Traditional Wives Set Feminism Back

Traditional Wives Set Feminism Back

She clearly sees the advantage to being a “traditional wife.” “Look, I get the appeal. The idea of stepping off the speeding treadmill is like dangling a bottle of Verve in front of me when I’m on Febfast – pretty bloody tempting…but not. Come to think of it, being a tradwife would mean no more stressful negotiations with your boss about juggling work hours with childcare. No more mum guilt because you can’t do school reading groups. Gone is the anxious drive home from work, weaving through traffic like a fiery dragon, as you run ridiculously close to daycare’s closing time. There are no more tedious moments paying bills. And yes, no nagging your partner for the 3759 time to pick-up their sh** from the bathroom floor. You just do it.”

Yet, she doesn’t want traditional wives trying to encourage other women to do the same. “This modern day movement is the ultimate insult, not only to our feminist forebearers but to all women today who rally – hard – for equality. I respect we all take different paths, some stay at home, others work, others do both and dip in an out at different times in their life. Feminism has gifted us that and I am forever grateful. To be clear, there is a difference between choosing to stay-at-home and choosing to submit. Handing over your power to your husband is a worrying lifestyle trend that we should not be promoting on social media as pretty and fun and something to aspire to. As my husband said to me when were were discussing this story, ‘Stay at home if you want, work if that’s your thing, but let’s not reintroduce these awful social norms.’ You only have to watch The Handmaid’s Tale to see where that lifestyle can lead.”

Feminists can plainly see how much more difficult feminism has made their lives, yet going back home, being wives, mothers, and homemakers is appalling to them since it “sets women back.” You see, women, Satan is the author of confusion. Feminists are confused. They believe they fought so hard for their rights that if they go back, they’re giving up all of these rights that have made their lives so difficult.

God is a God of order. His ways are good and right. No, they don’t lead to The Handmaid’s Tale which is a satanic, evil depiction of life for women. Handing over our power to our husbands is NOT a worrying lifestyle trend. It’s God’s will for wives and it’s protection and provision for them and their children. Women at home caring for their husbands, children, and homes are NOT “awful social norms.” They are good social norms when women aren’t harried and exhausted from trying to do it all. Children are being raised by their own mothers. Husbands have help meets who care for their homes, children, and themselves. It’s good for men, women, children, and society. Yet, these feminists think that their ways are higher than God’s ways. They are finding out they are not yet unwilling to admit it.

“Radical feminist ideas have fostered a massive deception on an unsuspecting world. Millions of women have been deceived into ignoring traditional biblical guidelines in their search for fulfillment. The results of feminist attempts to restructure society have been tragic and the costs horrendous. However, there is hope ahead. We can prepare to play an important role in the coming kingdom of God by developing a real understanding of God’s true purpose for men, women, marriage and the family.” (“The Feminist Mistake” by Douglas Winnail)

Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.
Jeremiah 6:16

36 thoughts on “Traditional Wives Set Feminism Back

  1. This is hilarious. I looked in vain throughout the piece for something that would explain the downside to being home without the stress of commuting and working; the best she could do is “this is a big fat kick in the teeth to feminism” and posit that this is going to make us return to the days of being raped by our husbands. (Oh, and the old what-if-you-get-divorced trope.)

    Altogether, she doesn’t make a good case for her position.

  2. All she has been taught her entire life is how great feminism is for her. She is confused. She sees all of the downsides of feminism but isn’t willing to admit that feminism is NOT good for women. It has made them slaves to their jobs and stole from them the role of loving wives and mothers at home.

  3. This isn’t even logical. She is basing her life (and those of others) on a dystopian fantasy. It’s exactly like saying that I refuse to send humanitarian aid to a country struck by famine because it violates the Prime Directive (Star Trek).

  4. “Handing over your power to your husband is a worrying lifestyle trend that we should not be promoting on social media as pretty and fun and something to aspire to.”

    This paragraph really resonated with me. I used to worry a lot. I used to worry about everything until I became a SAHM and submitted my will to God by lining up under the authority of my husband. I’m much happier and laid back.

    1 O LORD, my heart is not proud, nor my eyes haughty; Nor do I involve myself in great matters, Or in things too difficult for me.
    2 Surely I have composed and quieted my soul; Like a weaned child rests against his mother, My soul is like a weaned child within me.
    3 O Israel, hope in the LORD From this time forth and forever. (Psalms 131:1, NASB)

  5. Here’s my question: do you really not think that feminism has done any good at all? If so, can you please share why?

  6. No, I don’t since all one has to do is look at its founders and see that they were atheist and didn’t believe in biblical roles for women. It’s Christianity that gives worth and value to women, NOT feminism.

  7. //1 O LORD, my heart is not proud, nor my eyes haughty; Nor do I involve myself in great matters, Or in things too difficult for me.
    2 Surely I have composed and quieted my soul; Like a weaned child rests against his mother, My soul is like a weaned child within me.
    3 O Israel, hope in the LORD From this time forth and forever. (Psalms 131:1, NASB)//

    Oh my! I have read these verses a lot before, but this really, just really blessed me tonight! I am going to decoupage it as a sign for my kitchen; it really reminds us to be humbly!!! Thank you for sharing Mother Dearest!
    Love and Blessings Jilly.???

  8. that just makes me think of 2 verses:

    Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain. and …

    Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.

    the work of feminism is not the work of the Lord. and many claim to do good things, but if it’s not on the foundation of God, then isn’t it vain?

    we need to be careful to spend on energies on building on top of God’s foundation, not “good” atheists.

  9. I read her article. Ultimately, feminism and traditional values are antithetical and of course a feminist cannot understand a traditionalist because the world views are so opposing. I didn’t understand before. At the core of feminism is fear… fear if “it didn’t all work out”, if the worst case scenario happened, etc. I was married once before and it ended in divorce, as I followed this dangerous feminist thinking. That was the worst case scenario for me. I believe it was a direct result of my believing so many of these lies.

    Fear has always been a tool of the devil and is opposite of faith. I struggle with anxiety and even I recognize this is a choice, to follow fear or faith. I’ve been both a working mother and a housewife who stayed home; I found this blog looking for resources on homemaking and how to be happy staying home because it was so difficult after a lifetime of education and working towards “success” defined by our current culture. My loving husband (I am remarried), fears God and encourages me to remain busy at home and raise our children. I have learned to submit to him through many of the trials of our marriage and family these last five years and it has not been easy after following the “God-just-wants-you-to-be-happy-thinking” that I ascribed to in my earlier days.

    God has been showing me how rebellious my spirit has been (even from childhood), how wrong I’ve been in my theology, and correcting, no, “transforming” my thinking over the last two or three years. It’s only been through reading his word and searching out teaching such as Lori’s to help me understand this. I’m thankful the Lord led me to this blog. A woman who has been deceived… which can happen no matter what her upbringing (I had a loving, Christian family and a stay at home mother who has remained married to my father for over forty years) can fall into these deceptions and into the fears of feminism. It takes faith, commitment, courage to stand against the social fray, and repentance to live the life of biblical womanhood, as taken literally in the scriptures. I’m thankful for the mercies the Lord has given me, despite my many failures. But for the grace of God, I would sill be living in misery believing these lies.

  10. This is such a GREAT comment, Heather, that I am going to make it into a post! Yes, feminism is driven by fear and all of the “what ifs…?” Unfortunately, acting upon the what ifs drives women far from what God intends for them and makes it a lot more difficult to ever be home full time caring for one’s husband and children. Such wise insight you gave. Thank you.

  11. It’s good to keep speaking against the feminist movement because other wise you will end up with many places like this, which is in London UK. Take note of what they have written at the end of the article, “making material available to the public to inspire a new generation of female activists and campaigners.” Founded in 1975, “The Feminist Library” is a volunteer-led charity created by women who have strived to ensure that the history of the women’s liberation movement and the works surrounding it survive. Filled with fiction, non-fiction, articles, essays, and poetry, this library has something for everyone, and aims to keep curating and making material available to the public to inspire a new generation of female activists and campaigners.

  12. Thank you Lori. I am so thankful for your teachings and your commitment to persevere despite the pushback you receive because it continues to help women like me retrain our thinking. I hope others can learn from my foolishness and failures.

  13. Lori, everytime I have to go and vote I think to myself thank you feminists – for nothing! Seriously, I love my country (voting is compulsory here) but why oh why can’t my precious Hubby vote for me – I trust him completely to vote for what is right!

  14. Enjoyed your post, and thanks for linking to the article on The Feminine Mistake. I never heard that about Elizabeth Cady Stanton before. I also really resonated with what Heather said, and I’m glad you are going to write more about that. I know I was given really mixed messages growing up, and because of it, I waited too long to have children and have only been able to have one. My biggest regret. So thankful for the one I do have, though, and that my husband willingly goes off to work each day while letting me fulfill my dream of being a homemaker and homeschooling mom.

  15. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the author and her subject both live in different parts of Australia. Not London U.K. unless I misunderstood and you were referring to you’re own location. ?

  16. I was speaking to a young wife and mother about the traditional vs. feminist. She (and her husband who has liberal tendencies) both define feminist as the right to choose work or home. They don’t see the choice of being a stay at home wife/mother as being a non-feminist. She has 3 pre-school children and stays at home. She has a community of women in her life helping her. Her husband is deployed currently. She recently wrote about the help of her team of women as “true feminism”. I am confused as to how to even talk to her. I don’t think we agree but she is living a life that looks like we agree. I think? Sort of? I think she will teach her daughters they can choose either way.

  17. Daniel –

    Feminism’s attempts to solve women’s problems is like ridding a barn of mice using a nuclear bomb. Toxic and very far reaching for generations to come.

    I firmly believe that nothing good has come of feminism which couldn’t have come about by godly means and moreover without the attendant destruction of individuals, families and nations. Feminists claim that they eradicated the abuse of women, their failure to own land, their lack of a voice in the political process etc. However, wherever the Gospel is preached and obeyed, women are treated as image bearers of the living God. They are honoured and crimes against them are dealt with swiftly and justly. Women owned property even in the Old Testament (Zelophehad’s) daughters). Women who raise their children themselves rather than being serial delegators of motherhood, have a profound effect on their children and can influence the political process of a nation for generations to come; this is why most accomplished men of yesteryear credit their otherwise obscure mothers for their guidance in their formative years. This is why when a camera is stuck in front of a gold medalist, a renown author or pretty much anyone who has done well, we hear “hi, mom.”

    Whatever genuine injustices (not the fabricated nonsense we hear of today which simply boils down to “stuff I don’t like”) women suffered before the dawn of feminism, were rooted in the sin of not loving our neighbor as ourselves. Rather than clearly preaching the Word, some misinformed men aided and abated the discontented perpetrators of feminism and now here we are, wading through the muck and mire of it all (mind you it’s weak willed men still propping feminism up rather than uniting to declare that the empress has no clothes! and should “go home”)

    Thanks to feminism, women can fornicate and joyfully particulate in the desecration of their bodies by multiple men – I would say “with no consequences” but I don’t want to speak lies. Thanks to feminism women can kill their unborn children either by abortion or contraception. They can abandon their nursing babies to go back to work. They can enlist in the army and soon will be pasted all over far flung war fields (I cringe to imagine the plight of female POW – but I’m sure feminists reckon it would be just like SATC sans the big apple backdrop for all the fornication they condone today). Thanks to feminism, women can watch in horror as Bruce Jenner is declared the “Woman of the year” because being a woman has been stripped of dignity and inherent worth, so much so that a man can throw on a frock et voilà, he’s a woman.

    Praise God for His Word, it is still active and still rescuing women from the very teeth of feminism today. By the power of His Word, God is sanctifying us – changing us in heart and conduct. I am one such woman and I don’t hesitate to tell every woman I know where I found the Living Water so that they too may never thirst again. Maranatha

  18. One more comment…

    I was in a class where one of the girls’ (pregnant and married) was absolutely OBSESSED with the Handmaid’s Tale. She LOVED IT. She was also SUPER Feminist and worked at EU/Whitehall before going on maternity leave.

    She was not a particularly attractive woman by any means…a sad case if I’m being honest.

    And I realized, the Handmaid’s Tale was her fantasy. She railed against it only because She So Badly Wanted to be a Handmaid for a Rich, Powerful man (she worked at Whitehall for goodness sakes…probably spent years trying to bag a big one before settling on average Joe hubby!) But the truth was…No rich,powerful man would want her as his Handmaid. Hence the feminism.

  19. “The Feminist Library”

    Allowing elite ‘feminists’ married to rich men, to have a ‘Dippy, Worthless’ HOBBY that they call ‘Job.’

    Thus allowing them with this ‘Job’ of Poetry-Writing to Insult and Shame all of the Middle-Class/Lower-Class women who actually by means of necessity must work.

    It’s all a Class-War scam.

    Feminist: Upper-Class Housewife who spews hatred upon Lower-Class Housewives, because Upper-Class Housewife is angry that Lower-Class housewife isn’t cleaning her mansion.

  20. Christianity is about mothers being home to raise their own children. Christianity is about serving others and helping those in need. Feminism is all about pursing one’s “dreams” without God having any part in those dreams, being independent from men, having careers, being freed from the shackles of marriage and home. She needs to read more about feminism and what the founders believed who were all agnostics and atheists.

  21. Looking in from the male perspective…

    It seems very clear to me that Feminists are the sworn deadly enemies of married, loving, normal women.

    I don’t know why any woman who wants to get married and have a family — whether a trad woman, a Christian woman, or a secular woman — why ANY normal woman doesn’t see that Feminists are your enemies. They hate you and all you stand for.

    You are not going to reason with them. They want to destroy everything you hold dear. They want to destroy all that is good and healthy, and certainly anything that is Godly.

    Shun them.

  22. To Meg. Not sure how to use this site yet but me Heather Terry, I live in London UK and the Feminist Library I mentioned is London UK.

  23. I am a traditional wife. I stay at home, do most of the housework. I enjoy cooking, my husband and daughter love the result. I am also a born again Christian, who happens to have short hair, which I prefer as I have got older. I also happen to have a small tattoo which has very special meaning to me. God only blessed us with 2 children. Coming up to 40 years of marriage, he was my first and only boyfriend!
    Tradition? Bring it on!

  24. I don’t really know what a feminist is. I am a SAHM, volunteer in my local community. I love to spend time with family, I love Jesus. I however, only have 2 kids, short hair and one teeny tiny tattoo. I am just me, living a life as best as I can. My church is awesome! My husband, children and even furkids love me!

  25. “You only have to watch The Handmaid’s Tale to see where that lifestyle can lead.”
    It would have been better if she had based her conclusions than on fiction, because the social system of The Handmaid’s Tale has never existed since the world began.

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