She Does Him Good and Not Evil – Proverbs 31:12

She Does Him Good and Not Evil – Proverbs 31:12


Proverbs 31:12 tells us that a godly wife does her husband good and not evil. Some synonyms for good are excellent, favorable, marvelous, positive, superb, valuable, and wonderful. Some antonyms for good (bad = what a godly wife doesn’t want to be known for) are disagreeable, unacceptable, unhelpful, worthless, mean, noxious, rotten, unreliable, vicious, vile, and unvirtuous. Do you do your husband good or evil?

She builds up his home, instead of tearing it down.

She speaks respectfully to him, instead of being disrespectful towards him through her actions and words.

She is joyful, instead of complaining.

She takes good care of her children, instead of scrolling through Facebook, playing on her iPhone, and watching TV, thus neglecting her children.

She speaks highly of him to others, instead of tearing him down.

She is a student of God’s Word, instead of her Bible gathering dust.

She submits to her husband’s leadership, instead of lording it over him.

She speaks words of kindness to him, instead of being cruel towards him.

She is cheerful and laughs with him, instead of at him.

She does not deprive him sexually, instead of doing it when she feels like it.

She is modest in her clothing, instead of being sensual and turning on other women’s husbands.

She has a gentle and quiet spirit, instead of being harsh and loud.

She loves to stay home and keep it clean and tidy, instead of running here and there and neglecting her home duties.

She dwells on the lovely and the good, instead of having no discretion with what she thinks about and watches.

She loves and sacrifices for him, instead of being selfish and only caring for herself.

I can tell you from personal experience, you will be much happier when you are doing your husband good instead of evil.

She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.
Proverbs 31:12

5 thoughts on “She Does Him Good and Not Evil – Proverbs 31:12

  1. Thank you for this post, Mrs. Lori! Proverbs 31:12 has always been a very weighty scripture to me. These are some thoughts that the Lord has dealt with me about concerning this scripture.

    “…ALL the days of her life.”

    What does it mean to have the heart of my husband safely trusting in me? No harm or evil can come to it. He knows that I will not ruin or destroy him. It means that his heart is safe with me.

    How often: “…ALL the days of her life.” I must do him good EVERYDAY.

    Most women seem to think that they have an excuse to flucuate in their behavior toward their husband.

    “I don’t feel well, the children were extremely bad today, I was up with the baby all night, it’s that time of the month, had a confrontation with my neighbor or my mom, I have a headache or my allergies are acting up.”

    No excuses…all the days of her life she does him good. She is clothed with strength and honour.

    Help me, Jesus, to be like you!

  2. Mrs. Lori! This is have to say, is probably your best post yet! “She takes good care of her children, instead of scrolling through Facebook, playing on her iPhone, and watching TV, thus neglecting her children.” Now that is something to remember! I am so lucky with my seven litte blessings and my dear husband, that the only thing that would make my life better would be a reply from you!

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