What If Public Schools Closed For Good?

What If Public Schools Closed For Good?

Yesterday, I shared this tweet on my Facebook page: “Since mothers are home full time with their children right now, they are protected from mass shootings, bullying, the Leftist agenda being forced upon them, and glimpses of porn from the peer’s smart phones. Public schools should stay closed. Society is better without it.”

Paul Dorr wrote the following: “Once the public schools are closed, the compulsory age laws repealed, the state aid tax laws repealed, the property tax laws repealed, and the state corporation laws used to legitimize them are repealed. There will be such a tidal wave of cash that pours back into citizens’ pockets that Christians will easily be able to fund their own homeschooling or Christian schools and have vast amounts left over to donate for charity to be used for the righteous and proper training up of the children of the poor. The poor children will have a much better possibility of getting a good education, instead of being used by the public schools as a cash cow under a system where the public schools are gone.

“I have friend who used to be on the board of the ACLU of Missouri and on the board of Kansas City Planned Parenthood. Then she was converted to Christ in her late 30s. She is a powerful advocate for getting the poor children of her fellow minorities out of the truly horrid public schools. I have an old high school friend who set up a K-12 Christian school (600 students) in a metro in the Midwest for inner city kids. He agrees the public schools are destroying them. Want to save poor kids? Get them out of the hellish public stools….errr, schools!”

Many responded to my tweet about the many children who are abused at home and the only safe place is their school. Here is how Paul responded to this argument: “Yep, and most of their abusive ‘parents’ were raised by this debauched public school system to become the adults they are. Think beyond your personal experiences. The generational curse of public education must end. The alternatives will be far, far better.”

I agree wholeheartedly with Paul. The reason so many in this country hate America and want to turn it into a socialist country, which eventually would turn into a communist country, is because they are taught how bad America is and how awesome communism is in the public school system! They have left God completely out of its curriculum and are teaching children vile things. ALL Christians should never send their children back. It’s like sending them to Sodom and Gomorrah. God does NOT want your children to learn the ways of the heathen.

Learn not the way of the heathen.
Jeremiah 1:2

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  1. I have meditated on this issue also. I think it’s a perfect time for mothers to realize they can homeschool their children. And that they should!

  2. Dear Lori and Friends, oh and think of the necessary home repairs that could be done – and not only that, but the want-ads posted by roofing, plumbing, electrical, landscaping … contractors.

  3. Publik skoolz exist mainly because most parents are too lazy and selfish to take responsibility for educating their own children. They look at these institutions as providing eight hours of daily free (or at least not incurring direct out-of-pocket costs) babysitting that enables them to dedicate themselves to pursuing their own pointless careers and the shallow materialism that stems from them. The fact that these institutions are dysfunctional, dangerous, hostile to the children they “serve” and their parents, and do NOTHING to actually educate children (indeed, very much the OPPOSITE of actual education) bothers these parents not at all. In fact, the wellbeing and futures of their own children mean so little to them, as does real education, that they will actually fight any attempts to cut back funding of these destructive institutions.

    While I would love to believe that eyes have been opened and the light seen as a result of the last two months of publik skool shutdown, observation and knowledge of my fellow Americans leads me to believe that they will weep tears of rejoicing at being able to relinquish their offspring back to the clutches of the State after having been “burdened” with them for two straight months. Mothers, especially, will rejoice at being able to return to being liberated feminist careerists again. I hope I’m very wrong about this, but so far I’m not seeing or hearing any indications that optimism is warranted.

    In closing, just to echo what Lori said: Christian parents have NO excuse for sending their children to government skoolz in today’s society. It is the ultimate in systemic and godless child abuse.

  4. It’s heartbreaking that so many mothers don’t want to raise their own children. There’s a good reason that God wants older women to teach young women to love their children. It seems many mothers love themselves more than they love their children. We are told that in the last days, people will be lovers of themselves.

  5. Both my husband and I agree that homeschooling is the way to go, we both went to public school and would not wish that on our children. The sad thing is I have zero support from both our families and its making me second guess myself.

  6. It is so sad that mothers do not want to raise their own children. In my neck of the woods parents can’t wait to get their children back to public school. The public schools here in my county did distance learning,which by the way is not the same as homeschooling, and the moms and kids I know hated it. They said it was the worst experience they have ever had and that they would never homeschool because the at home instruction was such a horrible experience. They have been confused by the public schools home instruction thinking that’s what homeschooling really is. As a homeschooling mom, I get very irritated when home instruction is compared to homeschooling. They are totally different. Now we have public school families believing that homeschool is horrible and will never consider doing it due to the public school’s attempt to control thru home instruction and tell the parents it’s homeschool.

  7. hi lori
    i saw your thing about the girls being kidnapped.
    whats very scary is I still fit the profile to be kidnapped. I was already married , late 20’s and people thought I was underage to be with him. I was like, really? I have to be very careful of where I go, and park, and the baby’s appointment’s are in bad locations. I think they should have safe places with security guards for when we take our babys for their checkups.

  8. What a blessing it would be if public schools were closed for good! I’m not on Facebook or Instagram so I don’t know what the general response of parents to this closing is but I hope it’s been positive. I’m hoping parents aren’t put off to homeschooling by the curriculum choices and work public schools are still requiring. I hope they realize it can be even better when you as the parents are in charge.

  9. If you want to learn how to un-enroll your children from public school, contact HSLDA.org (Home School Legal Defense Assn). They will gladly show you how to begin homeschooling. There is lots of help out there!

  10. Just go ahead with it. The fruit of it shows right away. Our families didn’t like it either when we started back in 1996. After a couple years they saw the difference in our girls. Both of my sisters started homeschooling. My parents now had several of their grands homeschooled. They changed their tune quickly. Unfortunately my younger sister got divorced and put her kids back in. Now they seem to support public school again. I know they see it, but they want to make sure she doesn’t feel bad about it.

  11. Monique, don’t second guess yourself. No one is more qualified to teach your children than you, their mother. When you begin to second guess yourself, remember how much safer they are in your care. There is no safer or better environment for children than in the home with loving, involved parents.
    If it’s teaching the curriculum that makes you second guess yourself, don’t fret because homeschool curriculum is very easy to follow. I am in no way trying to demean certified teachers, but no one needs a college degree to follow and teach from homeschool teacher edition books.

  12. I don’t have a lot of experience in public schools, I was home schooled by my mom but didn’t “graduate”/finish because we were traveling with my dad and somewhere between 17 and 18 we stopped because we knew I was going to marry young, stay home the rest of my life and have a bunch of babies! I have no regrets for not finishing. My sons went to a private Christian school their first few years but then we home schooled them the rest of the way and they have done very well! Just my little housewife opinion but I am a firm believer that home schooling is best and right now is a perfect time and example to move families in that direction as we are being shown daily the value of mama staying home where she belongs!

  13. Possibly the ideal solution would be to confine education outside the home to older boys ?

    I very much sympathise with the idea that younger children should be taught at home and for older girls the priority must be to break the pernicious influence of feminism.

  14. Your children’s schooling is not anybody else’s business but yours and your husbands.
    If homeschooling is what you both want to do, what does it matter what anyone else thinks?

  15. My children’s schools (3 different ones) did distance learning too. All 3 of them are now back at school, and exams and assessments are being rearranged so students are not disadvantaged from the different learning.

    Miss 15 has important national qualifications to get this year, and the school was excellent – teaching via email, zoom calls, and posting online lessons. She’s doing well.

    Miss 13 slacked off and only did the bare minimum. Fortunately, she’s fairly academic so has not fallen behind.

    Mr 7 did very little, much preferring to play with Lego and ride his bike (which I believe, at his age, is probably just as good for his education anyway). It’s probably going to take a little while to catch him up to where he “should” be – and unfortunately, if we don’t get onto it quickly, he will just get left behind as most public schools don’t have the resources to cater for struggling kids. Hubby and I have discussed pulling him out and homeschooling him if this happens.

    Distance learning overseen by the schools is very, very different from proper homeschooling!

  16. Oh, and I have another question Lori. I was recently reading an article on biblical gender roles (the website),who teaches a conservative view point and a biblical way of life. He says most women should be homemakers, but says that God’s command for celibacy includes some women as well. He says that it is biblically fine for a woman to remain celibate if she pursues a path in service to God or one that greatly contributes to society, such as a nun or missionary, or teacher, nurse, doctor etc. I’d like to remain celibate and pursue a career as a researcher in the medical field or chemist. I’m not doing it for the money or because I want to avoid a husband and kids. Do you believe that this is biblically allowed, and that my plan is fine?

  17. Good day lori. I must say that i have been blessed by your blog and youtube videos. Yes im one of your subscribers. I have been pondering and worrying in my heart over these messages that you teach. I have so many questions so i would be glad if you could help me answer them?
    1) why was the woman created?
    2)is it only for the purpose of marriage and raising godly children that i was created for?
    3)what is the essence of teaching about marriage when the bible states that marriage is of no use in heaven…” For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.”
    4) if we all will be as angels in heaven…then i believe we should all have a purpose asides from marriage even for both male and female because we will give account of what we have achieved asides from marriage and children.
    5) can you give me bible verses that says motherhood or how i served my husband n family will be judged in heaven.
    6) won’t having careers that touched lives or won souls also count as “laying up treasures”?
    Pls can you explain with bible verses.
    Thank you. I look forward to your reply.

  18. I agree with Lori – God’s plan and design for the overwhelming majority of women is that they marry, become keepers at home and embrace motherhood.

    As a Catholic I can see a Godly alternative, devoting one’s life to Christ by taking Holy Orders which can allow a few women to follow a variety of pathways in Godly service and of course chastity.

  19. I have just read a newspaper article saying that the Covid Crisis has “put back the cause of feminism and women’s liberation by decades”.

    Bravo – the Lord moves in mysterious ways !!

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