The Good That Feminism Has Done?

The Good That Feminism Has Done?

Many women through the years have tried to convince me that feminism has done a lot of good so why can’t I write about that. I don’t believe it has done any good, only harm. Did you know that the founding feminists were agnostics or atheists? “Outraged by the role religion had played in keeping women in submission, many feminist leaders of the early Feminist movement identified as atheists and agnostics. Almost every traditional religion puts women in an inferior or even degraded role compared to men.” The bottom line is that they hated God and His ways.

Whenever Mother Dearest comments on one of my blog posts, I want to make a post about it. Here’s her take on all of the good that feminism has done for us. It was a comment she left on my post Traditional Wives Set Feminism Back.

Feminism’s attempts to solve women’s problems is like ridding a barn of mice using a nuclear bomb: toxic and very far reaching for generations to come.

I firmly believe that nothing good has come from feminism which couldn’t have come about by godly means and moreover without the attendant destruction of individuals, families, and nations. Feminists claim that they eradicated the abuse of women, their failure to own land, their lack of a voice in the political process, etc. However, wherever the Gospel is preached and obeyed, women are treated as image bearers of the living God. They are honored and crimes against them are dealt with swiftly and justly. Women owned property even in the Old Testament (Zelophehad’s daughters).

Women who raise their children themselves rather than being serial delegators of motherhood have a profound effect on their children and can influence the political process of a nation for generations to come. This is why most accomplished men of yesteryear credit their otherwise obscure mothers for their guidance in their formative years. This is why when a camera is stuck in front of a gold medalist, a renown author, or pretty much anyone who has done well, we hear, “Hi, mom.”

Whatever genuine injustices (not the fabricated nonsense we hear of today which simply boils down to “stuff I don’t like”) women suffered before the dawn of feminism, were rooted in the sin of not loving our neighbor as ourselves. Rather than clearly preaching the Word, some misinformed men aided and abated the discontented perpetrators of feminism and now here we are, wading through the muck and mire of it all. (Mind you, it’s weak-willed men still propping feminism up rather than uniting to declare that the empress has no clothes and should “go home!”)

Thanks to feminism, women can fornicate and joyfully participate in the desecration of their bodies by multiple men. I would say “with no consequences” but I don’t want to speak lies. Thanks to feminism, women can kill their unborn children either by abortion or contraception. They can abandon their nursing babies to go back to work. They can enlist in the army and soon will be plastered all over far flung war fields. (I cringe to imagine the plight of female POW but I’m sure feminists reckon it would be just like SATC sans the big apple backdrop for all the fornication they condone today). Thanks to feminism, women can watch in horror as Bruce Jenner is declared the “Woman of the year” because being a woman has been stripped of dignity and inherent worth, so much so that a man can throw on a frock et voilà and he’s a woman.

Praise God for His Word. It is still active and still rescuing women from the very teeth of feminism today. By the power of His Word, God is sanctifying us – changing us in heart and conduct. I am one such woman and I don’t hesitate to tell every woman I know where I found the Living Water so that they too may never thirst again. Maranatha.

For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.
Hebrews 4:12

10 thoughts on “The Good That Feminism Has Done?

  1. Lori,
    In the same way, women can ask themselves what good came about because Eve ate the forbidden fruit and gave to her husband to eat.

  2. Should I teach this lesson to my little girls? I am wondering if they should know about Eve’s deception and the ensuing evils she caused.

  3. In a since we can say that feminism began with Eve. It was called deception. The serpent(Satan) deceived her into thinking eating the fruit was better.We should all teach our children both boys and girls the story of Eve and the serpent in the garden, making sure they understand that all sin including feminism began and begins with deception from the serpent(Satan) Feminism is nothing new. It just has a name now.

  4. Profoundly true article.

    Feminism is evil and wicked, and is being used to seduce women from the role God gave them to their everlasting honor, the role of an obedient wife and mother, and to make them embrace the role that leads to destruction, the independent woman, who despises subjection to her husband, wants no children, and wants to have fun always.

    Didn’t know Elizabeth Cady Stanton was an atheist. It was wicked women like Stanton behind the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote, behind birth control, and abortion.

    These wicked women have led to Debauchery being celebrated, and virtue being despised.

  5. Absolutely teach all of your children the story of Adam and Eve, girls and boys. The sooner they learn about the disobedience of the first people God created, the sooner you can begin teaching them their need for a Savior.

    Points I stress with my children: we ALL need a Savior. It’s not Eve or Adam’s personal “fault” that we are born with a sin nature. In Romans 3, we’re told “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”.

    However, there are consequences assigned to women and men based on Adam & Eve’s original sin. When I hear people “blaming” Adam & Eve for their choices to disobey, (or as you put it “Eve’s deception and the ensuing evils she caused”) it sounds arrogant as if we would’ve done any different. God was not up in Heaven wringing his hands, blindsided by their choice to disobey.

    In John 1 we see Jesus, our Savior, was with God in the beginning. God knew we would need a Savior.

  6. Feminism hasn’t granted women more respect but actually LESS! When I see the barely dressed women of music videos or hear an actress who’s accepting an award preaching about her right to an abortion, my heart breaks for our world and the loss of respect for women.

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