Men Going Their Own Way

Men Going Their Own Way

There are a lot of nasty women today. Even on Hallmark movies which I often enjoy, there are some that have women who are almost always upset and angry at the men in their lives. I stop watching them since it’s so annoying to watch! I began watching this one series on Hallmark a few weeks ago and all of the women were angry at the men in their lives and were using manipulation (temper tantrums or silent treatment) and anger towards them in order to get what they wanted. I turned it off. No, thank you! Even though they are beautiful women on the outside, the way they behave and what they say makes them ugly.

I have seen the initials MGTOW before on other blogs but didn’t know what it meant until I read Trey’s response to a woman on my post Men Prefer Attractive Wives. One woman commented on this post and wrote, “Do they really think men want nasty women?” since so many women act this way these days as if this is going to attract men to them or maybe they are trying to be unattractive to men.

Here is Trey’s response:

“Absolutely not! Many of today’s men have been conditioned (by their single mothers) to think that it’s normal for a woman to act this way. I think they lie to themselves (or just stay quiet) about how they feel about it to try and accept it as normal.

“Some men know that it’s wrong but will put up with it to have access to the woman’s company (mainly her body) but they still hate it. They know that if they bring up the issue they will just be ridiculed and shamed for it so they stay quiet and accept it as ‘the cost of doing business.’

“More and more men these days are becoming MGTOW. This stands for Men Going Their Own Way. These men, whose ranks grow larger every day, are just writing off women completely because they have become too intolerable to be around. These men are living out the Bible’s truth when it says, ‘It is better to live in a desert land than with a contentious and vexing woman’ (Proverbs 21:19).

“Let’s think about what that verse really says. It’s better for a man to live alone in a dry and desolate place with no shade or shelter, where the sun relentlessly beats down on you and cooks you to a crisp during the day and the temperature drops and freezes you to the bone every night. Where water and food are either scarce or non-existent and the wind will often blow the sand so hard that it will wear your skin off. Yes, this harsh and difficult place is preferable to living with a ‘contentious and vexing’ woman. From my observations, the vast majority of Western women these days, including most of the ones that call themselves Christians, are exactly that kind of NASTY woman.

“NO! I don’t think that there is a man alive who want’s ANYTHING to do with a nasty women but if that’s all that’s out there and he can’t or is unwilling to do without one, then he really does not have a choice but to try and tolerate it.”

I used to be a nasty woman and I can tell you that I made my husband’s life difficult. Thankfully, through conviction and the transforming work of the Holy Spirit, I am no longer a nasty and contentious woman. My husband enjoys living with me. Learn to have a meek and quiet spirit, women, even though the mere mention of this phrase makes women angry. Developing a meek and quiet spirit will make you attractive to your husband or other men if you aren’t married. It is the “good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God” (Romans 12:2). This means you don’t get easily angered, offended, and certainly not nasty. You can control your negative emotions, feelings, words, and actions. You renew your minds with truth so you can walk in the Spirit instead of the flesh.

But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.
1 Peter 3:4

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  1. So many men now, in this current MeToo witch hunt climate, are more and more afraid of interacting with women, much less dating or courting them now they can cry rape if they regretted it the next morning! This hook up culture has invited this chaos in, because anyone can just do it with everyone and not jut a person you trust and are going steady with! Even the innocent crushes of little boys are being perverted into some sick sexual deviancy, all because the girl said “Eew! cooties!” A man now ought to record every instance of a female encounter since so many women are brainwashed to be “Nasty Women” and think men are all potential rapists! Insane!!!

  2. Amen! The TRUtH hurts. It is a form of control to get your own way. That is why it is done. Sadly girls learn it from their mother. We women need to renew our mind with the word of the Lord and have a meek and quiet spirit. It is so important for the aged women to teach this to our girls and other women. Love your husband,serve them, adore them, Respect them! What a difference it makes in the home and the hearts of our children. I was a nasty woman too and my husband tolerated me for the reason this man stated. Sad but True. God can change you! Pray and Believe
    Trust and Obey

  3. The purpose of our lives is to bring God glory (1 Cor 10:31).

    He has given us the blessing of marriage as a reflection of the marriage He has made with us (Is 62:5). By living out half of the equation while witnessing the other half, we are better able to understand who He is, what He has done for us. Protip: neither being bride nor groom is ‘easier’ than the other, more ‘desireable’ than the other! Men and women are coheirs (Rom 8:17).

    The role of a woman in marriage has but one commandment: submit to her husband (Eph 5:22).
    (The husband’s commandments are numerous and include being *prepared to lay down his life* for bride, and by extension, offspring. A woman would do well to count her blessings in that her commandment is singular in nature, and does not involve the hardships that men are *commanded* to undertake- eg. departing from the safety and predictability of home and family etc.)

    A woman outside marriage is to remain chaste (2 Cor 11:2), spending her time best preparing for the role of a wife. (Even if she is never married, the skillsets of helpmeet are equally applied to the Church as they are in marriage, as the latter reflects the former.)

    Any woman who is not actively honing her talents towards servant-hood to Christ is by definition wasting her time and energy on things of this world. God-fearing men should never validate such a lifestyle with time of day, much less courtship, much less marriage as it will destroy him (Prov 21:19).

    – – – – –

    Speaking extra-biblically here:

    Men are not complicated creatures. We want food, emotional shelter, sexual companionship, qualified helpers. Godly men will be seeking a woman who has a personal walk with her creator.

    Do you keep yourself well put-together? Do you keep yourself attractive? Can you provide peace to a relationship? Can you cook wholesome meals? Can you keep finances within a budget? Do you have an ‘attitude of graditude’ for your dude?

    It is so unbelievably simple to stand out from the crowd in today’s selfish, gyno-centric society, even at church. It baffles me that more women do not exercise the instructions God Himself has given them, given just how simple God has made it to please a man.

    I mean, it’s not like He created men and doesn’t have the owner’s manual for how they work or anything.

  4. I guess as bad as I see things when I talk to husbands and wives with marriage troubles, I still believe that the majority of marriages are happy enough, and the two spouses are serving each other. I long to see them have marriages God’s way, but still happy to see the love that is being shown one to another. There are good young men and young women out there, and yes, any husband in today’s culture usually has to deal with some feministic thoughts and ideals when he marries, and unfortunately women have to deal with their husbands dabbling with, or addicted to porn. We live in a fallen world with many messed people, and it is so sad when someone who is godly ends up with an ungodly spouse by choice, or worse by deception.

  5. Hallmark movies are female porn Ken.

    It excites their emotions and and gives them scenarios that they long for. Along with books, magazines etc. It’s called emotional pornography.

    If you say men are desirous of porn women and it’s a bad example then what is emotional drama with a woman who sees scenarios in rom-coms and drama? It has a perfect male character that no husband could live up to in comparison. It’s female porn. Forget about how cutesy it is, it peaks women’s emotions in the brain the same as fleshy porn does for men.

    So when you say women have “some” feminist things and men have porn, add porn on the list for women too. Not to mention the male bashing in Hallmark movies. It might be a cute jest, but it’s there and man in this age could get away with the reverse.

    You make it seem like MGTOW is both sides. It isn’t WOMEN who have become so vile men walk away. The men in marriages who are Christian are stuck in a living hell because they care about their contentious wife and their kids.

    Not to mention churches where the pastor verbally beats men and pedalstizes women and the men take it. There is so much estrogen in the songs and in the air at churches these days it’s hard to fathom why men go, let alone why the leaders of modern church are confused why men are not attending.

    Todays liberal is tomorrow’s Christian. Gay marriage in Christian churches will be here soon and it will be blamed on husbands and men, but the feelzgood female emotion is what will force the issue into existence.

  6. Men are a bit baffling, as well. I was a young woman in the early 80’s. College. I was pretty average, dated etc. Well, I had a good friend I’ll call “”Mae”. Mae attracted men like flies to honey. She was average like me. The biggest difference was that she treated them like garbage. The meaner she was, the harder they tried. Not jerks. These were really really nice guys. Her parents’ home smelled like a florist on holidays. Even to the point where they sent ME stuff, as her friend!! I got flowers, Easter baskets, stuffed animals, etc. It was crazy. I could write a book. They never even got a kiss so it wasn’t a sex thing. These were guys that went to prestigious west coast universities and went on to great careers. No lack of self confidence.
    But, as I said, the meaner she was, the more they wanted her. I never got it.

  7. Jeff… female porn? There is no comparison to a movie that portrays a decent, kind and loving husband to one showing naked bodies and sex (real porn). You have a point to make that women can get their fleshly emotional desires met by watching an unrealistic movie, but Hallmark does the best job out there of capturing what a good decent guy and girl should look like, even as the girl is always chasing after her own success and job until love finally brings them both together.

    WGTOW is about tough minded and too often mean and bitter women that husbands feel they got stuck with, but I have seen far too many men stop being Christian towards such wives out of frustration and thus becoming part of the problem. Years ago it was perceived that it was the Christian man who was the problem in the problem marriage as he had an addiction or was being unkind, too demanding, wasn’t leading well, etc., and the wife was to “win him without a word.” That Biblical prescription stands today but few wives are willing to battle for their marriages God’s ways.

    Now a days, it is far to often a BPD wife, or just a hurt one, who allows her bitterness to destroy the marriage. She is part of a vicious cycle of feeling unloved yet not realizing that she is unconsciously pushing away her husband by her behavior and desire to be in control. There has always been power struggles in marriages, and when she tells her girlfriends that her husband wants this or that from her, or won’t help around the home, etc., her friends support her position pushing her further into wanting to get her way and be in control.

    I married in a time that it was thought that feminism was not overly influential in the church, yet still had a wife who thought she knew best and did not want to listen to her husband because he was not perfect. In today’s world our boys had to find women who both wanted careers and were very capable to reach the top of success and together decide that family and marriage was far more important.

    Find a good Christian, true Christian and marry her. If she loves the Lord dearly it will be half the battle won. Then give her space and time and the Spirit to work on her heart and enjoy the benefits of marriage and family, even when it is not exactly God’s design. Keep the peace and harmony going with being a wimp and not standing up for God’s ways. That is easier said than done, but I still see it workable if one or the other spouse does not become bitter.

  8. Ken,

    I appreciate you, but you are wrong.

    Female Hallmark character comes home from the holidays… From where? Corporate world/city… What does she do there? Go to church? Read Bible?

    No she is dating, probably living with someone who is “mean, wild, filandering, unchristened” and she just wants to get away back to simple life from her FEMINIST LIFE in the city… What is her FEMINIST LIFE? Sex, working, controlling her own destiny…

    Poor BMW breaks down and some hunk pulls up 6’2″ 195 with 17″ biceps and tough as nails (looking). Fixes her car. By the way that is so and so’s nephew that moved to town to take care of so and so (what a heart oh). They hit it off, then they disau on stuff (he doesn’t like her feminist ways), then he relents to let her and becomes effeminate all the while being a “tough” guy.

    That is Hallmark feel good, female, emotional porn.

    I know of men with some of each of those qualities, but ZERO with all of them…

    Just like I know ZERO women who are porn star like…

  9. Jeff, women are basically just looking for someone who treats us right. Not like queens, but respected and loved, like worthwhile human beings. Unfortunately there are a lot of men out there who do not do that (and women too, of course) which is why the Hallmark movies are so appealing. My ex-husband was an unrepentant adulterer so that didn’t work out. If a man treated me right I would be head over heels.

  10. No, A Lady Of Reason, The Me-Too movement is a product of women’s scattered communication: If he asks to protect himself, he’ll be seen as “too nice,” if he doesn’t mind-read & make the move on certain time, he’ll be “gay,” etc. It’s risks due to women’s vague, bad communication.

  11. I have watched a lot of Hallmark movies as it is one of the few channels Lori will watch and usually I am following along while I work on my laptop. There has never been a hint of immorality in any of the movies or Hallmark shows I have seen. So you just aren’t really watching them.

    On a few shows you may be able to assume that the woman star is in a sexual relationship with the boyfriend back home, but it certainly is never said or hinted to in the movie. Although I usually am not watching closely, Lori just said she has never seen a hint of sexual immorality in a Hallmark show. It’s why it is ten steps above other channels.

    As for this hunk with 17″ biceps isn’t that part of watching any show? I don’t recall these guys being that great, nor any of the stars being that gorgeous, but the plots are predictable.

    Girl is heavy into her profession and success, usually lives in a big city, runs back home for some reason to run into a mechanic or ranch hand where sparks fly, usually negative sparks at first until she comes to realize that her career and life of success is not as valuable as true love with a good, handsome man.

    In many ways this is the best description of what is happening in this world for many young ladies. Set to show the world that they can be anything they want to be they get through college and begin to conquer the world and when the right godly guy comes along they throw their lives into marriage thinking a career is still doable. Then they soon hold the most precious thing ever in their hands and many come to their senses and realize that a career pales to being with my baby and taking care of my husband.

    At least that is the scenario we are hearing about almost every day from one Christian woman after another thanking Lori for her blog. Christian women coming out of feminism and finding themselves in a truly satisfying role of wife and mother. Appreciative of their hard working husband who allows them to stay home and care for the family… doing things God’s ideal way.

    There is so much fault out there on both sides f this issue. Do you understand how many “christian” husbands want their wife to work, insist on their wife working or worse yet, they will not work hard for their family? Feminism did not enter the church just because of women wanting careers but also by a lot of hurt and pain from husbands who refused to do what I did and many others with me and before me who worked 50+ hours a week.

    We have a problem in the church but it is not exclusive to women. The problem with women in the church is that Christian wives often provided the backbone of love and righteousness in our families and now many wives are far worse than their husbands and these poor husbands are trying to push and pull them into place, or just giving up trying and following along her program to keep the peace. We have lost any Biblical standard in most Christian marriages, hence no way to truly resolve fundamental issues.

    We are “equal” sounds good on the surface, but as a consultant I have rarely seen a partnership that is “equal” in decision making that works more than 3-5 years. Someone has to be the tie breaker and God gives that to the husband who should be looking out for his wife’s ultimate best interests instead of his own.

    The only solution is not to blame women, or see them as all the problem. No, there are plenty of issues today and that should only drive us all back to God’s standards and ways. His ways are always best and if our Christian women can as my wife has done, find His ways to be good, marriages can be restored.

  12. I have been deeply connected to the MGTOW movement and to the Christian “mens movement.” I’m leading several groups and spend a lot of time interacting with young men in discussion groups.

    The level of anger in the male world is incredible. Absolutely terrifying to me. I fear for my daughter and my sons. These young men, especially our teenage boys, are being driven insane.

    For a hundred thousand years, young men were told “you are heroes” and so they strove to be. Now they are getting the message, via TV and Internet, the constant barrage of programming telling them: “You are a monster. You are a rapist”. And so, against their own hearts full of hope, they are striving to become monsters and rapists. As a father and a mentor, I’m always impressed by the good and hopeful hearts of young men. They want, so badly, to be heroes. It’s in their blood and their souls, the desire, the drive, to be heroes, to protect and to serve, to grow and to build, to father and husband. To live with honor. But that is twisted. This is the greatest crime in history, in my view, the twisting of a million young hearts against God’s deep programming in every cell of their body.

    There is a very simple, very easily identified cause behind all this anger and destruction. The Feminist movement about 30 years ago was hijacked by lesbians. Yes, it’s that simple. Ultra-radical lesbians and Feminists are what they used to call — in the old days — “witches”. These are women who, because of overweening pride or mental instability, become hated and hating, learn to despise marriage, god, children, and all things holy, learn to use their sex and their beauty to lure others down into degradation. These lesbians/Feminists/witches (depending on what society terms them in that era) are the women who fail to build a family, begin the downward path to oblivion, and thus sink deeper and deeper into their hatred. Dark, black, Satanic hatred.

    They become shunned (for good reason) by the married, godly women of a society because of their poisonous effect on young girls and easily-swayed men.

    I say “shunned by the other women” because men are almost entirely unable to reject women (we are so well designed to protect and lead women that we can’t say “no”). It is for this reason that throughout history, it is the married, older women who must identify lesbianism/witchery and nip it in the bud before, like a disease, it spreads through impressionable and foolish young girls and takes over society. A society taken over by lesbianism/Feminism/witchery will always, always collapse in fire and war between the sexes. It is wives and children first and foremost who suffer. Fire and destruction is the goal of these women.

    Now we have, for the first time in the history of the human race, an empire — the USA — with weapons beyond comprehension, which is run and driven by witches. Witches rule the world, as they’ve long desired. Woe unto us.

    I encourage you godly women to hold tight to the Lord and be strong. The coming years will be dark and horrid. Even non-religious people of good hearts, see the darkness and are frightened in their souls. They will be flocking to the Church as their eyes are opened, women most especially, as they see their children at risk.

    Sorry this is so dark. I’m speaking my heart after so many years of seeing so many frightened young men.

  13. I don’t get that at all. It seems that can go both ways as some “good” girls only want guys who treat them like dirt. I think some are more gifted than others at the art of flirting, and those who do not flirt often have a harder time attracting the flies. It’s not a sex thing, although it may create some sexual tension as nature seems to have built men for the chase and women for more of the “hard to get.” That may have been what you were seeing with your friend, or she was just popular.

  14. The problem is that we as Christians should not be about turning any tables on feminism as much as seeking to do things God’s ways. Like any movement there are some good things that come from it at first, then carried to an extreme it is destructive. When guys start trying to battle the extremes they often look and sound like jerks, over exaggerate the extent of feminism, even as it is an awful thing when it turns woman from being feminine into masculine or mean qualities. Let’s not be mean in return.

  15. It truly is frightening, Jim. BUT we, as godly women, must never fear; for God will never leave us nor forsake us. We must continue to live godly lives, love and serve those around us, and be salt and light in this wicked culture.

  16. Ken,

    Good try though. There is no hint of sex etc. Hilarious. Maybe not in the movie, but that scenario played out in real life? Come on. Use common sense. She did exactly what you describe. Goes off to college, works on her career… And remains a virgin and upright and moral. Lol. Women know exactly what was “going on” while she was working on a career.

    You are misdirecting my point. In male pornography you see as disgusting and I agree because sex is sacred and they are profaning something sacred. But most women can’t live up to the image of the female in the porn flick.

    When the women in Rom-coms hallmarks movies is off working on career it’s against God’s plan for them and they are in rebellion. Then they get to come back and reset their priority and they find a man who seems better than any man I have ever met … Ever.

    That is emotional porn. Go to foodforyoursoul and the pastor gives way more analogies and scenarios better than I could.

    My wife was one of the corporate women and is a sahm now and she 100% agrees that Hallmark, Fireproof, and other movies just like it and books stir up in women desires, disappointment and are emotional porn. She stopped reading and watching on the advice of many women in different churches who found themselves with flash irritation towards their husbands when they watched or read Christian female books. Some out right knew their anger was stemming from the movies and books.

    Women are not more moral and not more spiritual than men. They are just as carnal, fleshy, sinful as men. They are deceived easier.

    In no way do I blame women only for the churches effeminate nature as of late.

    Do you actually read? Men concede because they want peace and to not have their house, kids and income taken when their wives are fed up with them not living up to the Hallmark studs standard.

    Thus emotional porn, ie female porn. It sounds silly, but when they have proven women get a dopamine dump reading and watching rom-coms just like men do when they watch pornography.

  17. Name something good that came out of feminism please.

    One of the problems churches and conservatives have these days is not calling a spade a spade.

    That is why Trump got elected we our backbone back.

  18. Lesbians?

    My wife was a screaming feminist and she had never been with a woman. Nor has her Nazi feminist mother or sisters.

    It’s the female imperative/perogative.

    They are not held accountable for anything and are always the victim.

    Men with backbone will simply not give into their martyrdom and this is infuriating them.

    Trump did not succumb to their protests and they are irrate because generally the men they have known would break to the shaming and didn’t want to be what Ken calls mean and jerks/ exaggerating what feminist are like.

  19. I am trying to think of something good that comes out of feminism 🙂 which is not easy. I guess my thinking is that in a free society we cannot put religious rules in place on women and if women want to leave their babies at home and run headlong into the workplace we must allow it. Furthermore, I think equal pay for equal work is fair and necessary, and I am not convinced that this was the case before feminism, although I also believe that the issue is abused by many misrepresenting the facts as many women do not put in the same time and energy into their job as a man can because of family considerations. But if they are doing the same work, same effort, same results, then the same pay is only fair. Feminism has done nothing for Christianity and most marriages, taking women’s eyes off of the Word of God and placing them on self and self-fulfillment. But women in a free society should be free to be whatever they want to be, even if it is not God best for them. It’s their life to live and gain the benefits and the consequences. We should not be trying to control that like Sharia law does.

  20. I agree! I am regularly match making if I can, but only a very few have worked out. But if all Christians were looking out for singles they think may be good matches this would work and part of the family of God.

  21. Holly – yes! Exactly!!
    My husband is far from perfect (as am I, of course). There have been times he has come to church with me and times he hasn’t. He has battled addiction. He has been abusive at times. We even separated in the past due to this.
    Now, he is not coming to church. He is not overly motivated in our business. He uses drugs. But he treats me well, most of the time. I don’t care if he uses drugs or whatever, as long as he treats me well. This is so important!!

    I also agree with the Hallmark movies. I’m also a sucker for sweet soppy romance novels. If you look carefully in these, the men actually aren’t perfect, they’re flawed. They have faults. But through it all, they treat the woman well and that’s how the happily-ever-after bit comes – because the man treats the woman well.
    This is all women want. To be treated well.

    Honestly, I read some of the comments from single men on this blog and it’s so blindingly obvious why they’re single. Just treat women well!

  22. About the only good thing that came out of feminism was the right to vote and own their own land. But even that could turn ugly.

  23. I guess my thinking is that in a free society we cannot put religious rules in place on women and if women want to leave their babies at home and run headlong into the workplace we must allow it.

    We should not be trying to control that like Sharia law does.

    Strawman. No one is arguing that women should not be allowed to do anything. They are arguing that feminism has had a destructive effect on our society and that the spade of that fact ought to be called a spade. A “free society” does not dictate that one can do as he wills, even though he is “allowed” to by virtue of his freedom. It simply means that all must conquer and govern their own selves in order to remain free. Love, no less, would say the same thing. To call and challenge a woman to live as God designed and ordained her to live is not the same as calling for laws to impose an external facade of true Biblical feminity. External impositions have the effect of whitewashing tombs while calling women to true femininity is an expression of Biblical love.

    PS, you really ought to read the article.

  24. Jim – You do know that witches, lesbians and feminists are not all the same thing, right?

    Feminists can be heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian….whatever.
    Same as a witch.
    Back in the old days, witches were thought to have magic powers, mainly evil magic powers. It was nothing to do with their sexuality or their attitude to men. And it’s still not.

    I have a teenage son. He is not being driven insane. He is not fearful. And he is not ever, under any circumstances, going near that awful MGTOW movement. I mentioned it to my husband (a big, macho man) and he was horrified. Fortunately, it’s not a “thing” here in New Zealand. Despite the fact that we have a young female Prime Minister, our boys here don’t have the issues you are describing.

  25. So the USA was like Sharia law before feminism?

    Fair pay is the closest thing you can come up with?

    Closest thing would be voting, but even that is tentative. Landowners were the only ones who could vote. If a woman owned land she couldn’t vote, then we’re allowed.

    Just like the vote, equal pay would have eventually come to truly be equal, which it is today.

    All I am saying is women have a type of pornography that stimulates them in a similar manner that sexual pornography does men. When christians start to see that women are not more moral or spiritual and just as undisciplined as men we can discuss what is happening in society that is driving men away from church and away from marriage.

    It’s not all womens fault and it is not all mens fault. I know you realize this, but you seem to have a point away from women first point of view.

    I am saying point at both.

  26. Yes! I wholeheartedly agree. My 20 year old, gentle, soft spoken, physically and spiritually beautiful Christian daughter is having the most difficult time meeting a Christian man who is also dating to find a mate. After getting to know the man in a group/friendship atmosphere and going on a few dates he sees that her intention is not just for the “hook up“ but for a real serious relationship, they move on to those “nasty girls“. We continue to pray and God is almighty and can bring her future husband and her together. I wish there were avenues for Christians to meet, outside of an overpriced Christian College.

  27. One of the issues is that people (some on this blog) will say husbands are responsible, then turn around and say the husband doesn’t have the authority to do x/y or z. And when you ask what is one to do in this or that case if they are the ones in authority they cry strawman that you are a tyrant and that men and patriarchy is tyranical all the while allowing women/girls free reign to say or do anything and have no responsibility for their words or actions. When held accountable they screech about abusive husbands and shaming while they shame these young men into walking away.

    Shame worked for 1000s of years and still works on males. We need to shame girls and women and women should be the first and loudest to shame other women as men are the first and loudest to shame men. All you have is (except lori and some others) is affirming the right for women to accuse and shame men and boys away and then blame men and boys for walking away

  28. Debbie – Do you have Christian conventions or gatherings near where you live? This is where I met my husband, and where most of the people from my church meet their future husbands/wives – at gatherings held yearly throughout the country.

  29. Yes Jeff, of course there are plenty of Feminists who are not lesbians.

    But if you spend some time looking at the Feminist movement, you’ll find that the most radical, the most hateful, who are currently driving the Feminist agenda towards evil, are very frequently lesbian. It’s because they are the most damaged and the most hating of men and masculine success. The gravitate into positions of power where they drive social agendas.

    In the olden days, these types of women were called “witches” and were claimed to have magical powers. They didn’t have magical powers of course…they were simply the women cast out of villages and towns because they spread a gospel of hatred of men and women’s normal godly roles as husband and wife. Married and godly women would not let them stay and corrupt the mind of the young and impressionable…they could not afford to let their society be drawn into that trap. Unlike our modern society, they didn’t have giant technological governments handing out freebies.

    Spend some time reading history, especially of colonial America and medieval Europe, and you’ll learn all this.

    (KAK: Sorry you don’t see the truth, hope your eyes are opened some day. And yes, you have exactly the same problems in New Zealand).

  30. I tried to look up Christian Conventions, I could find High School events, Women Conventions and leadership Conventions. I know it must be me, 🙁 I am not finding anything. Can you recommend any in the Midwest? Or what to type in the search?

  31. Honestly, I read some of the comments from single men on this blog and it’s so blindingly obvious why they’re single.

    Shaming men made in God’s likeness again?
    So you characterize your husband publicly as an abusive, unchurched, drug addict? How charming of you! /s You’re shaming a man again.
    What if I now said; “Honestly, it’s so blindingly obvious why your publicly shamed husband ‘abuses’ you, wants nothing to do with your church, and seeks refuge in drugs”?
    Can you see how easy it is to play the shame game?

    James 3:8 But no one can tame the tongue; it is a restless evil and full of deadly poison. 9 With it we bless our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in the likeness of God; 10 from the same mouth come both blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not to be this way.

    KAK, I’m very sorry for my rude illustration. I know it must really hurt to read something like that. I hope you will also apologize to your husband. God specifically tells you not to run him down, but to reverence your husband. Your husband may become more open to your church, if he sees God transform you into a reverent wife.
    Ephesians 5:33
    Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she reverence her husband.

  32. I could write a ton after my experiences. All I can say is Amen! I have lived this and have chosen to go my own way…But seek God first.

  33. Well unfortunately the real excellent reason why so many men are going MGTOW today is that most women are just so very horrible to meet nowadays, especially the ones that have no manners and personality at all when many of us men will try to start a conversation with a woman that we would really like to meet for a very serious relationship. Most of the time unfortunately these type of very pathetic loser women will even Curse at us for no reason at all, just by saying good morning or hello. There are many women that have a very serious mental problem nowadays and just hate us men altogether which i think it has a lot to do with it as well. It is very obvious why so many of us men are still single today, since it is these type of women that are very much to blame in the first place. And years ago the real good old fashioned women were the very best of all which most women at that time were Real Ladies and the very complete opposite of today too. Quite a change in the women of today compared to the old days since it definitely would have been much easier for many of us good single men meeting a real good woman with no problem at all either. What in the world happened to these women today?

  34. And Feminism is worse than cancer today since these very pathetic women have caused it.

  35. I’m 19 years old and I won’t go into detail, but I’ve seen a lot of crap from both sides, but especially there is a growing rise in anti-male hypocrisy and double standards. All of us see this, and it is ruining society.
    Sure women as a whole have issues and many are good people, but what bout the men? So much less goes to men because we are thought to be “tough enough” though he are more likely world wide to kill ourselves. But often times if one speaks about this it is considered offensive, which isn’t right.

    I can agree with basic MGTOW. The misogynistic, crazy stuff about how all women are evil or one should avoid society or not have females as friends I don’t agree with. Yes, one has to be careful, but still there is good on both sides, and thinking in that hateful manner does nothing good.

  36. To Hi, Well unfortunately for many of us good single men out there that really do want to meet the right good woman to connect with has become very impossible these days. Most women have become so very dangerous to talk too nowadays since just saying good morning or hello to a woman that we would really like to meet is really very dangerous like i just mentioned. They will usually for no reason at all will Curse at us too. Doesn’t make any sense at all for these type of women to act this way, unless they really are very mentally disturbed and hate us men altogether. There are many of us single good men out there that would really know how to treat a good woman with a lot of love and respect that they really aren’t giving us any at all which is why we have this real problem today to begin with. Gee Wiz, all my family members were very lucky and blessed finding love with one another many years ago which it was certainly a much easier time finding real love in those days. And today most women are real feminists and they really hate us men too since i did mentioned this already. Quite a change in the women of today that need help very badly when it comes to many of us men that really hate being single and alone to begin with, and i have other single friends that i know that do agree with me since they really hate being single too. This is the real excellent reason why so many men are going MGTOW now since this will certainly save us a lot of trouble from these type of very horrible women that are really looking to get many of us men in trouble for no reason to begin with. And many of us innocent good men have to be very careful of sexual harassment as well which makes it very scary for many of us to approach a woman that we would really love to meet.

  37. And to think how very easy it was in the good old days when both men and women had it very easy meeting one another since that was a very completely different time back then. Quite a change today since unfortunately everything is out of control now. Wish i had been born back then to avoid all of this today. Definitely a man like me that is still single today would have been all settled down with my own good wife and family that i still don’t have today.

  38. MGTOW is simply a rather late reaction to radical feminism. In 1982, Bruce Fierston wrote a very funny book called Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche. The introduction is particularly funny where a trucker describes the state of affairs….that American men had turned into wimps, what these days I would call a typical beta male. A great example was Senator Flake (what’s in a name,) cowering in an elevator as two women berate him over Kavenaugh. It turned out the entire incident was a setup. Had it been me, I would have closed the elevator in their face and if I was in a good mood, say, “have a nice day.” Other examples are given such as Alan Alda and Donahue type wimps.

    There has actually been a combined effort by radical women’s lib and the LGBTQI agendas to obliterate all that is mediated by testosterone. It is an attack on masculinity as toxic. It all starts when little Jack talks too much in class or is a little bit aggressive in the sand box. He winds up on amphetamine only to evolve into a typical beta male adult wimp living at home with his mother playing video games all day while more women go to and finish college.

    Jobs that men traditionally did are now being done by women. Right about now, more women than men are in the workforce. Middle aged guys are losing their jobs to younger people and women…winding up on opiates. Men in part define themselves by their work.

    In Japan, the suicide rate is out of sight. Lots of old folks. Lots of young singles. Men prefer sophisticated robots who satisfy them in all spheres. (I am serious.)

    This will not fly in the US. Legalization of escorts will probably take place. Everything will be upside down until the pendulum swings the other way when women realize they have gone too far and that they actually need men. Besides, men are tired of being taken hostage by women who are hungry to close the deal for that ever elusive, “relationship,” whatever that foolish concocted word means.

    I know a guy who is married. In order to get anything done, he stays at a separate apartment during the week and only returns to the house on weekends to be with the wife and kids. I totally understand why. Women will such your life away with their incessant demands.

  39. Unfortunately, this generation of women have royally messed themselves up with this garbage, it’s happening now. Men are wising up, they’re tired of it.

  40. It’s about reputation.

    Imagine a Godly community where young women had an honorable reputation. Let’s call it chastity. Imagine these women were basically physically fit rather than plagued by obesity caused by a toxic manufactured food supply like we currently have in the US. Imagine they were available for marriage early rather than being determined to spend their years of youth and fertility in university and career. Imagine the married women in the same community had a reputation for being good wives if they were treated well. Pleasant, helpful, sexually available to their husbands.

    How many Christian young men would be MGTOW?

    Modern churchian women have a reputation. Single or married, It’s not a good one.

  41. I treated my wife well. At least well enough that she did not realize I was unhappy for several years. I started withdrawing and she was clueless. Here we are 18 years into marriage and I have no desire for her and her constant need to control. MY OBSERVATION is that the majority of women are controlling their husbands. I want to get FAR away from my wife and have no further dealings with women. I am going MGTOW. As soon as I can separate from her, I will surround myself with MEN who have a sense of purpose and freedom to pursue success and happiness.

  42. It’s not fair to ask men to sign a TERRIBLE contract in the name of God or even my man Jesus Ken.

    One partner brings half the IP, 80% of the capital, does 65% of the unpleasant work away from his home & family.

    The other brings the rest but can leave with ALL the IP, 80% of the capital, & ongoing pay for work she is not doing.

    You can’t ask men to sign that Ken.

    That’s what men going their own way is:
    keeping the government out of our relationships. No marriage, no cohabitation, no kids. It’s a sad necessity, but a necessity it is for all but the biggest gamblers.

    Really that’s all it is.
    We can’t read women’s minds.
    We can’t predict the future.
    We do as we must.

    p.s. I retired at 45.

  43. Ever since I was a teen back in the 90s I had this odd, haunting, and recurrent premonition that I would never marry. I found it more terrifying than the prospect of burning in hell. And as it turns-out, I have had the absolute worst luck possible with women. I couldn’t even get a first date, even if I did get a yes I would be stood-up. It got so bad that eventually I wasn’t even good enough for the dreaded “Friend Zone.” This left me feeling like a broken human being for two solid decades.

    However, the premonitions I had somehow stand apart from all that. It was such a noumenal feeling that it drove me to consider joining a monastery at the ripe age of 17. I decided against it because it felt like embracing death. Yet, this small and tiny voice would persist even when enjoying life in the moment with good company.

    What I have learned in recent years is that human beings are self-interested opportunistic creatures and this realization made it impossible for me to consider any sort of intimate relationship. I am hard-wired to desire and to be nurtured by the one whom is closest to me, and I simply realize now that that is an unrealistic expectation for a man to have of his woman. So it makes sense why I am in my 40s and still single and childless, I simply cannot accept the TRUTH that, as a man, I exist to provide for a female rather than the marriage union resting on a foundation of mutual and balanced interdependence. And I think MGTOW are simply recognizing that the pressure to “man-up” and “get married” is really just brutish and ineffective coersion herding them into life-long slavery.

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