Are You Truly Pro-Life?

Are You Truly Pro-Life?

We are living in an anti-child culture. This culture seeks pleasure and self over all else. Whatever makes them “happy” is what they want. Consider this article from CNBC in which they want you to know that kids make you poor and you’ll save a lot of money if you don’t have them, as if money is everything. “Your friends may tell you having kids has made them happier. They’re probably lying. Research shows that parenthood leads to a happiness gap. Maybe that’s because the pleasures of parenthood are outweighed by all the extra responsibilities, housework and, of course, the costs.”

Is seeking happiness everything? Is this all there is in life? I can tell you that if you seek happiness, you probably won’t find it because happiness is a choice. It’s a choice to be thankful and content. What this article fails to understand is that it’s in giving our lives away in serving and loving others that brings the most joy. Yes, raising children is hard and takes a lot of work and sacrifice but the blessings are many! Nothing in life worth having comes easily.

Emily Thomes replied to the article from CNBC this way: “Children are a blessing from the Lord. Being a mom is my favorite role so far in this life. I can’t imagine a world without our girl and wouldn’t go back even for a day for all the extra sleep, money, or time in the world. We live in a culture that is particularly selfish when it comes to kids. We’re not pro-life. We’re not pro-parenting.

“Most of us push the ones we’ve been entrusted to love and train up in the Lord into formal institutions as early as they’ll accept them. We don’t want to be around our kids because we’ve not taught them how to be people that are pleasant to be around. We shove devices in their faces to entertain and distract them and wonder why they’re insatiable without them. My heart just grieves for this kind of thinking and knows that without a doubt I would be first in line to pass off my kid, should I have ever had one, without the mercy of God in my life.

“What it takes to truly love and value your children is a heart that believes God when He says that they’re blessings and not burdens and that seeks to see them and regard them in that light. It takes a heart that knows we deserve nothing good at all and still He gives us these little people who look at us with awe and adoration and love just for being there. I’m nowhere near the perfect mom, but as He is making me more like Christ, I take comfort in that He will continue also growing me in the role He’s given me as Dorothy’s mommy. People that aren’t yet parents, do not buy the lie. Parenthood, for those that He calls to be parents, is such a weighty and fulfilling responsibility to take on, and our children are worth every bit of it.”

The article from CNBC does admit something very important in the end, however. “If you don’t have kids, in short, you’ll save a lot of money. Then again, you might lose it all to a nursing home when there is no around to take care of you.” When we die, we can’t take money with us. All of the stuff we have accumulated will one day burn but the time and sacrifice that we have invested in our children and in others will reap eternal rewards. In the end, this and believing in Jesus Christ as our LORD and Savior are all that matters.

Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.
Psalm 127:3-5

17 thoughts on “Are You Truly Pro-Life?

  1. It’s a culture of I only care about me and what is convenient, not what is owed to others or making the hard, but the right choice in life! How our society treats children, shuns motherhood, and traditional values is disgusting! We’re raising generation after generation who have only known divorce and broken homes with no father figures. And a generation of young women raised to hate their womanhood…

  2. We miss out on my salary now that I’ve stayed home with the kids, but on the other hand one of ’em might grow up to be a billionaire who can support me in the lifestyle to which I’d like to become accustomed.

    I kid, of course. The purpose of our life isn’t to pursue happiness, which as the Preacher tells us is pointless, anyway. We are to glorify God and enjoy him forever, and raising children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord can certainly bring glory to God.

  3. This is such an amazing post to come the same day as the New York Senate approved third trimester abortion.

    This world is becoming so backwards.

    Also Lori wanted to tell you I had to go into your account to find this post. Even though I am always notified when you post.

    Find that rather interesting.

    Thank you for all that you do for us and for the people that need this.

  4. I am pro life. I love my 2 children. One of them has a genetic disorder which can prove very serious, even life limiting. We count ourselves very lucky that our child is happy and healthy. My heart goes out to those parents whose child is diagnosed with a fatal disorder in utero. The decisions they make must be truly agonizing.

    1. I am very sorry to hear this, flip. But from one parent to another, please never give up motivating, challenging, tutoring and believing in your kid. My elder son also has a genetic condition. He is four now and what he has achieved nobody would have thought even a year ago. Parents’ love, devotion and determination can truly move mountains!
      Makes me reflect sometimes- i’m not a conventional believer, but children surely must be god’s creation 🙂

      Btw, love Susannes comment and always enjoy reading this blog, even though I am not necessarily the intended audience.

  5. The tragedy is the culture which; regards children as an option within marriage rather than the purpose of marriage. Which regards pregnancy as a risk accociated wit sex rather than the purpose of sex. Which regards motherhood as a barrier to a woman’s aspirations rather than as an aspiration. Which regards femininity as a weakness not a strength and a gift.

  6. I don’t think I’m lying when I say I am happy with my two children! I can’t even remember what I did with myself before they were born! Sure, it’s a hard job, and I’m currently taking care of a newborn which is overwhelming on so many levels…but wow, my life would be so less the richer without my kids! Even though some days are rough, I love seeing their little faces each day. It’s so sad how children are viewed by our society. It’s a little jarring to me when I read secular opinions on this topic, because my family goes to a church with tons of young families and is experiencing something of a baby boom. I think in general, conservative Christians have a higher birth rate than secular society.

    1. They absolutely do, Mrs. D., because they are the few who still value life. I just cared for two of my young grandbabies for a few days while their parents enjoyed some time to celebrate their anniversary and my daughter’s birthday and what a joy to spend time with those two young children! I can’t imagine any greater blessing in life than this.

  7. It’s hard. They misbehave, break your stuff, tire you out, cost you a small fortune, etc. But I did want to be a father. It costs you time, money, fun, etc. But when your child sings a new song or is having fun, you just look at them and feel joy.

    I have seen chidless couples and when they saw my kids, they looked at them with this profound sadness in their eyes (especially the women). When I pick up a toy and explain how something works, I see the interest in their eyes and how they spin the whole explanation according to their interpretations. Absolutely amazing.

  8. The people writing these articles are almost always gay men or childless (often old and bitter) career women.

    They can hear the dark, terrifying echo of oblivion waiting for them. Instead of using their beauty and youth to create new life and a family, as God designed, they squandered it on fun and frolic. Just like the grasshoppers and the ants.

    Now they are lonely, hateful, and miserable.

    Make no mistake, these people DESPERATELY want kids. They learn to mask that desperation and replace it with hatred for those of us who didn’t stupidly waste our short life.

    All of American culture — ALL of it — is 100% dedicated to luring the young and unwary into the pit of misery that these people have dug for themselves.

    Nothing short of a revolution will stop this collapse. Thank you Lori for gently, lovingly, but firmly, leading your part of that revolution.

    1. Bill T: How do you know that the people writing these articles are almost always gay men or old and bitter childless career women? Was there a study of this that you are quoting? Or is this just what you want to believe because it better fits this blog’s narrative? If you are saying that something is true without checking it, you could be breaking the commandment against bearing false witness.

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