Should Women Bloggers/Speakers Be Held Accountable?

Should Women Bloggers/Speakers Be Held Accountable?

There is a “Christian” woman blogger who had a post go viral recently. She’s a great writer so I went back to her beginning posts. Every post was filled with Bible verses and were about the LORD. She has many children but recently she divorced her husband. Now in her recent posts, she never mentions the name of the LORD nor quotes Scripture yet thousands of women are reading her words.

Warren B. Smith wrote, “And it is, indeed, very disturbing to see many Christian leaders today using many of the same words and expressions commonly used by their ‘new gospel’ counterparts. ‘New revelation’ describing how a great ‘move of God’ is going to take believers ‘pregnant with destiny’ to ‘a new spiritual level’ and into a ‘new dimension’ sounds a lot more like the ‘new gospel’ than the traditional Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Were we already witnessing the great ‘falling away’ predicted in the Bible? Was the ‘mystery of iniquity’ talked about in the Scriptures already doing its deceptive work with ‘all power and signs and lying wonders’ . . . ? Would people calling themselves Christians abandon their faith in the Bible and the Bible’s Christ? Would they join an ecumenical movement that in the name of love and God and unity would sacrifice the truth of the Bible and perhaps one day merge with the new age itself?”

I have noticed a troubling trend among women today; they read and follow other women who proclaim “truth” as they see it since it is more acceptable and palatable, instead of learning from older women teaching what older women are commanded to teach the younger women and godly men teaching the Word of God. Therefore, few women have godly wisdom while most just want their ears tickled instead.

My questions becomes, “How many of the big time female bloggers are teaching women to love and obey their husbands, love their children, be chaste, discreet, sober, keepers at home, and good?” There are very few of us, unfortunately.

Even when we do, it’s good for us to have a godly husband making sure that what we write is biblically accurate and be accountable to him. We aren’t supposed to be an island to ourselves. We are told to exhort one another daily, while it is called To day; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin (Hebrews 3:13).

It seems the woman who divorced her husband and no longer writes anything about the LORD has been hardened through the deceitfulness of sin as some of the other big time blogging women. It’s the same with the famous female bloggers who endorse gay marriage, female preachers, and other things that are forbidden in the Word or make up words or movements that aren’t in God’s Word. Knowing that women are more easily deceived, we need to be held accountable for the things we write, especially when we have a large platform of teaching many women.

What are the qualifications for teaching other women in the Bible? “The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things;” (Titus 2:3) and then it is listed what they are to teach the younger women.

Two older women who I greatly admire and love learning from are Debi Pearl and Nancy Campbell. They are considered “aged” women with a lot of wisdom and experience. They have both been married many years and have raised godly offspring. Their husbands are involved in teaching the Word to others and these women live in submission to their husbands’ leadership. They are help meets to their husbands. They are keepers at home and modest. They are women worthy to look up to by following their example.

I also love that they teach about nutrition by eating healthy food and caring for our temples of the Holy Spirit. They focus upon teaching all aspects of godly womanhood and exhorting women to obey God’s clear commands to them. These are the types of women we should all be learning from since they have been time-tested and shown to be above reproach.

Do you all understand how powerful the Church today would be as a force for salt and light in our wicked culture if all of the older women who love the Lord were teaching these things to the younger women?

 That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.
Titus 2:4, 5

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  1. Accountability in Christ is everything. Too many times in today’s society we lose focus and get caught in the me society. I’m not happy I’m divorcing I’m not happy I’m leaving.
    It’s not about me, it’s not about you. It’s about our savior Jesus Christ the one who paid it all. Divorce is selfish plain and simple So this woman is saying god was great when she was married. Now that she isn’t divorcing her husband god isn’t good anymore??

    God does his best works when we need him the most. Trust me I’m in a marriage that has had my wife threaten divorce to me numerous times but I refuse to listen because I know he knows our sufferings and when we are faithful to him there is An abundance of happiness waiting for us

  2. LOL.

    No women are held accountable. Why do you think we are in the place we are in society? If women can raise children better than men, and there are more single mothers than two parent homes we should see society getting better. It is quite the opposite.

    Holding women bloggers accountable should be the last place to start. The first place should be in the home and then the church.

  3. Oh those women speakers and bloggers who go against the Word of God will answer to Him someday. Women like Beth Moore, Jen Hatmaker, who I still can’t believe she supports same sex marriage, “Pastor” Joanna ( can’t believe she calls herself that) of Peace Mennonite Church who brags about performing same-sex weddings and others like her will most likely hear”depart from me, I never knew you ” That makes me shudder.

  4. Absolutely! Even more so as they can be led astray even more so than men. Ive personally found that when you are living in sin ( having an affair etc) that anythi to do with God or his wprd raises the hairs on the back of your head. When i was in that position 10 + years ago, i couldnt even go near a christian book store without having a panic attack. As soon as i repented, it was no longer an issue. And i figured i t was because i knew i was living in sin. And probably the reason this so called ‘christian’ female blogger stopped posting scripture references. She secretly knows she is in the wrong. But has talked herself out of it and reasoned withing her own heart and mind. Neglecting that the heart is wicked. And cannot be fully relied upon as a sole source of truth.

  5. Thank you Jilly. There are many reasons. The biggest reason she tells me is I have no right to call out her sin. She has a bad temper and uses profanity a lot. She is a Christian and a regular church goer but behind closed doors it’s a nightmare. When I use scripture to show her where she is struggling she gets angry. My wife has a twisted version of the Bible and a twisted version of authority in bible.
    It’s only been the last two years where i I have grown in my leadership and she despises it.

  6. I’m not familiar with the bloggers Lori is talking about and have no idea why they’re getting divorced.

    But I wholeheartedly agree that divorce is selfish! My sister and I were 17 & 18 respectively, when my parents separated, but even at that age it still tore us apart, and nearly destroyed my father (who has remained single).
    Yes, divorce is awful. There is nothing Godly about it.

  7. I don’t know where you live, but where I live, there definitely are not more single mothers than two-parent homes. Here, 30% of children live in a single-parent (either mother or father) household. The remaining 70% live in a household with two parents.
    Here, the reason children in single-parent families statistically have worse outcomes than those from two-parent families is nothing to do with parenting skills, but poverty. This is especially true in sole-mother families.
    Here, 85% of sole-mother families live well below the poverty line. According to the most current statistic I can find, 16% of those sole-mother families living below the poverty line are homeless, often living in cars, or sleeping on couches at friends houses, with no house of their own. Single-father households seem to do better financially (although they’re still significantly worse off than two parent families, for the most part), as the father is generally able to earn more money than a woman can.

    There actually isn’t an easy solution to this problem. I mean, aside from the whole world turning to God and following His ways.

  8. Jesus said that we’ll always have the poor with us, which implies that poverty will never be eradicated. However, what we’re now witnessing is much worse than what it would othrerwise be, were it not for the ever-growing nanny/welfare state, which effectively serves as an institutionalized means of “protecting” people from the consequences of their foolish behavior. Again, no accountability.

  9. Kak,

    It is unfortunate that there are kids going hungry. You are actually helping make my point. Single mothers are generally getting welfare and have to make below a certain amount to qualify. If they were married and the husband worked and they worked part time, they would no longer qualify.

    I know the system, and how many in low income communities know the system and play the system. Most are single mothers. That is factual. Let’s not confuse low income and true poverty. The West has it better than 98% of the world. If you want to talk about women and children in America, then the statistic show that they have it better than 99% of the world.

    We are talking about accountability. If women and children in America have it better financially than the rest of the world we need to look at how they are raised and how they raise children. They are not held accountable through the courts, welfare, and social society.

  10. jeff – I don’t live in America. My statistics are not American ones.
    Perhaps our system here differs from yours, I don’t really know. In our court system here, and even in our welfare system, it’s the fathers of these kids who are escaping accountability. Just one example: here, by law, a father must pay income-adjusted child support for the first 18 years of the child’s life. If they refuse to sign the birth certificate, hence getting them out of paying the child support, there is nothing the woman can do. I mean, she could go to court and MAKE him, but usually she can’t afford to. Should she need to rely on the benefit for income, her benefit will be docked $25 a week (I think) per child, for not naming the father. This is a pretty common occurrence.
    Solo parents here (both mothers and fathers) have work obligations once their youngest child turns 5. But even if they’re working, they’re generally still on extremely low incomes.

    Even if the mother or father is doing their very best by their children, it has been proven time and time again that poverty directly correlates to bad outcomes in education. Poor quality housing (which is where most solo parent families end up) that have no insulation, poor heating, and are cold and damp with mould growing up the walls, don’t make for healthy kids. But the house is outside the mother (or father’s) control – the landlord simply refuses to fix it, and the parent can’t afford to move, because they’re already paying out more than 65% of their income on rent, and can’t get the money together to move. Besides which, we have a major housing shortage here.
    So sick kids = time off school.
    Because so much income is going out in rent, the food budget isn’t adequate. Food here is incredibly expensive. Even though we’re a food-producing nation and our food is exported all over the world, we have to pay premium (export) prices too – I bought a 3 litre bottle of milk yesterday for $5.85 at our local supermarket! It’s virtually impossible to get meat for under $10/kg. So to feed a family healthily, just isn’t doable on a low income.
    So kids have no breakfast, there’s no food to go in the lunchbox, maybe they have no shoes because so much of the income has gone on rent, to live in their sub-standard house. So the kids stay home from school that day, because hungry kids can’t learn, they play up, maybe they get kicked out of class. They’re ashamed, the parent is ashamed.
    See the connection I’m making here?
    It’s nothing to do with accountability for the woman. If anything, it’s to do with the refusal of the man to step up to the plate and provide for his kids. The problem, in this country at least, is the breakdown of families, the huge gap between rich and poor, the housing crisis, the low wages, and the high cost of living.
    Fix these (don’t ask me how) and the problem of dysfunctional families raising off-the-rails kids will be solved.
    And here, the family courts push for equal custody for BOTH parents, and does not encourage using children as pawns. So unless there’s evidence of family violence or something like that, neither mothers nor fathers are denied the right to be involved in raising their children. If a parent doesn’t see their child, it’s because they’ve chosen that path. I really don’t see how you can blame that on lack of accountability for women.

  11. That sounds awful, Rob.
    I, too, learned that no one knows what goes on behind closed doors, yet so many think they have the right to judge what they don’t truly understand. People can so easily have a public persona and a private one, and they can be so different.
    I have been in a similar place to you (well not really, as I’m a woman and the situation was different, but it was similar in many ways) and it was the darkest time of my life. I really hope things come right for you.

  12. ‘The fall’ begins [again and again] when a women steps into the authority of a man. The authority of men includes teaching the scriptures and ‘go ye into all the world.’ That is not for women. As Titus 2 highlights, women [mature at that] are to only teach other women about being obedient to their husband and keepers at home [including Prov 31]. To think that they are to teach the word to others, men or women, is not found in the scriptures, with the exception of teaching her own children, and that under the direction of her husband.

    The idea that women become missionaries and can teach and have authority over God’s word has firm roots in the beginning of the modern feminist movement starting in roughly 1660 and was wildly out of control by the late 1800s.

    Before a woman can teach like a man, she has to effectively leave her man [or men] and reject his [their] authority, and leave her ‘keeper at home’ position. The power coming from the authority to teach scripture is most certainly limited in her to that topic in Titus, for she is ‘weaker’, more easily deceived [1 Tim 2:14] on the balance of scripture.

    Feminism started in women who claimed to have a heart for God. But …”Many will say Lord, Lord.” Many will. Accept His word, His plan, His patriarchy …..or don’t. But you will someday be called on to acknowledge the position you held.

  13. Is it possible she either has a mental illness or some kind of spiritual opression? You obviously dont have to answer. I was just curious. In order to win the battle, you need to know who you are fighting against.

  14. Patriarchy will rule one way or another. By decent hard working men who want to do good, or by men coming in and taking over and ruling by an iron fist. Islam is already claiming that they will rape and breed the western male out of existence. How? With the help of modern womanhood emaculating boys and men. However Islam doesn’t have respect for Western men or women. They will kill males and Force submission on the females. Make no mistake. Women can have Western men treat them with decency and love or have Islam force them into a role of cave woman.

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