We Need More Women Full of Themselves?

We Need More Women Full of Themselves?

Years ago, I wrote a post about the “Christian” Glennon Doyle who was married to her husband at that time. In the post, I shared how she was acting in open rebellion to her husband and bragging about it. Fast forward five years and she has since divorced her husband and has married a woman. She continues to go around “preaching” as if she knows Truth since she still continues to claim she’s a Christian.

She recently wrote a book called “Untamed.” Here are the bullet points in her description of her book with her comments in quotation marks and my comments afterwards.

“When women learn how to please, we forget who we are.” She’s right about this! God commands that we serve; for the greatest of all is the servant of all. Serving helps us to forget ourselves and remember who we are in Christ. This is all we need to remember about ourselves! We are saints, new creatures in Christ, completely forgiven, dead and raised to new life in Christ, and freed from God’s wrath to come.

“When women lose themselves, the world loses its way.” I agree with this IF she means that when women lose themselves to the world and disregard God’s purpose and will for their lives (feminism), then the world loses its way (abortion has skyrocketed, children not being raised by their own mothers, marriage becoming unpopular, and divorce common)  but I doubt this is what she means. It’s the only thing that makes sense with what she wrote.

“We do not need any more selfless women. What we need right now is more women who are full of themselves.” Wow! This is so unbiblical that I hope all of you can immediately see that this is far from the heart of God and Christianity. We need more selfless women not less. Feminism promotes selfishness. It’s all about women and what they want. Christianity promotes selflessness. It’s all about others by loving and serving them.

“A woman who is full of only herself no longer internalizes the world’s memos and expectations.” No, Glennon. A godly woman is so full of Jesus Christ and His Truth that she no longer internalizes the world’s memos and expectations. She understands that her value and worth comes from Christ alone and not what others think or say.

“A woman who is full of herself knows and trusts herself enough to say and do what must be done, and lets the rest burn.” Just the expression “full of herself” is unbiblical. This usually refers to someone puffed up with pride. And we don’t let the rest burn, whatever that means. A godly woman is full of the Lord Jesus Christ and trusts the Lord to give her the strength for what needs to be done, then she leaves the rest in the Lord’s capable hands.

Then she wrote, “This is how you find yourself.” I guess she thinks you find yourself in her book. God tells us to find ourselves in Him and in His Word. Women, I can tell you that you won’t find yourself in her book. You will be more unhappy and dissatisfied with yourself if you read her book. Find Christ. Find what He has done for you. Live for Him. Obey Him. Love him. In this, you will have abundant life!

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.
John 10:10

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  1. As one who has a relationship with Jesus, my goal is to be full of the Holy Spirit and characterized by actions that display what God has done in my life. My wife has the same desire. Claiming to be a Christian while living in the sin of homosexuality ridicules Christ. Sadly, there are many such people, although many are not as blatant in their rebellion. Always be watching for the wolf in sheeps clothing, pray for your spouse, and study scripture so you will recognize false teaching when you hear it.

  2. My pastor gave a great sermon about being humble the other day. He said being humble is not bragging or elevating yourself above others, nor is it becoming a doormat with no self-esteem.

    Being humble does not mean you disregard your gifts, toss out your talents, and adopt meekness to the point you’ve become useless. It also does not mean that you are “full of yourself” and put down others, or base your worth and accomplishments on the use of your gifts.

    According to him, humbling yourself means that you humble yourself before God. Your gifts are to be used to help others, to minister to others, and to spread Jesus’ word. We should always thank God for our gifts and let others know that is God who has blessed us with our talents.

    Sometimes it seems “Christians” swing too far one way or another, as this author has done.

  3. Yes, we certainly do! I have never heard of this author and I would bother with a book that teaches it’s all about me anyway. However, there are plenty of misguided women looking for the next level of happiness and worldly appreciation. It will probably be a NYT best seller, sadly.

  4. I never understand these angry feminists.

    They despise men. And treat men and boys with contempt.

    How long do they think they are going to get away with this kind of despicable behavior against men?

    Men and boys can become violent so quickly. You just don’t want to build your life around making enemies of them constantly. It’s a good way to end up with a war that kills millions.

    That’s Satans plan, that’s why Satan invented Feminism. Because it’s a sure-fire way to start wars and destroy peace.

  5. Don’t be too quick to blame that on feminists. Transgender is another issue entirely. Here is a very good article by a psychiatrist who believes it is a mental disorder: https://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/michael-w-chapman/johns-hopkins-psychiatrist-transgender-mental-disorder-sex-change

    Many feminists are outraged that males who identify as women are taking what is uniquely theirs. Aren’t you familiar with the outrage by feminists against the tampon/sanitary pads company for removing the female logo off their packaging to appease the transgender community – because ‘not only women bleed’?

  6. KAK,

    I don’t even think you read the article. A 7 year old boy, who the mother harshly punished for acting like a boy and praised when he acted like a girl?!? A child that age does not know anything that was not put in their head by their parents.

    And… it was feminism that gave women the right to (no fault) divorce their husbands and get custody of their children and then in this case to try and turn a 7 year old boy in to a girl against the fathers wishes. Clown world. Absolute insanity.

    This case has virtually nothing to do with transgenderism and everything to do with women out of control… enabled by feminism.

  7. I couldn’t agree more, I find my role as wife and mother very fulfilling. Many of my friends ask me why I cater to my husband and I always try to explain but they are too stubborn to even give it a try. Most of them work outside the home because they need to have their own identity and their own money. I have my own identity I am Tammy wife and mother, and yet at the same time they tell me I am spoiled and I am but I never ask my husband for something he can not give or afford. I don’t have to take time away from my family to get my nails done or go shopping because with the joy of being home it also gives me time to do those things for myself with good time management. I would like to just say one more thing with my beliefs I am sick to death of having to put up with there is nothing wrong with being gay, it goes against my beliefs and I no longer purchase from companies that advertise with same-sex couples.

  8. Yes Trey, I read the article. It’s terribly sad.
    I’ve also read further articles on that case and there are so many things wrong with this whole case. This family, and this little boy, are going to be destroyed. I still don’t believe it’s anything to do with feminism, though.

    I think one big issue there appears to be an unfair court system. It seems the father was not able to call all of his witnesses due to time constraints, but the mother had twice as much time for her witnesses to be heard. How can there be a fair trial under those conditions? Is this due to feminism (especially with there being a female judge)? Possibly, but I’m not familiar with the American court system, so don’t know for sure.

    If your justice system there is anything like ours here in New Zealand, the jury will sometimes get it wrong. Even when there is scientific evidence, they can still be swayed by emotion and get it wrong. But I don’t think that’s anything to do with feminism, either. It’s probably more down to a lawyer’s skillful use of emotive language.

    I also find it horrifying that this couple requested male children through the IVF process. To me, that’s really disturbing. Not sure it’s a fault of feminism, though. I’m even wondering how much hormones etc. are affected by this process of testing embryo’s. And what are they doing with the female embryo’s? Destroying them? Very sad. People should not be playing God. Especially people who belonged to the Orthodox Church at the time. They should definitely know better.

    After reading several different articles about this, probably what this little boy needs is just to be left alone to be a kid and to find his own way in life. Plenty of little boys play with dolls and want to wear dresses in play when they’re young – it’s part of exploring and learning about their world. It doesn’t mean they’re transgender. My own boys did this when they were young and they’re both firmly boys today. It sounds like just waiting and letting him find his own path is what the father wants to do. This seems wise to me.

    Why do you not think women should get custody of children after a divorce? God created women to be mothers and nurturers, not men. God created the man’s role to provide for his family and the woman to take care of the family. Why should these roles suddenly be reversed in the case of a divorce?
    Here in New Zealand custody by default is split 50/50 between both parents, then negotiations go from there (shared parenting is the norm here, though).

    I’m also not sure why you think no-fault divorce is a bad thing. Surely it’s better than all the mud-slinging going on in the courts so often now that seeks to blame one partner solely and disparage their reputation?
    1 Corinthians 7:15 pretty much advocates no-fault divorce (in a sense) when it says to let the unbelieving spouse depart if they want to go. There’s no mention there of placing blame or slinging mud. Just simply “let them go”.

  9. We need more women, who follow Gods plan and design for the as women, who submit to him and to their husbands, who welcome motherhood as the gift it is and who take their Godly place in building the home.

    We need more men who support their wife’s and daughters in following Christ, respect them for it and who lead them down that path.

  10. No fault divorce usually only helps women and destroys men. Many men no longer want to get married because of it. Why do you think women get more time in court. You may think none of this has to do with feminism. It has everything to do with feminism. Feminism has been toxic since its beginning and it always will be.

  11. Lori – I don’t know why women in America get more time in court. I already acknowledged in a previous comment that it could be due to feminism. Especially with a female judge. Or it could be that the father only had one lawyer and the mother had a whole team of them so would have more sway. There are so many possible factors and I don’t know enough about the American justice system to speculate on the reasons. But feminism could be the reason, definitely.

    Trey claims the mother in this case hates boys so much she’s trying to turn her son into a boy. If that was true, why did she request boys through IVF? Why not girls? Or one of each? It doesn’t make sense. Come to think of it, what makes these parents think they have the right to choose their unborn children’s gender at all? Have we stooped to making designer babies now, much like we do with dogs?
    This is an absolute disgrace. This whole case is appalling.
    America should be ashamed.

  12. There isn’t a nation on earth that shouldn’t be ashamed, KAK, and I’d like to politely remind you that Lori lives in America, and from the amount of published comments you make, I believe you’re benefiting by her teaching. We’re all born into a sinful and fallen world, regardless of our current address, and there are many Americans in the Word who I’m blessed by regularly that are using our religious freedom to further the Kingdom at the pulpit, on blogs, Youtube, and beyond.

  13. TM – I know that Lori lives in America. So do some of my best friends. Every single American I have ever met has been an awesome person. My father has been to America 4 times in the past 15 years and has travelled through every single state and he loves the place.

    But that doesn’t change the fact that America should be ashamed that it has allowed people the opportunity to design a baby via IVF. Nor does it change the fact that the courts are allowing a mother to encourage her son to be a boy, instead of allowing him just to be himself and grow up undisturbed.

    Of course other places commit atrocities – but Trey linked to an article that is about a court case taking place in America, not anywhere else. Is there even any other country in the world that allows parents to design their baby via IVF? Many countries don’t have the technology that America has, so it isn’t an option.

  14. Also TM – Of course I have benefited from Lori’s teachings. I find them very encouraging. It’s really hard to find encouragement in our role as wives and mothers. The world doesn’t want to recognise these jobs as worthy of our time.

  15. KAK,
    Yes, I agree that Lori’s teachings are affirming and encouraging, which is why I read her blog daily-and it would be even more of an encouragement if the commenters refrained from using such argumentative tones, especially over current events and ideas that weren’t even discussed in the original post.

  16. Well according to the internet… there have been 4 “waves” of feminism thus far.

    The first wave (1830’s – early 1900’s)
    The second wave (1960’s-1980’s)
    The third wave (1990’s – early 2000’s)
    A fourth wave (2012 – present)

  17. Yes KAK, praise God, the young boy has been given a reprieve but as the article you linked noted: “Mr Younger was also hit with a gag order in Thursday’s ruling, meaning the SaveJames.com website may have to be shut down.”

    I wish this case was settled but it likely is not. When this case goes to the next court on appeal (and it most probably will), Mr. Younger will not be able to do what he did in this case by bringing the worlds attention to it without fear of being put in jail for violating the gag order.

    I wonder if this liberal judge would have overruled the jury (as she did) if not for the eyes of the world on her because Mr. Younger brought such attention to it. At least for now, we have this small victory.

  18. I used to be a liberal career-focused woman who bought into the self-indulgent lies of modern feminism, but I was so tremendously blessed to be saved by grace and to come to see things more clearly. Through an amazing journey of faith I have somehow managed to become what I once despised-a conservative, pro-life Christian SAHM who finds great joy in taking care of my husband and our children. I never could have imagined being so happy. Women who know their divinely appointed role and joyfully embrace it are truly the most blessed and happy women.

  19. hi

    I got married in 2012 & still never heard of feminism until this website. I also had access to tv & internet after I got married. all this extra worldly stuff is still news to me. My dad & granddad are in Heaven now, so I asked the pastor, hes around 70. & he said the all the sins existed in the Bible, such as homosexuality, drinking, gambling, fornication, sex slavery, etc. They just didn’t have the communication means to broadcast it so much like it is now, nor did they have the access to get to other places so quickly. Instead of porn pics, they just went to the what would be a whore house.

    So back in the Bible times is a lot older than 1830’s. Hence he said its not women’s fault for the gayness , etc. People have to make their own choices to serve God. Im all for moms staying with their babys, but ive seen some of those kids grow up to be horrible, & others serve God, Ive also seen widows work & their kids grow up in church & now serve God.

    God Bless

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