Let the Family Without Sin Cast the First Stone

Let the Family Without Sin Cast the First Stone

From what I have seen, those who are writing critiques of the Anti-Duggar Documentary are either those who didn’t watch the Duggars and don’t know much about them, or those who hate the Duggars and the way they lived, the mockers.

I watched every single episode of the Duggars. I loved this show. It was my favorite show on TV. I wish I had their example when I was raising children. They were kind, generous, served in the community, joyful, and loved each other. The camera men who practically lived with them said that what we saw on TV was exactly how they were in real life. The Duggars never spoke an unkind or cruel word about anyone on the TV show or in interviews. They loved God and His Word. This was easily discernable.

Later, when we found out about Josh, Jim Bob and Michelle gave an interview and said that after Josh confessed to them, they did everything they could to make sure it never happened again. They locked the girls’ bedroom door. They warned their daughters about it. They sent Josh away for awhile and to counselors. They even took him to the police. They thought he had changed. They believed in the transforming power of Jesus Christ. They began the show as a ministry to show the world what living for Christ looked like. There are NO perfect families as many think the Duggars should have been.

Now, Jinger and Jill have come out against their upbringing. From what I have been able to discern, no other siblings have supported them. In fact, two so far have come out against what Jill is doing. If their upbringing was so terrible, surely more siblings would be outspoken against their parents and upbringing, but the rest of them seem to be supporting their parents. I could be wrong, but this is what I am observing. I don’t read the slanderous lies and articles being written against them. I don’t even listen to the YouTube videos being made by those who don’t know anything about the Duggars but want to put their two cents in.

No, I don’t follow Gothard and never have. I know he resigned in disgrace and was maybe even forced out. I don’t know exactly what went on since it hasn’t been made clear, but I am sure there were good reasons he was taken out. I have read what IBLP believes, and it seems biblical. Many other families like the Bates were raised in this environment and none of their siblings are speaking out against it and seem to live joy-filled lives.

I know this will anger many of you. I don’t care. I believe a God-fearing family is being slanderously attacked unfairly. I watched them carefully and listened to all of their interviews. They love the Lord and His Word. Were they perfect and did they handle everything perfectly? No, and neither would any of us if we were in the same situation. We would do what we felt led to do after much prayer as they did. Where is the grace among fellow believers in Jesus Christ? Let the family without sin cast the first stone.

So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.
John 8:7

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