Problems With Daycare For Children

Problems With Daycare For Children

Just writing out the word “daycare” is heartbreaking to me. Aren’t babies and young children supposed to be in the care of their own mothers during the day? Don’t these children mourn being torn apart from their mothers every morning? Don’t these mothers miss not seeing their children every day five days a week?

What are some other problems with daycare? Let’s examine a few:

First, they cause a MASS spread of illnesses causing parents lost sleep, lost work, taxpayer money for the heathcare provided, and most importantly, a constantly uncomfortably sick child. From the article: “One of the things I found most challenging was that day care seemed to be like a petri dish for bacterial and viral infections. I was warned by other working moms to brace myself for the ‘day care funk.'” No, thank you! I encourage mothers to not even have to think about the ‘day care funk’ by not putting their children into daycare in the first place. A child who is cared for at home by their mother has a much better chance of being healthy and having a healthy immune system which fights illnesses and disease. She has time to fix her child nourishing food. The mother will be able to completely control what their child eats. Babies and young children don’t need sugar. They do fine without any sugar. In fact, they do better!

The children can sleep in as long as they need instead of having to wake up early in the morning. Sleep is vital to good health. The children can also take a long nap or two in the quiet of their own home. Throughout the day, the mother will be by the baby’s side to make sure that what goes into their mouth doesn’t have the saliva of a bunch of other children. They can play freely when they need to play and cuddle with their mama when they want to cuddle. They can go shopping with her and have their mama right by their side throughout every day.

Around six months old until about two years old, a child is extremely attached to their mama. In fact, I was just with one of my grandbabies for my mother’s funeral and this eight month old granddaughter of mine who lives in another state didn’t want anything to do with me. She just wanted her mama and this is completely normal and healthy. It helps grow secure children.

Secondly, you are leaving your baby with a stranger. Why would anyone willingly choose to do this? Mothers say, “Well, I can see them all day long from my phone monitor.” This may be so but the baby can’t see her mother all day long nor can he/she cuddle with their mama like they want to do so badly. A stranger, no matter how wonderful they are, can never take the place of a mother, no, not even a grandma.

Do mothers even consider how many children are abused in daycares? “According to the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System, more than 3.5 million reports from CPS agencies were received in 2013 alone. These reports involved more than 6.4 million children. The majority of these reports are for neglect, followed by physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and medical neglect trailing closely behind.” This right here is enough reason to NEVER put your children into daycare! Strangers don’t love and want to protect the children as much as a mother does. They won’t train them in the ways of the Lord as mothers are commanded to do.

Finally, that stranger that you begin to see everyday while quickly throwing your child in her arms does not care about (love) your child nearly as much as you do. She does it for the money. Watching children is a job. A job that was intended for mothers. Milk literally flows out of every woman’s breast after the delivery of her child when she puts her baby, who is hungry for milk, on her. Even if you don’t let the baby latch on you, you still are producing the best possible nutrients in your breasts for your baby. Please, reconsider trying to end what God has freely given you even if nursing is for only those first few weeks before going back to work. As this article clearly states, “Although both breast-fed and formula-fed babies gain weight and seem to develop similarly, scientists have known for a long time that breast milk contains immune-protective components that make a breast-fed infant’s risk lower for all kinds of illnesses.”

It’s a lot easier to breast feed your baby when you are home full time with them. This is God’s will for mothers! For my first baby, I worked full time the first two years and had to pump by breasts during every break in the bathroom and it was so very unnatural. Mothers should not be away from their babies. Their babies need them. When a mother is home full time and has to get up during the night to breast feed her baby or be up with a sick child, it’s okay if she has lost sleep since she doesn’t have to worry about getting up early and going to work the next day.

Young mothers tell me about their friends who are extremely guilty and heartbroken about leaving their babies all day long in daycare and having to go back to work but they believe this is what they are supposed to do. Society tells them this is what they are supposed to do but does God? No!

This is why God commands older women to teach young women to love their children and be keepers at home. They aren’t going to be hearing this from anyone else if we, older women, aren’t teaching the younger women that being home with their babies and young children is EXACTLY where God wants them to be.

That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.
Titus 2:4, 5

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  1. They say some parents are forced to use daycare since they’re too poor not to and have to work 24/7, but then why have kids you can’t afford to take care of??? I pity the generation of latch key kids, and kids in daycare with no parental guidance and exhausted parents that just feed them and out them to bed and want weekends for themselves! My parents chose to work on a split schedule, so one could always be there to raise me! If you don’t raise your kids, someone else you many not like, will! Not to mention all the abuse scandals!!! Shameful how people feel entitled to have kids they can’t afford to take care of properly, yet won’t get a pet for the exact same reasons!

    1. Yes, the generation of latch key kids and daycare has produced a generation of insecure adults and we are reaping the ugly fruit of it in our culture. It’s very say.

  2. Hi Lori. Thank you for this. I’ve known several women whose babies and/or young children always seem to be sick because of constant exposure to daycare germs. It makes me very sad to think about it, plus the moms are not available to their babies so they can bond with each other as needed.

    On a happier note, I recently ordered your book and it was delivered just a couple of days ago! I am so excited to begin reading it!! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Lady Virtue! I hope you enjoy it!

      In the post, I forgot to mention the high cost of daycare. A young woman was just telling me of a daycare that cost $30,000 per year! This is outrageous. In order for this to be profitable for a mother to work, she must make a ton of money but how can money compare to raising one’s own children.

  3. I worked at a daycare all through high school and something I sadly noticed right away was that many mothers dropped their kids off as soon as we opened and picked them up close to closing, 6-6! They were running errands, working out, or getting in a quick nap all while we had their child who was constantly watching the door for them to walk in… my heart hurt then even before I had children of my own.

    1. It’s what our culture deems okay, Shelley. It’s okay for mothers to not raise their own children. It’s a lie they are believing and it’s devastating for children. It truly is heartbreaking.

      1. I worked in daycare before I had my children. It was awful! Mothers who were off still brought their babies to daycare all day!! I witnessed too many horror stories to leave my babies in daycare. I am forever graceful that God has given me the opportunity to stay at home with children and homeschool. These poor women are so deceived.

  4. Thank you, this hits so close to home it took my husband and I three years to conceive so we’re both extremely protective of her. I worked at a bakery before I had her so we still go back and visit and they always ask when Im coming back and don’t understand when I say never. My husband despises daycare he doesn’t understand how you can leave your child with complete strangers. It’s not until something horrible happens that parents will begin putting the children first.

    1. My husband just told me that the man who will most likely be the next governor of CA wants free childcare. There is no such thing as “free” childcare since the taxpayers will fund it. It greatly saddens me to know that we will be supporting free childcare which will encourage more mothers to leave their children in the care of strangers.

  5. The ugly truth is that most parents in the Western world today see their children as a burden, an inconvenience to their hedonistic lifestyles rather than as blessings. Sadly, I’ve also seen many self-described “Christian” parents with the same attitude. Sickening and heartbreaking.

    1. Yes, children are not considered a blessing and gifts from God anymore, unfortunately, not even in many of the churches. Just ask the women who are pregnant with their fourth or fifth child.

  6. Thank you Lori! Every mother, every girl, needs to read your post!

    I was encouraged by my mother in law to put my twins in daycare a couple days a week so that I “could have a break and have time for myself.” Astounded, I told her how much I love being with my babies and “didn’t need a break” from them. She said on several occasions that it would be good for me to get out and run errands and do whatever I wanted. I was exactly where I wanted to be… at home taking care of my precious babies and tending to the home. The thought of paying a stranger to take care of my children so I, the homemaker, could have time to myself was such a ludicrous thought! Isn’t that exactly what the enemy wants? To tear apart the family and home? How fleeting these years are with my dear children and far be it from me to squander the time!

    The love of the world has deceived so many, even believers. The pied piper is leading all the children away, far away from home, left defenseless and this is the norm. The consequences follow down from generation to generation. The enemy rejoices. Heartbreaking!!!

    1. It truly is heartbreaking and especially so since so many Christian women are falling for it and failing to raise up godly offspring. How can we raise godly offspring if we aren’t with them most of their childhood? God has made it clear what His will is for us and His will is perfect!

  7. We should not condemn mothers who are forced by family or economic circumstances to leave their children in daycare. But we should condemn women who put any personal priority, and especially career, before their duties as a mother which includes looking after their children themselves and devoting their time to doing so.

    We should also wholeheartedly condemn the idea of providing childcare so as to ‘free’ women from their duties as mothers , to ‘empower’ them in the workplace or give them ‘equally’ in marriage. In other words follow an un Godly feminist agenda.

  8. so grateful for hubby who supported me all these years to be a sahm/homeschool mom. homeschooling youngest in jr high, and am so thankful for my life. praying for more people to turn away from the daycare model for childraising. my neighbors kids have major issues from daycare and cannot function as adults. so sad.

  9. My four year old lasted six days in 4K, which is basically daycare, this fall before we pulled her out and decided to homeschool. I missed her too much! I thought it would be more relaxing to be home with only my two year old- except I spent the whole morning worried and heartsick. I learned my lesson!

    1. I’m so happy for you, Elaine! God bless you as you begin your homeschooling journey! In July our firstborn finished high-school, we homeschooled him since the beginning, until the end! It was a very special moment for me, I had a feeling of relief with awesome happiness and gratefulness, seeing that God helped us all the way in multiple ways!

  10. I definitely agree that women should not be using day care to further their own feminist goals. However I am curious Lori what your thoughts are, if a woman and her husband together are poor and what if the woman needs to work as well to help out? I read another commenter say that they should not have children if they can’t afford to raise them. But wouldn’t that being going against God’s command to be fruitful and multiply? Just curious what your thoughts on that type of situation would be.

    1. Daycare is expensive. Mothers staying at home (where God has called them to be) takes stepping out in faith and believing God’s promises to them that He is their Great Provider and what He commands, He provides. It is usually much cheaper for a mother to stay home when all the taxes and expenses are figured in to what she actually brings home.

      1. That is definitely true and I do agree that economically day care makes no sense, it is way cheaper to stay home. I guess what I was wondering was, if you have a couple who is actually poor, and struggle to provide for the extra person in the household…as in the husband struggles to provide enough money for food/shelter/medical care for the child, etc. I don’t believe that economics should be what stops a couple from having children. I guess I am just wondering if you think In the above example, should the couple not have children? Thanks

        1. This is where we step out in faith and obey God. I think about the Israelites when they were in captivity in Egypt. How did they become so powerful? By having a lot of children! God makes the seeming impossible possible.

  11. Lori, I have a question for you. If a women is unable to have biological children of her own, how should she proceed in honoring Gods will for her? Should she adopt, or focus more on being a help-meet to her husband?
    Thank you for your insight!

    1. Sure, they can adopt or foster children. If they don’t want to do this, she can be involved with neighbors and her church, but taking care of her home and husband should always be her first priority.

  12. There are families who are forced to send kids out or face a messy legal battle. Their hands are tied and it deeply saddends them, but they have no other choice. ☹️

    1. I’d honestly look to move if this was the case. The souls of my family are more important than anything else in this world and worth giving up anything.

  13. This is a great post Lori! I have never heard this truth being taught to younger wives and we need to hear it! You’re right we need the older women to teach us, thank you for living out this calling!

    I am grateful to be home fulltime with my children. 😊

  14. Love this and all your posts. I am a new mom and home full-time. I love knowing that I am doing just what the Lord wills. My infant son and I are very attached and he is only ever in my care. I am the only “stay-at-home” mom in my church, and some of the women come up to me wanting to hold him, carry him around saying, “lets give mommy a break, shall we?” I hate it, I dont need or want a break from my baby, yet I feel too kind to tell them no and pretend I’m totally cool with it….meanwhile I cant take my eyes off him while someone else is holding him and I can’t wait to get him back. Any advice on how to gracefully handle these feelings/situations? I don’t want to seem selfish, afterall, I’m only a steward and my son belongs to God ultimately. Thank you!

    1. If he is an infant, you especially don’t need others to hold your baby. Simply tell them that you don’t want others holding him at this time. Be honest with them! He is blessed to have you as a mama home full time with him. Children are so much safer being with their mothers.

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