No, I Have NO Hatred For Working Mothers

No, I Have NO Hatred For Working Mothers

A few years ago, I have had fun creating flow charts to show the consequences of our choices. Since I don’t have a lot of room, I create a general consequence to each choice. Of course, it can’t encapsulate every consequence for every choice of every person but they are created more to give pause to women for the choices they make, and hopefully cause them to think that they may be on the wrong track biblically.

Here is  a flow chart I made on two different paths that mothers can make: a career path working outside of the home or a home path working inside of the home.

Now when I posted this, I knew women would be angry since they usually are whenever I write about women being keepers at home. Women have even accused me of having hatred for working mothers. No, I don’t have hatred for working mothers. I wouldn’t be trying so hard to reason with them to come home full time if I hated them. I would be spewing curse words at them and condemning them if I hated them.

I write about mothers being keepers at home since this is what the Lord has commanded that I do, and I know the best place for mothers who have children to be is in the home with their children. That’s it. I have no ulterior motive. I am not their judge. Yes, it offends working women but they must ask themselves why God’s Word offends them. Can it be that they feel some guilt? Of course they do. Every working mother I have ever talked to or heard interviewed on the television has guilt over leaving their children with others, plus their husbands are usually last on the totem pole of their time and energy.

Whatever choice any mother makes is between her husband, herself, and the Lord. They need to prayerfully study the Word while asking the Lord for wisdom; for it is Him who they will have to give an account for the choices they make in this life. They don’t have to answer to me, but I do have to answer for how I have lived my life and since God commands older women to teach younger women to be keepers at home, this is what I will continue to do.

Yes, I am thankful for the many female nurses who are working their tails off now due to this virus. I am sure they are exhausted. I know some nurses and they were exhausted before this virus with the long hours they must work but it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t teach young women to be keepers at home. Children need and want their mothers. Yes, I know some women have no choice but this still doesn’t mean I am not supposed to teach truth. Single women and those without children in the home could be nurses. There’s a very good reason that God wants mothers to be home. All of His commands are for our good.

The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.
Titus 2:3-5

11 thoughts on “No, I Have NO Hatred For Working Mothers

  1. I am really only here because I was reading your post the other day about elderberry syrup, which I’d never heard of. As I catch colds so easily I was intrigued.

    Then I recently read that elderberry can increase the likelihood of a cytokine storm. That is, basically, what makes elderberry good in the event you contract COVID-19 can make it deadly. I don’t know this to be fact, and I would consult medical advice. I’d just recently read this from a source I trust and I immediately thought of you.

    Be well.

  2. Hatred?
    My property line is the bluff at the back of my land. There is an hundred foot drop to the rocks below my cliff. If you are running headlong towards that cliff and I fail to warn you it is hate, not love!
    Keep up the warnings! It is not your fault if the warnings are not heeded, but to quote (I think) R.C. Sproul Jr, “If God gives you a cannon, He expects you to fire it!”

  3. The shutdown of schools due to the Coronavirus is one recent way I was able to understand why working mothers are a real problem. The parents have to now scramble to find somebody to watch their children, when it’s their own responsibility to be watching their own children! Who wants to have children, to then have to pay somebody else to raise them part time?

    Family is no longer a home, it’s a business. “Sorry, but if you cost me too much money (future children), then I don’t want you”. “If you make me no money (the children), then I don’t have that much time for you”. “If you don’t make enough money (the husband), then I’m irritated with you”.

    I really do thank you, Lori, for your recent blogs on finances. To know that it’s possible through determination and discretion to live off of one income is a huge blessing to women. Women, you don’t know it yet, but Lori is one of your greatest friends. God’s ways are not only best for us women, but best for your children, and your husbands, too! Children belong with their mothers, not babysitters.

  4. Dear Lori, this may be a shock to some of your readers but I think you are being too kind. The best people to help widows and orphans are their own family and the family of their late husband. Family, plus help from the church means everyone only has to give a little in time and money. Sin is the biggest problem. Single women getting pregnant have put themselves in the position of having to work. A woman going out to work puts pressure on a marriage, which can lead to divorce. Very few married men with a loving, contented wife at home are going to give in to the temptress at work.

  5. My chart
    Im home all day except on errand days, then it normally takes half a day to get all the good deals (without getting paid to do so)
    Baby is with me 95% of time, sometimes hubby watches her and I go alone, its faster shopping time, but less family time and less time to teach her good money, shopping skills

    I get to nap on Sunday afternoons between church services, weekdays is more work while baby nap to try to get all work done before hubby gets home so we can have relax, play and family time, his motto, when hes off im off
    Getting there on the dinner, learning crock pot makes it way easier
    Read bible story morning and night, morning, food and night time prayers
    No beach yet, but we normally relax with internet tv on weekends, (when we do go to the beach in a couple of years for our 10 year wedding anniversary, he says I have to wear a bikini, the skippiest one possible for a family friendly beach, gag, I don’t want to)

    Hubby is too tired from work to be intimate any more than what both working parents are, so I give him his space, he gives me mine, then when we are energized, its great, doesn’t feel like a chore then
    I don’t not feel like my life is fulfilled yet because I could have done better to provide more financially for my baby before she was born, thankfully our house is paid for, its warm, great shape, and all the pregnancy, delivery bills were paid for and we have medical insurance, a lot of people don’t have that.

    God Bless

  6. men are actually jealous of my husband and tell him he is a VERY lucky guy to have me for a wife. the ones that work with him are also very respectful to me when im there.

  7. I must work due to husband’s inability to work from numerous health issues but I commend all stay at home mothers, it can’t be easy but it’s so worthy I think. A good friend of mine (SAHM) is my “go too person”; she was my rock when our kids were growing up, she knows everything about anything, it’s amazing. We were talking the other day about all the mothers/wives who will return to the work force after this virus has run it’s course, her prediction is some mothers will stay home.

  8. The book by Elizabeth Warren The Two Income Trap proves, using govt data, that working married women drove up prices, esp housing, and drove down wages, thus trapping many families into believing they couldn’t survive without two incomes.

    The solution is for married women to come home, thus letting single men and women be able to earn a living comparable to what is needed for a man to support his family.

    It’s a great book, although for all I know the revised editions may have re-interpreted the data…so I’d suggest reading the first edition only. EW wrote this back when she believed in school choice, and many other things she fought for before she became a senator.

  9. But those same men like the holidays and 4wds they can afford courtesy their wives supplementary income. In addition to the bigger home and luxuries for their children. Admiring a lifestyle isn’t sufficient implementing it is. Most would cower at losing the secondary income.

  10. I am totally the mom on the left side of this flow chart. It is quite sad actually. I don’t have a choice but to work. It’s quite the eye opener. Very accurate too.

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