Women Were Created to Help Their Husbands Steward the World

Women Were Created to Help Their Husbands Steward the World

Written By Timothy Allen

What most miss – particularly Christians, is that God created the Earth and created a Garden and placed Adam in it to tend to it. Adam had EVERYTHING HE NEEDED to do those tasks all by himself. The Bible says that God brought the animals to Adam to be named. He did this – it no doubt took quite some time. Adam was alone on the Earth for quite some time – and he was equipped to do the job… ALONE.

Then what? God said “It is not good…” (for the first time in history, something was not good). “It is not good that man should be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” Eve was Adam’s female clone. God could have made a woman afresh from the dirt, or plucked her from the very stars, but no. The Bible is clear that Eve came from Adam’s flesh. That is, his genetics and his X chromosome duplicated.

To pretend that Eve was created and tasked with the same jobs and responsibilities as Adam is foolishness. Things were ticking along fine before Eve’s creation. The garden was being tended, Adam was doing his work. God did not create Eve to “tend the garden” (a metaphor) just like Adam. Eve was created for Adam. She was created to help him. She was created as his companion to make HIS WORK easier. Not to do the work. Not to take the work. Not for Adam to tell her to go tend the garden while he sat back and cooked and cleaned.

Man was created to steward this world. He was equipped to do so. Woman was created to help him steward the world. Not to steward it herself. There are further implications to all of this that came about from God bodily cursing Eve after the fall. Adam received no such curse, but also note that God said “Because you listened to your wife, cursed is the ground for your sake.” His job became HARDER because he listened to the voice of his wife in authority.

Blessed is the man who finds a wife that heeds her instinct to help him. Nurture him and the children they create. Who doesn’t listen to the head demanding “equality” in the form of a career or treatment; but understands that equality does not mean the same roles, duties, actions. Who understands that she can be equal to her leader. Especially in this day and age, such a blessing is hard to find.

And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.
Genesis 2:18

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