Not Teaching Exceptions and What Ifs

Not Teaching Exceptions and What Ifs

God commands that I teach women to be keepers at home so this is what I will teach no matter how much backlash I receive from it. But what if a woman asks me if it is okay for her to work two days a week? I would tell her “no” since she is called to be a keeper at home as God has commanded. Let’s say she decides to work two days a week and puts her child into daycare and that child is molested, abused, or neglected which does happen? I dare not compromise God’s command to me and take responsibility for possible harm to the child. God gave mothers to children for protection.

What if a wife asks if she can work at night while her husband watches the children? Yes, he works all day and then would come home and watch the children because she “enjoys” working. I am not going to take responsibility when the marriage falls apart because they had little time together and she was too exhausted to be a proper help meet to him.

I’m not giving exceptions and what ifs. Those are up to each of you to decide. I’m committed to teaching what God has told me to teach. You’re going to have to take sole responsibility for going outside of God’s will and plan for you. I sure don’t want it on my conscience. I want no part in having God’s Word blasphemed.

This is why God has commanded older women to teach young women to love their children and be keepers at home. It’s not a natural tendency to give up self and its desires to do what is in the best interest of children which is to have their mother home full time caring, loving, training, and disciplining them. This takes a lot of time, patience, gentleness, and consistency which can get tedious but this is storing treasures in heaven where they belong. There is absolutely NO greater joy than to have children who walk in truth. None.

That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.
Titus 2:4, 5

15 thoughts on “Not Teaching Exceptions and What Ifs

  1. Dear Lori,

    I agree with your post and thank you for taking such a strong stand. I have found myself in a position to where I will refuse to “help” a mom who who needs a sitter so she can work at her full or part time job. I am at a point where I do not want to enable working women with supporting their desire to be away from home in any way. Should we go as far as to boycott the business they work at away from home so that we are not supporting their decision in any way and our conscience can be clear before God?

  2. We are not responsible for the decisions women choose to make about how they will live their lives but we are responsible for speaking the truth in love. If a working mother needs help with her child regardless of the reasons and you have time to help, then by all means help. If you have the opportunity, encourage her to seek the Lord in wisdom to find a way to come home full time. Speak truth to her as much as you can!

    Most women don’t know that they are to be home raising their own children. Some women work in submission to their husbands which is what they should do but then pray that the Lord would convict their husbands about this so they could come home full time where God calls them to be. Others feel that they have to work and some don’t like being home with their children. They would rather strangers raise them.

    We need older women teaching younger women the truth of God’s Word but we aren’t to punish them if they don’t obey it. We speak truth and pray for them. This is all that we are asked to do. We can only change and control ourselves.

  3. Thank you Lori.

    Thank you for standing the ground of the Lord and not giving in an inch on His Word.

    The Word is the Way, the Truth, the Life, the Light of the World …Jesus.

    His continued blessing and conviction upon you as you field questions and resistance to Him.

  4. Thank you, Dave. Yes, many despise the ways of the Lord and His will for their lives especially in today’s feminist climate but as you know, I will never encourage a woman to obey her husband if he asks her to do something evil or harmful to herself or her children. In this, we will have to agree to disagree.

  5. I agree with this post wholeheartedly, but I wonder, what advice do you have for a woman who feels pulled to work from home? I have provided a substantial income through freelance writing before, but it definitely came with a cost to our family because I was always exhausted and my focus was on generating income. There are times when finances are incredibly tight and I get scared. Even though my husband insists he wants me to let him handle it, I feel like I should be helping because I have the ability.

  6. Obey your husband, Ellie. Your work in the home and with your family is invaluable! (You’re blessed with a husband who understands this.) Buy “The Tightwad Gazette” (or borrow it from the library) and learn to live simply within your husband’s income instead of trying to make money from home which pulls you from your God-ordained responsibilities. Be inspired and encouraged by Laine, too!

  7. Hi Lori! First of all, thank you so much for your strong-worded truths! I love your writings, and its the best part of my day to read your posts – I cannot tell you how much they have helped to renew my life and my marriage!

    One of the things I have felt convicted about recently is, when possible, seeking out male providers of goods and services. I talked about this with my husband, and he thought it was a wonderful way to declare our love for the Lord and His ways and commands. So for example, I changed my OB/GYN from a female to a male doctor, and we try to find out who owns the local groceries, and preferentially will shop at stores where we know the owner to be male.

    I’ve hesitated telling family and friends this, because I don’t want offend them…but then again, I shouldn’t be worrying about offending them, especially when I am following what the Lord commands! What do you think about this?

    Thank you again for being such a strong warrior for Christ!

  8. I think that’s great, Alexa! Men are the ones that God has called to be protectors and providers but feminists have so diminished their role. I had a male OB/GYN for all of my children and he was great!

    If you feel bold, tell your family and friends. They will most likely disagree with you but that’s okay. We are only responsible for planting seeds of truth which hopefully will sprout!

  9. Thank you Lori! It is hard to speak the truth lovingly, especially when the ears that receive it are not softened by the holy spirit. My family already feels my husband and I are “nut jobs” because we homeschool our children instead of sending them to godless, government-run institutions where they will here nothing but anti-God rhetoric, and refuse to inject them with poison (i.e. vaccines) or unnecessarily see doctors every year, when all they do is prescribe one poison (drug) after another. I was actually a physician before becoming a Christian, and I still don’t trust doctors! but anyway, thats another subject for another time. Thank you for responding Lori, keep on keeping on in the Lord!

  10. I love this comment so much, Lori.

    Dave’s insistence that women must obey their husbands even when they ask them to sin, bothers me greatly, because I have been there.

    I don’t think it is possible to over-state how happy I am to see you state publically that you don’t agree with Dave’s stance.

  11. I am blessed that the Lord took hold of my life and helped me see my true calling, as a help meet to my husband and mother to our children. He is the greatest Author of life!

  12. Dear Lori,

    Again, kudos for telling the truth without exception or what ifs!

    Also, thank you for the information about Michael Pearl’s ministry. I have been listening to his lessons and have been so encouraged and corrected in some ways I was askew in.

    Thank you for your bravery and solid faith.

    Trish Clark

  13. Thank you, Lori. “God gave mothers to children for protection.” I wish more mothers realized this.

    We have seen God bless as I came home and now work at home and from home. We eat more meals at home, we are healthier, and I am less stressed, which means the environment at home is more peaceful.

  14. Yes! I love this! These are the beliefs my husband and I share. It is also what I am teaching our twelve year old daughter who will one day be a wife.

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