Social Justice and the Gospel

Social Justice and the Gospel

There is a statement on social justice and the gospel being spread around and anyone who believes that it is true is encouraged to sign it. This is the basis of it: “WE AFFIRM that the Bible is God’s Word, breathed out by him. It is inerrant, infallible, and the final authority for determining what is true (what we must believe) and what is right (how we must live). All truth claims and ethical standards must be tested by God’s final Word, which is Scripture alone.”

I believe this with all of my heart, mind, and soul. I believe the word of God as written and don’t try to water it down or twist it to say something that I want it to say. I love the Lord and His word. I teach all that it has to say concerning biblical womanhood every day. I see way too many churches having women preach, women preachers/teachers teaching false doctrine, and “Christian” bloggers tickling their readers ears. This is an important document as we see the Church growing more and more lukewarm.

Here are two of my favorite things that this statement affirms. Please study it and sign it if you agree. We sure did!

Sexuality and Marriage

“WE AFFIRM that God created mankind male and female and that this divinely determined distinction is good, proper, and to be celebrated. Maleness and femaleness are biologically determined at conception and are not subject to change. The curse of sin results in sinful, disordered affections that manifest in some people as same-sex attraction. Salvation grants sanctifying power to renounce such dishonorable affections as sinful and to mortify them by the Spirit. We further affirm that God’s design for marriage is that one woman and one man live in a one-flesh, covenantal, sexual relationship until separated by death. Those who lack the desire or opportunity for marriage are called to serve God in singleness and chastity. This is as noble a calling as marriage.

“WE DENY that human sexuality is a socially constructed concept. We also deny that one’s sex can be fluid. We reject “gay Christian” as a legitimate biblical category. We further deny that any kind of partnership or union can properly be called marriage other than one man and one woman in lifelong covenant together. We further deny that people should be identified as “sexual minorities”—which serves as a cultural classification rather than one that honors the image-bearing character of human sexuality as created by God.

The Church

“WE AFFIRM that the primary role of the church is to worship God through the preaching of his word, teaching sound doctrine, observing baptism and the Lord’s Supper, refuting those who contradict, equipping the saints, and evangelizing the lost. We affirm that when the primacy of the gospel is maintained that this often has a positive effect on the culture in which various societal ills are mollified. We affirm that, under the lordship of Christ, we are to obey the governing authorities established by God and pray for civil leaders.

“WE DENY that political or social activism should be viewed as integral components of the gospel or primary to the mission of the church. Though believers can and should utilize all lawful means that God has providentially established to have some effect on the laws of a society, we deny that these activities are either evidence of saving faith or constitute a central part of the church’s mission given to her by Jesus Christ, her head. We deny that laws or regulations possess any inherent power to change sinful hearts.”

For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.
Hebrews 4:12

8 thoughts on “Social Justice and the Gospel

  1. Social justice to me should mean acting for the betterment of humanity, and the community you live in to make things more just and fair. However, that word is twisted to mean everything is arbitrary, a cult of victimhood for minorities, radical militant feminism that resents and hates men, a denial of established science, reason and common sense, putting every one else first, before our own country and its people, family is devalued, marriage is devalued, it’s “I feel entitled to do whatever I want consequence free no matter who I hurt” and so much more! Equality does not mean identical outcomes, nor identical qualities! Walking on eggshells over triggered “victims” and succumbing to political correctness only ends up in reverse discrimination and MORE injustices, NOT less! The radical liberal lunacy has taken over the country, and given it a culture of entitlement, instant gratification, and a policy of do what feels good, NOT what does good! It’s all about their feelings, not objective fact and the cold hard truth!

  2. Amen. I couldn’t agree more. I am sick of defending my beliefs. It is clearly written in the Bible what is right or wrong sexually. Some people I know really try to explain Homosexual relationships. I have gotten to the point where I just tell myself they are not reading the Bible I read nor are they attending the same church as I do. Thank you for this article

  3. Thanks for another great and relevant post!

    “We deny that laws or regulations possess any inherent power to change sinful hearts.”

    Perhaps they need to reword that. It just sounds silly. Many Godless people base their morality around the legal system. If abortion is legalized, suddenly it becomes a “right”. Marijuana was bad, but now that it is being legalized it is good. Sinful hearts, without fixed morality, are the ones most likely to change by the inherent power of changing regulations.
    And encouraging and enforcing righteousness is a duty of any government to God, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

    It is almost like they’re saying we’ll let the Godless nuts and apostates direct our nation, while we, Bible followers, abdicate our civic responsibility to God and future generations.

    Thanks again for what you do bringing these things to light.

  4. Absolutely agree with every word of this! We must stick to God’s word in a society that becomes more twisted and perverse by the day. I find it sad when people who call themselves Christians endorse their family members same sex relationships, Rory Feek springs to mind here. He is hosting his daughter’s same sex marriage on his farm next month!

  5. briliant statement i agree wholeheartedly.

    i love the bit about those with no desire for marriage or children being set apart to serve God. i have never had a desire for marriage and i have often worried that if i had a husband i would not be able to spend as much time being ministered to by God and for Him to help me serve Him. i am saved and born again but i have many sins in my life ehich i need God to deliver me from before am ready to be a god witness for Him. how thrilling to know that God can use me even as a single lady! i feel hunbled but also very happy that God has not discarded me in this life and i don;t have to wait for heaven to honour Him. i really feared i was just useless as a christian woman. due to abuse from my father and other men (mostly verbal and emotional abuse hwich has left me with C- PTSD ) i have a fear and distrust of most men in authority and i know would not be strong enough for marriage. am so glad that God realises this and is not angry with me for not choosing marriage. How great God is!

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