A Culture Killing Disease

A Culture Killing Disease

There were thousands of angry people with me because of my post about women destroying the medical profession. Many female doctors made comments and told me how they are raising wonderful children even though they are working full time as doctors. Many told me they were Christians and doing what God has “called” them to do.

Here are a few of the comments that were made. (Yes, I received many, many comments about being old-fashioned, going back to gender roles and inequality, etc. but I didn’t publish them since my blog isn’t a contentious blog but a teaching blog.)

“I don’t understand the line of thinking that says men are created to be all manner of things, with all manner of skill, temperament and talent. They can do whatever they like as far as vocation is concerned. Yet women, despite having all sorts of gifts, temperaments, talents and abilities, all get the same job.”

“Have you watched The Handmaid’s Tale? You really should. Not all women want to stay at home and be baby factories. Perhaps you can celebrate that fact and appreciate that women have the ability to do what they want.”

“Women cut back to part time more often than men because it is still more socially acceptable for a woman to do so (not because of anything in the Bible). Once society gets over your ancient gender roles, everything will equal out and you will see a more equal number of stay at home/part time dads.”

They don’t understand that God made men and women differently. This is what Dennis Prager said is wrong with universities today. Students go into them knowing the difference between male and female and come out not knowing the difference. Look at a male and female’s body. They are different. One is created to bear and nurse children. The other is bigger, stronger, and is created to do what it takes to provide for his family. Simple nature shows us what role each one plays but our mixed up, evil culture no longer can see what’s clearly before them.

I just read an article that men today are able to have sex freely with many available women so they get their fill of sex but end up lonely and alone. It’s not satisfying in the end. It’s because God didn’t create men to do this. They were made to cleave to one wife all of their days and protect and provide for them while their wife stays at home and cares for their home and children if they are blessed with them. This is God’s perfect plan and it’s clearly visible if one wants to open their eyes and see.

My dad was a doctor. He didn’t want any of his daughters to marry doctors because it’s an extremely stressful job with long hours. This is why many female doctors can’t work full time. They weren’t created for this kind of stress and long hours away from home. They were created for home and being with their children if they have them. Yes, being home full time with children can be stressful and exhausting but there are breaks, rest times, and times to simply watch the children play in the backyard. It’s not even close to the stress of being a doctor.

By the way, I wasn’t the one that made up the statement that women taking over the medical profession is destroying the medical profession. The article I linked to stated this by facts of what is happening. When more women than men are in medical schools, something is very, very wrong.

This means fewer women being help meets to their husbands (marriages falling apart), fewer mothers home full time with their children (children are much more likely to be insecure and unstable without their mothers home full time with them), and fewer men with jobs that provide good livings for their families (men need work to provide). Society has suffered deeply without mothers in their homes caring for those in their communities, elderly parents, and their own children. Society keeps getting worse not better! We can’t expect good results from leaving God’s perfect paths for us.

“God created mankind ‘in His image…male and female He created them.’ The image and glory of God on this planet is tied to our human masculinity and femininity. Anything Satan can do to bend, blur, or deface that image is a big-time coup for him. So he is at it with a vengeance today, in your lifetime and mine.

“Could you pause with me a moment on this page? My heart’s desire at this juncture is to convey the gravity of this matter to you. These gender battles in the cultural wars are not ‘faddish.’ They are not a ‘minor distraction’ or a ‘cultural hiccup’ to be lightly regarded or blandly accommodated. Here me, please, when I say that these issues represent a rock-bottom, down-in-the-trenches, gut-tearing attack on our society’s vital organs.

“To tinker with the image of God, represented in male and female, is to slap God in the face. This is something more than politics, economics, social studies, or some bleeding-heart, feel-good crusade for ‘equality.’ This is a culture-killing disease. It also represents an ancient, long-simmering attack on the very person of God and His loving intentions for His children.” (Stu Weber from “Four Pillars of a Man’s Heart.”)

Feminism is a culture-killing disease. It’s a blatant attack on God. It’s that simple and that destructive. It fights for “rights” that are opposed to God’s plan for men and women. It has blurred the lines between male and female. It has made women angry and jealous towards men and now we have a war on men by women. It can’t get any worse than this.

Yes, expect to be hated if you speak the truth about God’s roles for men and women but it’s okay. There are a few who listen and know in their hearts that God’s path for them is right and good. They see the destructive influence that feminism has had on their own lives.

Stop allowing Satan’s lies to ruin your marriage, children, and home. Go home and love and serve your family if at all possible. This is God’s will for you. Don’t allow the enemy of your soul to have his way in your life because his aim is to kill, steal, and destroy.

I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.
1 Timothy 5:14

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  1. You cherry-picked that article to get it to say what you wanted it to say. You don’t represent the whole truth. Oh, and it’s “fewer women” not “less women.” A good college education would help you to know the difference.

  2. No, I didn’t, Helena. Anyone can read it and see the harm to the medical profession when more and more women work part time without filling the gap. “This problem is not unique to the UK: in the US, Canada, across Europe and in Japan, more women are becoming doctors, but there has been a similar failure to plan for the increase in part-time work. As a result there is a shortage of doctors.”


    Thank you for pointing out that I should have written “fewer” rather than “less.” I changed it but I did have a college education and even more since I am a credentialed teacher but even highly educated people make mistakes. I sure didn’t learn how to write from my many years in public schools or higher education, however. I have learned by doing, as it is with many things.

  3. Hi there, Lori, I haven’t read this yet. I have printed it off to read in our lounge room but I was wondering are you upset at the fact that Doctors are working part time or that women are becoming Doctors?
    Sorry I just wanted to know before I started reading.
    Thanks and I hope you are having a great day!!
    Jilly? ? ? ? ?

  4. You left this part out. Hence, the cherry-picking. “The difficulty, as Hilary Devey discovered, is that attempts to raise these issues are routinely met with accusations of sexism. But it’s not sexist to acknowledge that women, more than men, often appear to place family life ahead of their career. Nor is it a bad thing that women want to focus on having and bringing up their children, and caring for a partner. Underlying this is a larger debate about the 24/7 working environment and lack of affordable child care that leaves so many women torn between a career and a family. This is where the real sexism lies. But until there is a shift in the way that domestic responsibilities are shared, we need to accept that most women want to work part time so they can combine a career with family life – and, in medicine at least, start preparing for it becoming the norm.”

  5. This comment is exactly what Stu Weber wrote about in his book. It is destructive to cultures and a blatant attack on God’s design for men and women. The last thing we (and mostly children) need are more government subsidized (taxpayer funded) childcare where children are being raised by strangers instead of by their own mothers.

    When roles aren’t clearly defined, as many want to blur the roles, then way too many marriages fall apart and children’s childhood destroyed due to the high expectations placed on the other spouse.

  6. Thank you Lori. I am sure you’ve received so many hateful comments over this but it’s the truth! Do not stop speaking the truth. You are literally one of the few who still does and it’s a blessing and so refreshing. God bless you!

  7. I am not “upset” about anything, Jilly. Many female doctors are upset with me because I believe mothers need to be home full time with their children. Their children need and want them.

  8. Thank you, Haley. Yes, I have received many hateful comments on many of my posts. We live in a culture that’s against biblical womanhood so this should be expected but it’s sad when “Christian” women are the ones writing the hateful comments. It’s as if they don’t understand that when they have children, they are the ones God has ordained to raise them.

  9. Helena,

    You must still live in the late 70’s or 80’s because as far as I know ALL (read that: ALL) the husbands and fathers I know who are 55 or younger helped raise their children down to diaper changes and taxiing children to various sporting, school and extra school functions.

    Most of the writers of articles like that are still harping on the 2% of fathers and husbands who are working out of town or work 80 hours a week, and are bitter at their confusion and loss that they let dry up in their youth. The young writers are social justice warriors for whatever reason.

    I am a doctor. I have several clinics under my ownership. Think… for one moment. If companies could pay women less for the same work done they would only hire women and have more profit. The whole .70/$1.00 is blatantly false. ALL of the women I have hired ask for more time off than the men. Both of the women doctors who work for me are part time. One at 32 hours per week and takes so many sick days and vacations I wonder if she even wants to work. Don’t get me started on the other one who works 15 hours and constantly complains about the mental and emotional strain from treating people. All of the men work 45+ hours per week, hardly take vacation and seem to never be sick. Besides the complaining from the female doctors, I have tried to comply to their wishes of different things to make working easier for them. Initially met with appreciation the requests never stop for more, more, and more. The male doctors usually ask for something mundane, like making sure fridges are stocked with Red Bull or snacks.

    Believe me, I do treat women who cannot stand being home with their kids and would rather work. No problem. At least they are honest. Some of their kids are fine, most are not. Needless to say those women hate their job and the grass is always greener. I have yet to treat a wife and mother who staid home and regretted it.

    What women have taught me is to believe what they do, not what they say. Women complain while men comply.

    Remember this…
    In this and every country you watch as history unfolds. Patriarchy will rule with love from your husbands and fathers with love or by the sword of our enemies. Which would you prefer. Soft times make soft men. Soft men make hard times. Hard times make hard men. Hard men make soft times. See where we are now… Soft times.

  10. God is in control and whoever don’t like it too bad. So many are fighting for what they believe in and fewer “Christians” are standing for righteousness. The Word brings on deliverance and restoration back to God. Keep standing on the Word. The World loves their own. In my country slang, “Aint nobody mad but the devil.” Be encouraged! God is with you. ❤

  11. This is a bit unrelated but I think it still is applicable… I am a part of all funerals at our church, and there are often 1-2 funerals a week (it’s a big church!). I hear a lot of eulogies and many family members discuss the last conversations they have with their loved ones. No one ever mentions ‘I wish I had worked at a job more and made more money and had more ‘me time.’’ What is almost always said? ‘I wish I had more time with my family and more time to love people.’ Being successful at a career is important to smart, driven women- but a person can only do so much and be so much. You have to prioritize and remember what really matters.

  12. I love this reminder Elaine!

    Lori, THANK YOU! The whole country thinks like these detractors of yours. If the Christian women want their ears tickled there are no shortage of social justice warrior and feminist blogs that will suit them nicely. I for one very much appreciate your exhortation to be a Godly feminine woman. There are too few of those. The Godly feminine women you call us to be will really be the ones who change the world for the better.

  13. There are sooooo VERY many different viewpoint posted here!

    I have always wanted to be a wife and mother, however, as a young teenager, I had to have two of my heart valves replaced, which killed my dream of becoming a mommy. I would have given anything to fulfill this dream, and and I got older,
    consulted many different specialists, including high-risk maternal fetal medicine physicians, who all said the exact same thing, “You will not survive a pregnancy! Your heart will not take the additional stress needed to maintain the pregnancy”

    So, God gave me a new dream. My dad wanted me (and all of his children), to get a college education. He was raised during the depression and his family was extremely poor. He worked hard to support us, and after raising us, my mom went back to work on a part-time basis. She said, and still says, that some of her greatest times were spent when we were all very young and needed her to do everything for us.

    I grew up and married a wonderful man, and graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. I’ve been a Labor and Delivery nurse for over 22 years. I love helping bring new life into the world. For health reasons, I only work 2 shifts per week, and my husband works full time as an accountant. I told him at the very beginning of our relationship the whole truth about not being able to have children and he was just fine with it. (I was in other relationships where the men I dated were not.) When we were coming up on our first year anniversary, we looked into adoption, and were turned down every single time for one reason– my health history.

    My point is simply this– Ladies, and gentleman, too, please do NOT take your fertility for granted. There are sooooo VERY many of us who would give anything to make our dream of becoming a parent come true!

  14. I get confused when women work full time and then their mother raises their children for them (which people feel is OK since it isn’t daycare). I don’t understand why women don’t *want* to be home with their children more.

    It’s so very difficult because I have many friends who work and have their children in daycare or are babysat by the grandparents. I try not to say anything as I don’t want to cause problems with my friends (and I don’t know that it is my place to anyway. I mean, if people ask my opinion on it I will share it in love…)

    Some of them *have* to work because they are either single or have so much student loan debt that they can’t afford not to. But many of them work because they want to use that education they paid for, need to help pay the massive bills they have, get *bored* at home, or just do it because it’s what *their* mother did.

    It’s the “natural progression”….finish high school, go to college, get a job, get married (or for some, not), have children, leave them with someone else and go back to work. It’s just “what you do” nowadays it seems. 🙁

    I truly, truly can’t comprehend why women would desire to have families but spend most of their time away from their children? I love my mom but I don’t want her to raise my children. God trusted those children to me. My husband provides and I nurture. It’s what we do.

    I also feel like there is this stigma of needing to reach “high” in our education. That people are proud when their children become doctors and lawyers…instead of “just” stay at home mamas. My daughter, after graduating our homeschooling, will not be attending college and even my trusted, stay at home mama friends act bewildered that I wouldn’t send her to college in case that’s what God has for her….or in case she ever needs to support herself. 🙁 I appreciate your blog as it encourages me that we are doing the right thing (which I already “know” but just need that extra reassurance) and that I’m not crazy for doing things the “old fashioned” way!

  15. I am so sorry Debbie that you never had the chance to be a mother. You are *so* right….we should never take that for granted!!!

  16. Thank you, Brea. Yes, only the truth of God’s Word convicts and changes people, not watered-down, lukewarm, people pleasing garbage. It will get harder to speak and teach truth as our culture darkens but we will still always be called to be salt and light in an evil and adulterous generation.

  17. Thank you, Elaine, and what you wrote is very relevant to this discussion. Children NEED their mothers. The time invested in them will be good fruit that is greatly multiplied as the children grow up to be secure, godly offspring. This is what our culture needs more than anything else.

  18. I agree, M, since godly women who obey God’s Word are the ones who are raising the next generation while most women are having zero to two children and not raising them full time. In every situation, mothers must ask themselves, “What is most important for my children’s eternal souls?” because in the end, this is all that matters.

  19. I agree, Debbie. Way too many young women waste their fertile years chasing higher education and careers instead of bearing and raising children. It’s good you have found a way to be able to minister to others a few times a week. I am sure you are an excellent nurse!

  20. Oh goodness, I just LOVE LOVE this article! So good! Such truth! And also why I have ONLY male doctors.

    Feminism is such a disease that leeches into almost every aspect of our society. It’s saturating. I was at a clothing store for my young daughter and they had t-shirts that sprouted “FEMINIST!” or “I’m strong, confident, and Feminist!” for ages as little as 4 years old! I was disgusted!

    Even a teacher friend of mine said right to my husband and daughter “I especially tell my daughter to get a Masters before getting married. She is never EVER to rely solely on a man!” Broke my heart. This world is broken. 🙁

  21. When women become medical doctors, it’s almost like they bought a ticket to never be able to stay home full time with their children. Yes, I’m sure some eventually do and I have read of some, but it’s a difficult and sometimes almost impossible thing to do because of the debt, the time and energy spent in school, and most husbands don’t like to give up their paychecks. Women are no longer taught the importance of raising their own children.

  22. We are continually being reminded that this isn’t our home, Katie, by what is going on around us. As the world gets darker, we need to be shining brighter!

  23. I want to thank Jeff for his comments. Here is a man in the medical profession telling us exactly as it is from first hand experience. Time to sit up and take notice.

    Thank you, Lori, for your encouragement. We need to take God’s word very seriously. I think a lot of the younger women have no idea how very brief childhood and life actually is or the incredible sweetness of having your children walking in truth. Keep on exhorting daily. Blessings

  24. I love this, Lori – “When women become medical doctors, it’s almost like they bought a ticket to never be able to stay home full time with their children.” Yes!!! This is what it’s about! It’s not about women being incompetent. It’s about buying a ticket for a place that they might not (and should not) want to go – being eternally in the workforce, unable to raise their precious children, and being forced to outsource their parenting to daycare. If you buy the ticket, you go for the ride. So sad.

  25. “I don’t understand the line of thinking that says men are created to be all manner of things, with all manner of skill, temperament and talent. They can do whatever they like as far as vocation is concerned. Yet women, despite having all sorts of gifts, temperaments, talents and abilities, all get the same job.”

    Are all women’s jobs really just the “same job”? I don’t think so! If anything, a wife and mother’s job has much more potential to be sporadic, creative, and individual than a man’s job. He’d better not get too creative or individual, or he might be shown the door! Each wife/mother journey is what you make it!

    I could make a man’s work sound pretty boring too if I wanted to…

    I saw a woman construction worker today putting branches in the wood grinder, and more branches in the wood grinder. Then she bent over and picked up another branch. She put it in the wood grinder. That’s what she’ll be doing tomorrow too maybe. As I watched, I couldn’t understand why she chose to do that instead of being home with her family, or why she chose to put on the orange work clothes instead of a cute outfit and an apron. There’s nothing wrong with being a woman, ladies! Just let it be.

  26. Women working outside the home is not just hurting the medical profession, it is hurting most things long term in life from a carnal POV. But the spiritual POV is most important; women working outside the home destroys the meaning of marriage …and most importantly it blasphemes the Word of God –Titus 2:3-5.

    Who wants to answer to God for that blasphemy, whether doing it first hand or in teaching it or endorsement of it?

    Thanks for taking on the tough stuff Lori, and the cross that comes with it. His rich blessings to you.

  27. And “soft” means “effeminate” in 1 Cor 6:9 which is associated with adulterers, thieves, extortioners [liars]; not good company we have been forcing heads of the households and churches into.

  28. Now lets talk real business:

    the US government has MANDATED that we BLASPHEME THE WORD OF GOD. How, and will we refuse to do that. I’m not pointing a finger at anyone, for this is the toughest issue the church has to deal with and may well cause fines, jail time and riots, but those that hire women to be out of the house, according to scripture, are directly contributing to the blasphemy of the Word of God. That is many if not most of the businesses I am aware of.

    I am guilty. I have hired women in the past [retired now] and after reading scripture for myself have seen the errors of my way.

    And while we are on the tough stuff: I don’t vote for women in ANY office that would lead men, that would make men ‘hearken to the voice’ of a woman. I will vote for a bad man [or not at all] and will never vote for a ‘good’ woman, because that bring the wrath of God on His people. Otherwise, we are then effectively saying that our carnal reasoning over powers the commands of God.

    This …THIS is the issue the church has to deal with, to fully understand its marriage to Christ.

    Hard times ahead. Real hard times.

  29. Wow and amen. I as a father of 6 girls and 2 boys do encourage all of my girls to further their education….until they have children.

    They are attending college debt free or not at all. Oh and they must get their 2y nursing degrees before looking at anything else. Because the one skill my say at home wife wishes for is some medical knowledge.

    The will go to school until kids. Could be 2 years could be 4+. But they are also looking for good christian men at both church and community college. If they become Drs I have told them family comes first. My oldest 17 is a sophomore and starting nurseing school. She wants to be an obgyn. So I have suggested that if all or most of them work together they can share a practice and work very few hours per week and have kids near them while keeping up their skills.

    I agree full time motherhood with part time Dr is difficult but far better than full time Drs. They also know that I hope that their daughters will not have to work at all outside the home.

  30. I’ve not time to say much more than thank you, Lori. You are right. Also—I think many people forget what marriage is meant to represent from a spiritual perspective. It’s not about our own ‘fulfillment’, but Jesus and his church.

    A couple of years ago my OB/GYN retired at the age of about 43, saying she’d decided to stay home with her two boys instead. My happiness knowing her constant presence would warm the lives of her husband and sons overwhelmed any sense of loss! No doubt she’s more content and healthy herself as well.

  31. Here’s where I am a little torn on the issue: yes, I want women to stay at home with children, but I also like that there are female OBGYNs, nurses, etc, to treat other women. I would not want a man to be inspecting my lower parts…

  32. i’m like you Debbie, in that i have been advised that carrying or raising a child would be unsafe. i have neuromuscular disease, PCOS (diabetes and low fertility as part of that) and history of severe mental health issues which meant i needed help to live (semi-independent living) i am now middle aged (late 30s) and to late for me to have a child even as my mental health has improved am not sure my body would carry it. in the UK i f you have an extensive mental health history and a history of child abuse (being a survivor of sexual physical mental verbal abuse in my case for 25 years) you are not allowed to adopt and some women with my diagnoses have had their babies taken by social services from them as soon as they are born.

    i am blessed because i am one of those women who never worried about men or marriage (low sex drive, introvert, love my own company) and i used to condemn myself that God could not accept me because of being asexual. but i now am thinking it was a blessing , because i have seen so many childless women who have been in sorrow due to being unable to bear children and my heart hurts for them. i have been spared that sorrow.

    as for how i am to fulfil my calling as a christian woman? i do not know. maybe you can help advise Lori?

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