Our Thoughts About President Trump

Our Thoughts About President Trump

Written By Ken and Lori

We wanted Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio to win the primary. We never thought President Trump would win the way he mocked people and the things he said. However, when he did win the primary, we voted for him because we were hoping he would be a much better president than Hillary, even though we weren’t sure he was a Republican.

We both like President Trump as our president a lot. Many Christians still can’t stand his behavior, his tweets, and his past. They believe this disqualifies him as a president, so they refuse to support him. What about King David? He was a man after God’s own heart, yet look what did. He committed adultery with a married woman and then had her husband murdered. God works through sinful, fallen man. Most of the Kings of the Old Testament were not faithful men, yet God used them to achieve His purposes. “Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God” (Romans 13:1).

Women have told me (Lori) that he’s the most corrupt leader we’ve ever had. They need to do a bit of research on the likes of President Clinton, Kennedy, and Nixon to see what they actually did while in office. He’s far from being the most corrupt leader we’ve ever had. Thomas Jefferson, a beloved president, was an ardent slave owner who slept with some of his slaves and purposefully spread lies about John Adams when they ran against each other for president. Adams conceded to him the presidency when the election was deadlocked in Congress with no clear winner. We’ve lived through many presidencies and President Trump is definitely at the top of our list for one who keeps his promises. Remember, there is NO perfect president. We aren’t told to be negative and criticize our leaders but to pray for them.

We choose to look at the good this president is doing. President Obama always behaved properly. He never mocked anyone, tweeted stupid things, or did anything that was truly bad in behavior, yet he accomplished many things that are considered abominations to the Lord. He fully supported abortion and the taxpayers funding it. He changed his mind about same sex marriage and then even promoted it. We could list many things he did that were wrong but we won’t take your time.

On the other hand, President Trump has spoken out for the life of the unborn. We believe this is the most pressing need in our culture – to abolish the slaughtering of unborn babies. This is murder. More people are off of food stamps and welfare. The Bible states that those who don’t work should not eat, and we understand that we need to care for those who cannot work but able bodied people need to work and provide for themselves, as it is healthy for them in so many ways. Men need to have jobs to support their families. God created them to work hard and be providers, not live off of the government.

President Trump supports our military and police officers. He believes in protecting our country. We love that he supports religious freedom and speaks about God and His grace. We don’t know where he is in his faith, but we pray for him and that God will give him wisdom. He surrounds himself with many who have faith in Jesus Christ.

We dislike it when we hear Trump haters say he is racist, as he is not in any way. The black community loved Trump before he was elected and smeared by the Left. The White Supremacist charge is just a fabricated mischaracterization of what Trump actually said and meant concerning Charlottesville. Trump detests white supremacist and so do we decry any forms of racism and bigotry, yes, even misogyny, and we are talking about true misogyny, not the fabricated lies given to anyone who dares say that women and men are different in inherent qualities, roles, and characteristics, yet equal in personhood and value.

President Trump has taken many hits by some Christians and the Left for his stance on securing the border. We stand with those who want to make a better life in this country and have been personally involved in helping over four individuals and two families attain green cards and become citizens, but we stand just as firmly behind the law of the land. We have no true democracy or freedom if the laws of the land are not being upheld. Let’s not blame Donald Trump for securing the border to enforce the laws of the land. If we don’t like the laws, let’s change them, but let us not simply allow them to be violated and encourage their violation as the Democrats have done now for many years. Trump is doing nothing more than what Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama promised to do and did not fulfill their promises. So far, President Trump is a major promise keeper. He’s a pragmatist. When he sees something that needs to be done, he does it.

Some will tell us that we should not concern ourselves with politics at all since this isn’t our home. We are citizens of the Kingdom of God. We completely understand this and are SO thankful, yet the Bible also tells us to pray for our leaders so we can lead quiet and peaceable lives. It tells us that the people rejoice when the righteous are in authority but mourn when the wicked rule (Proverbs 29:2). We read all throughout the Old Testament how much better the citizens lives were when there were good leaders compared to corrupt. President Trump is not a wicked ruler. So long as Christians live in a democracy, it is a cop out to say, “Don’t get involved in politics.” To do so cedes the goodness and graces that this country was founded upon as “one nation under God.”

You and I have a great responsibility to choose wisely between the options before us for president. Do not allow Trump’s imperfections and even sins to make you believe that it is best to vote for another whose agenda is far more wicked and fraught with destruction. Wolves often time come disguised as sheep or shepherds, calling to Christians to “help the poor and those in need,” yet then when you watch what government and Democrats do with their wasteful spending on Haiti and Puerto Rico and so many other mismanaged programs. Just remember, the greatest welfare program that has every existed around the world is Christians and Christianity, giving of our hard earned dollars to those who are truly in need.

We do not need government to spend our money for us as we have a lot of places to help the poor. Just look at the difference in giving between the average Democrat and Republican to see who really cares about the needs of others. Trump puts his money where his heart is and has given a lot back to those in need, including his entire paycheck. Love him or hate him, you must respect the fact that he is one of the few presidents who is trying to keep his word even with all the hate and malice thrown against him, starting before he ever took office. He is appointing fabulous judges for our country, and that alone should get all Christian’s votes. To not vote for him is your right, but we believe you are being deceived.

At least so far, Trump has proven out to be far better than who we actually thought he would be. Yes, we wish he would stop his nasty tweets and just ignore his constant enemies, but we do like the fighter in him, unwilling to relent to the pressure of socialism, hedonism, and leftism.

For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.
1 Timothy 2:2

48 thoughts on “Our Thoughts About President Trump

  1. Yes. I too was against President Trump when he was running for office, but he has really proven himself in office – and I am now completely in support of him. Thanks for all the good points you’ve made here.

  2. Love this! I voted for him (as a registered Democrat-I’ve since changed my political affiliation) and will vote for him again this fall; my husband and most of his family despise him (my side of the family feels the same way I do). I agree, he really needs to tone it down with his tweets and off the wall comments. I’m glad he’s against abortion and putting our country first – people aren’t used to that, perhaps that’s why so many are against him.

  3. As Christians we should pray for our leaders (whomever they are) more than we should speak negatively of them. It’s hard to do! President Trump has been a blessing to our country and I pray he will lead with wisdom and become a follower of Jesus. I continually thank God Hilary Clinton lost. We really dodged a bullet! With her as president, this article would have been a prophecy. https://babylonbee.com/news/president-obama-nominates-canaanite-god-molech-to-supreme-court

  4. President Trump was not our first choice 4 years ago as we thought he was not conservative enough. He has 100% of our support now! I do not think anyone else could have taken the stuff he has taken and still have fight left in him-fight for the unborn, fight for our military, fight for our gun rights and so much more!

  5. Ditto. I’m not fond of his Tweets either, but compared to the alternatives running, I can live with it and cringe lol.

  6. Although there will always be controversy and criticism surrounding any leader, I wholeheartedly applaud our president for his strong pro-life stance. We have never had a modern day president be more outspoken and passionate about protecting and defending the life of the preborn!! Because of his stellar efforts in this area alone, he will be receiving our vote. We stand with him to promote a culture of LIFE in this dark world. Thanks, Ken and Lori, for sharing your thoughts and giving us an opportunity to do the same.

  7. My husband is a union member and refuses to vote for any democrats. He has commanded me to vote for Biden in the primary and I am certain he will not permit me to vote for Donald Trump this November. It has greatly concerned me as Trump is the only one who will stand up for our Christina values. I am not sure what to do. I think I will just not vote as I cannot in good conscience support a democrat or go against my husband’s wishes.

  8. I did not vote for Trump in 2016 because he is an arrogant, braggart, unscrupulous boor, and I assumed that he’d govern as a RINO. I was wrong. I do wish someone would take his Twitter account for him; I wish he’d ditch Paula White; and I don’t approve of everything he’s done; nevertheless, as things stand I can’t think of a president in my lifetime who’s done so much to protect the life and freedom of US residents. If the election were held today, I’d vote for Trump.

  9. Lori and Ken, thank you so very much for writing this about our President. No, he is not perfect – but who is, except Christ?

    When he announced he was running for the office of President, I had no doubt in my mind he would win. My neighbors thought I was nuts. I and Some in my family voted for him. Others didn’t and to this day, there are a couple of individuals who cannot even carry on a conversation with me about him, without being completely triggered. And for what! He is doing so many good things.

    He has proven he cares for the unborn. We have lost an entire generation to abortion. Sickening. President Trump has proven he cares for all people, Americans, and our middle class, unlike so many Presidents and politicians before him who paid a lot of lip service to the needs of the poor and middle class, but sold us out completely! Look at any old item in your house, or at a garage sale or antique shop… to a very old appliance to a very old light bulb box — almost everything was made HERE. Now, NOTHING is made here. President Trump is changing all that. He knows the value and benefit of hard work and he is giving that back to our men!

    People often complain about his tweets. But when you think of how literally vicious the entire media establishment have been to him – making up lies, misrepresenting what he has said, taking his remarks out of context or completely ignoring the positive things he has done or is doing for America, President Trump has to toot his own horn or spread the word of the things he is doing for us. Also, he often responds to his attackers/detractors. He rarely is the bully or fight-starter. He is blamed for hate-mongering or trouble starting simply because he will not stand idly by and let someone speak untruths about him, his accomplishments or his family. He is a fighter; for himself, for his family, for us and for what is right (concerning the unborn, for fair trade agreements etc.)

    I feel President Trump is proof that we still live under the loving hand of God… we live under such an enormous government complex, with absolutely no way to keep track of all the ways our politicians are stealing and wasting our hard earned money. President Trump is trying to change all that, but it is a constant upstream struggle 60+years in the making before his Presidency began. Big ships turn slowly and I thank President Trump for slogging it out day in and day out, for us, and taking head on the many problems we face at home and around the world. He didn’t need to do it, you know.

    I begin and end each day in prayer over President Trump, thanking God for Him and asking his protection, guidance and grace over him at all times.

  10. I would encourage you to not vote at all since you don’t want to cancel out his vote. After all, God made him head over you and wives canceling out their husbands’ votes is not a good thing.

  11. Not to mention the fact that he is not even accepting a salary as President. That takes someone with character.

  12. I agree with Lori don’t vote but if your husband is telling you to then follow his decision and vote the same. Tough situation but your submission to your husband is priority over your choice of candidate.

  13. Hi Lori, do you know President Trump’s stance on vaccines abd the protection of parents who choose not to? In addition, there were rumors he was against big pharma because one of his children were potentially vaccine injured… ultimately I believe it should be a parents right to choose.

  14. Great article, Ken and Lori!

    Would like to begin by piggy backing off of Tom. Women should not be voting. The 19th Amendment was a massive disaster, as it has led to the explosive growth of the government, and the implosive destruction of the American marriage and church. When women voted and worked, they neglected their husbands, homes, and children, thus transferring power from the husband as the leader of the home, to the globalist plutocrats seeking to destroy America, or Daddy Gubmint. Rarely do women view the historical and long term aspects of decisions, and so nature has not fitted them for the duty of leading homes and nations. Their emotions are perfectly suited to responding to the needs of husbands and children, but they were created as helpmeets, not leaders.

    As for President Trump, I completely concur, I was an early Ted Cruz supporter, but in retrospect, am glad Trump won, as I’m not sure Ted had what it takes to weather the fierce storm from the globalist CFR, which will get worse. These snakes will not give up their corrupt power and wealth willingly.

    Every sane Christian realizes that you cannot be a Christian and be a Democrat. Democrats support Islam, abortion, pornography, and the Bible. They spit on the Bible and the Constitution, so anyone who supports the Democrats is supporting their own slavery.

    Women overwhelmingly oppose Trump, and Republicans, because the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) controlled media, schools, and tech companies ruthlessly manipulate women’s feelings. A great book on what’s going on is ‘The Killing of Uncle Sam’.

    95% of women in American can’t name 10 Founders of America, 10 Civil War Generals, and the 9 current SCOTUS justices, so there is no basic knowledge to be able to critically think and evaluate political decisions with. Women frequently parrot the ‘experts’ in academia, politics, celebrities, or tech companies, they revere the most, and don’t realize they are being seduced and used. This is what happens to women when they wander from the protective sphere of the home. We have a woman in Genesis who did this, her name was Dinah, and she was raped for her folly. The women who vote Democrat don’t realize they are voting for a party that supports pornography, prostitution, and Islam, and that they are voting for the ideals of rape. They don’t realize the men who follow God, the Bible, and the Constitution are wise, virtuous, and honorable, and are the ones who will make the women great, short and long term, as Abraham did to Sarah, Isaac did to Rebecca, and Jacob did to Leah and Rachel. All of these men had flaws, but they had God, who can heal a man from all his sins, and empower him to be what he would have been had he not sinned.

    I must admit the media and schools have successfully spread massive propaganda about the Founders, and must respectfully disagree with the assessment of Jefferson. There is no DNA evidence he slept with Sally Hemings and had any children with her. Since the Globalists have hijacked our media, schools, and tech companies for over a century, they have used Ben Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson, slavery, and the Indians to slander all 204 Christian Founders as bad and bigoted people, so we can easily be controlled by their Marxist lies of a Brave New World. In reality, the Founders weren’t a bunch of Deists, or Masons, and the majority did not own slaves. They largely treated the Indian’s fairly and humanely. So, we are brainwashed to think of them as bad, and to ignore that prostitution and pornography are far worse problems today than ever before in our history, and child molestation is off the charts today, that STD’s are a national epidemic, that Pornography use is massive, that drugs are overwhelming us, that the average American watches 78,000 hours of television, and that we are the most corrupt and ignorant generation of Americans in our entire history. Because, to have a Brave New World, you must have a sex-crazed and drug addled population, that is proud, idolatrous, and ignorant. We have that today!

    ‘Virtue is persecuted more by the wicked, than it is loved by the good’, said Buddha, and isn’t that the truth?

    Every single idea on the Democrat platform is a massive lie, but it takes at least 24 hours of serious study to determine each idea is a lie, and the average person doesn’t have that kind of time, so they are easy to manipulate and deceive. Climate change, systemic racism, police brutality, wealth disparity, the 1%, white privilege, sexism, and America is a terrible nation, are all lies cooked up by the globalist overlords and fed to the gullible and naïve masses. We do need to repeal the 16th (income tax), 17th, (direct election of senators), and 19th (women voting) Amendments. We also need to get rid of the Federal Reserve, which has put us $24 trillion in debt, and go back to the Gold Standard. The inflation caused by the Federal Reserve has made $1.00 in 1913, worth $.04 today, so there is no point in saving, because the ruthless banker cartel running the CFR are robbing us with inflation.

    We should not have any welfare, or government health care or retirement plans. It is the job of anyone and everyone to help the poor and the sick, but the government. Also, SCOTUS had no right to legalize homosexuality, abortion, contraception, or pornography, as all are crimes against nature. The sex impulse was for marriage and children, and for the people who don’t like that, imitate the single people in 1900, who didn’t masturbate, fornicate, commit adultery, or look at porn at anything close to the levels we have today. ‘No man is an island’ John Donne

    “Men are qualified for civil liberty in exact proportion to their disposition to put moral chains upon their appetites; in proportion as their love of justice is above their rapacity; in proportion as their soundness and sobriety of understanding is above their vanity and presumption; in proportion as they are more disposed to listen to the counsel of the wise and good, in preference to the flattery of knaves. Society cannot exist unless a controlling power upon will and appetite be placed somewhere, and the less of it there is within, the more there must be without. It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things, that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters.”
    Edmund Burke

    ” He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city. ”
    Proverbs 16:32

  15. I don’t know if any of us would always have a godly response if we were to continue fighting on while we and our families were enduring such constant vicious attacks.

  16. Thank you for putting your neck out and writing as you did about Trump. I agree with you wholeheartedly and, as always, admire your honesr fearlessness in speaking the truth.

  17. Thank you for writing this article. You’ve put into words many of my thoughts and some that i didn’t know how to express. God bles you!

  18. Thank you for that powerful message in support of our President. We as Christians need to get on our knees and pray a hedge of protection around him. President Trump is promoting my Lord, so as Paul said in Philippians 1:18 …whether from false motives ir true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice. We need to pray for salvation of all our leaders and that God would take the scales from their eyes so they would see their sins and repent.
    Carol Kendrix, Oklahoma

  19. Thank you! It just boggles my mind to see supposed “Christians” say they won’t support President Trump, or that they’re voting Democrat. Setting aside the face that Democrats are the party of slavery, KKK, and Jim Crow, these days they support abortion, transgender, gays, sex education for children (grooming), socialism and communism…every perversion is enthusiastically supported by Democrats.

    As for Trump being rude, or the complaints about his tweets: he’s a New Yorker, they’ve been know for decades for being brash and rude. It doesn’t mean they’re actually mean people, just a different kind of city. As for his tweets – does anyone complaining about that hear what other politicians and media say? They tell blatant lies on TV, make horrible accusations of racism and every other evil, claim people’s lives are in danger if Democrats aren’t allowed to get what they want, and somehow the only problem is that Trump tweets out the unvarnished truth and goes back at people that are telling lies about him.

    It is amazing to have a president who tries his best to fulfill promises, despite both parties being against him. He’s willing to stand up regardless of “political capital,” which is why he’s the first president to speak at the March for Life. I’m happy he’s building a wall and addressing illegal aliens as well. Besides the fact that it’s illegal entry, there’s a huge amount of sex trafficking (even to children!), drugs and gangs come across the border. I really hope enough people hear the truth – even from Trump’s tweets – to vote for him again. He’ll need a lot of extra votes to counter the cheating.

  20. Worth remembering Trump’s predecessor in office:

    – Said mean things (“bitter clingers”)

    – Told untruths (“if you like your plan, you can keep your plan,” “Benghazi was caused by a video”)

    – Actually did collaborate with the Russians (“tell Vlad I’ll have more leeway after the election”).

    Many people’s dislike of Trump is because of media untruths and misrepresentations, not what he actually does.

  21. Wisely articulated!! Thank you for taking the time to put into words the truth about our President and about the real moral issues of our country.

  22. I’m just very disappointed in the way his government valued profits over support natural breastfeeding. If it weren’t for that, I’d be more behind him. I feel very strongly about living the way nature intended.

  23. “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in princes.”
    Psalms 118:9 (KJV)

    “Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.”
    Psalms 146:3 KJV

    Honestly, I will NEVER understand the wasted hope and energy that my fellow American Christians invest in partisan temporal politics. If we’ve learned nothing else over the last five decades, it is that nearly ALL politicians, of both major parties, are megalomaniac sociopaths and habitual liars (Former Congressman Ron Paul, a devout Christian, was the only genuine believer to make run for the presidency, for the last time in 2012, yet “Christians” rejected him in favor of the godless Establishmentcandidate) . In particular, the evangelical adoration and veneration of the Republican Party and its gang of liars and thieves is just laughable. Far from embracing evangelical Christianity, these cynical opportunists gull naive Christians into believing their pseudo-Christian rhetoric (never matched by any actual Christian deeds), inducing them to caste a vote in their favor, only to abandon any pretense of adherence to Christian principles once elected. Continued funding of Planned Parenthood and failure to even attempt to overturn (or at least neutralize the effects of) Roe v. Wade even when they’ve had full control of both the Executive Branch and Congress, are just two examples of how Republicans exploit and betray their Christian base – routinely and consistently. Yet they can always count on the rubes to come back to be cheated cheated again and again.

    It’s over, folks. We know that America is under God’s judgment, that no earthly political force will save it, and that the Princes of the Earth will only ever do Satan’s bidding. Instead of fixating on Elections in this lost temporal kingdom, how about focusing more on preparing those ensnared by the perils of this earthly life for Jesus’s Kingdom?

  24. Thank You for this Lori! You have said exactly what my husband and I believe! We did not understand his parents when they said they were voting for Trump in the primaries. We went on to vote for Ted Cruz, but we are so glad that he did not win. Trump is the best President we have ever had! He fights for America and all Americans. He has accomplished what other politicians have promised but never delivered. I don’t like what President Trump tweets, but I do understand that it is necessary. He has been viciously attacked and lied about by celebrities, the media and other politicians. He has to tweet outrageous things to defend himself and get the truth out. We will be voting for President Trump again come November!

  25. We are commanded to pray for our leaders so we do. We support those who are more align with biblical ideas than those who are adamantly opposed to them like the Democrats.

  26. @feeriker
    ” failure to even attempt to overturn (or at least neutralize the effects of) Roe v. Wade even when they’ve had full control of both the Executive Branch and Congress”

    That is not how this works. There has to be a court case from the lower courts brought up through the ranks and end up in the Supreme Court. Then it MIGHT be chosen to be looked at.

    Roe has held firm over the years so the odds of it making it past the highest court(s) at the state level is slim
    Overturning things do not happen because a group of people wants it to be overturned.

  27. You are right lot to put your trust in princes, indeed, all of us are. But, when you view the Bible and Constitution, there are clear differences between the Republican and Democrat platform. Democrats support Islam, homosexuality, are nearly Communist, abortion, pornography, and control the media, schools, and tech companies. While Trump is far from a saint, he’s the best solution at the moment.

    Until the Christian church gets its act together, and confronts the Marxist infiltration, we will not see the situation improve.

    You are ignoring the fact that America’s Founders, who 90% of Americans have been deliberately dumbed down not to be able to name just ten of them, were deeply Christian and picked up guns to fight a war to give you the liberties you take for granted. Anyone can straddle the fence, there is no honor in that.

    That said, it’s easy to get frustrated, because, as detailed in the book “The Killing of Uncle Sam”, globalist snakes have infiltrated both parties for the last century.

    It’s impossible to be Christian and vote Democrat, while not all Republicans are Christian friendly either. It takes discernment and wisdom, and since 90% of America’s Christians know their televisions more than their Bibles, few Christians have that discernment. Ken and Lori do, and the vast majority of the readers on here do too. I’d encourage you to ensure you read Christian friendly media, like “American Thinker”, “American Greatness”, “City Journal”, “Breitbart”, “Dailywire”, “Townhall”, “The Federalist”, “Fromtpagemag”, and “Whatfinger”. It’s obvious you have not done your due diligence. Every idea on the Democrat platform is a gigantic lie. It takes at least 24 hours of research to identify everyone, and few people have that time, so tens of millions are deluded. Further, there is virtually no difference between the Democrat party and communist party platforms, and the Democrat party is infiltrated by rabid Marxists, as Trevor Loudon details in his fascinating and frightening “The enemies within”.

    Without women voting, there’d be no Democrats in office, and Planned Murderhood would be defunded tomorrow.

    It’s not over. When the spies we’re sent to the Promised Land, only two had hope, and only Joshua and Caleb made it to the Promised Land. The ones who doubted and had unbelief, perished in the wilderness.

    The church is the root of the problem. Return the church to Biblical literacy and obedience, and the problem will fix itself, speedily.

  28. No comment on the politics, but very definitely if we do vote (and I agree with Lori on this) then we should do so as asked by our husbands.

  29. Shouldn’t you vote like your husband, since he is the leader of your home or at least try to find some common ground? In the past, there was one vote per household and more unity.

  30. Amen! As of Monday 2/8/20 @ 7:15am (CST) this is the only biblical comment I’ve read in response to this posting. This is the TRUTH regarding the state of politics not only in this nation, but in this WHOLE godless world! May the Lord continue to enable you (feeriker) to speak the truth even when it’s unpopular in the majority of so called “Christian” churches, groups, blogs, etc. And may He continue to send out TRUE laborers into His harvest for the eternal good of His people and His eternal glory (Luke 10:2).

    P.S. I will be both shocked and pleased if this comment is published.

  31. National Review recently posted an excellent article explaining why conservative evangelicals are supporting the President despite his moral and ethical shortcomings. The short answer is that, faced with the current platforms of the Democratic party, Trump is at least strongly supporting the Christian Right’s views on outlawing abortion, promoting increasing the numbers of conservative judges on the bench and Supreme Court, they are also concerned about a morally lax society, and the threat of progressive views on homosexual marriage and the removal of religious values from the public sphere and government. When I speak with conservative Christian friends and family, they do voice concerns about the President’s behavior and integrity, but then sum up their support for him by saying, “He is our David for just like King David, the Lord was able to use him for good despite his character flaws and sinful behavior.” They are much more comfortable with Vice President Pence’s views than Trump’s, but think Pence lacks the President’s charisma and fighting spirit. I too struggle with the dichotomy between the man and the message. Or as my husband once said, “Trump obviously has some good people in place running the day to day administration and making good policy. I wish he would quit tweeting constantly and be more circumspect in what he says at his rallies. If he did, I think he would easily be one of the most popular Presidents in American History. His fatal flaw is that he must always be the center of attention for better or for worse–and worse plays better in the news cycle.”

  32. You aren’t reading your Bible, Tracy, and you certainly don’t know American history. Can you even name ten Founders of America? 99% sure you can’t, but, like many women you are in your emotions. If you don’t know basic history, and you and Feeriker both don’t, you aren’t fit to comment on politics or to vote.

    The Founders were all Christians, but the Marxist media, schools, and tech companies have kept you blinded.

  33. I see the left and socialist constantly claim Christianity is only about love forgetting God is also righteous which means he is a bit like a marriage, a husband who lays down the law and the wife who nurtures. In these modern times we forget the righteousness part.

    With trump I think God has shown he can use anyone to fulfill his promises. But on the other hand it did seem as if the Democrats where becoming a little too complacent and going down the moral hill a bit too fast, trump ia clearly trying to reverse this. And also he has exposed the previous generation of politicians where rather useless as a non politician seems to be able to achieve a lot more.

  34. Dear Sir (Montesquieu),
    You don’t know me to make such false accusations about me. And judging by your responses to this post and others, you should start reading the “history” books a lot less, and THE His-Story book (the Word of God and the revelation of His Son, Jesus Christ) a lot MORE. I stand by my words, which I believe are according to God’s truths revealed in His Holy Word; and I refuse to let you or anyone else bully me away from my convictions with worldly rhetoric cloaked in Christian jargon. May the LORD of lords and the KING of kings open your eyes to HIS truths and turn you away from the “philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.” (Colossians 2:8)

  35. Dear Tracy,

    Yes, your opinions tell what you know, which is why the Bible advises to listen more than you talk. If you had practiced that, you would have never been deceived.

    You didn’t research enough. If you had read both the Democrat and Republican platform, you’d have discovered the Democrats are nearly Communist. To think you’d ignore that and criticize Trump is mind boggling!

    Communism is the greatest enemy of Christianity in human history, just ahead of Islam, and you are blind to both threats.

    Satan quoted scripture too, and you don’t understand what you are saying.

    Notice how you said I didn’t know you, but you didn’t name ten Founders of America.

    That’s a deceitful lie. You knew you didn’t know them, but you didn’t want to outright lie, so you claimed I didn’t know you.

    Why don’t you go read history, and stop being deceived by the lying media. Please get rid of your television, because that is shaping your thinking.

  36. I pray for Trump all the time, using Psalm 109 as the foundation of my prayer. The Bible gives us so many ways to reflect on leaders like Trump.

    Let’s all start using our bibles!

  37. I truly appreciate this comment. Comparing the voting records of politicians to what they’ve promised during elections is a quick way to show that many make false promises just to get elected.

  38. I despise hearing and seeing such disrespect and vile speaking about our leaders. Godly men or not, their position is a prompt for me to pray for them like fathers. You always see the signs of stress after their administration. It can’t be an easy job. I pray for their salvation, if they aren’t saved, because what an incredible witness that could be! That’s as political as I get.

  39. Montesquieu,
    I’m pretty sure you don’t know your history since if you did you would know that the founders of america are not to be idolized, and no, not all are christian. Take john adams for example. Also Lori, great article, it’s so great to see biblical truth now a days!

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