They Want Me to Stop Teaching Women to Be Keepers at Home

They Want Me to Stop Teaching Women to Be Keepers at Home

Women simply want me to stop teaching women to be keepers at home. They bring up all of the exceptions. They bring up all of the “What ifs…?” They bring up all of the career women in the Bible who left their homes all day, five days a week, worked for a boss, and left their children in the care of others. (There were none.) They will bring up how much money the Proverbs 31 woman made and she just must have been a career woman. (She wasn’t.) They will tell me I am shaming working mothers so I just need to STOP!

Why are they so adamantly opposed to me teaching women what God commands I teach them, that younger women are to be keepers at home? Why does this ruffle their feathers so profusely? Why can’t they see how good it is for the children to have mothers who are home full time raising their own children? Can’t they see the great good in this? Who else is better at disciplining, teaching, caring for, training, and loving their own children then themselves?

Oh, they say, but the world needs nurses. Who would take care of the sick if there were no nurses? All of the women who weren’t mothers or had children at home, that’s who! There are others who can take the place of a nurse but no one can take the place of a mother. I recently heard that a female surgeon decided to quit her job to be a keeper at home. She wanted to be the one home to raise her children. She knew there were other surgeons who could take her place at work but NO one else who could take her place in her children’s lives.

“That’s too bad,” they’ll say. “She wasted all of that education and money to become a surgeon for what? Raising children and being stuck at home! Preposterous!” As if having a career, making money, having lots of stuff, and taking fancy vacations are more important than being the one home full time raising her own children. The women who value their “dreams,” money, and stuff over their own children is shameful!

Why do women think that making money is more important than raising their own children? Who deceived them in this way? Who caused them to believe that having strangers raise their children was better for their children than they were? Who taught them that their worth and value came from what career they had and how much money they made rather than raising the next generation?

Satan has got to be at the root of all of this. After all, it was Satan who deceived Eve in the garden by asking her, “Did God really say…?” Did God really say that women should be keepers at home? Does this mean that they really have to be home with their children full time or did He mean something else so they can go off and pursue their dreams?

Many are so good at twisting the Word of God to mean what they want it to say rather than what God said. He knows mothers are the ones who are to raise their children just as all of you do even though many won’t admit it. He knows that no one can take the place of a mother in a child’s life. This is why He commands older women to teach younger women to love their children (yes, even sacrifice for them, sacrifice your career aspirations for them, and sacrifice your body, time, and energy for them) and be keepers at home (yes, find satisfaction AT home raising the next generation).

His ways are good, women. They aren’t bondage as many want you to believe today. Working away from home five days a week for a boss and having others raise your children is bondage. God has called YOU to raise your own children. He wants you to LOVE them! He wants you to be with them full time. Your children will benefit more than you will ever know. Find contentment in God’s perfect will for your life.

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.
Isaiah 55:9

21 thoughts on “They Want Me to Stop Teaching Women to Be Keepers at Home

  1. We live in a world that is anti God this is to be expected. Keep doing what you do Lori, very few are teaching on this sadly. You’re a blessing to many. God bless you sister.

  2. I’m the manager at the apartment building we live at. I love that I can still be home with my kids and make my own hours. There isn’t much I have to do that I can’t take my kids along with me. I can have my kids help me pick up trash, paint walls, and do a lot of little jobs. Our youngest daughter will go to Kindergarten this fall so I’m excited that I will have something to do while all my kids are in school. I have always been a stay at home mom for the past 14 years and I still can be that stay at home mom. Thanks for the article.

  3. Hi, Lori
    Long time reader, first time commenter! I just wanted to check in on you—I could be very wrong, and I don’t mean to offend, but you seem to be feeling the negative comments recently. Which would be very understandable since being totally impervious to criticism is quite difficult. 🙁 Blessings!

  4. I have been “feeling” the negative comments since they’ve come to me over eight years ago, Lyla, and once in a while, I like to address them but this topic brings the most negative comments by far. I am consistently trying to reason the ways of the Lord with women and I will use all different ways to do this and yes, sometimes, I will use the negative comments to convince that them God’s ways are perfect!

  5. Career women in the Bible… huh!? Am I reading the same sacred texts? How diluted must one’s theology become to reach the conclusion that women are intended for careers, with a life’s crowning achievement being the corner office?

    There are not enough hours in the day to keep up with the apostate messages coming from the Moore’s, Evans’s and Osteen’s of the world, pardon my ignorance. Within the Women’s groups in the Western church, what is the narrative behind this ‘career woman’ notion, and specifically: who are these ‘career women’ in the Bible?

  6. I love this, it’s so true how society puts women down for being stay at home moms.
    I love being home with my boy’s. I’m blessed my husband can provide for us and wanted me to raise our children.
    Heard way to many horror stories about kids being in daycare.
    Thank you Lori for all that you do!!
    Never stop and keep marching.

  7. Continue writing about the truths from God’s Word. They are becoming a rarity in our world!!! I stayed at home with my children, understanding the importance of teaching them – especially the truths found in God’s Word! Don’t be discouraged to keep telling the truth. A great study to use to teach the Bible from beginning to end is The Biblical Path of Life.

  8. Not a surprise at all, this viscerally negative reaction. If these women can’t stomach the idea of submitting to a husband, why would they find the idea of being the keeper of the home any more tolerable?

  9. This topic is near and dear to my heart. Because I refer to myself as a “recovering career woman”.

    I say “recovering,” because much like the recovering addict, I was addicted to my career. I was addicted to my title, influence, money, nice clothes, and yes the corner office.
    But when I became a Christian, and began to study God’s Word, I realized that all these things were my idols, and fed my sins of pride and ego, as well.

    As I became more knowledgeable about God’s Word, I realized He has a divine role for we women. (and men). Because His ways are perfect, I wanted that which is perfect and good!

    I left my 6 figure “career” and embraced my new, divinely appointed career as a keeper of the home. This did not happen over night, as I told myself all the usual excuses for declining God’s perfect career for women.

    I have a college education! I’m too talented to just “stay home”! I need the money!

    I searched high and low for Scriptures to support my previous lifestyle.
    I didn’t find any.
    If I’m honest….REALLY honest, my ego didn’t want to give up my career.

    However, once I finally made the decision, and became a full time keeper of the home, nothing could be better!

    Nothing in my former dog- eat -dog, back-biting corporate job compares to the joy and accomplishment of tending to my garden…both literally and figuratively.

    Nothing compares to the title of being my husband’s wife.

    When we believe God is Sovereign, we believe that ALL of his Word is Truth.

    Lastly, Lori…it is because of your teaching on this site that I finally got the courage to become a full time keeper of the home. I read all your posts for months and compared them to Scripture.

    Thank you for what you do! I may have missed out on the best career I’ve ever had!

  10. But they happily submit to a boss. Then they have two bosses and two jobs. Leaves me blank.

  11. This is a beautiful post. I am not a married woman nor do have children to nurture. I am a social worker—I see so much violence toward women and children. Young men who never had a father or mother who loved them enough to correct and love them. Young women who had no one to teach them their value. I do everything I can for these young people in crisis, but I know they need consistent daily love of a mother figure. I applaud and pray for very woman who can be a godly mother to her children. Please be encouraged that this no little thing

  12. Lori,
    Your posts are right on target. They are biblical. We do not want to submit to God above all and want to be Christians and get the “good feelings” that come with nominal, popular “Christianity”, but we hate to think that we have any duty to God and that His Word is to direct our whole lives, as God in His Word tells us. We still want our lives for us, but Christ said we must die to ourselves. Do not be discouraged. Keep going. We need to hear this word.
    I did want to say that Gods reason for us to be keepers at home is not just to love or children but first to love God and then to love our husbands. My children are grown, but I remain keeping my home because God t lols me to be there to teach the younger women and to serve the well as to be here to help my husband. It’s a full time and wonderful job.

    And by the way, I have a PhD and quit my profession as a psychologist once I became a Christian (it took a few years to realize that is what I needed to do). I’m praising God that He led me to that in enough time to raise my children and begin learning to really love my husband. It seems very difficult to truly love ones husband when one works. There are situations where a wife must truly work, but if a husband is able to work, a wife must learn to live on his provision.

    Thank you so much for teaching His truth.

  13. Hi

    I agree with moms raising their kids, however, I have noticed some people (no offense meant) that they leave their kids with their parents, or the grandparents brag about being able to watch their grandkids. I was raised moms and dads take care of their kids unless a death happens or sometimes the dad or mom does walk out on the other parent/spouse. I was told it is not the grandparents nor any one else job to raise and teach the kids.

    I also realize now that the husbands income isnt always enough due to the price of food and heating a house. We were blessed to be able to pay cash for a house. We also both stayed home with our parents until we got married. constantly saved money. Its not fair to say the wife is the spender, I know a lot of marriages, it is the hubby that is not only a spender of cash, he is a credit card charger, and he says you only live once. These guys also go to church.

    Husbands also lose jobs, get physically hurt, and cant work, die, or sometimes walk out on their familys. Then the mom has to work.

    Just keep praying for all the people who need help in these situtations.

  14. The bible says women should be keepers at home, not just the mothers. We are all called to take care of our homes and husbands. We all wonder why we are exhausted. Maybe it is because we are taking on burdens that were not meant to be ours. I am under conviction over working. Children are grown. Husband retired. He is not making enough money through retirement to pay the bills. There has to be a way to convince him that God will supply.

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