The Fear of Being Shot in Church

The Fear of Being Shot in Church

As believers in Jesus Christ, we are promised that we will suffer persecution. The evil in the world is controlled by the prince of the power of the air (Satan) so evil will continue until Christ’s return. We must remember that everything on this earth is a spiritual battle being waged in the heavenlies (Ephesians 6:12), as we hear of the tragedies that are going on around us. One woman in the chat room shared her experience with us of a time she easily could have been a victim of a mass shooting. Here is her story:

Friends, I know that with the church shooting, many are experiencing fear and apprehension that such a thing could happen. Mentally, we know God is sovereign and in control, but we still experience worry for our families and ourselves. Could this happen to us? I wanted to tell you my story, not to sensationalize, but to testify to God’s faithfulness to his promises. (Warning, it may be upsetting to some.)

During my senior year of nursing school, I was sitting in class taking mid-terms when a classmate came in and began shooting. This was fifteen years ago when the only school shooting had been Columbine. No one knew what was happening and it took a while for us to realize. He shot one professor immediately. Our second professor was very vocal about her Christian faith. (She would always end her lectures telling us that she couldn’t talk about it in class, but if we ever wanted someone to talk to about where she found hope or someone to pray for us,to call or visit her any time after class.)

My classmate then turned, pointed the gun at her and asked, “Where is your God now?” She answered boldly, “Whether I live or die, does not change that God is right here, right now.” He then killed her and turned the gun on the class.

Countless times in scripture God tells us, “Do not be afraid.” I want to tell you that He is faithful to His promises. Hiding under the table that morning I knew I was going to die, but the most amazing thing happened, I felt no fear. There was only peace. I remember being sad about how upset my parents would be, but also at peace that God would take care of them.

The most real and authentic prayer of my life was also going to be my last. It was: “Lord, here I come.” I had grown up in the church and youth group and up until that point had trouble believing if it was all real or just what my parents told me. In that moment, I knew without any doubt that God was real and He was present.

I believe the Sovereign hand of God then restrained the shooter, and he let the rest of us go. Just before the shooting he had sent his “manifesto” to the newspaper in which he told of his plans to kill the entire class. Police said that he had enough arms and ammunition to do it. It doesn’t matter what man may plan, nothing is outside of the Plan of God.

At the second professor’s funeral, the gospel was presented and many received Christ because of her faithfulness to her Savior. When seen from an eternal perspective, she lost what she could not keep, so that others might gain what they could not lose. As for me, that day proved the existence of God and His love.

We all know that when we accept Christ we are no longer our own and are to live for God. Since then, I must constantly evaluate, since God spared my life that day, what am I doing with it for Him and His Kingdom?

I write this to you, friends, to remind you that although the news and world is scary, we serve a God that is bigger than all this. And if the God we serve tells us, “Do not be afraid” and “I will never leave you or forsake you,” we can rest assured that He is faithful to His promises.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Psalm 23:4 

16 thoughts on “The Fear of Being Shot in Church

  1. This just spoke to my heart so much today. I have had at least three instances in my life, although different scenarios than this, that I should have been dead, but God had a plan and He wasn’t finished with my life on earth. I have never lost sight of that and I can honestly say that I live each and every day with a conviction to fulfill the purpose God has for my remaining time. Thank you so much for sharing this touching story.

  2. I am a Catholic so I feel it is a grave sin to miss Sunday Mass. My husband doesn’t necessarily feel the same way however, so occasionally the children and I will go without him if he doesn’t want to go. This past Sunday I was preparing to take the children without him as he was finishing up some house projects and he said, “I don’t want you to go today”…this was right after we heard about the shooting. I normally would have gone because I don’t believe in allowing fear to rule in my life and in my relationship with God. But I feel like I had to submit to his wishes because if something did happen this night, it would have been because I exercised authority over my husband. So I feel like I did the right thing in staying home and not brining the children. Wondering what your thoughts are on this?

    1. You did the right thing. What if the shooting happened at your church that day and you had disobeyed your husband and went? Sometimes God will tell our husbands something without our knowledge. And there may of been a very good reason for it. God doesnt have a scorecard and grades you on how many times you go to church. It is not a grave sin whatsoever to miss a service once every now and then for a good reason. God would have to be pretty shallow for sending you to hell for obeying your husband and staying home. Hannah is one example of a woman staying home to care for her child. 😊

    2. By the way, you said you dont believe in allowing fear to rule your life and your relationship with God, yet earlier in your comment you say you believe it is a grave sin to miss a service. That souns like fear to me, otherwise there would be little reason for your comment. You go out of fear that if you miss a service, you will somehow be condemned to pergatory. You question if you we right in staying home out of fear of making the wrong choice and facing the consequences.

  3. I read an article yesterday about a female news reporter ripping into Donald Trump for saying that it wasnt the gun that caused the shooting, but mental illness. She completely disagreed with him and called his claim ‘stupid’. Donald Trump is right. You cant say it was the guns fault, there are so many mentally disturbed people out there who desperately need Jesus. If guns are the problem, then you may as well ban steak knives,stilletto
    heels,hammers,umbrella’s,screwdrivers etc. All are potentially deadly. Its not the object that is the problem, it is the people behind them. 😟

    1. EXCEPT it’s pretty hard to kill many people at one time with steak knives, stiletto heels, hammer, umbrellas, screwdrivers etc. They are all weapons, yes, but they’re not weapons of mass destruction like guns are.

      You are right – it is the people behind the weapon, rather than the weapons themselves. But there can be no getting away from the fact that guns can do a huge amount of damage, killing and injuring a huge number of innocent people, in a matter of seconds, and very few other weapons can do this.

      1. That is true. Nevertheless, they can all cause fatal wounds. I also forgot to mention medication. That can kill multiple people at once. As can various chemicals.

  4. “In the world you will have trouble, but have courage, I have conquered the world.” (John 16:33) This is one of the first bible verses I ever memorized, and I cling to it in times like this. Remember, brothers and sisters, that the end is already written – Jesus wins! Praise God!

  5. Thankfully, here in Australia we generally dont have to deal with that fear. But we do deal with churches that encourages the congregation to drink beer ( and even hands it out at the door), churches that hand out earplugs at the door etc. But a church with bouncers? Id question what kind of church it was. Yikes. Its church, not a night club. ( not that i have ever been to one) i have no problem with guns. Just the fools behind them. I would support stricter laws and screening before allowing people to carry one. And tougher penalties for those who carry one without a permit. Praying for those affected.

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