The Backlash of Women in the Workforce

The Backlash of Women in the Workforce

“Cameron recalled Anna once commenting that the war (World War II) would change the situation of women because they were now handling duties once solely male dominated. Of course this boon could well have a certain backlash, but for now Cameron knew to ride with the positive wave of it.” (Judith Pella “Forward the Sunrise”)

What are the backlashes to women handling duties that were once solely dominated by men? “The demise of our society and family values started with women in the workplace.” I agree with this comment made by a man whose wife sadly divorced him. Women weren’t created to be in the workplace especially if it meant leaving their children in the care of others. Yes, wars have forced this upon them in the past but it still doesn’t mean it was good for the children. Then feminists convinced women that being out of the home was a good thing which it is not!

“That (women in the workforce) leads to greed, affairs, and children being raised like animals by other women not even in the kids’ family.” It definitely has led to greed. Many men now want their wives to work for the paycheck they bring home so they can buy more stuff. Women feel emboldened by bringing home their own money to buy more stuff. Yes, few must work to make enough money to provide essentials for their children but these are the exceptions rather than the rule. (Remember, exceptions don’t negate God’s clear commands.) There are many women who live frugally and simply within their husband’s income because they know the value of being home to raise their own children.

Working outside of the home has also led to more affairs. Women and men working in close quarters day in and day out is a recipe for affairs. I personally know a few women who were bored at home, left their children in the care of others, and then had affairs. They went on to divorce their husbands and I was devastated! The harm to their families was terrible. A mother at home doesn’t have the same opportunities to be with other men day in and day out like career women do. She is too busy caring for her children and her home, if she is a good wife and mother.

What ever convinced women that it’s better for strangers to raise children rather than their own mothers? Whether it be nannies, daycare teachers, or school teachers, none of them love and care for the children as much as their own mothers do. They don’t have the time to discipline and train the children they care for or teach. Daycare and schools are not biblical concepts. They are man made ones that have had terrible consequences since they give mothers more reason and incentive to get out of their homes and hand their children over to strangers for their childhoods.

“There is no way they have your kids’ best interest at heart if they have 20 others to watch and if your kid is a little rambunctious, then they probably get tons of time alone in ‘time out.’” This is a sad truth with daycare and schools. Too many boys are being put on drugs since they can’t sit in a chair for hours a day. They weren’t meant to do this! Schools were designed with girls in mind. Boys are meant to play, run, jump, climb, and be outside whenever they can. Girls are, too, but they don’t suffer in a school setting as much as boys.

“And yes, the worst thing that ever happened to the western world is feminism/women’s suffrage/whatever you want to call it.” Feminism/women’s suffrage happened because women wanted to lead. They felt they could do a better job of it. “Oh, but they have accomplished some great things like protecting women!” Oh, really? Over a million of would be women are murdered in their mother’s wombs each year because of feminism. This doesn’t sound like protection to me! Many children aren’t being raised by their mothers. This doesn’t sound like protection to me. No, nothing good has come from the women’s movement and I will never support any of it.

“Women going to work to pay other women to watch their children. It’s absolutely disgusting.” If a mother works outside of the home, then yes, she is paying other women to watch her children, either directly from her paycheck or from her taxes. A paycheck is worth being away from one’s children and allowing others to fill their impressionable minds with who-knows-what? What about the peers they are surrounded by? Who knows what they are saying and showing to their children especially with the advent of smart phones.

God commanding younger women to be “keepers at home” is not burdensome, dear women. It’s not to keep you in bondage away from pursuing your dreams. No, it’s what’s best for you and your family. You were created to be your husband’s help meet, your children’s mothers, and the homemaker in your home. You are the one called to train, discipline, and teach your children. They need you emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. It’s proven that children who have been raised by full-time mothers are more emotionally stable and secure than those who were not. Trust God. Trust that His ways are best. Go home. if at all possible, and remember that with God ALL things are possible, especially His will for you.

That they may teach the young women to be…keepers at home…that the word of God be not blasphemed.
Titus 2:4, 5

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  1. Not to mention taking away salaries from men who want to provide the traditional way. Sad isn’t it how women are now taught that the only way to have an identity, to be worth something as a human being is to shun the home, children and be exactly like a man. The blatant sexism of the feminist movement!

  2. I think it also important to note that abortion is not always the mother’s choice. Pressure from husbands, the baby’s father, parents of teenagers, etc lead women to have abortions that they do not want to have.

    Men have a role in helping prevent abortions just as women do. If your teenage daughter becomes pregnant, you must be overjoyed that God is bringing new life into the world. The circumstances may not be ideal, and the teenage couple must be gravely informed of their new role as parents and ask Jesus for forgiveness for their transgressions, but you cannot make the new life out to be a negative thing parents! Some parents force their children to have abortions, but the fear of being ostracized, kicked out of the house, etc can also make a young woman feel she has no other choice.

    Similarly, a pregnancy arising from rape must be divorced from the terrible event (rape) and celebrated as a new life/ new start as well. Victim shaming does not make someone want to keep a baby that came from rape.

    Husbands must always be happy to have a new child and optimistic about the family’s finances, the wife’s stamina/health, or other conditions that some husbands bemoan when finding out about “another pregnancy”. Husbands who make their wives have an abortion outright well I have no advice for such a terrible choice a man might make.

    Finally, if a couple living and engaging in sin becomes pregnant, men must be providers. Do not make your girlfriend get an abortion! Become the provider for your child and girlfriend. Threatening to leave, claiming the baby is not yours . . . all things that would make an unwed mother feel abortion is her only option!

    Abortion is wrong, and women have the choice even under pressure, but it is silly to make it sound as though women are just running around having abortions for only selfish reasons. Society, and in some cases the men in their lives, have created an environment inhospitable for pregnant women or even force them into abortions.

    1. That a man might have encouraged a woman to have an abortion does not negate her wrongdoing.

      People need to stop take away moral accountability from women. Full stop.

  3. Hi Lori — the comment I submitted could be seen as ‘teaching men,’ perhaps you know of a male author who has said similar things or a female author who has given advice for what women should do if they are being forced into an abortion. Those would be better posts than mine.

    1. Kate, you’re not teaching me what you think you’re teaching. LOL
      Abortion is wrong, and women have the choice even under pressure, but it is silly to make it sound as though women are just running around having abortions for only selfish reasons.
      Oh? Do tell, all the selfless reasons women dismembered their 60 million children without anesthetic before they even breathed their first breath?

      And Feminist women fought against men and patriarchal society hard to get abortion legalized, and you now blame men for abortions. If men had not given women the ability to vote, abortion would likely still be illegal, as a rightly shameful murder. We need to repent of it as a nation. The only thing you’re teaching me is about the cognitive dissonance many women are capable of entertaining in their minds.

      Last I checked, of the 60 million abortions, not a single one was had by a man. I am aware there are evil men taking advantage of the evils of Feminism, but when all women give up their vote, only then can you start blaming men for whatever degeneracy Feminism continues to advance into law.

      1. Hello Elias,

        Male doctors perform abortions, and many women will tell you a father, husband, or boyfriend pressured them, if not outright forced them, to have an abortion. It is not cognitive dissonance to say that these people are complicit in an evil act. I would hold the doctor that did the dismembering just as guilty of murder as the woman who followed through with the procedure or the man that dragged her to it under duress.

        One of the many arguments that shows the disastrous effects of abortion is women with PTSD because they were forced to have an abortion.

        1. You are right Kate, there are many men performing and pressuring and complicit in abortion. It is however largely an elective crime against God and humanity. And the vast majority of abortions are adult women electing to kill their children. Yes it would be truly traumatic to be forced into abortion. I believe if a minor or adult could prove in court that they had in fact been forced into an abortion, against their choice, somebody would go to jail for it. I don’t recall hearing about that happening much.

          The cognitive dissonance lies in that you seem to be able to fully well blame men for their more minor role in the abortion genocide, while defending and excusing women with all sorts of exceptions and extreme cases as if you believe that women lack the moral agency to commit such a sin without a man leading her to do it. The pattern given in the Bible from the very first transgression, is that, more often than not, women lead men into sin.

          Feminism is a supremacist ideology where women are made to seem morally superior to men. Don’t believe it. Righteous God made the choice to put the men in charge because women are more prone to being beguiled and thereby willingly choosing to enter into sin against Him. God set up patriarchy in heaven and on earth, before he ever created the first woman. He knew the woman was a second weaker vessel before He ever created her as the glory of man. If women are less responsible, with regard to sin, as you seem to be contending, then men should assuredly rule over them for their own good, and righteousness sake. And Women, just like men, should confess their weakness and sins, rather than blame others for their own part in it.

          While my heart goes out to any actual people who are in the harrowing hypothetical situations you describe, we as Christians are called to lay down our lives as a testimony if called upon to do so, not to lay down the life of our child to escape form pressure or consequences from a bad situation, even if it wasn’t our choice. God let it happen, and it is a test. Don’t fail it, by choosing your convenience over the life of an innocent unborn child. We all get pressured to make bad choices every day.

          Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point. ~C.S. Lewis
          Most people recognize men as typically having greater courage than women. Now think of the implication of C.S. Lewis’ statement with regard to the relative virtue of each sex. Do your virtues evaporate when the pressure is on?

          Please focus on women’s responsibility rather than scapegoating men for abortion. Have the courage to face the most usual abortion situations. The mother drives her daughter to the abortuary. Deflection will get you nowhere.

          It was answered, that all great and honorable actions are accompanied with great difficulties, and must be both enterprised and overcome with answerable courages. ~William Bradford

          Have the courage to accept that women primarily demanded legalized abortion, use it, and are fighting to keep it legal and expand it, your smattering of evil men and victimized women not withstanding. Have the courage to recognize that women are not more virtuous than men. Stop slandering men’s virtues and blaming them for women’s vices. Look at the world in a masculinity honoring way. Who’s really the more toxic sex killing our own offspring by choice? 60 Million! Let the supremacist scales of Feminism fall from your eyes.

          1. Yes, women are the ones who have aggressively fought for the right to an abortion. They are the ones who are voting overwhelmingly for abortions because it’s their “choice.” Feminism, led by women, is who fought for all of this. We must not sugar coat this.

          2. Thank you Elias.

            If you saw my comment right after posting the initial one, you know that I asked Lori about practical advice for a woman in a situation feeling undue pressure and also voiced concern that I came off as “teaching men.”

            I am not using men as a scapegoating or excusing women’s actions. I am encouraging those in the lives of pregnant women to help lead them in the right direction, instead of push them away. I believe that as a Christian we should be “salt and light” especially if we personally know this person.

            I do not think a hardcore feminist would read Lori’s blog and this post change her mind on abortion. However, a woman feeling pressured, unsure, or getting conflicting views from authority figures in her life might read this post.

            Those types of women are the ones who need Christina encouragement and teaching the most in this situation.

            I highly doubt a teenage girl whose parents encouraged her into abortion, even though she wanted to keep her child, would then go to court to prove her parents made her do it.



  4. I’m so glad you mentioned how boys are being subjected to drugs to ‘calm them down.’ My nephew’s teacher suggested that and I told my brother to absolutely NOT listen to her. Pumping drugs into children for behaving normally is horrible.

    I really don’t understand the thinking of educational professionals at all. They condemn drug use and then insist the parents drug their kids. They talk about kids being fat and hyper and remove a lot of the phys. ed time. Busses pick up kids and drive them a block to school. Except for bad weather days, they can walk! We did. If a parent is worried, join them for a walking school bus. The fresh air and exercise will do everyone some good. They speak of overstimulation and then cover their classrooms from wall to wall, floor to ceiling with so much stuff! It makes me dizzy! I’d run screaming around the room, too!

  5. I don’t think Mrs. Pence is doing anything wrong by teaching art at a Christian school, and there are many other situations where I don’t think it’s wrong for a woman to work outside the home.

    However, I do agree that it is usually best for Mom to be at home with her young children. Actually, people from all over the political spectrum agree with this proposition, but they want to maintain the large number of women in the workforce by subsidizing extended maternal leave. If this were adopted in the United States, I think it would have a negative economic effect–either by adding a great deal of cost to businesses, which would pass the cost of maternity leave onto the consumer, or on the hiring of women of reproductive age, which would then need to be combated with expensive lawsuits to maintain the status quo. In other words, it is a terrific expenditure to keep women technically working, not to mention the childcare subsidies needed when the women return to work.

    I think the overall point to be made here is how is a woman best helping her household? The answer to that might very well be paid employment outside the home–but paid employment does not trump the wellbeing of young children, so I think it would be an overall benefit were more women to exit the paid workforce to stay at home with their kids.

  6. Great post, as usual Lori,

    Many women do not appear to understand how it encourages a man to have to go and support a wife and children. Tens of millions of men married poor, and the love they developed in marriage, and for their wife and children inspired them to work and achieve far greater than they otherwise would have. When women go to work, it emasculates the man.

    When he’s no longer the provider and protector, he often gets in trouble. Where there is no love in a marriage, there will be love outside of it.

    The lack of faith, in God to provide, is a huge fault too. So many women and men have the familiar refrain ‘We can’t afford children’. Actually, anyone who understands history understands a nation can’t afford not to have children. We are in the richest nation on earth, and the majority opinion is women can’t afford to have children. Something is seriously wrong with people’s priorities. These same people can afford to watch television and waste time doing that, can afford to take vacations, can afford luxury homes and cars, can afford expensive Christmas gifts, can afford to pamper themselves, and can afford to drink prodigious amounts of alcohol. But, when it comes to kids, ‘We can’t afford muh kids’. Tragic miscarriage of a divine purpose for selfish and faithless reasons.

    1. I have also seen the truth of your first paragraph. It is huge and I don’t think many women (definitely not the feminists) have understood that.

  7. Many men now want their wives to work for the paycheck they bring home so they can buy more stuff.

    Many men “want” their wives to work outside the home (“want” isn’t really the right word here, but there is no other suitable substitute) for a variety of reasons. Among them:

    1. They’ve been brainwashed by decades of feminist social engineering into believing that a wife not working full time outside the home is a freeloader not contributing to the household.

    2. Related to number 1, they realize that their own ability to adequately provide for a family on their income alone has been deliberately undermined and destroyed by the existing feminist order, which has saturated the workplace with women, thus driving wages downward to levels incapable of supporting a family. For this reason they’re determined that their wives should “live the ‘feminist dream'” and work full-time (“you and your feminist sisters have made your –and our– beds hard, now sleep in them!”).

    3. They know how miserable, “unfulfilled,” and “oppressed” their wives will feel having to stay at home and raise the children they’ve spat out because they felt some vague societal obligation to do so (“I gave birth to them, isn’t that enough?! … What, you want me to RAISE them too??!! Are you nuts???!!!”). These men know that they’ll be in for nothing but misery, contentiousness, and marital strife if they “oppress” their wives by making them stay at home, so they make them go to work in the (vain and misplaced) hope of ensuring some domestic tranquility.

    4. Sadly, most husbands today don’t seem to give significantly more thought or priority to their children’s long-term spiritual and emotional wellbeing than do their wives. Children, in the modern western world, and for both sexes, are a commodity, an abstraction, and ultimately a burden, not joys or treasures to be delighted in, cared for, and nutured to grow up in God’s image. Making Mom stay at home to raise them is just not an option for most dads, for all the reasons cited above.

    Needless to say, all that I’ve cited above describes most “Christian” marriages and families every bit as much as secular ones. Did it not apply, we would see a STARK difference in the typical Christian family dynamics rather than the typical dysfunction that makes most “Christian” marriages and families completely indistinguishable from their secular counterparts.

  8. Lori raises the question:

    “What are the backlashes to women handling duties that were once solely dominated by men?”

    Lurking out of sight, out of mind is the backlash that is going to occur as a result of opening up military combat roles to women.

    We are going to find out at a terrible time, in terrible ways, what a terrible idea opening combat roles to women is. But now that horse has left the barn (and no current politicians have the moral courage to reverse it). Requiring women to register for Selective Service IS going to happen, and if (God forbid 10,000 times) a draft is reinstituted, women WILL be drafted. It will be an unholy mess, but it is going to happen.

    Do any of you have girls. They’ll all have to register, there won’t be anything you or they will be able to do about it unless you’re willing to go to jail.

    The physical unsuitability of women for combat and even sustained support roles in and near combat has been well documented. A female Marine who was about as physically capable as any woman is ever going to be shares her experience:

    Then there are the questions of how exactly do you integrate men and women into a combat unit where they are virtually living in each other’s pockets for weeks at a time? Looking for a private space for personal functions in combat? Good luck with that. (article is behind a paywall, but it is very much worth fishing around for)

    The experience of Israeli women in combat is not what the Left would like to have you believe it is:

    Why is this going to happen? One big factor is that pastors are going to remain silent about it. Ask your pastor “When are you going to speak up about this?” Ask your Session/Deacon Board/Elders (however your church is organized) “Will you stand behind families who resist allowing their daughters to be compelled to register for the Selective Service?” Odds are you’ll be disappointed with the answers.

    Sorry for the long response. Hope the links work. They are very enlightening.

    1. I agree with you, Nick. There’s a reason only men were sent to war in the Old Testament and in most cultures. They are the ones God created to fight and defend their nations and families. It’s all so backwards and we all will suffer the consequences.

  9. Shouldn’t it be the rapist that is put to death?

    Yes the men are responsible, however there are women out there who chose not to have abortions to the extent of losing their own husbands and families over it.

    Anyhow that is the world and the world does not know God. We are suppose to follow what the word of God says not people.

    Jesus once said he who could not forsake even his own life for the kingdom of God is not worthy to be his disciple. That includes your family if they want you to commit a grevious act.

    It’s a hard calling but it is. ..

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