Should Women Go to War?

Should Women Go to War?

This was written by a man on an Instagram post of mine about women going to war and the sexual harassment and assault that females are having to endure. The woman who wrote the Instagram post that I shared begged mothers to not allow their daughters go into the army because they “cannot be protected.”

The battlefield is no place for a woman. This is not my opinion this is morality. God wants women to be keepers at home and nurture their children while the man should go care for the family and put a roof over their heads. A man should NOT go to war if his wife is conceiving a baby. That’s one of the most foolish decision a husband can ever make.

The battlefield is no place for a lady, a woman. The only place I can see for fit for a woman if she so desires is in medical. Woman weren’t made to do the grunt work with machinery, lug heavy duty cargo, and fight at wars. God’s commandments for a single woman is that they be holy in body and in spirit. This feminist movement influenced by the Jezebel spirit has destroyed women’s and young girls’ minds, and it has destroyed their sense of morality and virtue. The age of innocence in these end times are lower and lower.

Women need men and men need women. Read Genesis. This is how God ordained it to be. We need each other and can’t go on without each other. This generation is being blinded by sin and pride. These generations of children are letting the world become their guide in life and this fallen world has longed forsaken the morals of God. This world rewards evil for good, where good is bad and bad is good. This was prophesied.

This world influences a highly sexualized culture and has brought up a generation of  vanity, lust, pride, selfishness, narcissism, hate and violence. Need I say more? Time and time again people are brainwashed into thinking the way the world does. “Don’t judge” or “That’s just your opinion” or even “Only God knows my heart” are the common things you hear these days. Mankind, this fallen world, has corrupted their ways of righteous judgment.

Such great hypocrisy that this world has conformed to; from the youth up to young men and women make compromise after compromise defiling themselves in sin, pride, and vanity. They have forsaken the morals they were once taught in their youth. The Bible talks about this. It’s called “taking heed to doctrines of devils and seducing spirits.” Doctrines of devils are lies that are taught to this world, false teachings, heresies, and so on but there is nothing Jesus can’t do.

God can bind sin and pride, and wash you clean with His Holy blood that was shed for all. Jesus Christ can set you free.

These are those that were numbered, which Moses and Aaron numbered, and the princes of Israel, being twelve men: each one was for the house of his fathers.  So were all those that were numbered of the children of Israel, by the house of their fathers, from twenty years old and upward, all that were able to go forth to war in Israel.
Numbers 1:44, 55

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  1. Hi Lori. Another needful post for young women. Thank you. My dad is a WWII veteran. He served in the navy during the war. He always said the navy was no place for a lady. My dad will be 95 this year, and these words were spoken to me many, many years ago. I pray this post deters young women from going that route. Ex- military men know what they’re talking about.

  2. There is a pretty obvious agenda behind the idea of women in the army.

    Let’s imagine two countries fighting against each other. If one of these countries has fifty percent of its army made by women and the other one has only men, it is obvious that the latter will prevail. The most likely comsequence is that the man-only army will kill the women first (half of its enemy’s army), thus will need to fight only the other half (the men). They are going to win the war in a blink of an eye.

    We only see this huge movement for women in the army when it comes to Western nations. Now let’s connect the dots: it is meant to destroy the Western civilization.

    P.S.: Sorry for the weird English. Portuguese here. I hope I made it clear.

  3. I’ve always felt that the military should be entirely men. It’s certainly not a popular opinion in this day and age. For me, it wasn’t a religious issue but simply logic. Women are physically weaker and the physical requirements were lowered to accommodate them. War, however, lowers nothing. It makes no exceptions. Many of my guy friends told me that they were always taught to protect females and thought they’d do it instinctually in a combat situation. Not a good thing for anyone involved. Everyone has to be able to hold their own in a chaos. Lives are on the line.
    When I was a little older, I started looking at women who became pregnant while on active duty and how they gave birth and were swept off back to duty. If they were very lucky, they had a trusted family member to care for their baby. If not? Tough. That just isn’t right. And that’s just a couple of reasons. There are many more.
    No, none of it ever made sense to me on logic alone. I never even needed to bring in the Biblical part.

  4. People used to know that certain places were no place for a lady, the military being just one such place. It’s sad that this is largely unknown today.

  5. The issue is that feminists have already made clear that they speak for all women and to young men their lives are not valued. You cannot have men being sent to war by the votes of women who they see as hostile.

    Today – young men have been shown that their wellbeing is not seen as important – through the approach to education, violence, employment, family law… etc. The very strong impression has been made, that harm to men and boys – is not a concern in our society – politically dominated with satisfying feminist demands.

  6. A very compelling and well-written argument, I totally agree with everything written in this post. However, I could see why the Instagram post could stir a little controversy (not sure if it did), as it implies the army cannot protect women from sexual harassment. That I think is an entirely different issue; and I find this argument (as in, it is not in line with the Word for women to join the army) much more compelling than the simple argument of the dangers of a “boys will be boys” mentality in the military which, as real as it is, can and ought to be changed. Even if we get to the point when women are not enlisting sometime in the future, there will always be women around these men, either medical workers or local women, so the army should, in my opinion, still do the work to change the mentality that obviously makes the environment dangerous as it puts women at risk for sexual assault.

  7. It goes without saying that women have no place in a combat environment. Talk to the first female Marine Corps infantry officer wannabe who washed out of infantry officer training after sustaining permanent physical injuries – including some that left her sterile. She apparently now spends her days lobbying against putting women in combat. Heckuva painful way to have the obvious reinforced as a life lesson.

    Holly says:

    My dad is a WWII veteran. He served in the navy during the war. He always said the navy was no place for a lady. My dad will be 95 this year, and these words were spoken to me many, many years ago. I pray this post deters young women from going that route. Ex- military men know what they’re talking about.

    Your father is 100 percent correct, Holly, and you can tell him that nothing has changed in 75 years. Indeed, it’s probably gotten much worse. When I retired from my 20-year career in the Navy just before the century’s turn (the tail end of the “Clinton Era”), the Navy had just started “integrating” its combat ships: that is, deploying women on board. The problems became IMMEDIATELY apparent, but of course the politicized Navy leadership wouldn’t hear of them. They not only did nothing to address or correct them, but doubled down and pushed for an even bigger female presence at sea.

    A few years ago the Navy did the unthinkable and the absolutely untenable: they began deploying women on submarines. Anyone who has ever deployed subsurface knows that there is nothing else like it in the world. You are literally living elbow-to-elbow with 100 other people in a long metal tube, underwater for 90-plus days at a time with ZE-RO privacy of any kind. Any self-respecting woman with any moral sense at all who would allow herself to do this is either insane or not really moral at all! Needless to say, the morale and readiness of the Navy’s submarine fleet are now at an all-time low. It’s only a matter of time before another USS Thresher or USS Scorpion incident occurs, costing a couple of hundred lives sacrificed on the altar of political correctness!

    Fran says:

    There is a pretty obvious agenda behind the idea of women in the army.

    Or any of the other armed services. Again, so obvious it really shouldn’t need to be explained, but the majority has been so brainwashed and critical thinking skills so thoroughly obliterated through institutional indoctrination that the they are blind to common sense-based reality.

    We are ruled by a globalist cabal that seeks to destroy America from within, and this includes perverting and corrupting its defensive capabilities. To be brutally honest, this rotten corpse of what was once the United States of America doesn’t deserve to be defended, so having a faux GQT (Girls, Queers, and Transsexuals) force pretend to do so is altogether fitting and appropriate. I can hear the Chinese, North Koreans, and Russians guffawing and applauding right now.

    So no, ladies, don’t even think of having anything whatsoever to do with combat, or any form of military service. Not only is it an abomination in the Lord’s eyes, it’s an act that would be defending the satanic temporal realm that is persecuting and mocking Christ’s church on earth. And just for the record, I tell men –especially Christian men– to stay away from military service as well.

  8. I had a recent discussion about this. I know a very wise and intelligent man who has completed military training and while he has not served in combat, many of his friends did. His take on this was very insightful and similar to what I heard growing up.

    He pointed out that some male soldiers will try to protect the female ones in direct combat, which seems quite logical as many may have a desire to protect especially if others may be helpless in defending themselves. He also pointed out war crimes. Men may be sodomized by enemy soldiers, so imagine what will happen to the women? Also, the enemies that may not even abide by international war codes (the Geneva convention ones? Correct me if I am wrong about this) will commit other heinous deeds. They drained the blood of soldiers and smeared it on the walls in abandoned houses in Rwanda, for example.

    Also, I was wondering about something else. Even civilians often face direct consequences on war. What is anyone’s take here on civilians being under wartime conditions or even wartime crimes affecting civilians? Like for example the siege of Leningrad, the city was guarded by the Germans and the ordinary people starved, even young children obviously.

    Yes, Lori correctly pointed out women serving medically during war. If a woman is single or celibate and qualified to do so, I think it is honorable of her to serve as a nurse or medic. Civilians also helped out in other ways, such as the British joining the home guard and women in many countries collecting metal to recycle to turn into weapons or knitting for care packages for soldiers.

    Another point: what about qualified females serving in the military as spies or pilots? I’m not advocating for them to do so, but I want another person’s take on this.

    Due to privacy reasons with another website, I will now comment under this new alias. However, I was a commenter on this site for a while before and I want to continue learning about these topics from wiser people than me.

  9. Deuteronomy 22:5 “A woman shall not wear a man’s clothing, nor shall a man put on a woman’s clothing; for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God.”

    This verse means so much more in Hebrew than it does in English. The word in the first part of the verse denoted “clothing” in the NASB and “that which pertaineth unto” in KJV is the Hebrew word “keli”, which does not only mean clothing, but also article, tool, vessel, implements, and armor. A woman shall not wear armor, which was the clothing of war in those days. Some have suggested that this prohibition refers to pagan rituals among the Canaanites where the people would cross dress with the women wearing armor. Maybe. Either way, of course I will treat female veterans with the respect that is their due as people who defend our freedoms, but nonetheless, this may be a prohibition against women going to war. It is certainly worth considering. And yes, I do not think it at all wise in either case for women to fight as soldiers because of the atrocities that could potentially be done to women who are captured.

  10. Hi there Lori, can I ask a question that might be a bit strange – but what do these women do when it is their time of the month! Sorry I am trying to be tackful but it has always troubled me. It is such a private time for a woman so it would be very hard to deal with it on a battle field or at least I would think so! Any thoughts would be appreciated.
    Love and Blessings to you and yours!
    Jilly ❤️❤️❤️

  11. You said it’s foolish for men to go to war if their wife is trying to conceive . Military men don’t have a say where they are sent. Should military wives try to not conceive until their husband has finished his tour of duty? What if he wants to be a member for life?

    Family is a military value, and still the military sends troops to war when needed. Should a woman who wants to conceive not marry a military man if she wants a baby, knowing he will be gone?

    There’s a lot of challenges understanding why a man shouldn’t go to war as a father when he doesn’t have a choice, and his absence does have a negative impact on the family. What is your thoughts here?

  12. That is if they don’t take the women captive and rape then kill them. Or rape and keep them captive.

  13. Some people in my family are trying to convince my 13-year old niece to join the military. I have tried to tell them how bad an idea it is. Can anyone share articles/etc. that I can share?

  14. As a former soldier, here’s what I know: having women in the army is Satan’s fondest wish. It’s so wrong, on so many levels, that it’s difficult to even process.

    I know several young men in the Army. Every one of them thinks that the women in the Army are insane. They know in their hearts it’s not only “wrong” but totally destructive to their ability to do their jobs.

    One boy told me “Really, these are pretty low-class women, they are just here to try to find husbands or to get a paycheck and sit on their butts and do nothing. No man here thinks he can trust any women in any dangerous situation. They are so utterly worthless as fighters that it’s just sad to us.”

  15. I didn’t say it. It was written by a man. I don’t see how it would be possible for a man not to go to war if he is called and his wife is going to have a baby. It’s his job.

  16. Another side effect of women in the military are the extra-marital affairs that occur. I never see or hear people talking openly about that aspect of it when this topic is brought up. I’ve known of this occurring with several men whom I’ve know who’ve served. It’s shattered marriages and families. And the ones who have stayed together really struggle with the pain that it caused.

  17. I’ve heard a lot of women rely on the Depo injection, which prevents your period from happening. It’s a nasty drug and has a lot of bad side effects.

  18. I agree that women should not be combat soldiers. The only issue I have is your comment that a man should not go to war if his wife is having a baby. I did not get asked if I wanted to deploy, I was told. My kids were older, so my wife didn’t have this difficulty of going through a pregnancy while I was away, but there were Soldiers who deployed with me that had little one’s developing in their wives’ wombs. They would have loved to be home, but that wasn’t a choice they could make.

  19. Personally, I think one of the major factors for women wanting to be in the military, are movies. Superhero movies and futuristic movies portraying women super soldiers have tricked women into thinking they are as strong as men. So many of these movies portray women as physically superior to men. This is obviously fiction, but sadly our undiscerning, uneducated, unwise sisters see these images over and over, feel the surge of emotion, and don’t have the good sense to realize it’s all fake. They see these movies and think, “I can do that.” Or, “I want to be like that.” And then they join the military. Only to have their bodies broken, their emotions abused, and whatever is left of their morality destroyed. I have a cousin who had to be medically discharged from the Air Force, arguably the easiest military division from a physical, combat perspective, because basic training was so tough that the physical demands actually caused multiple rib fractures and a femur fracture. She wasn’t attacked, it was simply the bodily stress of the physical training.

  20. Another good reason to keep those movies out of your home. I never allowed my children to see cartoons, Disney movies, etc. when they were young. They only saw such things if they went to someone else’s home. Fairy tales were read from books only — Grimms, Hans Christian Andersen. I did not allow the movies.

    However, women such as Clara Barton and Florence Nightingale are excellent role models for young ladies. This is where women belong if they are involved in anything having to do with the military — in nursing roles. “The Angel of the Battlefield”, “The Lady with the Lamp”. These were not selfish feminists who simply wanted to usurp male roles; these were great women who worked day and night to the point of exhaustion to care for the ill, the wounded and the dying. And all their countless sisters whose petticoats were often dripping in the mingled blood of all those who wrote the last dictated letters of dying men and then closed their eyes when they died. They saw terrible sights and steeled their own repugnance to stay near men who were suffering horribly in order to give them whatever comfort was possible. And they did it in long sleeves and three or four petticoats under long skirts that brushed the floor. No immodesty. These were ladies, gentle and sweet, who at the same time had strength beyond description. That’s what we want our girls to be like.

  21. I just want to ask that as a woman should she join the military and have a military job that not require to go to war and work like any office outside? Thanks for answering my question

  22. That had already been tried. Hitler’s all male army./ air Force penatrated About half way across the Soviet Union. Stalin’s forces was co- ed. A very powerfull force. Stalin dae that, so he made some changes. He had his Generals reassigned his females, to the rear. And that was how Tbe Soviet Military pushed the Germans back.

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