Should Women Be in the Military, Police Force, or Firefighters?

Should Women Be in the Military, Police Force, or Firefighters?

Should godly women be in the military, police force, or firefighters? No, godly women should not be in any of these and I will try to explain why I believe this. In the Bible, only men were the ones to go to war and they had to be 20 years old or older. “Take ye the sum of all the congregation of the children of Israel, after their families, by the house of their fathers, with the number of their names, every male by their polls; From twenty years old and upward, all that are able to go forth to war in Israel: thou and Aaron shall number them by their armies” (Numbers 1:2, 3).

Women are the weaker vessel. “Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel” (1 Peter 3:7). “The thing which the husband is specially to understand and take into account is that he is dealing with a thing less strong than himself…The weakness here ascribed to the female sex is primarily that of the body, as we shall see when we consider the word ‘vessel,’ though it may, perhaps, indicate frailty in other respects as well.” (Elliot’s Commentary) And I am sure the feminists will love Matthew Poole’s definition of this verse; “weaker than the husbands, and that both in body and mind, as women usually are.”

In past generations, EVERY ONE knew that men are stronger physically and emotionally than women. Men have ten times the testosterone than women do. Yes, men’s struggle is with their sexual nature but women’s struggle is with their emotional nature. Men and women are different. We are not the same. (It’s sad that I even have to write these words.)

As Mark Paghi wrote on my Facebook page the other day: “I don’t see the point of claiming equality with men. It shouldn’t even be talked about. If I have a basketball team, there is a point guard and a center. Do you hear anyone trying to give pep talks about equality? No. Does a point guard try to take the position of a center? No. They each have their position and know they are part of a team. Saying they are equal in human value or something of that nature is common sense. It doesn’t need to be explained nor brought up. Men and women aren’t equal. They are DIFFERENT. You can’t say equal but different. That’s a contradiction.”

“If there is a sound downstairs during the night and it might be a burglar, you don’t say to her: ‘This is an egalitarian marriage, so it’s your turn to go check it out. I went last time.’ And I mean that even if your wife has a black belt in karate. After you’ve tried, she may finish off the burglar with one good kick to the solar plexus. But you better be unconscious on the floor, or you’re no man. That’s written on your soul, brother, by God Almighty. Big or little, strong or weak, night or day, you go up against the enemy first. Woe to the husband–and woe to the nation–that send their women to fight their battles.” (John Piper)

 “Protect your wife physically. As we have seen, a godly husband uses his strength to protect his wife from any physical harm. He puts himself in harm’s way rather than risking her harm. He does not allow himself to feel that he needs to turn his cheek to any kind of abuse of his wife, but reacts with strength even at the risk of his own harm. He will face his own harm, he will face his own death, to keep his wife from suffering at the hand of others.” (Tim Challies)

The Lord instructs husbands to be the head of their wives. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body” (Ephesians 5:23). They are over them to protect and provide for them. This is God’s perfect plan in marriage and in society; it is the men who are to be the protectors. Being in the military, a firefighter, or policeman takes strength. Unfortunately, feminists have bullied men into women being able fulfill these positions. We are called to be feminine with gentle and quiet spirits. These jobs are all masculine.

Can you even imagine what women in the military who are captured by the enemy must endure? I am sure it is horrible! Women are much more vulnerable and defenseless than men. Women are the ones who are raped. (Yes, some men are being raped today, too, in today’s perverted society but it normally takes several men to do this whereas it only takes one man against one woman to rape a woman.) How about a female police officer caught in the middle of a gang? What if a female firefighter had to drag a 200 pound man down from a second story on a ladder to save his life? Women cannot do this. It is all nonsense.

But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female.
Mark 10:6

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  1. The quote from John Piper made me want to stand up and cheer, it was that good!

    My husband and I are always having to explain to our children why we do or don’t do something when almost all of the Christians around are. From clothing to jobs to roles in marriage, it’s truly rare to see anyone follow Scripture in these areas. Christians have so become influenced by the secular culture that they don’t think twice about disobeying God’s clear word yet show up every Sunday with no conviction to change. We are raising our children to, in all areas, not think twice about countering today’s culture, even if you stand physically alone. If God is for us, who can be against us?

    I pray that the women of our society will wake up one day and realize they are not blooming in the garden that God planted them in and that the weeds of life will continue to choke them and their household until they tend to their own garden like God intended.

  2. Amen, TJFW! I pray that my grandchildren will not be attracted to the world and its ways because they are all so contrary to the ways of the Lord. God’s ways are so beautiful. Oh Lord, give them eyes to see!

  3. I don’t necessarily agree that women are weaker than men mentally or emotionally, but physically? Why is that even a question? As far as women go, I’m on the stronger side physically but I’m no match for 99% of men! I tried to arm-wrestle my husband once, just for fun. The whole thing took about five seconds, I didn’t even stand a chance. I would never make it in the hot sun carrying my own body weight or more on my back, AND trying to take out an enemy at the same time. There’s just no way that would even be possible. Acknowledging differences shouldn’t be so controversial! They’re so obvious.

  4. Aside from the list of physical reasons (body size / strength / Godly clothing etc) it is clearly sinful for women to be active members of the armed forces or front line police officers (accept in limited roles where they are needed to deal with women).

    It is not appropriate for women to be in authority over men, nor in my view to be placed in needless danger of either accidental harm (fires etc) criminal activity or warfare. The example you state of rape being an even more important issue – a woman who is raped is defiled in a very specific way and runs areal risk of pregnancy – it is not even comparable for a man to be assaulted however terrible that is.

    But I think it goes deeper than that, women should be at home, either as wives and mothers or as daughters helping their mother. The only exception being those who choose a Holy vocation and work as such. I think it is wrong and puts girls at great risk of immorality for them to ‘go away’ from the authority of their parents before marriage.

  5. I agree with this. Sadly, feminism has now caused mandatory drafting for women. All women have to register and could be sent to war if need be. Terrible.

  6. I find myself agreeing with you, don’t worry I’ll help protect you from the secular progressive feminist Lynch mob. There is masculine strength and feminine strength and both are good, but they are not the same. Even on TV the female characters have to be gun toting butt kicking divas in order to be PC. I generally find this not attractive. Go get ’em tiger!

  7. I have often wondered what these women do when they get a really heavy period. How can you deal with that out on the battlefield every month? Chances are you’re gonna leak at some point. Oh excuse me I have bad cramps today I need to stay in my tent? Will someone else carry my stuff? Where is the restroom ten times a day?

  8. I am a woman, and I appreciate that some women are stronger than other women and train their bodies to be tough. HOWEVER, I would sleep much better at night knowing that our nation’s first line of defense was made up entirely of men. The same way that the first line of defense for our home is my husband. I can’t even understand why this topic is up for debate. Men can’t have babies and they don’t seem to be upset about it. Why do women have to do EVERYTHING a man does?

  9. Sadly I suspect that among their other sins these women are using hormonal contraceptives so their natural cycle is unlikely to be a problem.

  10. Oh I absolutely agree and didn’t mean to suggest otherwise. My point is that there are only two Godly vocations for women. That of wife and God willing mother or a celibate life directly in his service.

  11. Being a Police Officer is a very dangerous job, but from the cops I’ve talked to, women are so good at it because they’ve usually got better communication skills and can use these to their advantage. The same is true for prison guards – the women communicate better with the prisoners. Ideally, a mix of genders work well: men for the brute force, and women for the communication and “gentle” side. Studies have shown that there are definite benefits to having women in both the police force and prison system, to balance out what men bring to the roles.

  12. Really? Where is this? Scary!! I don’t want my daughters going to war! This is definitely one area that women should be exempt from. The army is a man’s job, for sure!

  13. I agree. I’m fairly strong for a woman – but not a match for even an “average” man! I can lift 50kg, my husband can lift twice that with ease.

  14. This post is spot on. My nephew was in the military for 12 years and did 3 tours of duty in the Middle East. I am not sure of the position of the women in the military he was talking about, but he said they would complain and miss work duties during their monthly cycle etc. It was and is a problem. Thank you for your insight.

  15. Christian businessman who do business with companies that employ married women (who should be home tending to their families!) are bringing sin into the camp. We must be separate from the world, and not put filthy lucre ahead of what God has clearly ordained in scripture.

  16. Certainly before employing married women Christian businesses should take steps to ensure that those women are not neglecting family responsibility and that the work and working environment is suitable.

  17. Exactly it is a hormonal contraceptive which to me is absolutely unacceptable for a Christian woman.

  18. Unless there is a serious medical reason it must be wrong to inhibit our natural cycle even if the woman is not sexually active and of course unmarried women using hormonal contraception are far more likely to become promiscuous.

  19. A fireman just yesterday told me he is frightened by the thought of going into a burning building with a woman.

    He said there is no doubt they would die for me and have courage, but his knows first hand that not one woman in the city department could drag him out if something happened to him. They would both die, or she would have to leave him.

    A good friend of mine is an ex SEAL. He believes women can help in adjunct positions, but not in battle and not even I deployment outside the US. He said women are just as smart, but mental reaction times are slow and physically slow. When decisions need to be made in fraction of seconds the women who are highly trained still hesitate.

  20. “If there are dishes and laundry sitting around during the day and it might be a busy day, you don’t say to him: ‘This is an egalitarian marriage, so it’s your turn to do the dishes and laundry tonight after you get home from work. I did it last time.’ And I mean that even if your husband has a degree in home economics. After you’ve tried, he may rinse off his plate or pick up his socks. But you better be unconscious on the floor, or you’re no woman. That’s written on your soul, sister, by God Almighty. Big or little, strong or weak, night or day, you go up against the enemy first. Woe to the wife–and woe to the nation–that send their men to kitchen after a long day in the battle to provide for you.”

    How does that sound if John the submissive husband Piper said that to wives from the pulpit. He wouldn’t be preaching too long.

    This is just another beat down of men and husbands. It isn’t men who want women in battle. It’s women. John Piper was using that quote to blame men for women now legally obliged to go into combat battalions.

    Read or listen to the who sermon/lecture. He was blasting men….

  21. What are your thoughts on women in EMS? My husband is a paramedic, and sometimes female co-workers cause problems because they can’t lift the really heavy patients. (You’d be surprised what a large portion of calls are for really heavy people who cannot move themselves and need EMS.) Also, EMS workers are often put in the same type of danger as police and fire fighters.

  22. Dear Mrs. Alexander, I believe the simplest way to get at this issue is to look at Deuteronomy 22:5, “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.”

    The Hebrew word underlying “that which pertaineth to a man” is elsewhere translated as “armor” or “equipment”. I believe we find a clear reference to things like riot gear or men’s uniforms.

  23. Good thing the only,judgement I have to face is God’s. Not any of the folks commenting on this article. I’m respectful of others opinion even if I disagree. But I’ll follow what he put in my heart, and discuss it with him when I get there.,..just like the rest of you.

  24. Dear Lori,

    Would you please be willing to take a few minutes out of your day and help me understand?

    I’ve looked at your blog posts, and I’ve found that I respectfully disagree with some of your viewpoints. I simply have a different worldview.

    I am not personally a religious person, and I do consider myself a feminist (I say this only to give you a little bit of perspective as to why I disagree, not as a challenge or as a statement of disrespect). As a carpenter and welder, I work with strong women every day. I know female welders, carpenters, and other craftspeople that could put plenty of others to shame in skill , mental composure, and physical strength. These skills have benefitted them greatly in life, and are an inspiration to both men and women who are just starting out in those fields. Do you believe that it is wrong of them to be this way? What negative repercussions are there to these women following their dreams and attaining this level of skill and strength?

    I see nothing wrong with bringing up these topics solely for the purposes of respectfully trying to understand your point of view. Again, I don’t wish to mean any offense, neither personal nor towards your beliefs and the people who share those beliefs. I simply hope that we can open up the forum for a civil, thought-provoking discussion.

    If my comment is not appropriate for this site, then I will gladly leave and I will not bother you any more.

    Have a great day, to you and to everyone!

    Best Wishes,

  25. I have a little different perspective on this issue as I am a woman and a veteran of the United States Navy. I served from 1969 to 1971. A different time to say the least. I had a desk job and never even held a gun until just recently when my husband insisted I have a pistol and be a registered gun owner for personal protection. At the time of my service I was not a born again Christian. But, it was my future husband who led me to the Lord. We were from different parts of the country and I doubt I would have met him had I not enlisted right out of high school. So, we both believe God led us to each other through our military service. We have been married 47 years and counting. I don’t believe women should serve in combat and not in areas that are dangerous but I think they can be of use in support positions and only if they are unmarried. They could meet the person God has for them like I did!

  26. I am a female firefighter and paramedic currently reading this from the station. We obviously have vastly different view points, but I would like to take you to task on a few points. For anyone, woman or man, to become a firefighter they must pass a rigorous physical test. If you cannot pull the weight of an average adult human the length it would take to get them out of a building you cannot work full time on most departments. I have always worked on a farm and being stronger than most girls admittedly, I pass this physical test in the same average time as the men. No, most women likely cannot. But for the ones that can there is no reason they physically cannot be firefighters. And with a better understanding of how heavy lifting affects firefighters and EMS workers even the strongest man on the crew does not lift a patient alone. We all work as a team regardless of strength to ensure no one is unnecessarily hurt. Not everyone has the mental toughness to do this job, but it is certainly not exclusive to men. And it can be dangerous to men to suggest they must be tough enough to endure it by nature of being a man as seen by the rate of suicides amongst people in this career. You obviously have your beliefs and I have mine. But I would suggest understanding more about the career you are talking about before forming an opinion.

  27. Hi Nichole,

    Men, in general, are stronger, faster, and bigger. This is the way God made them. He made them to be the protectors of societies. When God sent men to war in the OT, it was always men. There are professions that should remain all men and I believe being a fire fighter is one of them but you have the freedom to be one if you want. They certainly aren’t feminine jobs. I prefer to see women being feminine in all areas of their lives and not dressing like men. God made us different for different purposes.

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