No Problem with Beth Moore Being the President of the SBC?

No Problem with Beth Moore Being the President of the SBC?

This is from this article from Christianity Today and Pastor Dwight McKissic sees zero problem with putting Beth Moore as president over the Southern Baptist Convention. “To elect Beth Moore  would do more to heal our Convention, seal women within our convention who have lost hope and right historic patterns of wrong toward women, without compromising qualifications, integrity, competency, or Scripture. The questions are, ‘Are we there yet?’ or do we have to wait 100 more years and experience more of God’s judgment?”

I guess he has never read this verse: “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.” (Is. 3:12) How about this verse? “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence” (1 Timothy 2:12)

Lindsay Harold had a great response to this article:

“Quite apart from her sex, she’s a terrible Bible teacher. You would think doctrinal soundness would be an important qualification for church leadership, even if you ignore the fact that she’s a woman. She’s a blatant false teacher who values emotion more than sound doctrine. She says virtually nothing of any substance. It’s all mindless emotional gibberish with her.

“Of course, she should have been disqualified without even consideration based on the fact that she’s a woman and the Bible is clear that church leadership are to be male (among other qualifications) and that women are not to hold spiritual authority over men.

“My family left the Nazarene church several years ago when they elected a woman to General Superintendent over the entire denomination (one of just five leaders for the denomination as a whole). They had allowed female ministers for awhile, but we always had a male pastor because my dad was the pastor. However, when they put a woman in charge such that every minister and layperson in the denomination was now under her leadership, we left. We could not go along with that or remain under the spiritual authority of a woman. This was no easy matter since my dad was a 3rd generation Nazarene and was ordained in that denomination.

“This same pattern is continuing all over the place, with churches and denomination outright ignoring the Biblical standards in favor of doing what seems right in their own eyes. Church after church falls to the tyranny of women and political correctness. And after throwing out the Biblical commands about church leadership, they almost inevitably accept homosexuality as well within a few years. Once you set man’s rules over God’s, it’s downhill from there. It’s a great falling away. The Bible warned us that the way that leads to life is narrow and few find it. Some think they can widen the path by doing away with God’s laws so they’re not so restrictive. This only creates a false path that leads many astray.”

I believe we are in these times of the great falling away. As culture progressively becomes darker, the Church follows right along. Let this not be said of any of us. Stay in the Word. Match everything you read and hear to God’s Word and obey it with His Spirit working mightily within you. We must not lose our salt, women. We only keep our salt by abiding in Jesus and doing as He tells us to do.

Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.
2 Thessalonians 2:3

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18 thoughts on “No Problem with Beth Moore Being the President of the SBC?

  1. I was both saddened and relieved by this when I first read Mr. McKissic’s comment on another site. Saddened because I find it absolutely jaw-dropping that so many people (not only laypeople, but many men and women with great influence and platform) are so thoroughly ensnared by this woman and her ilk, and are unable to see through the virtue-signaling and inspirational language to the godless idealogy and rebellion behind them. Feminism, Marxism, and the homosexual agenda are lofty things that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God and we should and will continue to cast them down.

    I’m relieved because Beth Moore continues to heap up evidence against herself. Warning people away from her falsehood and self-glorification is becoming easier as she drifts farther and farther from the truth of God’s Word. I agree wholeheartedly with Ms. Harold’s response. I am so encouraged whenever I find another sister who is not buying into this.

    Thank you for continuing to contend for the faith, Lori. You make me feel built up every morning when I read your new post!

  2. “Healing the wounds of sexism.” ??? (I read the article.) What wounds? I’m a third generation southern Baptist… and a woman… um, there are no wounds. Also- what does he mean by ‘do we have to wait another 100 years and experience more of God’s judgement.’ ??? So…. God’s judging us for not putting women into leadership roles? (My grandparents started the first SB church in our community in the early 1950’s. A community that was and is heavily steeped in Catholosism. My dad was raised and married in this church. I was raised and married in this church. My parents and husband and I still faithfully attend- so what happens in the SBC greatly matters to me.) I will dive in deeper and do some research…….

  3. I’m so disappointed to see the direction that the SBC has taken. Not only are they completely enamored of Beth Moore, who is a false teacher both positionally (as a woman teaching doctrine, which is unbiblical) and doctrinally (what she teaches is awful!), but this comment about her really frosts that cake. So disappointing to see, especially as Al Mohler (an SBC college president and blogger) is so rock-solid.

  4. You’re welcome! We are told that we will always be a remnant since most want to go their own way. I prefer to stay on the narrow path that leads to life.

  5. It’s all very sad, Courtney. There are few churches that don’t have women in some types of leadership positions and speaking in the front of the churches.

  6. God is still in control. We MUST depend and rely on that promise in Scripture. We MUST stay true to our godly convictions in our families, honoring God with our submission to our husbands, training our children as Lois and Eunice did of Timothy, and most importantly, praying and reading the Word. We MUST be faithful stewards with what the Lord has given us to do, being wives and mothers and keepers of our homes.

  7. I am not familiar with Beth Moore or that church, or the pastor mentioned. But I am very, very glad to belong to a church that does not vote people into anything. We have no established hierarchy. We have no presidents. The leadership is based on seniority (age, length of time in service) and is male. No voting, no applying for anything. No governance, as such. No changing anything to suit the people, but following the Bible as it is written. The Bible doesn’t change.
    Why does there need to be a leadership position at all?

  8. And by “leadership” I mean a person in charge of making rules/changes. I’m not talking about leading church services and preaching the gospel etc. Of course we need leaders for that. But the whole governance thing just seems weird to me. It’s so unnecessary.

  9. Courtney it’s plain and so simple…. We are being judged already by not following the command that God established and just because u aren’t dealing with something doesn’t mean the next person isn’t that’s a perfect reason why we ought to follow the word the way we are created is reflected in our attributes and likewise the man … There are things a manager has been called to do and operate in that an assistant manager isn’t qualified to do it’s not they aren’t capable of doing it… they can , The difference is they would be trespassing operating in a area they haven’t been given authority to do so with authority comes responsibility and with responsibility comes judgment ( God is going to judge us on how we handled and operated in our God given roles so it’s not about how u feel it’s about what command God gave that stands against the test of time. Gods commands have no expiration date.

  10. Complicated business folks…money and the power structures that dominate the SBC is absolutely astounding. I’m a male and thoroughly disgusted that Beth Moore’s name has been floated to be the next SBC President! It is a simple reality that us men have failed to be the watchman on the wall and to guard the homes from sin in every instance of our lives. I’m even more astounded that my parents new pastor who was heading to the convention did not even ask for prayer of electing a new president as being one of the major concerns or issues on this trip. That set off alarm bells for me…it’s like I told my dad at lunch today, this is exactly why I have left the church because the church today is unrecognizable and I don’t think God has a problem of not sitting under that which is not recognizable. Here is where it is headed….either Beth is elected this go round and the vast majority of churches follow in and the church will be forever changed to which it cannot go back unless thru a true revival. Or two she is not elected and she will milk it for every thing she has to lay enough of a guilt trip within the metoo movement that She will be elected the next time around. I don’t know which is worse for the church or the better road to take. Either way or outcome is not good…but again us men have to do a better job of not allowing that which is sin permeate and not hold those in positions of authority into accountability. Accountability has been sorely lacking in our nation for a long time and we… those of us that are younger don’t know what that’s like because the elite and higher ups think they have a clear line in to God. I for one am sick of it and I say it’s time to push back men of faith to rise up and stand, and women of the truth to rise up and sing! It’s time to put the devil back in his place…we only allow him space that we give him, and in that space he has amassed great damage in the name of Christianity. It’s time for the real followers of Jesus to say no you will not invade our beliefs and doctrines! I’m hoping that the real men of the SBC stand up this week…we shall see! Fingers crossed…best advice I can give is run from your church if this leads to a Beth Moore verdict.

  11. I agree with you all. What do you do when your apart of a denomination leaning to allow women in pastoral roles that once was solid on the fact it was not biblical. My husband supports our denomination but not this. But he is not willing to separate from them. What is a woman to do when I am totally saddened by it

  12. In the final analysis the church worships women and not the Word of God.

    No, everyone.

    Me included.

    I was subtly trained to give women the final say over men. And in my 62 I have never remotely seen ANYONE not put women in some authority, the final say over men.

    This is the damnation of the church that the Lord is starting to deal with, for this damnation has authority wrong, the wrong model for every other authority, including the church’s submission to Christ.

    Let me abundantly clear: the church has placed the Word of God 2nd to “hearkening to the voice of the woman.”

  13. Thank you for this article! I am so thankful to find others who are deeply grieved about what is happening in the SBC (and other denominations as well). I began to discern some weird teachings in Beth’s books quite a few years ago and have stayed clear of her teachings since then. I also have warned other women to stay clear as well. What is really distressing to me is the fact that these modern day preachers (Matt Chandler being one) endorses her through some of the social media. Pastor’s should be discerning as they are the one’s God has placed over His flock and should be testing all things and warning them of these popular speakers who are dangerous, not embracing them. And just recently one of the men in our church whom I was told is one of the best Bible teachers was using Beth Moore’s commentary! I am in total agreement about these times being the times of a great falling away. I have been walking with the Lord for 37 years and have sought to stay steadfast in truth. But, for the most part that seems to be unpopular in church. It has become all about church activity and social works. I just can’t help but believe that Christ Himself is being missed. How we need a spiritual awakening. And I am so hungry to find other like-minded Christians who realize that Christ has given us His truth, worth studying and knowing and even dying for, if need be.

  14. I just stumbled across your article, “ NO PROBLEM WITH BETH MOORE BEING THE PRESIDENT OF THE SBC?“ Praise the Lord for using you to write the TRUTH about female leadership – the non-Scriptural way! May you continue to stay firm in His Truth!

    Sister Lisa Hall

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