Women Can Do Everything Men Can Do as Well or Better?

Women Can Do Everything Men Can Do as Well or Better?

Joe Biden made this comment the other day:

“You know, I’ve told my daughters, granddaughters from the time they got old enough to understand what I was saying—and I mean it: There’s not a single thing a man can do that a woman can’t do as well or better. Not a single thing.”

I asked the wise women in the chat room what they thought of this comment. Here’s what some of them said:

“Is that why men who pretend to be women are constantly beating women at pretty much everything?” (Ana)

“Fight in a war. Lift heavy objects. Play rough sports. Protect the weak. Lead a group of people. Run fast. Do endurance exercises. Handle danger without emotional problems. These and many other things are areas where men excel over women. That’s objectively true and verifiable.

“The thing is, people today would be outraged if you said the reverse. ‘There’s nothing a woman can do that a man can’t do as well or better.’ That’s silly. Women are better than men at some things. Men are better than women at some things. Each has different strengths. Pretending a woman is a man with different plumbing is ridiculous and stupid.” (Lindsay)

“Provide sperm to make a baby!” (Crystal)

“Since everyone knows there is at least one thing women can do that men cannot, which is bearing children, then if it were true that women can do everything a man can do, this logically implies that women are inherently better than men. Men are the inferior sex. Women can do everything a man can do plus extra things men can’t do, in their minds, which means men are basically defective women. This is the logical, inescapable conclusion of the feminist ideology. Feminism is sexist.” (Lindsay)

Women also can’t be a father to their children as well as a man can! Contrary to popular opinion, children NEED and want a father; their own father if at all possible.

Back in the “old days” of America, women had no ambition to be men. Look at this poster that was created during the suffrage movement.

I love what it states in the second fundamental truth: “All necessary and permanent moral and social reform must be rooted in the home life of the people. It is in the retirement of this quiet home life and not in the publicity of a noisy political campaign that true womanhood seeks an opportunity to serve the State.”

Women used to know the value of being at home raising children. They knew the value of marriage. They had no desire to get involved in politics or be in the police force or military. They were thankful for being women and the role God had created them for.

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.
Proverbs 31:10


18 thoughts on “Women Can Do Everything Men Can Do as Well or Better?

  1. It’s like they say: An all women society sounds great until someone needs a jar opened.

    I think there’s a huge problem these days with all the people who ohh and ahh over baby showers and the the magic joy and power of motherhood, all the while seeming to literally not know that by necessity, a man contributed just as much to make this happen.

  2. What such statements have breeded is the modern toxic world that we live in.
    These liberal feminists literally have no idea what they are wishing for.Notice how they start panicking around the age of 30 when no good and honourable man wants to commit them!?
    But why should he?
    She gave away her prime years and her virginity to someone else “whom she THOUGHT that she will marry”.
    It is childish statements like these which reaffirms to me why in the whole history before Feminism the man had to prove his worth to the girl’s father.
    If the father said no,then no.
    No further discussion.
    Now that the West doesn’t have this,look what kind of men they are being with.
    Some are even delusional to even “be proud of muh struggles”?
    Trust me,such women would have had no man’s attention in the past,let alone commitment.
    Yesterday on Reddit I was reqding a thread by some PurplePill guy that how can men improve themselves.
    The women and their expectations were stupid,entitled and air headed as hell.
    They want men to be all these things but they themselves are nowhere desireable.
    Ignore them Mrs.Alexander,you keep on preaching the right moral ways of the society.

  3. The initial contribution by both sexes begins the process and by God’s design woman bears the child while the husband provides nourishment, protection, shelter and love necessary to help her birth the child and raise them up. The roles assigned by God out of necessity are never changing, even as sin can make amuck of things at times. But do it God’s ways and it works beautifully and often results in a far greater number of godly offspring springing from one godly couple than those who choose todo things man’s ways.

  4. I will start this by saying I studied genetics in college and found it fascinating. There are many genetic “genders” people can be XX (biologically female) XY (male) or XXX XXY XYY and even XX with an SRY gene (makes the baby grow testicles and usually results in the genetic female being labeled male) or XY with no SRY so the baby is labeled female. There are generally two groups male and female but it get very hard to determine who goes where for those whose genetics are abnormal. Most people who transition to the other gender don’t find the peace they want because they aren’t actually treating the source of the issue but there are cases (as rare as they might be) where a person really is labeled incorrectly. Personally I believe standards for women who want to do things like join the police, military, construction ect should be the same. They would be in the same danger they need the same skills. The problem is most women (there are some exemptions) can’t pass the same tests because we aren’t as strong. That’s why a man can be the worst in a sport transition to the women’s league and almost kill their opponent (it has actually happened multiple times). Men are not as good at recognizing emotions or even at seeing colors as women but women are not as strong or decisive as men. Its a balancing act

  5. Those who aren’t clearly born male or female are a very small minority. This doesn’t explain what is happening these days. Many are believing lies of the great deceiver and going down a destructive path. It’s very sad.

  6. Yeah, even to believe women can do anything men can do alone is laughable. If it wasn’t we wouldn’t have to celebrate everytime a woman manages to do something that men just do as a matter of course. Then to go further and say they can do it better? Oh boy, it’s truly stunning the level of mass delusion society is capable of when it is pushed from on high.

  7. Many women knew then that the right to vote would entail women’s obligatory military service. Where I live, I drive past billboards of female army officers touting machine guns. This is heinous. God did not create women for this role in bearing arms. He meant to place them in the home to defend the home. I am reminded Jael.

  8. But Lori, Joe’s right.

    His daughter was, at least in the past, a bigger drug user than Hunter!

  9. My daughter and son-in-law are expecting their first baby in a few months, and I can assure you, she did not get to this joyful place on her own. Without what only her husband (a man!) could provide, there would be no little life inside her. There are many things that only a man can do, but this is the foundational one, as without a man, humankind would cease to exist.

  10. There is a reason the bible says the people in HEBREW tribe were not to give their daughter to whoredom and/or witch craft (allow a whore/witch to live). BOTH create child-less households, purposefully, sacrifice men with corrupt justice and children suffer and die!

    I know these things are difficult to hear in our modern ear, but it IS the scripture. They say that WW2 had some bad-people….BUT people REALLY need to evaluate what BAD happens to be, based on scripture!

    People in countries outside of the USA say the USA is really bad at keeping family values afloat…… these things shouldn’t be in a country that has “religious freedom.”

  11. People who pretend not to know things or who ignore natural law are of use to no one, including themselves.

  12. I find hilarious the idea that anything Jello-brain Joe Biden endorses would be considered credible. I’m looking forward to hearing a prominent feminist put her inner moron on full display and destroy her own credibility by saying something to the effect of “See? Even the President of the United States knows women are fully equal to men in all things!”

  13. As a Hispanic girly girl, I remember feeling so insulted when standards started getting lowered for minorities. So, I’m too stupid to get a job on my own merit because of where my ancestors were born? How insulting!! Giving me a break on the firefighter exam is going to help make my life easier when I face the trauma of not rescuing someone from death because I didn’t have the strength to carry them? And who tells the victim’s family that it was more important to make me feel empowered than it was to save their family member?!

  14. The inevitable result of Feminism is that you have millions of unemployed unneeded men, homeless, rootless, despised…

    Who eventually lose all hope. Then they pick up guns and start killing people, and civilization collapses into chaos; gangs of angry unemployed men roving the streets murdering and raping, women and children subjugated utterly by fear and violence.

    At this point, Feminists are satisfied because they have gotten the revenge they so long wanted. on married/happy women, their hated enemies.

  15. “Women Can Do Everything Men Can Do as Well or Better”


    What’s being avoided talking about is the fact that most women are in the job they have because of politics.

    I’m old enough and worked at enough jobs and heard other men talking about what takes place in the company they work for to know that most women are not qualified for, nor can handle the requirements of the job position they are in.

    Companies, to meet requirements of the government edicts, must hire so many women. They must have so many women bosses.

    I work for a company that a few years ago removed the boss from my warehouse. The “big shots” from home office were in for a meeting with my bosses. We were told that our problem was we were “too male” and “too white”.

    We had women placed into boss positions and every single one of those women are having problems. They are stressed, have no clue about leadership qualities, my company has production issues because of it, but, hey, we have women bosses.

    They hire women as production workers but they can not keep up with the heavy lifting. But we must have women.

    Women in the military, police and firefighters? Ha! Give me a break. The average adult woman has the strength of an average 13 year old teenage boy. A woman in the military has all the requirements lowered so that she can qualify. A 100lb woman going to drag a wounded 200lb man off the battlefield? A 100lb police woman out on patrol? Ask the Israeli woman how woman in combat fared when they were caught – rape. Israel stopped using women in combat because of it. Ask any vet that did time in the “sand box”. They were issued condoms to place over the ends of the rifle to keep sand out. But many more condoms were used for man – woman trysts.

    Most women are hired, not because they are the best qualified for the position, but because of politics and being politically correct.

    It is destroying the family and destroying the country.

  16. I don’t understand why women even want to do everything a man can do? What happened to women being feminine? I have no desire whatsoever to do the things my husband does, like lead our family. He takes complete care of me so I won’t have the stress and responsibility that he has every day. My place has always been at home where I belong!!

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