Women are the Answer to Everything That Ails Society!

Women are the Answer to Everything That Ails Society!

“We women are the answer to virtually everything that ails society” (Jen Hatmaker). Jen may just be right about this!

If women would stop having their babies slaughtered in their wombs, life would once again be valued and women would understand that it’s not about “my body, my choice” but about another human life’s well-being.

If women would stop initiating up to 80 percent of divorces, then marriages would be stronger and children would be raised in homes with mothers and fathers.

If women would decide that raising their own children is far superior and more important than a career and a paycheck, children would grow up to be secure, emotionally stable, and protected.

If women would stop being promiscuous and wait until marriage to have sex, there would be no babies being born out of wedlock.

If women would decide to be modest and not involved in being filmed for pornography, porn would soon die out.

If women would learn that godliness with contentment is great gain and seek to have meek and quiet spirits, then their marriages would most likely last until death do they part.

So, yes, Jen, you do have a point there, BUT it’s God and His Word that is the answer to virtually everything that ails society. I don’t think you meant what I wrote at all since you don’t seem to be too interested in God’s will for women, but His ways are perfect. Your ways cannot compare to His ways. You may think you have the answers apart from the Lord but you don’t. It’s only in obeying God that women will be able to change their lives, societies, and their children’s lives for good.

We don’t change culture through “social justice” and using the weapons of the world. No, a spiritual battle is raging so we live godly lives. In this way, we are salt and light to a dark and depraved world. We share the Gospel with whomever we can. People need the Gospel more than they need anything else. Speak the truth in love and plant seeds everywhere you go. Be bold with your faith. You serve Almighty God! Pray and pray and pray. This is how we battle, women.

See that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.
Ephesians 5:15,16

15 thoughts on “Women are the Answer to Everything That Ails Society!

  1. Great post! It truly breaks my heart when I see/hear women brag (BRAG!?!) about having an abortion! I just don’t understand.

    A good, childhood friend of mine is getting married (again) to a man she’s only know for 9 months. I don’t suspect this marriage will last any longer than her other 3 (yes, 3!).

    Some days, all one can do is shake their head.

  2. While I agree with this post entirely, you may want to link this post on your Twitter feed. Your Hatmaker comment gives the impression that you support her, but her choices don’t align with your teaching, and the depth of this writing affirms the differences in your convictions. The last two paragraphs gets at the heart of the matter here: the transformative power of the Gospel.

  3. I think about this a lot. A lot of the faults of society are the result of women lowering the standards of society (usually out of selfishness and short sighted thinking). As much as feminism has taken its toll there are a surprising amount of women I talk to who would love to be a stay at home mother but they feel they can’t because it’s expected both sides of a relationship should contribute financially and as a result feel they have to go to university, and they can’t find a man who values a woman’s role and I think about how much society would change if overnight those women realized that desire is natural and decided to make a change.

    Same with modest clothing; if women stopped buying inappropriate clothes from soulless companies and started sewing their own or bought from small businesses the fashion industry would have to change dramatically.

  4. Hi Lake, just pray for her, maybe this one will workout with loads of prayer.???
    How long you know someone one doesn’t necessarily mean much, my Hubby and I have made it to 40years and still very much in love with each other my precious Hubby courted me for ONE week proposed to me; I said…yes we got married within 4 months. It can all work out you just never know it may work – I pray it does!♥️♥️♥️

  5. Not many people will step up to change the countless awful norms that plague society. As women (and everyone), we need to take personal responsibility and do what is right in our own lives first. But we shouldn’t be afraid to call others out if they are wrong or sinning. If a system is corrupt, it’s time to go against it. Some of the the most notable revolutions, good and bad, started because someone took a stand. Hopefully, some changes will occur if we act as the whistleblowers.

  6. You know women who brag about having abortions? Seriously?
    I work with women in a refuge setting. Some of them are seeking abortions. I have been able to change the minds of some of them. But even the ones who have gone through with it, don’t have the attitude of bragging about it. It’s a terrible thing to go through and they are devastated. Many of them feel a sense of relief, but it’s always mixed with grief. It’s a baby they are killing, and they know it. Doctors tell them it’s just a clump of cells, but the women know better. It’s not an easy choice for them to make, and a woman is in a desperate situation when she makes that choice. It’s the most awful, tragic thing. It’s not something that any woman would brag about, ever. These women that you know who are “bragging” are likely just putting on a brave face, trying to hide their pain.

  7. KAK – I’m referring to pro choice videos/marches/etc., personally I don’t know anyone who has had one. Women today take the “easy way out” to many times-breaks my heart. And in some cases, you are most likely correct, they are putting on a brave face, hiding their pain(and shame).

  8. Dear Marie, finding modest clothing, that’s not made of fake fabric (rayon is horrible in February, let alone in July) … good luck with that. As for sewing, good luck finding patterns which don’t come with low-cut little tricks in the design (straight up from the pit). Yes, i can sew well enough to make adjustments to the pattern, but i’m old – grew up in a time when women actually had the time to acquire sewing-skills. Many young women don’t have the luxury, the time to either buy or make feminine (modest) clothing. So sad. Every morning on the bus, i see women in ugly pants – and worse, shorts. No beauty, no smiles either. Funny how the two go together.

  9. Michelle Wolfe, so called “comedienne”, has done stand ups about her own abortion experience. It made me cry how evil it was. She also said, God bless abortion!!!!

  10. It is becoming easier to find modest clothing (finally). I remember there being only a handful of companies that sold long skirts when I was a teenager. Now, I get most of my clothes from thrift or second hand stores (ThredUp is the best!). I am pretty small, but I can usually find clothes that fit. Yes, those companies try to make us think we need tons of clothing that is mostly immodest and poorly made anyway and often produced using sweat shop labor in third world countries. Very few people today are really intentional about what clothes they buy. They buy something because it is “cute” or “trendy”. Then two weeks later, they don’t like it anymore, and it is out of style. It is really sad, because it is such a beautiful thing to see a woman who is dressed in clothes that are beautiful, well made, modest, and flattering on her body type. Clothing should be an art form, not a hobby. And like any art, it should be done well and in a way that represents your values, morals, purpose, and most importantly, your Savior. And I am not judging anybody because I used to be in the same boat (minus the immodest part). I was clueless about my style, what colors looked good on me, etc. Now, I am very selective about the clothes I buy. I have less clothes, but I feel beautiful in every single one.

    Sue, I find it so fascinating that you detest rayon because I personally love it! :). It is so breathable and light, unlike polyester. Oh my word, that stuff just does not breathe! I personally can sew some, but I am not an expert. I do not even use patterns anymore. I look at pictures, maybe watch a few videos, and learn from my mistakes. I can make a pair of pants into a skirt, make hems, sew buttons, etc. Material can be really costly, though, so I just sew with clothing I find at Goodwill most of the time. Yes, it is a shame more women cannot sew now. Most of my generation cannot, I think.

  11. I have noticed lately, that modest fashion is making a comeback! Obviously not in Hollywood, but elsewhere. There are a few models pushing the modest clothing movement, one of them is a Muslim model, and the clothes she models are beautiful, affordable, and comfortable.
    In the retail stores where I live, it’s becoming more and more common to find lovely feminine, modest clothing. I hope it continues!
    For a while it was almost impossible to find clothing for my teenage daughters that wasn’t either very immodest or emblazoned with ridiculous words/pictures. But just recently I have noticed it’s starting to turn.

  12. KAK,
    That is a true comment you posted. Many woman who’ve had abortions felt like they were out of options, manipulated by others, the list goes on. For many women it’s a shameful secret they feel God will never forgive them for. But of course, we know He will.

  13. Lori,
    I love this post and mostly agree with you. However, I do want to point out one thing. The vast majority of women involved in porn are actually trafficked women. So, actually when men indulge in the filth they are participating in the rape and torture of women. I really think if most young men knew that it would make a difference in their attraction to that particular sin.

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