Women in the Workforce Have Hurt Men’s Ability to Provide for Their Families

Women in the Workforce Have Hurt Men’s Ability to Provide for Their Families

“We Christian women, too, have our standards for husbands and what are the chances that there are people who meet our standards. Thus, making it really hard for us to find husbands that will protect, love and provide for us!” wrote Suzie on my post Men Prefer Debt-Free Virgins Without Tattoos.

The results of sin that were given to Adam and Eve after the Fall correlated to their God-given roles. Work that men were required to do to provide for their families would become much harder and a burden. Women would endure suffering through childbirth. A man who doesn’t provide for his family is worse the an unbeliever, the Lord tells us in His Word (1 Timothy 5:8). Women are to be keepers at home (Titus 2:5). God’s roles are clear to us but when women leave their role, it’s makes it harder for men to do their role, as Jeff so clearly explains in his answer to Suzie.

 “Suzie, it’s growing harder for men to protect, love, and provide for women because feminism put women into the workforce to compete AGAINST men for jobs, money, and power. This has resulted in less jobs, money, and power for men in society as women make up nearly half of the workforce today. And men without jobs, money, or power do not attract females and/or lose the female they had via divorce.

“This social change of putting women to work has worked out mostly to the benefit of the government (two incomes to tax instead of just one) and to the benefit of businesses that are able to select the most qualified person (male or female) for the job willing to do the work for the least amount of pay and benefits. They have also slashed benefits greatly because they have such a huge pool of candidates desperate for work with both sexes competing against each other and desperate for work. There’s virtually no companies that offer pensions anymore. It’s their intent to just keep people working until they drop dead from old age without ever being able to retire.

“CEOs are raking in tons of cash for themselves today compared to historically when just men worked jobs. CEO pay has significantly increased while the average worker has stagnated or even dropped in some cases in the past 40 years. Government has also gained a tremendous amount of revenue with the dual-tax of both a man and his wife’s income. Clearly businesses and government have no desire to go back to women staying home because they would lose tons of money. Government would be forced to reduce its size and that would result in less control over the people.

“It’s only individual men and women that can see what’s going on that want to go back to the way things worked best between the sexes. But other individual men and women are married and both are making tons of money and they like this current system, too. But they, the ones going back to traditional roles, are the rare exception the rule.

“Most people are still drinking the poisoned Kool-aid and buying into the idea that it’s ‘female empowerment’ for women to be challenging men for jobs, money, and power and that it will somehow result in a better nation for women, men, and children. But the reality is that when a woman takes a job away from a man in society, that’s a man who can no longer protect or provide for his wife, which results in his wife leaving him and/or seeking work (and thus taking another job away from another man making the problem worse). No wonder divorce rates are through the roof today!

“Men can’t thrive in this toxic environment and neither can women because when men fail, women and children fail also. We both need each other and need to be doing equally important but separate roles in society when it comes to family. Makes more sense for females to be home raising children since males cannot lactate and women tend to be a lot cleaner than men, plus young children tend to be a lot more attached to their mothers than their fathers.

“It’s all about greed and people are being duped and used like willing slaves by those in power to keep making themselves richer. Women are tempted by the idea of having their own spending power for their own materialistic wants and men are tempted by the idea that having more money will lead to winning over a more beautiful looking wife. And it’s true that men who make more money tend to have more beautiful wives since money seems to be the key thing women are looking for out of a man since it takes money to be protect and provide for in today’s world instead of muscles. Obviously, that’s gold digging on the part of women. It’s a bad system all around.

“In order to right wrongs, it would take women to collectively return to the home and drop out of the workforce. And I don’t see that happening so long as it’s taught to girls to go off and be just like boys in life and spread this lie that men just want to hold women down and out. Men love women and want to have a woman to cherish and love. But of course, feminism was used to distort the truth and make men out to be ‘bad guys’ that women should not trust or depend on but challenge for jobs, money, and power.

“A lot of the breakdown in marriages today is also due to men and women being too much alike. Men and women are doing too much of the same thing – working and making money. And that means other aspects of family life are being neglected. Especially children. Everybody is worse off for it. Men, women, and children.

“Too much greed in this HIGHLY materialistic society. Feminism was just a tool the government used to play women against men and to dupe women into working jobs and competing against their own husbands.

“It’s going to take more than just spreading the word of God around to get women to go back. It’s going to take God’s punishment for it to happen when western nations collapse in on themselves. And that’s already happened in some places. Germany, for instance, has a negative German birthrate today. This means that more Germans are dying than being born to replace them. Well, instead of encouraging female Germans to go home, marry, and have children to save their nation and race, the German government is in-fluxing foreigners from the middle east to replace the native population instead. Apparently, money matters more than preserving an entire nation and it’s native inhabitants.

“They simply REFUSE to end feminism because it makes them (the German government and businesses) tons of money to have women working and competing against the men in society. But when it results in low birth rates because the native men and women are no longer getting married or having children, to the place the nation can no longer sustain itself, their government’s answer is to bring in outsiders to replace the natives who were duped and used by their government and businesses via feminism to make their government and businesses tons of money.”

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.
John 10:10

17 thoughts on “Women in the Workforce Have Hurt Men’s Ability to Provide for Their Families

  1. Unfortunately due to radical feminism and hook up culture, and one that devalues the traditional nuclear family, many women are made, or appallingly choose to be single mothers, who then must work! A lot of men are also brainwashed into feeling women who don’t work are merely leeches and lazy, becuase their radical feminist mothers taught them that! Not many men, unfortunately, will marry a woman who chooses to be a homemaker, or can’t afford to live on just one income. All the bitter single mothers who hate men now have to work and barely ever see their own children, who are shoved off in daycare then they cry “poor me”! The children suffer, as their mothers are not around to care for them, and many couples need to make better financial choices instead of whining for our charity! Our society has fallen far from the days where the husband can provide all that is needed financially to support his wife and children, and women who are willing to take on the role of nurturer and keeper of the home! Sad 🙁

  2. Wow this post is so informative! Thank you! My husband and I were just talking about this last night, as in what will happen when this nation collapses. It’s happened to all great nations in the past. People are ignorant to not see that feminism is evil.

  3. I’ve believed this for many years. It just didn’t seem possible that you could double the workforce with no ill effects in the job market. Never mind the effect on families. I saw it close up in mine and in my first job as a pre-school teacher’s aide in HS & College. I was 17 when I announced I wanted to be a homemaker. I remember having breakfast with my best friend, a guy, who went on to be a very successful engineer. We were talking about marriage (not to each other) and what we wanted. I remember him reacting in near horror when I said I wanted to stay home and raise kids. His reaction was, “Why should the man have to support you when you’re perfectly capable of working. I sure don’t want a lazy wife that stays home all day doing nothing.” I shook my head at him pathetically and told him he needed to pay better attention to real life. This was the mid 80’s so I imagine it’s a million times worse today.

    I’m so grateful I found a traditional man in this crazy, mixed up world! We both love our God given roles. And he’s quick with an answer when someone asks what I do. With no children, some people are completely flummoxed as to why I’m a homemaker.

    He responds, “She takes care of me. It’s a full time job! I love what she does at home.” One woman even responded, “I wish my husband felt that way….”

  4. All so true. Besides the blasphemy of the Word of God [as if there is anything more] from women in the workforce is the bogus economy we have built in the Western World and are pushing on the likes of South America and the Eastern and Mid Eastern cultures. This is in large part why American companies [and others] are expanding around the world to take advantage of more women worldwide entering the workforce and driving their own households.

    For economic instance, NASCAR and the NFL had huge growth over the past 20 years, largely from getting women interested in those sports; men were already interested 20, 40+ years ago. But both have stalled out with growth, so there is overall lessening growth in American companies from women since the market of women is largely tapped out. This can be said for cars and products of all kinds. We are nearing the end of the steep growth curve in Western culture so other cultures [converting them to women leaving the home …ah, anti-Christianity] is necessary.

  5. wow, another great post. this is so dead on, lori. women not only compete w/men for jobs and cause pay/benefits to go down, but women become so undesirable to decent men because women have become so loud,foulmouthed,and competitive. not appealing to a decent man. thanks for these posts even though you get negative feedback sometimes. I am so thankful that my husband is a decent hardworking man and chose me to take care of his home and children. I thank God everyday for this life.

  6. …continuing on… if some women should want to submit themselves to the Scriptures and return home there would be a big sucking sound, a sinkhole in this artificial economy. We have created many artificial services, just as but one example, thinking it is our God-given right to live to 100 yrs old so place millions of women in health care.

    And who will pay for the personal debt and mortgages created from this bogus lifestyle if some women should leave? And government debt of all kinds. The University system would collapse from some women leaving it.

    Not to worry: our good Lord is sending earthquakes and famines [Climate Change??] and other things that will reveal His wrath with us.

    Prepare the heart by loving Jesus, the WORD …and He defined that for us: “If you love Me, keep my commandments.” Start keeping.

  7. Been saying this for years. Even on this blog.

    Take away 90% of the women working and ALL the illegal immigrants… How many jobs would open up and how would the employers react to compete for the men who have to fill the void?

    Huge wage increases and men being able to provide for their families with a wife to stay home.

    Saying this 15 years ago to my wife it infuriated her… and she is a stay at home mom and now stay at home wife. I just repeated this a few months ago to her in a discussion and she still gets furious over it. Raised by a die hard feminist, who hated her staying at home.

  8. I noticed, Lori, that the responses to your article are all very supportive of what you wrote. I did not disagree with you, merely pointed out that if a woman is single by circumstances not of her own making (becoming a widow, for example), she will likely have to work to support herself and her children. However, my comment was not posted. I hope that you can address this situation, because it does happen, and the woman and her children can end up homeless in the most dire of endings. Thank you, and blessings.

  9. It’s because the Church is no longer operating as it is called to operate. I was just reading through the book of Acts this morning and there was a problem with the distribution to widows so they chose some godly men to oversee this. Since women have entered the workforce and the government has become so involved with hand outs (taking money from some and giving it to others), churches no longer feel the need to support widows. In 1 Timothy 5, Paul instructs widows to be taken care of by the family or relatives and if they have none then the churches are to care for them. The younger widows are to marry, bear children, and guide the home (marry so their husbands can provide for them).

  10. I regularly talk to groups of men who have been destroyed by Feminism. Most of them have lost their careers and in many cases, are divorced, because women in the workplace have pushed them out.

    Their sons have a funny reaction to this: they give up completely on the thought of having careers, and just play video games and smoke pot.

    Men need to be needed. Men tailor their lives to what women ask them to do. When women say “I don’t need you” then young men wander off and become bums.

    Or they go crazy and pick up guns. We know the horror of what that means.

    Any nation with millions of wandering, useless boys quick collapses into war, terrorism, and dictatorship. Then women and daughters must live in sheltered, constrained lives, constantly guarded, no freedoms. In other words, they must live like the women in the Middle East.

    Feminism always leads to less rights, not more rights, for women. Women in the US are about to be harshly re-educated in this ancient lesson. Christians need to be careful and be strong during the coming dark age.

    Oh and by the way, if you really spend time talking to strong Feminists about all this…you find…they already know it. They know very well what they are destroying. Feminists want to destroy civil society because by doing so, they can get revenge on their most hated enemy — married women.

    And as you’ve said in your prior posts, men will not fight to stop this. Men are emotionally unable to fight back against women, Feminist or not. It is only married and virtuous women who can stop feminism. And I fear those women are now outnumbered.

  11. Also the number one beneficiaries of affirmative action is not minority groups looking for a ”handout” …..the number one beneficiaries are actually women!!

    Look at the average workplace….they are over run with women! and the workplace is so feminized….

    Women in the workplace has just complicated and compromised men’s ability to be ”men” instead now its an environment of walking on eggshells

  12. Now in my late 40’s, I am unmarried and childless. I would love for the Lord to send me a husband to care for full time, but that has not been his will and so I have always needed to work full time to provide for myself.

  13. Now in my late 40’s, I am unmarried and childless. I would love for the Lord to send me a husband to care for full time, but that has not been his will and so I have always needed to work full time to provide for myself.

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