Younger Women Bloggers Divorcing

Younger Women Bloggers Divorcing

Written By Redeemed, an alias for a woman who commented on one of my posts, Teaching Others Without Time-Tested Experience and Wisdom about the fact that God has specifically called older women in age to teach the younger women.

I have often wondered about the wives and moms who have blogged over the years since newly married and with young(er) children, offering their (seemingly mature) thoughts and advice to all the readers, but now are divorced! Those once husband-and-family-encouraging blogs, have been turned into how-to-recognize-when-your-marriage-is-over musings and encouragements! As well as how divorce IS an (easy) option, a very freeing one, to be able to carry on with one’s (much happier, now) life!

I also wonder if just possibly(?) these wives had lived their lives as was expressed by Lori and Mr. Challies above, based on God’s perfect design and biblical principles for us, as women, might they not be experiencing the joys of reaping a fulfilled marriage.

I often laugh out loud thinking of some supposedly helpful, “mature, spiritual advice” I passed on when I was 30 with several young children, pregnant, (more children were added since then) and now being one of those “aged” women, with some married children, a grandparent, and having experienced some trials and heartaches along the way with hearts crying out to the Lord and time spent on my knees!

“Humility comes through these trials, not apart from them, as you face your utter inability and lack of answers. Humility comes as you realize how little you really know and as you cry out to God for [H]is help.” Mr. Challies nailed it! What wisdom and perspective the 30+ years I have been given since then! Plenty to help me realize my thoughts and advice back then were “foolishness.”

Yes, just going about the business of being a wife, mom, and homemaker while depending on the Lord’s wisdom, learning to trust Him, and be faithful in ALL areas of our life (from the loads of laundry to intimacy with our husband) is what younger women are to be focusing on (and we older ones are to continue on maturing in these, too). THIS is what builds toward earning the reputation and wisdom of being the “aged” women and brings glory to God and not blasphemy to His word.

I think one of the truths I’ve gleaned over the years that develops wisdom and maturity (especially spiritually) is that of just being “in the Word.” As much as I can, I put scripture in my mind and life. Memorizing, listening to messages whenever feasible, and catching those quiet moments to simply read and meditate on God’s Word all add up over the years to renew our minds and give us answers when someone asks for our insights. It’s really HIS wisdom anyway that provides a basis for the practical advice I may give out.

Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil.
1 Timothy 3:6

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  1. this was so prevalent in the 1990’s homeschool movement. glad my husband was involved and discerning about some of the odd beliefs being pushed at the homeschool conventions. we must be discerning and not take everything as gospel w/o proper investigation and measured against proper theology. so much pain came from the foolishness of overwhelmed parents thinking all of their ways were revelations of God, and did not test these against the Word.

  2. This hook up, divorce on demand culture, one of “any family is a real family” propaganda, and marriage is just dating 2.0 is rampant! The fallout are broken homes and unhappy marriages with bitter divorces, leading to a generation of radical man hating daughters and feminized sons by bitter single mothers! Our younger generations, unlike the ones before the sexual revolution are one of instant gratification and wanting to do whatever they please consequence free!

  3. This reminds me of a Valentine’s day several years ago. My husband and I were watching the news and they had a celebrity couple on to talk about how they keep romance in their lives and their secrets to happiness. We both exploded into laughter because this couple hadn’t even been married 6 months! At the time, we’d been married 20 or so years…and they’re going to give US advice about marriage?! We both said the same thing..Bring on the couple celebrating 50 years!! The young pups they had were still on their honeymoon!

    1. EXACTLY! Ridiculous. Paul taught Timothy that aged women were to teach the younger. While I realize that, if you’re 16, a gal who’s 18 is older than you, Paul didn’t say the “older women.” Aged women. There’s the difference.

      Women under 60 weren’t considered “aged” in New Testament time. Why? Lots of women were still birthing their husband’s children in their 50s and perhaps even in their 60s.

      When I, too, reflect on the lofty advice and opinions I barked in my 20s and 30s, I blush in embarrassment. In my 40s I earnestly began hungering and thirsting after a godly wifehood and motherhood. I began quizzing aged women whose husbands demonstratively adored and cherished the wives of their youth. In my 40s I desired eyes to see and ears to hear.

      In my 20s and 30s I was a brilliant know-everything. In my 40s I was ignorant and unlearned. In my 20s and 30s I called the shots and declared, “My way or the highway.” In my 40s, true life began! I began seeing my husband for the man God made him and wanted him to be, and I began seeing myself as his helper to make that happen.

      Fortunately by the time I had come to myself, my husband had not chosen to leave his oft-foolish wife for some “bimbo” whose words and actions put him first in an (adulterous) relationship. He had chosen to stay with the likes of a rotten wife. God bless that strong, valiant man.

      Younger women bloggers and motivational speakers who have lost their marriages (and their children) have also lost their witness, their voice, their testimony. The choices they made inspired the choices their husbands made: “I’m outta here, headed for greener pastures.” Most of these women have no one to blame but themselves. When you cause the Word to be blasphemed, what do you expect?

      Stay off the computer, younger women, and your devices. Keep the main thing the main thing. GET INTO, climb into, crawl into, hide yourself in the Word of God. Listen to the reaches of godly, aged women. You’ll have no regrets for your own wiser choices then, and a very strong chance of “helping” a grateful, fulfilled husband who sings your praises and children who rise to call you blessed.

      Start at the finish.


      1. This is so well said. Thank you.

        I am in my mid-40s and loving my role as a mother and wife. I mean I cherish it and lean into it. All the while seeking havens in like-spirited material: God’s word, certain shows, people.

        The one part I struggle with is the time wasted not knowing this. I had a mother’s heart early but was coraled into “career” and all I wanted was family. I lament the loss of more years with babies and supporting my husband fully. It is when I feel my purpose and passion–alive for the first time in my life. I thank the good Lord for this chance in life. It fills the heart! I thank you, good women, for your posts and wisdom.

  4. The divorce and hook up culture is rampant! The radical feminist notions of hating men and devaluing marriage is leading to a neration of daughters who resent men and want to be masculine, and sons who are raised to be weak and feminized by bitter single mothers who the feminist narrative appeals to! The ultimate victims in this are the children, of course 🙁

  5. The internet has made everyone an ‘expert,’ simply by creating a blog. It has much more easily allowed for the consensus of fools that “for this they willingly are ignorant.” It is further making a church and a culture out of “ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

    As to divorce that these bloggers get themselves into, it is certainly because of immaturity and that very significantly because ‘we get more of what we subsidizes’ [if you pick up your kids clothes, you will see more clothes on the floor]. The church has redefined marriage, in part, by redefining divorce and effectively saying ‘So what if God says don’t put His union asunder.’
    The church gets more women leaving ‘keepers at home’ because it effectively endorses them getting ‘educated’ and competing with men and being able to support themselves. And it effectively endorses promiscuity and fornication by [at least] not confronting scantily dressed self-identified Christian women, and sending women to the college sex incubator.

    This list could go on, but it is little wonder the church ratios for divorce are no different than in the world.

  6. If not divorcing, then just crashing and burning. I think I’ve counted six female, very young like in their mid-20’s, bloggers just up and quit because they couldn’t handle the negative criticism and feedback for standing up for God’s Truth.

    Maybe it is wise for them to wait until they’re much older, than quitting and leaving a bad taste in their readers’ mouths.

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