Men and Women are Not Interchangeable Beings

Men and Women are Not Interchangeable Beings

There is no way to know if Suzanne Venker is a believer or not but she understands the importance of God’s ordained roles for men and women. She watched her mother tear her home down with her own hands and didn’t want to do the same when she married. Through trial and error, she has found that God’s ways work by far the best no matter how hard many try to get rid of them and say they don’t work.

Suzanne has a manifesto on her page and I particularly love two of them: “3. I believe a woman’s attitude toward men and marriage is the single greatest predictor of whether or not she’ll be happy in life. 4. I believe we are a replaceable at work, but we are irreplaceable at home.” Amen to both of them!

Have you noticed how angry so many women are today towards men and God’s perfect design for marriage, especially feminists? (Just mention the word submission and their anger comes to a boiling point quickly!) We can never be happy while we are angry. Angry and happy are polar opposites. When we are angry with our husbands, we can’t be happy. Anger usually turns to bitterness which makes us even more unhappy and affects everyone around us. A foolish woman who tears her home down is an angry, bitter woman. Let this not be said about us!

You are NOT replaceable at home. No one can take the place of a wife and mother at home. You are the one who builds it up or tears it down. A home without a mother in it is a lonely, cold home. A godly, cheerful mother makes a home warm and comfortable. It makes it a good home for her family. Don’t ever believe the lie that your children will be happy if you are not home full time. Your presence in your home causes your children to be secure and confident.

An egalitarian marriage is a myth. There can never be two leaders in any institution, not even marriage. As Suzanne stated in a recent article Is Equality Ruining Your Marriage?

“Men and women are not interchangeable beings, pure and simple. They may both be capable of being breadwinners and full-time parents, but that doesn’t mean they want to perform these tasks with equal fervor. Typically speaking, a man’s identity is inextricably linked to his paycheck. A woman’s is linked to her children. That this does not hold true for every woman and every man doesn’t change the fact that what drives most women is different from what drives most men.

Giving birth is a woman’s unparalleled accomplishment—her first instinct is to provide for that child physically and emotionally. A man’s first instinct is to protect and to provide for that child. That’s his unparalleled accomplishment.

It’s time to stop pretending the culture is to blame for why ‘equal marriages’ backfire. (I use the term ‘equal marriages’ reluctantly, since an equal marriage has nothing to do with who performs which tasks inside and outside the home.) Human nature doesn’t change just because society does. Just as women are emotionally invested in the home in a unique and primal way, men have a visceral need to provide and protect. That’s how most men and women gain their sense of self-worth.”

God’s ways are perfect for you, women! Instead of fighting them, embrace them and love the role the Lord has created for you!

And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female.
Matthew 19:4

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