s findings to illustrate that the decimation of the family is a consequence of sexual ‘revolutions’ and that with the loss of the family also goes the loss of identity of each person. That loss of identity leads to mass shootings, mental health issues, and ‘extreme identity’ problems. These findings illustrate that strong families make strong individuals, so the greatness of America lies in family values.

    Kirk Durston, “Why Sexual Morality May be Far More Important than You Ever thought,” Thoughts about God, Truth, and Beauty, (December 1, 2019) (Accessed December 9, 2019).

  9. Thank you, Virginia. It all makes sense. It’s not the guns causing the mass shootings, the explosion of mental health issues, and the identity problems, it’s the breakdown of the family. All great nations are built upon great families and once the families disintegrate, the nations do too. Wise people understand this clearly.

  10. A friend who wasn’t a believe called to warn me about sending our sons to the local public high school because oral sex was rampant and girls would chase them for this. No, thank you! The public schools were bad back in my day, I can’t even imagine what they are like today. A pastor’s wife who sends her sons to the local public high school told me that it was the darkest and most oppressive place she had even stepped foot on. Why she would continue to send her sons there, I will never understand.

  11. Anal sex is grossly sinful, deviant, and wicked, by any sane evaluation method.

    As for oral, it’s doubtful American men would have an appetite for it if porn hadn’t been legalized in 1969. Porn should still be illegal, and there is a massive war on the conservative side on banning porn, led by the brave Matt Walsh at DW, with Josh Hammer, and Michael Knowles also upholding virtue.

    Great topic, Lori. The man who said this was J.D. Unwin, a British Agnostic Anthropologist, who came out with his lost sex study in 1934, studying 86 societies, and finding that they all perished in 3 generations when they left 2 principles. No sex before marriage, and no sex outside of heterosexual marriage. He died at age 40.

    All Christians and conservatives, especially the men, need to be raising their voice in public to ban pornography. There is a great article about this at American Greatness today, by Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry.

    Porn is the biggest threat to America today. 90% of 14 year olds have already been exposed. If we don’t get rid of this quickly, we will be destroyed by our own weakness, in allowing a vile evil in our midst, a Trojan Horse.

    Where licentiousness begins, liberty ends.

    “[P]erfect freedom consists in obeying the dictates of right reason, and submitting to natural law. When a man goes beyond or contrary to the law of nature and reason, he . . . introduces confusion and disorder into society . . . [thus] where licentiousness begins, liberty ends.”
    Samuel West

    This was spoken by a man who wrote a brilliant essay on “On the right to rebel against governors”. Because, courage is associated with purity. In a nation awash with conservative men who use porn and drugs, we are weak, and ripe for destruction.

  12. Thank you! I am just finishing up a post with this article done by J.D. Unwin. I have followed Matt Walsh wanting to put a ban on pornography and it absolutely should be banned. All it has done is cause devastation in its path to many, if not most. Michael Pearl wrote a great post about porn. Years ago when we listened to him in person, he said he believed it was what would separate the wheat from the chaff.

  13. Oral has been around since the beginning. Ancient Egypt has depictions of the act. In the city of Pompeii, which was buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, archeologists uncovered ancient baths decorated with depictions of oral sex.

    Intimacy is more than just intercourse. Of course each couple decides how their sex love goes, but to say it has only become popular because of Porn & Bill Clinton and should be avoided because it’s a modern evil seems naive to me.

  14. What saddens me are the commercials on tv for movies/shows that depict sexual acts and violence in their programming. We may be watching something that is appropriate for us and our kids, but the commercials are horrible. We’ve started DVRing so we can skip advertisements. It’s amazing how much filthy/violent/scary images can be viewed in a matter of seconds!

  15. Evil has been around since the Fall. Why do you think those nations fell with the ancient bath depictions? I know it’s been around but it wasn’t openly talked about in America until Bill Clinton and porn. America held to traditional values up until the 1960s.

  16. I think it is possible that we are further along in our demise of our civilization than you may think. Oral sex was freely spoken of before Bill Clinton. I matriculated through one of the richest and most successful school systems in our country, so not known to be a degenerate system. Back in the late 1980s, before Bill Clinton and easy internet access to pornography, oral sex was freely spoken of when I was in Jr. High school. It was so bad that one couldn’t even say the word “head” without half of the boys in the class laughing. Even by 6th grade (which was elementary school at the time) a lot of filthy talk was prevalent.

    The books children were permitted to read were a horrible and oft overlooked contribution. Even now I see where parents don’t keep a close eye on what they’re kids are reading and are just so happy they have “readers” they don’t bother to giver more than a cursory glance at what is being read. I remember checking out a story book about 5 years ago for small children that turned out to be homosexual propaganda. If I had just let my child loose in the library I would never have known that the favorite uncle’s boyfriend was being introduced to children as a good thing.

    This is one of reasons we are homsechooling our children. A large part of it is to help keep them unspotted from the world but a large part is that we know we are raising soldiers. I’m quite serious. They are in “training” daily. We know they are going to have to fight against society and it’s corruption and it takes a lot of hours everyday to equip them. It is hard because we don’t know the future and can’t tell them exactly what they are up against but we use all the past examples of behavioral trends to speak openly with how to combat it.

    Knowing that if there isn’t a quick course correction our society is going down, our son has known since he was 5 that he probably will be involved in a war in his lifetime (most likely when he is still young). We have spoken with him about what that means and why it is important for him to quickly gain as much knowledge and wisdom as possible. If he is taken off guard he’ll be a foot soldier just sent to die in the politicians’ battles.

    Wars are another low point for societies. You’ll see on health charts how sexually transmitted diseases steeply spike during conflicts. The pornography has gotten so bad in the military that the internet has been jammed up and gone down at Porn Thirty. Things don’t look good.

    I know a lot of your readers feel that it is okay to send their children to public schools, and hopefully their children will turn out just fine, but I really hope they will consider bringing them home to train them full-time for what is inevitable.

  17. I attended high school in the early 70s and I never heard the word oral sex, no, not even once. You went through high school in the late 80s. Yes, each decade is getting worse.

    I completely agree with you about homeschooling one’s children. Our culture is doing everything it can to take away children’s innocence by showing them evil. Parents must protect their children!

  18. Excellent article of encouragement. Yes, live by faith. God is not done yet and we can read the victory in His Word.

  19. I fully agree that anal sex is harmful. I generally don’t prohibit any intimate act that isn’t expressly prohibited in scripture. However, this is medically harmful to women. Why would I want to be involved in an act that harms my wife? No. Just no.

    Also, porn has distorted the amazing gift of sex that God has given every married couple. I am not against oral per se, but would caution against it if the desire comes from past sinful indulgence in porn. Bottom line, an intimate time together is to reinforce oneness and closeness, not just to fulfill a fantasy or selfish desire.

  20. Lori,
    Not every high school has become so poor. Each school needs to be evaluated. Ours is excellent, and oral is not rampant (and we are very involved, so we are not niave). This is one of the reasons we moved into this area.

  21. This is for your reading pleasure, u can decide to post this or not, since some people will consider it controversial. The great Chinese boom the past 20 years was not built upon freedom without boundaries, unlike the American dream. China has always tried to built it’s society based on Confucian values of filial piety (obeying and honoring parents and elders). Porn is illegal and banned. One statistics reveal that the Chinese govt bans up to 100,000 new porn-related sites per day. The Chinese bans TV shows that promotes adulteries, divorce, premarital sex, or even cast actors/actresses who have been involved in recent sex scandals. A chinese actress was recently caught kissing a married actor. The Chinese then bans the entire TV serial she acted in and the producer had to spend another 10million to redo all her scenes with another actress in order to save the film. The Chinese govt is aware of the influence celebrities have and does not want negative role models on their TV. I’m not saying that 1.4billion people in China are chaste and modest. No, it’s impossible to quality control such huge mass and many problems exist. However, the message their govt sends out is clear – that they are against sexual openness and for the integrity of marriage. As a modern civilization, their rise coincides with this. And other nation’s decline also coincides with becoming sexually open. You can call it authoritarianism, but I applaud their government’s determination in this. The head of the house (country) does have a responsibility in policing what their children (citizens) are watching and exposed to. Most governments do not or cannot take up such responsibilities. The Chinese have a saying “wealth ends at the 3rd generation.” The first generation with the moral values breaks out of poverty and makes all the money. The second generation grew up witnessing this and preserves the money. The third generation have no clue and grew up with all the pleasures their money gives them access to and they spends it wantonly on their pleasures. Then it disappears with their generation. 富不过三代。

  22. Acceptance of pornography, perversion and promiscuity all flow from the sinful separation of sexuality from procreation which starts with acceptance of the morality of contraception.

    A fact which was widely understood by all Christians before the evil influence of feminism lead many mainstream Churches to condone the sinful practice of birth control.

  23. We are told in Scripture that one is either for God or against. ALL public schools are against God, therefore, they can’t be good. God is forbidden in them and Scripture is not allowed. Most young people who were raised in public schools walk away from their faith since bad company corrupts good morals. Parents are the ones commanded to raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, not strangers. It’s playing Russian roulette with one’s children to send them into the godless, humanistic public school system.

  24. I am astonished that any Christian man would want his wife (the mother of his children) to be a willing participant in immoral and un-natural acts.

  25. Todd Friel on his Wretched YouTube channel aired the first of a 2-part series on Unwin’s findings yesterday.

  26. Satan is real and we see him lurking behind every door, in every TV show, his face hidden (yet in plain sight) on every aisle of the average grocery store.

    That is how far it has gone.

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