The True Agenda Behind Shiny Happy People

The True Agenda Behind Shiny Happy People

Written By Erin Harrison at The Keeper of the Homestead Blog

I am going to promote and remain standing on biblical principles as a beautiful way to raise a family. The world has their own cultish and devilish style of raising the next generation! They want our children from cradle to grave and brainwashed in their institutions starting with day care, pre-k and then kindergarten to 12th grade, then even beyond that. They then lure the children to their “higher” education institutions where the parents pay large sums of money or students take out huge loans to further brainwash the children into their ideologies and essentially their cult of belief.

This is how they have taken over our world bit by bit. They start on young minds and warp them for most of their growing up years, eight hours each day and then some with extracurricular activities that further weakens the bond with their parents and family. Next, they convince them that they’re nobody if they don’t have a piece of paper (diploma) that says they are qualified to go onto the next thing either in the workforce or college. They pull them out of your family to live among them! There they fornicate, have wild parties, and join their socially-engendered causes which they call “social justice” to get another piece of paper that says they are now qualified for better jobs which are the kind that rule our society. Those are our doctors, lawyers, judges, district attorneys, teachers, legislators, representatives in government, police, military, councilors, therapists, your social media giants, your news anchors, Hollywood and Music celebrities, and on and on.

These globalists who manufacture lies against Jesus and biblical principles will never let a crisis go to waste as in the Duggar’s scandal. They will use it to throw the baby out with the bath water and tell all the remaining fence-walking lukewarm churchgoers to walk further and further away from good morals.
It’s also a smokescreen for them because if you get high up into the elite level of globalist cabal, they are actually abducting many displaced children around the world, secretly herding them underground, enslaving them, selling them, brutally abusing them, and even drinking their adrenalized blood. This is how they roll, they do much more deviant and insidious crimes against humanity and then they, with their army of brainwashed people they raised up in all of their evil institutions, take one bad thing and glorify it as if this is what happens in all of these “dangerous” Christian, conservative homes which makes us look like we are the evil ones. Blah, blah, blah! 😡 Well, it’s the opposite!

They complain on the fourth part of the documentary that we Christians are so dangerous because we now have social media to share our modesty, our good biblical values to the world, and share Jesus! They don’t want one ounce of objection to their wicked ideology. They expect complete submission to it, or they will demonize and destroy you! Yet, they do worse. They have 95 percent of all social media companies and television media outlets, all the universities, and all the other companies who have to raise their DEI diversity equity and inclusion scores in order for a better score in their system. It’s complete tyranny and a Marxist takeover. It started nearly 100 years ago if you study it. In order to take over society, you must take down good biblical morals, and they definitely did that but we are an army of believers who, if we keep standing for what is right and true, we might shine the light of Jesus through their devilish plans and pray that God will thwart their evil agenda.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.
1 Peter 5:8

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