Opening Up New Platforms

Opening Up New Platforms

As we are witnessing, most of the social media sites are heavily censoring conservatives. In one day a few weeks before the election, my Instagram account went from receiving about 1,300 likes a day on a post to about 200 a day. I’ve been put in Facebook jail multiple times for teaching that women are more easily deceived, and that they are the weaker sex; both things which the Bible teaches. Most in this world hate truth. It’s just a fact. They hate God and they want to be their own God.

I will stay on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook until they shut me down, but I do have accounts on these sites for any of you who are leaving Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook:

MeWe –

MeWe Chat Room (a private space for like-minded women to discuss biblical womanhood) –

Parler –


We’ve switched from watching Fox News to NewsMax except for Tucker Carlson who is great!

I am thankful that there are conservatives who are not putting up with the Communist-style censorship anymore and are opening up sites that give us the freedom of speech which this country was founded upon. May we use all of our social media sites as places to glorify God Almighty. The censorship sites think they are closing down Truth, but they are fighting against God and He will never be closed down. He has already won the battle. Keep your trust in Him, women!

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.
John 16:33

21 thoughts on “Opening Up New Platforms

  1. “We’ve switched from watching Fox News to NewsMax except for Tucker Carlson who is great!”

    The move of so much media to the extreme Left has been distressing. I subscribed to The NY Times for over 30 years – yes, it was always liberal on the OpEd pages, but I loved reading the Times. Then the ideology began to spread to the front page, and then throughout. It started with a dull ache in my stomach, and eventually to complete nausea. I felt betrayed by a trusted source.

    While still living in NY (I escaped south…), CBS88 radio was another trusted source. Again, for decades. No Malarkey, as someone has said… Once 2016 arrived, the same ideological shift began to color so much of it. Betrayed again.

    Drudge Report? For a News Junkie, this was a 20+ year love affair. Like the original Crossfire – opinion from the Left and the Right, with the right dash of whimsy. And then – something happened…

    Fox – same feeling that you stated above. “False Flag” keeps coming to mind.

    Tucker, Laura (her Hydroxy & B3 segments get erased from the internet regularly), Jesse, Judge, are all entertaining, but all are also one step away from being cancelled. Why put trust in any source anymore?

  2. If you don’t already know having any cable provides funding to not only FOX, but also CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, and many more. Tucker is great, and understands this is a spiritual battle, but we watch him on YouTube so we don’t support the ungodly. Newsmax and OANN are also good alternatives, but it seems the narrative is moving away from the main stream media and on to the internet. Which is good as much that was done in darkness is coming to the light.

  3. Yeah, I can’t imagine that Fox will keep their few remaining conservatives since the rest of it has gone full-blown to the Left. The Election night was the final straw.

  4. We’ve switched from watching Fox News to NewsMax except for Tucker Carlson who is great!

    Yes, this is the news source of the future for those wanting to escape the Globalist disinformation/fake news machine. Expect many, if not most of the few remaining on Faux News who are worth paying attention to to begin migrating to Newsmax.

    As far the alternative media platforms, proceed with caution. They’re not all as free of censorship as we’d like to think. Parler, in particular, has been known to suspend or ban users for some pretty spurious reasons.

  5. Lori, I am glad to hear you are making the switch! I have been working on friends and family to move to Parler and Newsmax for months!

    What do you think our options are to support President Trump and stop the Marxists from stealing this election? If we sit idly by and allow this fraud to happen, then I am afraid we will have lost America forever.

  6. Hi Lori! This comment is not related at all to your post, but I wanted to ask you to write a post about what’s going on with the so-called pastor Carl Lentz of Hillsong. That situation is a culmination of many of the things you talk about. When will the church wake up?

  7. Since election night, my husband and I have been looking to be more intentional about where our money goes to and we have been using websites 2nd Vote and Open Secrets to investigate the places we shop. We want to stop giving money to the people and companies that hate us and hate our values. I wish we would have started sooner. I know I can’t control every cent, but I am surprised at how much of the household budget I can readily redirect. I think if Twitter and Facebook were gone tomorrow I wouldn’t miss them all that much. They primarily just disseminate hatred and propaganda.

  8. My husband and I turned off the radios and TV since the election. We agree with Laurie and have been pulling our money from companies for years. It started with Target and Macy’s, moved on to Nike, FedEx and Starbucks.

    I know we are not the only one’s that feel this way, as our family and friends have banned these companies as well. Yet we also know people who have banned chick fil a and Hobby Lobby. Yes it works both ways.

    Growing up we were taught not to talk sex, religion and politics. Obviously these business owners don’t care about their image or bottom dollar.

    As for TV, miss Tucker, Hannity and the Ingraham angle.

  9. Great post, Lori.

    I have my own website, which completely contradicts the media propaganda. The media’s lies did NOT just begin. It has been going on for over 100 years, they are just showing their cards now. Our media covered for Communists murdering 100 million in China and Russia. Why? Because the owners of the Federal Reserve, who control the media and Democrats, were responsible. The media doesn’t bite those who butter their bread.

    To this day, the richest people in the world are the owners of the Federal Reserve, who penny money when they like, and yet, myself included, 99% of us don’t know who they are or where they live. Which is how they like it.

  10. Sometimes the Lord gives us what we need and not what we want – whatever the result, I am trusting Him 🙂 it can be hard in unstable times! But He always has the final say, so when I feel negative I try to remember to leave it to God. That’s been my prayer recently.

  11. I’ve stopped watching the news period! I think my time now is better spent in prayer and reading the Word.

  12. Regina – Amen, Amen, Amen!!! I got off social media back on January 1 & rarely, if ever, watch the news. So much corruption, lies, misinformation, & evil. It’s hard to abide by Philippians 4:8 and focus on what is true, honorable, noble, & praiseworthy if we obsess about the craziness going on in the world. God – and God alone – is our refuge, strength, rock, & steady foundation worthy of our time & praise. His peace truly surpasses all understanding. <3

  13. I second that! I decided to just ask my hubby and son for news updates. With all that’s been going on this year, I choose to find other ways to spend my time. I try to do things that will bring me peace instead of focusing on stuff that will make me feel depressed all day. Yes…God IS our refuge and strength!

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