The Freedom of Feminism?

The Freedom of Feminism?

This is the cover of the recent edition of The New Yorker. The title of the article that goes with this picture is “Love Life” by Adrian Tomine. I can’t read the article because I am not a subscriber but I did read this: “Adrian…finds humor in our increasingly digital search for love.” Many women no longer are good housekeepers. Instead of nurturing babies, they are nurturing cats. They find their escape through alcohol. However, when it comes to searching for love, they can put on a beautiful face, a nice hairdo, pretty top, and a friendly smile.

They have been told their entire lives that their goals in life should be to search for all of the pleasure they can find while pursuing a college education and a career where they are taught Marxist feminism (which is complete rebellion against the Lord and His ways). In this way, they will find value, worth, and satisfaction. By the time they are hitting their late 30s, they aren’t so sure about the goals they were taught to seek. With a cluttered home, only cats to cuddle with, and a cold screen to stare at with a drink in their hand, they are finding that their lives are more empty and meaningless rather than fulfilling.

A woman who goes by the name of @SpiritedSparrow on Twitter wrote this about the picture: “Reminder that the same people who think keeping a tidy and cozy home, cooking, baking, raising their children, and loving their husband makes them a slave/doormat, but being alone, drinking, taking pills, eating takeout/Cheetos, and putting on a fake smile for social media is the good life.”

Almost every book in the New Testament warns us about false teachers/teachings. Feminism is false teachings. There is no such thing as Christian feminists but I can tell you that I get the most criticism from the so-called Christian feminists, since they don’t like the way I “interpret” the Bible. My teachings are “dangerous” they warn others. They think their way is the better way, only it’s the false way. There are no Christian feminists. They are simply unbelievers.

Biblical womanhood is unappealing to them. They don’t want to submit to their husbands. They want to be preachers in the churches. They’re “enlightened and educated.” They don’t want to be a slave to any man nor under the authority of any. This isn’t a new and improved way of womanhood. No, it’s the same deceptive tricks that Satan used on Eve. “Hath God said…?” And Christian feminists want to yell “NO” in unison. They need to repent and believe in Jesus Christ and what His Word commands of them. Twisting His Words by adding or subtracting from them is a dangerous place to be.

 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.
Revelation 22:18,19

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  1. How lazy is somebody who thinks cooking dinner which they get to eat but sharing with other people is slavery? Really really lazy.

  2. I would need a little clarification over one statement in the article, but agree with the primary point. Can a feminist be a Christian? Yes, I believe one can be born again and be errant in many areas of one’s theology. The gospel is simple. Can one be a follower of Christ, meaning one who is living out their salvation and maturing, going from milk to meat, as the Apostle Paul writes about, and continue to embrace feminism? I would say absolutely not. What many seem to fail to understand, whether due to unbiblical teaching and being deceived or willful disobedience to scripture, is that joy comes through living life God’s way. He created us and knows what we satisfy our hearts. Feminism leaves one empty, while living life God’s way brings fulfillment.

  3. I think the worst offenders are those who are married and have kids so they are living a fulfilling life but they fall in line with feminists thinking and help convince other women that “you don’t need no man!” We can tell by how popular Hallmark movies are that despite what women say, most want to have a fairy tale life complete with a handsome prince. It’s the lying that gets to me.

    Even some children’s classic books with strong, spunky girl heroes dupe girls into molding themselves into those characters. When you look at the authors you find out they were either single or unhappily married. Bad pattern to follow, more lying. Or when Vogue magazine started and they had all the glamorous stories of single girls with loose morals traveling to Paris etc. we learned later they were all made up! The editors did it on purpose to sell their magazine and at the same time they sewed discord in women’s marriages and hearts but called it “feminism”. All lies.

    Currently I see the lies with all the female movie heroes. They’ll have them as military heroes in action films, or winning chess tournaments and the like. Very few women get to the top of these fields. Hollywood keeps pushing this narrative onto little girls and lying to them. First it’s not attainable to most of them and second Hollywood actually hides what women can excel in. If it isn’t the typical realm of the male, Hollywood isn’t interested. Has it been since the 1940s in National Velvet that the actress who played the mother got an Emmy for playing a mother? And even that movie had a feminist mindset.

    I try hard to curate what my daughter does and watches. I also try to give her tools to see the truth of situations. Sadly I’ve seen a lovely homeschooled girl who grew up volunteering at a pregnancy crisis center and had a blog about being Godly, get completely caught up in the feminist movement. She has the bad haircut now with tattoos. She uses foul language and blogs foul things. Her once Godly husband seems to be fine with her changes. I asked her mother what she thought happened and she said it was the internet. It was still fairly new when the girl was growing up and the parents weren’t familiar enough with it to be wise about it. When she got to be a late teen they let her go wherever she pleased on it and fell down the feminist hole.

    Now like a lot of feminists she not only looks depressing, but she is depressed. She is on mind altering drugs for depression and everything she writes online is aggressive and mean. There is no grace any longer. This lie is what feminism leads women to be.

  4. Cheetos for “Cheetahs.” Cheetah is the new term, several boomer-feminists are using to describe themselves. Guess they didn’t read the part about “beasts made to be taken and destroyed…” yikes.

  5. Amen, Chris!

    Mrs Lori, this made me think of the passage I think you’ve shared before, from Jeremiah 7:16–“Thus says the LORD: Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is, and walk in it, and find rest for your souls.”

    But verse 17 is what makes me think of the women who say they’re Christians yet angrily reject what you’re teaching from the Word:

    “But they said, ‘We will not walk in it.’”
    I’m not sure what the ancient paths are in this context, but it does make me think of your effort to teach us ladies what God’s Word generously and wisely lays out for us as women, wives, and mothers. You’re calling us back to those ancient paths inspired within the scriptures, the pattern of godliness that we are to follow.
    But so many will not follow.
    Even those who claim Jesus.
    No wonder our souls are restless.
    The world’s ways NEVER truly satisfy.
    Oh, that we would have ears to hear!!

  6. Feminism started with good intentions, giving women a choice what they wanted to do with their live, but has unfortunately has become very anti woman. The sexual revolution of the 1960s, which told women that they were being freed, actually hurt women by cheating the, out of the very thing that science (yes, science) confirms women want most: a monogamous, faithful relationship with emotional fulfillment. Women were tricked into taking the exact opposite! And that led to abortion, and the current man-bashing culture we live in. Now, the movement that called itself pro-choice refuses to give women the option of being a stay at home mother and/or housewife, forces women to take on a masculine nature in their relationships, and permits men who would rather be women to access any and all women’s spaces. If only we could go back in time and end the feminist revolution when it stepped over the line.

  7. “Women can do and have it all!” is the biggest lie women have been told. We can’t – it’s impossible. But that lie has permeated society deeply and the damage has been done.

  8. Exactly—we can’t, and there’s no use pretend like we can. A woman simply cannot try to have a family and a full time career at the same time. Many of my female peers are considering such a lifestyle of having lots of kids (some want to homeschool) and also holding at least one job that requires them to leave the home for long periods of time. I sincerely hope they realize that it will not work while they still have the option, because otherwise they’re going to hurt their husbands (with night jobs intimacy would be a rare thing), their kids, and most of all themselves.

  9. My mother is a staunch, hard-core feminist, so I’ve grown up in the Feminist world. I’ve watched her and her Feminist friends — they are all old and beginning to reach the end of their lives.

    What strikes me is how pointless it all was. None of them have left anything of meaning behind. They had “careers” but none of them left anything real behind except their bloated egos. They may or may not have had children, but left no lasting family legacy. Generally their children are scattered and demoralized, and in many cases won’t even speak to their mothers at all. All angry and hateful.

    Feminism is a waste of time.

  10. I find your summation of feminism particularly poignant, since you have personally observed and experienced it from one of the most important women in your life.

    I remember being confused about feminism in college, and wondering what exactly was motivating all these girls to embrace the rather scattered, selfish ideologies it propounded. Having lived through quite a bit since then, I now realize some of the specific factors that have driven them to such an empty lifestyle… but my original conclusion seems to have held true, even from before I knew about these specifics:

    Those who claim and uphold the relevance of feminism are merely trying to claim and uphold relevance for themselves without acknowledging the Lord’s sovereignty in their lives. In my younger years, I simply would have stated that they were trying to establish a sense of identity separated from the Lord and His Truth. Without obedience to God, all of us are, as you say, wasting our time.

    Thanks for sharing your perspective!

  11. As a single Christian male I’ve seen this happen over the last 40 years and have bemoaned it. All I ever wanted and needed was a simple life, with a wonderful woman who wanted the same.
    Neglect, selfishness and dissatisfaction run heavily in our culture and worldwide.
    Both sides are to blame, but feminism and the cancer it is have caused women to rebel even when someone loves them and respects them deeply.
    And honestly intimacy is not the be all and end all. I would just like to enjoy her company and her very presence. That alone is comforting.

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