Women are Destroying the Medical Profession

Women are Destroying the Medical Profession

Feminists cheer that more women than men are entering medical schools but they have short-term vision. This is devastating to the medical profession since women have a much greater chance of only working part-time while men work full-time. Men were created to be the supporters of families and women were not. Women are taking men’s positions in medical schools that should belong to men.

This country needs more mothers at home full time raising their own children than it needs female doctors. Men can be doctors but they can’t be mothers. Only mothers can be mothers and NO ONE can replace a mother in a child’s life.

According to an article from the UK, part-time women doctors are creating a timebomb. In 2017, more women than men enrolled in medical schools. This is tragic not only for health care but for children! We can’t expect to disobey God’s clearly stated word (that women be keepers at home) and expect good to come out of it.

“A 15-year follow-up of doctors after graduation showed that on average, after career breaks and part-time working are taken into account, women work 25 per cent less than their male counterparts. The problem, put starkly, is that the average male medical graduate will work full time, while the average female won’t. This means that the state will get more man-hours out of a male graduate than a female graduate.

“The problem is starting to affect both hospitals and primary care. Some 38 per cent of female consultants work part-time compared to five per cent of the men. Two thirds of GPs are women, with a large proportion opting for less than full time work. As medicine becomes a female-majority profession, this is only going to get worse.”

No long-term good comes out of women leaving their homes. Nothing. Satan convinced women to spend years and a lot of money getting a higher education and then a degree. When they finally have children, they still have their God-given instinct to care for their children, thus they are in conflict with what they were convinced about concerning their career and being with their children. Their children are the ones who suffer and society is suffering too.

Some women will proudly tell me that their sons have married doctors or that their daughters are doctors. Silently, I grieve for the lack of grandchildren they will most likely have because of this decision. No, I don’t rejoice with them. I would rather tell others about the grandchildren my children are raising and that their mothers are home with them full time. I would rather tell them that my children valued their children over careers. God values the job of keepers at home and raising children over careers for women so we should too.

She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.
Proverbs 31:27

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  1. If only men are doctors, and men aren’t to be in a room alone with an unrelated woman, how will female patients get care?

  2. I wanted to ask you what’s your opinion on male nurses? I find that many men think it’s beneath them or just for women. In the hospital after I had my daughter I don’t think I saw any male nurses, they were plenty of doctors. Still I do feel that there is room for women in the medical field for instance OBGYNs,midwives, doulas and nursing.

  3. This will never happen, Juliet. Women will continue to attend medical school in greater and greater numbers so no need to worry about there being no female doctors. This world needs more godly mothers at home raising godly offspring than it needs female doctors.

  4. I have had male nurses before, Monique. There will always be females in the medical field since our culture is going farther and farther away from the biblical path where mothers bear children and stay home to raise them full time.

    As the article stated, as women begin to outnumber men in the medical profession, it will hurt the medical profession because there won’t be enough doctors available since female doctors don’t work as many hours as male doctors.

  5. If women will continue to pursue a medical career, then what’s the point of this post?

  6. Hi there Lori, thank you for this. Is your Doctor male of female? Do you think it is a sin to go to a female Doctor? I am interested in what you think and how you feel about it all.
    Thank you. ???

  7. I have both male and female doctors and no, I don’t think it’s a sin to go to a female doctor. Remember, Jilly, I teach biblical womanhood to those women who love the Lord. They are the ones I am trying to persuade to not become doctors because it will take them away from getting married potentially and bearing children and being home full time with them. We are called to raised godly offspring and many Christian women aren’t doing this because of the debt they have built up from higher education and their careers. Every single female doctor (including unbelievers) that I have known or know personally regrets being a doctor because they don’t get to be home full time with their children.

    The point of this article was to prove once again that when cultures go against God’s mandated roles for men (providers and protectors) and women (wives, mothers, keepers at home), they suffer.

  8. I know several male nurses, and they are WONDERFUL! I have had nothing but great experiences with them. I also know several mid-levels (NP, PA) who are men. Again, nothing but very positive experiences with any of them.

    I don’t have a problem at all with women doctors, but I do see the point that Lori is making.

  9. My doctor is a woman and she’s a sweet pea but she is unmarried and no children. What I hope is she will get married and become a mama. I feel bad for doctor moms who leave their babies with a sitter soon after giving birth

  10. I think the whole medical industry is running aground. I personally prefer women midwives and nurse practitioners to male MDs. For women issues I have found that midwives and nurse practitioners are far better trained than MDs. I have also been blessed to access these ladies outside of the traditional systems. These women have run their own business on their own time. The midwife who delivered my second child was in her late sixties and had been delivering babies naturally since before I was born. She delivered her grandchildren as well. Her expertise far outshown the very nice and well trained male high risk MD (also in his 60s) who humbly and honestly told me he would be absolutely fine with me having a natural birth but he wasn’t trained nor had the experience to help me with it.

    But outside of women midwives and nurse practitioners (also much better trained than your average MD) I totally see how the outcome of the study shows God’s ways are always best.

  11. I am thankful for the midwives I’ve had, but I sure had mixed feelings when my midwife had a baby and left her at daycare for much of the day… It would maybe be a more fitting position for an older woman? And I think in the “old days” midwifery wasn’t such a full-time job as it is now? Just some thoughts as I prefer birthing my babies with midwives… 🙂

    I almost went to college for a nursing degree, but I have not regretted one bit getting married and being a mother instead. So thankful. 🙂

  12. In order to show the devastation that results from women leaving their God-ordained roles and pursuing men’s roles instead. This is clearly being shown the more women leave where God has created them to be.

  13. They struggle with it greatly, Regina, and almost all of them feel a lot of guilt because it’s not natural for a mother to leave her baby in the care of others all day long.

  14. I had a male OB/GYN for all four of my children and I liked him a lot but I can definitely see the advantages to having a midwife but midwives could be women who don’t have children or their children are grown so they aren’t neglecting their own children. Children only have one mother and no one can take their place.

  15. That’s very sad but very acceptable today in our culture. Women leaving their children in the care of strangers is acceptable. This is tragic!

    The midwife who delivered my grandmother’s babies and most of my aunt’s babies never got married and no, she didn’t work in an office like most midwives do today. She simply went to women’s homes when they were having babies and spent a couple days afterwards with them taking care of baby and mother.

  16. Yes, this is the kind of system that makes sense to me. I’m pleased that midwives of today have to have hospital rights in case something goes amiss but other than that I think the old midwife system was best. In fact, midwives had a better outcome than MDs when women started going to hospitals. Today midwives still have better outcomes for mother and baby, but it is nice to have hospital backing just in case things go sideways.

  17. I personally prefer a male doctor over a female. They have a more no nonsense approach that puts me at ease. I have had both as gynecologists. After my male Dr retired, I went to a female group on the recommendation of my girlfriend. This is where I got my first real taste of feminism in the medical field. I had an infection shortly after giving birth, and when I went to get it checked out, the female Dr told me it was contracted through multiple partners. I assured her that I was a Christian and had only ever been with my husband. She gave me this look like she didn’t believe me, and that was the last time I went to a female dr…ever.

    So, we know that midwives and Luke, the physician, were mentioned in Bible times. I think there was a greater sense of sisterhood, especially when delivering children. You had a trusted woman, possibly a village midwife, who was called upon from her home to deliver the babies. I’m assuming Luke, being a learned Greek, was skilled in the art of healing, hence being called a physician. I also believe that the people back in Bible times had a more extensive knowledge of the healing herbs and use of poultices than we do today.

    Women are natural nurturers and comforters, and they are more empathetic toward those suffering. I can see why they would desire to go into the medical field.

    I do agree, though, that if we followed biblical principles that women naturally fall into the caretaker role. From reaching out our hands to the needy, taking care of our families, the orphans, the widows, the church family (meals and such) and our aging parents, we would get tons of practical and medical experience. Our grandmas would pass little techniques down to their daughters and down thru the generations. I have a friend that has demonstrates this. Her mother taught her what herbs were beneficial ( ie plantain to relieve itching), and she’s passing that wisdom down to her daughter. Her daughter, in turn, is studying to be a midwife. I think that’s just amazing!

  18. Communities and families have lost so much with women in the workforce as you have spelled out. Not only are they unable to be home full time with their children, they are often too exhausted to be the help meets to their husbands that they are called to be.

  19. Amen 100%.

    I spoke to one woman who graduated from medical school with something like $750,000 in school debt. She has young children now, but she will never be able to be home with them, or work less than full time with that debt burden. So sad.

    The issue of midwives is an interesting one. I believe that historically, midwives were typically older women, not mamas with young children. Also, midwifery in the traditional sense is often part-time and home-based. This is something that readily meshes with an older woman’s life. (Unlike modern hospital-based full-time midwifery.)

    An interesting perspective on the coming lack of medical care due to part-time doctors – that is one aspect I’d never considered!

  20. Sadly, Diana, most students coming out of medical school have huge debts but for women, this means much less time with their precious children. Even the curses God gave to men and women after the Fall concern their roles. Women’s curse would affect their marriage and child bearing and men’s curse would affect their providing. We can’t leave these God-ordained roles and expect good to come from them.

  21. I see your point, but how would a male only medical profession deal with women who are concerned about modesty issues with men seeing their bodies? I agree more women should be home with their children, not shoving them in a daycare all day just to work some worldly career they deem more important than their own offspring! However, for women patients who have doctors for OBGYN or gynecology or other sensitive women’s issues, or just having access to immodest areas like the chest, for instance, a woman might be better. There are plenty of stories of predators and creeps secretly recording and taking pictures discreetly of women without their permission! I think the ideal though would be single women only, not ones with husbands and children to nurture! The women in the field are taking jobs away from men, and many are indeed neglecting their children, but but about female patients who would feel far more comfortable seeing a woman, than a man for her most sensitive needs?

  22. I was in nursing school and a professor told me that I am way too smart to be here and i should go study to be a doctor. I told her that I have other plans, like having a family. I never even finished nursing school because my heart wasn’t there, I always wanted to be a homemaker and a mom This feminism is destroying everything. I have a channel about the evil of feminism take a look if you want https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0nwmP–0AE

  23. We need more men in all aspects of the medical profession, especially nursing and medical assistants. Females at this level are allowed to observe intimate medical procedures of the opposite sex, while men are not allowed to carry out the same intimate care for women. This results in degrading double standards and the assumption that men have no modesty, therefore get no bodily privacy compared to women. So many times I have had to tell a MA or even a female secretary that she should not be in the room if I am about to strip down for an exam by a doctor. They never look at the double standard – never look at whether they would be happy if the opposite sex was to treat them the same way, how would they like it? Not all men are predators, like feminism has pushed, and men DO deserve the same rights and respect to privacy.

  24. A Lady of Reason – how do you think men have had to deal with that very same thing currently existing for them? We get no respect, modesty or privacy at all and I am constantly asking untrained, unlicensed women to leave a room when I am going to have an intimate exam. Can we tell women what we currently tell men – Man up, stop whining and get used to it? Try being male and see how the opposite sex treats you versus how they expect to be treated.

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