My Bout With Shingles

My Bout With Shingles

Many years ago, my aunt told me that she and a friend both had shingles at the same time. Her friend went the doctor/drugs route, and she went the chiropractor’s route which was to take nine L-lysine capsules the first day, eight the next day, and so on. By the ninth day, she was so much better, and her friend was still suffering. I wrote this down, so I would never forget in case I ever contracted it. (This was one of my aunts that was raised by my grandma who believed that drugs, doctors, and demons were synonymous!)

About a month ago, my BIL who is a doctor told me that shingles has exploded since the chicken pox vaccination. “Mass varicella (chicken pox) vaccination is expected to cause a major epidemic of herpes-zoster (shingles), affecting more than 50% of those aged 10–44 years at the introduction of vaccination.” Before the chicken pox vaccination, it was even unheard of for older people to get shingles. The shingles vaccination also spreads shingles. The makers of the vaccination even admit this to be true! “Transmission of vaccine virus may occur between vaccines and susceptible contacts.”

Well, a few weeks ago on Wednesday, my back began itching. The next day, I looked to see if I had a spider bite, and there was a clump of bumps. I immediately suspected shingles, so I began taking L-lysine.

I remembered that Jacqueline from Deep Roots at Home had written about having shingles, so I carefully read and studied her blog post about it. Some had asked me if I was going to go to the doctor and go on the antivirals. Jacque did that, and it made her shingles so much worse, plus she suffered side effects from the drug. As soon as I knew what it was, I knew I wouldn’t go to the doctor. I don’t do good on drugs, and I know they have a lot of side effects. Drugs, for me, are only for emergency situations.

From her blog, I ordered these homeopathic pellets for nerve pain called Hypericum perforatum 200ck. (I can’t take Tylenol or any of those kind of drugs, because they hurt my stomach.) They definitely took away some of the throbbing nerve pain at night so I could sleep. My fifth day was the worse, and I was taking three of these under my tongue every hour. I also ordered the Shingles Nosode that Jacqueline recommended, and I was taking ten drops a day three times a day until I read that when the condition is acute, take it every 15 minutes for three hours and then once every hour after that. So, I did this. (Read the comment section on Jacque’s post for even more information.) I also used Calendula Cream on my rash which helped with the burning, itching pain a lot. I did take my normal vitamins of C, D, and others every day too.

As I write this, I am on the tenth day since the rash broke out, and I am feeling much better. It was very painful. I never reached a 10 in pain, but was pretty steady at six and seven between days four through eight. I did put a pack of frozen corn on the throbbing pain behind my shoulder frequently. (The shingles was on my upper back, side, and breast.) Since icing helps dramatically with the nerve pain in my neck, I figured it would help with the nerve pain from shingles. My daughter had shingles many years ago and the only thing that gave her relief were the ice packs. I definitely saw a great improvement by day nine. I was even able to take a small walk around the park!

One thing I have learned through this experience is to do all you can to prevent contracting shingles by taking a capsule of L-lysine every night before bed (It helps with sleep!) and take 10 drops of the Shingles Nosode once a month under your tongue. I will be doing these things from now on to hopefully never catch this again. It is no fun at all. Everything you read about shingles states that the pain can last between three to six weeks, and even longer if you get the post-nerve pain. I didn’t want this to happen to me, so I did everything I could to prevent this.

The LORD will strengthen him upon the bed of languishing: thou wilt make all his bed in his sickness.
Psalm 41:3

Here’s my medicine cabinet for shingles!

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  1. Why didn’t you get the shingles vaccine? I got mine last year. I’m going to take any chances.

  2. Hi Beth, I don’t take vaccines. In the long run, they cause more problems than they help. Did you read in my post that the chicken pox vaccine has caused a huge spike in shingles and that the shingles vaccine actually spreads shingles? No, thank you.

  3. I had shingles ten years ago at the age of 36. I had chickenpox when I was nine years old. I don’t think the chickenpox vaccine was around when I was young.If it was I didn’t get it. Even those who receive the vaccine can still contract chickepox. If you’ve had chickenpox or the vaccine the shingles virus lives in your body.Having a healthy diet of unprocessed, organic foods that keep all inflammation away is a great preventive from having a shingles outbreak. Homeopathic remedies are wonderful to take to cure a shingles outbreak. I say cure because homeopathy works with your entire body to cure unlike allopathic meds which just suppress the symptoms.

    I had stinging nerve pain for several months after the rash went away. That eventually went away as well as the scarring from the rash was completely gone too after a few months. Remember homeopathic remedies heal not suppress so it may feel like it takes longer for all symptoms to completely to away.

  4. A p.s. to my comment…Very important if you have shingles you can give chickenpox to those who have not had it. I would be very careful being around babies. I know children do fine with chickenpox but I would hate for a young baby to get the virus and for a mom to have to care for a young baby with chickenpox!

  5. I’m glad you found something that worked for you. I had the shingles (anyone who had the chicken pox as a child is at risk of getting shingles…the virus lays dormant in your system and can appear as shingles later in life…sometimes triggered by stress or weakened immune system or no reason at all.) in my case, I believe it was triggered by some stress. I was able to identify it quickly and sought medical care. I took an antiviral and it only last about 7 days and I didn’t experience too much pain (mine appeared in my right hip and side, near my underline) but I had to wear loose clothing.

    In the end, I’m glad there are options for folks out there. Everyone has to do what they feel is right for them. I am 57 so I haven’t had the shingles vaccine. I know shingles can reoccur, but I haven’t made a decision yet. Overall I have a very health immune system and am VERY rarely ill, but I am not opposed to vaccines at all. Everyone has to do what they feel is best for themselves. Wishing you continued healing.

  6. I wonder if this is what I have?! The skin on my upper back, over the should blade (on one side) has been hurting and burning for several weeks. There is no rash or discoloration, however. I just have this strange sizzling feeling, as if my skin is badly sunburnt. I’m 50 and had chicken pox as a small child. I have not had shingles vaccine.

  7. WAM, Here are some long-term side effects of the vaccine: “Shingles and eye disorders, the FDA says, are potential side effects of Zostavax. The popular shingles vaccine Zostavax may be linked to a number of side effects, including shingles, loss of vision, neurological disorders, and even death.” I would much rather take my risks with shingles, but everyone must consider the risks and do what they want. The vaccine does shed, however, and gives it to others. This is why there is an explosion of shingles even among the young.

  8. Shingrix is the vaccine given most often now. It does not contain the live virus, so there’s no viral shedding. And this vaccine is supposed to have a much higher efficacy. I usually don’t take vaccines but this one I did because I’ve had past issues with the herpes virus. It took me a long time to make this decision after much research. I don’t like it but I think it’s a matter of choosing between 2 evils.

  9. Lori, I am so sorry to read of your suffering with shingles, and I am thankful that you are getting better.. Thank you very much for giving us your protocol in order to prepare. After reading your post, I ordered L-lysine, calendula cream, and the shingles nosode. In 2018, I received the first dose of the 2 Shingrix vaccines. Within hours, I became very sick, and it lasted 48 hours. Due to the vaccine’s popularity since it was new, there were no second doses available 6 months after my first. I now consider this a very great blessing. I did not take the second injection when it was eventually available, and I regret very much even getting the first. Thank you for your faithful and diligent ministry; it is very appreciated.

  10. I will never forget my mom getting the shingles when I was a teen. She had Chickenpox as a kid, so it then lays dormant. Then comes out later in life as the shingles. When I found out that the chicken pox vaccine greatly reduces shingles later in life, it was a no brainer to vaccinate my kids for the chicken pox. Shingles has been on the rise the last 2 years in women in their 30’s and 40’s. It is often triggered by stress, and lots of stress the last two years with covid and all.,the%202%20approved%20vaccines%20here.

  11. Gina, The chicken pox vaccination has actually caused an explosion of shingles. Only a very tiny percentage (way less than one percent) of children died from chicken pox, so it’s ridiculous that the chicken pox vaccine was created. It’s wreaked havoc!

  12. By no means am I down playing shingles. I know how painful it is, I had shingles several years ago. However there are far worse illnesses one could have. There are far worse illnesses one should try their best to avoid getting.Shingles is not deadly. It is painful, but a walk in the park compared to many illnesses. Ask people who have survived the worst effects from the Covid illness which they would rather have. Again, not trying to down play your pain.

  13. Also, the new vaccine is inactivated, meaning it uses a dead version of the virus, eliminating the risk of transmission.

  14. Thankyou for this wealth of information, Lori, and your willingness to go the natural route as much as possible. It’s encouraging to hear that our bodies will heal using homeopathic measures. Did you come into contact with someone who had chicken pox or shingles that you know of?

    I didn’t ok my children getting the chicken pox vaccine when my doctor suggested it because they had it when they were young. Then my mom-in-law caught shingles when living with us, and we saw the pain she was in from it.

    Now, I’m in my 50’s and keep saying no to the shingles and the flu vaccines. I often wonder if I’m being prideful in this because I’m fairly healthy, only getting the occasional cold from time to time. Now, I’ll definitely look for the L-lysine if only because I’ve had trouble sleeping since my hubby passed away.

    Praying for your continued healing.❤

  15. I probably was exposed to someone who had recently had the shingles vaccine, RMR.

    It’s not being prideful to not want to support the big pharma who is making all of this worse with their interventions. Trust your God created immune system instead!

    I am so sorry about your husband passing away. That must be so tough.

    I am actually much better yesterday and today! Hardly any pain at all, praise the Lord.

  16. I agree, Lynn! Although several people have told me it’s the worse pain they have ever had, but it does pass. I think icing has helped with the nerve pain and I think is an important part in dealing with shingles. I would far more have shingles than many of the other diseases that result in death, that’s for sure!

  17. The Weston A. Price website has an article explaining how people with shingles spread the chickenpox virus, not Shingles.

  18. Dear Lori and readers,

    Just a quick note. Homeopathic remedies are great and natural home remedies are great. However, what works for one may not work for another. In homeopathy study you learn that the homeopathic remedies are matched specifically to the whole person not just their symptoms. The remedy needs to match the patient’s emotional make-up as well physical symptoms for it to act properly on the ailment. Hypericum mentioned in this blog is great for shingles if matched properly to the individual.

    The calendula lotion is great for shingles rash and many other skin issues unless you are allergic to it. Calendula is part of the ragweed family if you are allergic to ragweed calendula will not help your shingles.
    It’s so important to know your body and study on remedies to make sure they are right for you.

    Cara, you wonder if the burning sensation you have is shingles. Shingles does begin with burning sensation for several days to even a week then an obvious rash appears. If there is no rash please don’t self diagnose as Shingles. Many ailments can cause burning sensation in skin and muscles. For example pulled muscles or nerves or ligaments.

  19. Homeopathic student (Tamara), My shingles began with itching and the rash appeared with it. It began burning fairly quickly after that. I don’t think the progression of shingles is all the same in my research. The homeopaths I used were great, and I am sure they are great for many others or else they wouldn’t be so popular! But thank you for your input.

  20. Lori I didn’t say they don’t work for others,I said not everyone would be able to use the same remedy.
    One remedy may work for one and not the other because every person is different. You need to just be careful on giving medical advice, since many do not research and learn for themselves before they rush out and buy remedies that may not work for them. The remedies you mentioned are wonderful and popular and work for many, I did not suggest any different. It’s just wise when giving medical advice to put a disclaimer for safety for the individual. For example the calendula lotion is great unless one is allergic to ragweed. Then it would hurt the skin condition instead of helping. Not everyone that reads your health advice has the knowledge to know the things to be aware of.

  21. And also…The progression of shingles is not all the same, exactly. However, it shows the same three symptoms in no particular order; burning sensation, itching, rash.I have done much research on shingles as well, ten years ago to be exact, when I had shingles at the young age of 36 so I’m not ignorant in this category.
    I was just very concerned that reader Cara was going to try to self diagnose herself with shingles based on one symptom and run off to buy remedies to treat something she may not even have because she read it on your blog. Shingles always presents a rash a some point whether minor or severe.
    It makes me so nervous when I know someone is trying to self diagnose themselves without all the proper information to do so.
    Not at all trying to be disrespectful. Just concerned when people give medical advice that are not trained. Homeopathic remedies are not going to kill or hurt anyone. They are gentle. They just won’t help the ailment if it’s the wrong remedy. Natural treatments can hurt if individual has a sensitivity to it. Don’t want anyone treating illness, acute or chronic with doing their own research and studying first.

  22. Another way to get a lot of lysine in your diet is to simple eat more meat, fish, dairy, and vegetables. These are very high in lysine.

    Avoid grains and nuts, which are low in Lysine.

    Potatoes are neutral.

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