An Atheist Living Out Biblical Womanhood

An Atheist Living Out Biblical Womanhood

It’s a sad day when unbelievers are living out Christ’s commands better than believers. This is a comment that was just left on one of my videos from my YouTube channel: “I am an atheist but was raised in a very conservative Christian home. Because of this, I still have conservative morals and values. It is ridiculous how often people find it necessary to criticize my being a stay-at-home mom, non-drinking, modest dressing, and my husband being the leader of our family. It is something you just have to deal with.

“The fact that they have such strong opinions about how I live my life (which is none of their business) says far more about them than it does me. I just let it roll off my back. I have a great marriage and life BECAUSE of the values and standards I have [which are God’s commands even though she doesn’t acknowledge it]. My home is peaceful, my body is healthy, and my conscience is clean.”

First of all, there are NO atheists. We are clearly told this in Romans 1:20, “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse.” All of creation shouts the existence of a Creator.

Even though she denies the existence of God Almighty, she clearly acknowledges that His ways are best and is living them out. Those who refuse to believe will receive God’s blessings as they live out His commands to us, but what are His temporary blessings on this earth compared to the blessings of eternal life? Nothing in the scheme of things, since our lives on this earth is a mist.

Unfortunately, this woman who calls herself an “atheist” lives a more biblical lifestyle than most women who call themselves Christians. She has tasted His ways and seen that they are good. Of course, they are. God is good and His will for us is good but unless you believe in Him, you will not inherit eternal life.

Repent and believe, women! Read the book of Acts when the apostles began the Church age by proclaiming Christ and belief in Him. They would tell the people to repent and believe, and then be baptized. Everyone is a sinner in need of a Savior. There’s no way into eternal life without our sins being paid in full. Christ paid them for ALL who believe. Now, we can have a personal relationship with God and go directly to His throne to praise, thank, and petition Him. What a God we serve!

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.
Hebrews 11:6

7 thoughts on “An Atheist Living Out Biblical Womanhood

  1. Yes Lori it is sad. My neughbour is an unbeliever but she is living a more biblical life than many Christian ladies I know. She quit her part time job to raise her baby and cares for her husband and home. She says she can’t even think of putting her son in daycare as she wants to protect him and believes its her job to raise her children. She also wants to homeschool after watching our family over the years. The way she takes care of her husband and speaks respectfully of him is a far cry from how I hear the ladies at Church speak about their husband’s and children. It is sad and a poor testimony to the world. I’m just thankful God changed my heart and is still working on me. Being a homemaker is the best along with obeying other scripture pertaining to women.

  2. Why does she still have those values if she doesn’t believe? She knows there is a better way….? Just a thought?

  3. Like 16:8 KJV
    ……..for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.

    Very sad indeed…….

  4. I think about this all the time. My grandfather was brought up in a religious Irish Catholic household, but was an atheist from young adulthood and for the remainder of his life. However, he married a good and faithful woman and let her raise their children going to church and believing in God, he never ridiculed her for reading the Bible, and he allowed his family to say ‘grace’ before every meal (he’d even bow his head out of respect). He was kind, honest, respectful, hardworking, and supported my grandmother and their six children so she never had to work outside the home. He upheld conservative values and was everything a good Christian man should be, except for the fact he no longer believed.

    It’s sad when we can find non-believers living more of a Christ-like life than many of those who proclaim themselves as Christians. We need to do better.

  5. It was nice of that woman to share that story! It’s very close to my life. My family is not religious at all (though I’ve never called myself an atheist) and I still believe biblical womanhood (or traditional femininity, which I’ve found is what none religious people call it) is the only way a woman should live her life. Despite the lies women are told, expressing my femininity has been very rewarding and has always felt natural to me. I think my life and the life of the lady that left you that comment just prove how much feminists lie to themselves. No one told me about biblical womanhood growing up and I still knew from a young age that being a wife and mother would make me happier than a career ever could.

    It’s also nice to see how confident this woman is about it. For how independent and free they say they are, feminists and career women sure get mad quick when you say you want to devote yourself to having children and caring for a husband. But I keep forgetting, they only want you to have choices when you choose to be a man.

  6. Dear Lori and Friends, somewhere in the Scriptures, the Lord says something about the devil knowing his time is short. So of course, it makes sense that the devil isn’t going to waste any of it, bothering atheists to go get drunk, read trashy literature and such.
    Yes, it appears that atheists generally live squeeky clean lives. Could it be, concerning the devil’s limited time horizon, that he is all in favor of the atheists’ maintaining their life testimonies, while focusing upon – and quite effectively – getting for real Christians to mess up their testimonies – bigtime?

  7. I think it might actually be natural for women to want to be homemakers, no matter what their faith/belief. Obviously many women push this natural desire aside and follow careers etc. But I think the desire is there naturally, anyway.
    I actually only realised this recently. My 17 year old son has moved into a house on the farm he works on, along with his friend (also 17) who now works on the same farm. Two teenage boys in a house = chaos right? But my sons friend has brought his girlfriend with him. She’s only 16 and is officially in state care, but my sons friend is fully supporting her financially, and in return, she cooks and cleans etc. My son sees the value that she will bring to their home, especially over calving when the boys will be working 16 hour days, 11 days on 3 days off. My son has agreed to split all the bills 2 ways instead of 3, acknowledging the role of this girl.

    (Yes I know this is a sinful relationship, but these young people aren’t Christians. I just wanted to highlight how the traditional gender roles are being recognised so naturally by young people)

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