What was Once Normal is Abnormal

What was Once Normal is Abnormal

“It seems like our society really started to go down hill after the 60s. Before that decade, there was at least a general acknowledgement of God. Morals and values were rooted in a biblical foundation. It was out of the norm for a married woman to work. It was out of the norm for families to not gather around the table for supper. It was out of the norm for families to not attend church together every Sunday. Now, being a homemaker is abnormal, eating a home cooked meal together as a family is abnormal, setting aside Sunday as the Lord’s day is abnormal. Women have all the freedom and rights they could possibly want, and just look at our society now. I don’t know how we could possibly be any more discontent and depressed.” (Jill Todd)

Did you know that before the 60s and even for some time afterwards, almost everything closed on Sundays so all of the workers could go to church? Our nation acknowledged the importance of church and many attended. People didn’t mock Christians but instead most called themselves Christians even if they were not.

Did you know that public schools used to begin their day with the pledge of allegiance and prayer? Yes, the children were taught to be thankful for the country that they lived in and the freedoms they had. They were taught the truth about the history of this nation, and God was incorporated into the day.

As we have thrown God and prayer out of everything, our culture has sunken into wickedness as no one could have even imagined. I saw that some activists want to give all children hormone blockers until they are at the age when they can decide what sex they want to be. Who could have ever imagined that something this evil and depraved would even be mentioned in our nation? The Left wants to get rid of prisons and police. They don’t want justice and righteousness. No, they are the servants of Satan and are doing his will.

We are a remnant and will always be a remnant. The one good thing about this wickedness abounding is that it is separating the wheat from the chaff. People who call themselves “Christians” but then support what God hates, are not Christians at all. True believers in Jesus Christ love His Word and His ways. They march to the beat a different drum than the world marches to. They don’t mind being hated by many, because it’s only God that they serve and want to please.

Yes, we are abnormal, women, and that’s okay. God’s ways are abnormal in a wicked society, but they are good. Keep walking in obedience to Him and in doing this, you are being salt and light in a wicked generation.

Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.
Jeremiah 6:16

16 thoughts on “What was Once Normal is Abnormal

  1. Shalom-Peace.
    (Nothing broken and nothing missing).

    God bless,wow!I am blessed with this honest brutal truth!It takes us back what we used to be,it is genuinely reviving the one whom loves God and opening eyes to the blind,God bless bthe writer.Amen-Si be it.

  2. Welp, this is what happens when a country is founded on revolutionary enlightened liberalism. There is always a poor oppressed group to free, new freedoms to create, old evil institutions to destroy. Today almost everyone, including most of us embrace most of the previous revolutions, a pastor from 100 years ago would be horrified beyond belief at what we are now conserving, same with the pastor 100 years before him. The rot is deep and will never be turned around until our foundation is the bible and Christ’s church instead of utopian ideas of man.

  3. Not only do I believe this is spot on, my wife was so impressed that she wants to share it with others. Amen and Amen.

  4. Amen! Thanks Lori.
    Yes we need more hobby lobby’s and chick fil As. My son (19) is in culinary school and wants his own restaurant. Just the other day we talked about his restaurant being closed on Sunday. It was a proud mom moment to hear him say “it’s not about the money”.

  5. We are in a battle between good and evil. Literally, as we speak, the USA is being destroyed by other nations who have conspired with the perverts, the druggies, the transsexuals, and the feminists.

    It isn’t just “culture war” any more — they have taken over the equipment we use to count votes for our President and are changing votes to put Kamala Harris – a horrible person, literally rejected by every voter but now being forced into the Presidency – who will be given control of the nuclear weapons, military, and government powers – against our will.

    This nation is at war. Every. one of us is facing a danger we never even imagined before. I wonder if people are going to wake up to it in time.

    Sorry to post a political post here in a forum devoted to the word of God, but I could not help saying the truth.

  6. It really is sad but I think these covid times are to sort perfect to change all of this. Many people work from home, so you really can make the time to sit together once a day for supper nowadays. You want to minimize your outtings, I try to go to the grocery store no more than once a week – so Sundays for me really are all about family and Church these days. I try not to socialize with as many people as I did before, so I really can focus on my relationships with my family and close friends only. I really hope some of this sticks even in my post-covid life!

    Btw, I hope you are doing well after your treatment, Lori! You are often in my prayers!

  7. Unfortunately this is the way the world is going and according to the Word of God, it won’t get better.
    Nowadays almost every show you see on the tv is pack full of almost naked people, sex and drugs. So, the best we can do is continue to pray and do the best to show God’s light.
    Like Ana, I hope you’re doing better, Lori. Praying for you!

  8. Dear Diana, here’s what my mom – who, sadly, walked away from church at the tender age of nine (too many judgy control freaks there), but anyway, mom said this about stores being open on Sunday: “it oppresses the store employees (to not get a regular day off).”
    i don’t care to even go for gas on sunday, let alone anything else.

  9. Lori it says the content has been removed or is only limited to a small audience. Perhaps you made it private?

  10. No, I didn’t, Karen. Not sure what happened. All my social media sites censor me heavily, however, but I pay for this blog and I haven’t changed anything.

  11. Maybe it’s just living in the boonies, but here in the small town I grew up in only the grocery store and gas station are open Sundays, and with shorter hours. Everything else closes
    Saturday at noon, if they’re open weekends at all. Kinda cool, especially when you or your children work there. Doesn’t seem to prevent them earning enough to stay in business either.

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