Mothers Who Work Outside of the Home are Better Mothers?

Mothers Who Work Outside of the Home are Better Mothers?

Women try to convince me that they are better mothers because they work outside of the home. How can they be better mothers if they aren’t with their children full time? How can they train them in the ways of the Lord as they walk along the way if they aren’t home full time? How can the mothers discipline and teach their children to be obedient, hard working, and good if they aren’t with them for a large portion of almost every day?

Raising godly children is a full time job. It’s a job that is given to mothers. God created them for this very special job. Can you imagine Jesus’ mother, Mary, leaving Him, the Savior of the world, in the hands of strangers all day long for five days a week while she went off to work outside of her home for a paycheck? Can you imagine Elizabeth leaving John the Baptist with strangers while she trotted off to work each day for a boss? NO! Even Jesus and John needed their mothers home full time.

All children need their mothers home full time with them. This is why God commands older women to teach younger women to be keepers at home. Women tell me that I’m the only one teaching this. No, there are others like Debi Pearl and Nancy Campbell. Nancy Leigh DeMoss used to teach this strongly but you don’t hear many older women teaching this important truth.

It’s not an easy truth to teach in today’s environment where mothers don’t want to be home full time with their children. They would rather go out into the world and make a name and money for themselves. Yet, the most important thing they can do is to raise their children to know and love God. This world needs this way more than it needs women in the workforce. Children have suffered terribly since mothers left their homes.

The only mothers who may be better mothers when they work outside of the home are those mothers who don’t truly love their children. When they are with their children, they are irritable and unkind. They treat their children like nuisances. They have not been taught to love their children by godly, older women, thus the children grow up to not feel loved and are insecure. So they are not really better mothers after all. They are not true mothers at all.

No, there are no mothers who are better mothers who work outside of their home and away from their children. They are only part-time mothers, probably even less than this since they give most of their time and effort to strangers instead of their children. When they get home, they are exhausted and have little to give to their precious children.

Don’t believe the lies that our culture is trying to tell you, dear mothers. Your children need and want you. No one can take your place in your children’s lives. If you want to raise emotionally secure and stable children, go home.

As Paige put it perfectly: “Working outside the home doesn’t make for a ‘better mother.’ That’s an oxymoron! You don’t become a better gardener by NOT gardening, or a better cook by NOT cooking! You become better at things by practicing them.

“To say you are a ‘better mother’ when you’re working is like saying you’re a better pianist because you don’t spend time playing piano. It’s a senseless argument, and ultimately an excuse to do what you want instead of what you’re called to do.”

He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the LORD.
Psalm 113:9

11 thoughts on “Mothers Who Work Outside of the Home are Better Mothers?

  1. Well said!
    I guess their reasoning is, their kids drive then crazy (cause they didnt train and discipline them properly) so mama needs an ‘outlet before kids drive her insane’ so she goes off to work to escape them and puts the baby in dont care, she pacifies the kids by buying them things or keeping them busy with friends, relatives or team sports, and because the kids seem happy and she gets her break, she feels like shes a better mother. Its deceptive. Youre a better mother when you stayhome and live to please the lord, then you will be an awesome mother.

  2. i heard so much of this nonsense when I worked 20 yrs ago. one woman had a husband making 6 figures but refused to go home using this same excuse. she refused to go take her sick child to the dr even after her own mother begged. she would rather sit and make collection calls. said she craved recognition at work. now she is divorced and her kids suffered. glad hubby and I obeyed God and have been super blessed.

  3. Radical feminism has taught a generation that “any family is a real family” lie and that broken homes are the new normal! Hook up culture, divorce, and an attitude of sub-par parenting is now the norm! Just whatever makes ME happy even at the expense of my own children is the attitude of the day! “How many corners can I cut with feeling the least amount of guilt” is the message of countless parenting articles! Ladies, a career should come LAST, your family, especially your own children come FIRST! This generation of latch key and daycare kids are brainwashed into accepting the system of absentee mothers and broken families! Disgusting! My mom had to work part time, but she always put me first, and wanted to be at home full time. She sacrificed advancing in her career to raise me because I was her #1 priority, pride and joy, and she truly valued motherhood above all else in life! In a society that treats motherhood as a chain enslaving women rather than their highest calling, it breeds women resentful of their own children in favor of superficial careers!

  4. Amen! There are women who are upset that Lauren Duggar( wife of Josiah) decided not to pursue a furthet education other than her AA degree as if her choice affects their lives.
    These women think that because they work outside the home, they feel they are better mothers because they want to earn money to pay for things their children want.
    I say hogwash!

  5. My mother worked outside of the home and it most definitely did not make her a better mother. It made her miss all the important things when we were children, I was in chorus from 5th to twelfth grade and she never made it to a single performance. When i got engaged she never wanted to go dress shopping or help me plan, it hurt so much to do everything on my own. To this day she doesn’t know me as a person and no matter how much I’ve tried to change that it feels as if I’m always on the back burner, I love her but sometimes it’s hard to like the person she is.

  6. It’s very sad, Monique, and unfortunately, you’re not alone. It has become more and more common for children to not be raised by their own mothers and the children are suffering terribly.

  7. It’s so sad!!! I can’t believe mothers would give up being home with their children for a boring 9 to 5 job but they have been convinced that this is better.

  8. I’ve stayed home with my daughter for her entire life. She’s 2 in November. I love my role at home! But now my husband expects me to help out financially and that means daycare. What would you do in this situation? He is adamant about this and it has been a source of discord in our relationship despite me trying to present reasons why staying home is best. Help!

  9. Hello Lori
    I understand your logic regarding only being better at something if you are doing it most of the time. Better gardener and so forth. However what is your stance towards mothers working 3 days a week or less outside the home. This is what my lady Gps do?

    At present, I have no objection towards this because I do not want my nakedness uncovered by a man that I am not married to.

    Anyhow overall what do you think of part time working mothers who are in ordinary jobs not Gps (doctor). A lot of Mums in UK do this because they want to keep up with professional development as you would be familiar with together with helping save for a deposit for a mortgage.

    Also many people are now saying can’t the woman work full-time and the man stay at home and look after the baby. What are the disadvantages to this? I’ve heard of people with this arrangement and it looks fine.

    As I said in another post, am new to the table and grew up/still live in highly secular UK. So need as much help to understand things.

  10. Marley,
    Is there any way you could make money from home? Selling on ebay or etsy….or through blogging or something?
    I’m sorry your husband feels this way.

  11. I can respond to your question about working moms and dads staying home with the children. God never designed man to stay home and care for the children while the woman works. Even if she has a better education and could make more money in less time, this is a bad idea. First, the man is not going to be fulfilled staying at home. Men are made to go and conquer, make a living, go out and work, not stay home with the kids. I know of a couple with this arrangement and they are now divorced. Related? Absolutely! It is not part of God’s design. If you are afraid of him not making enough income, trust the Lord to provide! He after all is your real provider!

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