Birth Control is an Implicit Attack on the Beauty of Life Itself

Birth Control is an Implicit Attack on the Beauty of Life Itself

“The issue of birth control cuts to the core of the diabolical disorientation of the family in the Western world. When your daughter, sister, wife, or girlfriend swallows that pill, not only does she ingest all the artificial hormones that increasingly are linked to breast cancer and strokes later in life, she ingests our society’s judgment of her worth…

“Birth control is inherently harmful in that it disrupts something that is good and performing according to its nature: fertility in women…But, fundamentally, the pill cancels the primary, unique, and healthy function of the female body. By taking what is objectively good and terminating it, even temporarily, the pill is injurious and ultimately unjust by its very nature.

“For women, for whom fertility is the harbinger of their greatest power (child formation), a cancellation of fertility attacks their very essences and being. In essence, it changes a woman…Birth control is an implicit attack on the beauty of life itself” (“Stop Putting Your Daughters on Birth Control” by Karolina Provokatsiya).

My mother never offered us birth control in high school. She taught us to save ourselves for our future husbands, so we did. We knew our virginity and future ability to have children within the bonds of marriage were something to treasure. We didn’t give our daughters birth control but told them to save themselves and taught them the value of being virtuous, so they waited until marriage.

Too many parents aren’t teaching their children, so their children wander aimlessly through their teenage years going along with the flow and having many scars to show for it. Many women have told me that their parents never told them anything about waiting for marriage or being virtuous.

For all who want to tell me that they HAVE to take birth control pills, I want to tell you that, no, you don’t. The side effects are numerous and all the pill does is mask the symptoms. Go to a Naturopath and get to the root of your problems. Begin cleaning up your diet and eating whole, nourishing foods the way God created them to be eaten. Cut out sugar, junky oils, processed foods, and all of the other things that are health and gut destroying.

The pill can cause young women to be infertile. It can cause them to abort embryos (newly created human beings). It causes many other things and are toxic to the human body. It has led to the slaughtering of millions of unborn babies, because it has made babies disposable, unwanted, and inconveniences.

Stay pure until marriage and then welcome babies into your lives. Yes, they take a lot of time, energy, and patience but the rewards far outweigh the negatives. Never take your fertility for granted, young women. Those women who are infertile can tell you the pain and grief it causes to not be able to bear their own children.

Protect your fertility from a young age by not using any type of birth control, not having sex before marriage, eating healthy (get rid of plastics and anything that is hormone disrupting), and taking care of yourself. You do what is in your ability to do while living in obedience to the Lord, then rest in His providence for your life.

Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house: thy children like olive plants round about thy table.
Psalm 128:3

37 thoughts on “Birth Control is an Implicit Attack on the Beauty of Life Itself

  1. We just had our 4th baby and my husband says he’s done having children and is wanting me to go on birth control after my 6 week check up. What can I do to change his mind? What can I specifically pray for in this situation, when I would gladly have more children? We are 30 and 32, I’m a SAHM and we homeschool. Any advice is welcome! Thank you.

  2. Great post, Lori! A NaPRO technology practitioner can provide treatment for women with gynecological/fertility issues. Oral contraceptives simply mask any problems, such a PCOS or endometriosis. Good nutrition is essential. Women are being lied to by the pharmaceutical industry and it breaks me heart. I’m an RN and could share horror stories of caring for young women who have suffered strokes as a result of oral contraceptives.

  3. Good point in the first quote! Her worth is determined by society as how much like a man she can become. Women used to tend homes in long skirts and dresses which were beautiful, now they protest at rallies with pussy hats and dress like strippers or want to “wear the pants” in the family! Literally! Motherhood is devalued by modern day sexism.

  4. Amen, AMEN.

    The birth control pill killed our first child. We did not know at the time that it is common for the first child conceived when coming off of the pill to miscarry, because the damage done to the female body (in terms of causing thinned uterine lining, which prevents the baby from being able to implant properly) does not recover immediately.

    Also, I was on the pill before marriage for painful periods. I didn’t know it at the time, but those were caused by my reaction to dairy (which is apparently quite common). Now that I’ve been off of dairy for some time, I no longer have severe menstrual or ovulation pain. (I used to take 20+ Advil per month for that pain, and now I take little to none.)

    Everything in this article is spot on. Thanks, Lori.

  5. Show him the insert of the birth control pills and most all other forms of birth control. Even most condoms are coated in toxic chemicals which cause cancer. Study NFP and learn your body. This is the best way to prevent pregnancy. No, it’s not foolproof but none are and if it fails, the worse you end up with is a precious baby!

  6. Hey Lori,

    I have always thought this about birth control and for that reason I think this is my favorite post so far! Good enough to make me comment 🙂

    I often find myself in the position of trying to convince my friends of the dangers of birth control and their harmful effects on the body, but they insist I show them my sources (as if this isn’t common sense…)

    Where do you get your data from so I can have something stored up for my next mini-debate? It would be cool if you could link your sources in your post, too.

    Thanks Lori!!

  7. Do your research! It’s not hard to find. Read the inserts on the birth control pills! Talk to women who have been harmed by them. Read many of the comments on my Facebook page. They link to some great articles.

  8. You’re spot on about dairy. Dairy in general is awful for women’s hormones and it’s not something that’s discussed.

    Lori, I just want to say again how spot on this is, especially regarding contraceptives as an abortifacient. So many women need to know the truth that medical professionals won’t share.

  9. I was on an oral contraceptive for feminine issues that left me bedridden. It didn’t really help. It just made my acne worse and maintaining my weight difficult. I tweaked my workouts a bit and switched to a low-carb, high-protein diet, and my pain became almost (not completely) non-existent. I immediately quit taking the pill.

    This article on different forms of birth control is excellent:

    The website is also a great source of information.

  10. Lori, what trials would you say constitute needing to family plan? I believe in some of your posts you’ve encouraged readers to trust the Lord, because even in the face of financial hardship, etc., bearing children is still our highest calling, and that no matter the circumstance, we are to trust God’s provision and continue to obey His will – to be fruitful. Just seeking some clarification as to what might be an acceptable, biblically sound reason to postpone childbearing.

  11. Oh wow thank you Diana for sharing information about dairy products. I also suffer from severe period pains and felt compelled to take about 6-8 ibuprofen (my paid or ibupain) per day during my menstrual cycle for sanity. Will definitely stop taking dairy products and change my diet.

  12. 1 Corinthians 7:5 says, “Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to prayer and fasting; and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinecy”.
    NFP, which prohibits due benevolence during the most fertile times of the month, which studies show that this is the time women are most attracted to their husband’s, is not based on scripture. We’re only given two reasons in scripture and child spacing is not one of them. NFP would biblically classify as defrauding.

    Abortion takes away a baby’s right to life; Family Planning takes away God’s right to life.

  13. This has left me with mixed feelings. I can’t have any more children due to genetic reasons. But physically can if you understand me. So I must use birth control or abstain from sex, which is not an option! I would love input from you, Lori

  14. In the insert of the birth control pills I was on years ago it stated that the artificial hormones can feminize the foetus, if you accidentally take them while pregnant (ie before you know you’re pregnant). Is that why we have so many issues with transgender people etc.? Because of so many artificial hormones?
    I wonder what long-term effects these artificial hormones have not only on our bodies, but also on the environment, when they’re excreted in urine etc.

  15. Diet change can be a tremendous way to detox any issues in your body. In the case of not eating dairy and being period-pain free, I can attest to this as well. The first year my husband and I dated we went vegan. Before, I ate anything. It was a huge change but when it came to periods, I can tell you that I had no idea they were coming other than my monthly calendar cycle. No “PMS”, no pains, no nothing. We were also very active, either walking every day when we can or some other physical activity, however low-key it was, and water (or fruit/veggie smoothies) was our primary drink. It was really eye-opening to me that diet truly effects every facet of life — even fertility! (I continued on this diet a bit after marriage and we conceived rather quickly!). And to be period-pain free, how much of a blessing that is! There’s an awesome doctor by the name of George Malkmus and his book “The Hallelujah Diet” that is well worth reading, especially the section about a woman’s period and “PMS”. This is what my husband and I ‘followed’. It worked for us, at least! Just wanted to share as well 🙂

  16. What do you recommend for families who shouldn’t have anymore children, and it’s either use birth control or abstain?

  17. I would suggest the NFP method. It’s a great idea for women to learn how to read their own bodies and it has no side effects as all other birth control options have.

  18. Amen I believe NFP is wrong for reasons stated. Either deny sex or using it as a form of birth control instead of trusting God.

  19. Mara,
    If a couple decides to practice natural family planning I don’t think it’s anti bible at all. However if a woman decides to practice it without her husband’s consent or knowledge, then she needs to repent. NFP should be prayerfully considered between husband and wife. Not individually and not as a means to punish the other spouse.

  20. Mara – spot on!

    We practiced NFP for years, and I later came to disagree with its principles. Firstly, it denies marital intimacy right when a couple will most desire it. Secondly, it denies the sovereignty of God in conception. Either God knows what He is doing when He gives the gift of a child in His timing, or He does not. All contraception and abortion comes from the latter mindset – that man, and not God, knows best when children should and should not be allowed to enter the world. If we can trust God, and we can, then we can trust Him to give children in His perfect timing.

  21. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with praying, but most Christian’s will use their “praying”/personal peace to override the words of scripture. This is not good.

    The Holy Bible says, “There is no wisdom nor understanding nor counsel against the LORD”. (Proverbs 21:30) As well as, “All scripture (not just the New Testament) is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness; That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto ALL good works”. (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

    If you believe child limitation is holy before God, then you must use scripture to back that up.

  22. That is a problem that I see with it. The times that the women are most ready for intimacy are when they are most fertile. God made it this way for a reason! But there can be circumstances when needed.

  23. Gods greatest gift to us as women is that he made us to be his vessels for the creation of new life. He then designed us, and they way of life he calls for us to follow so that we bring that life though a chaste body into a stable and loving Christian marriage.

    It is absolutely abhorrent to God’s purpose for us to poison our bodies so as to deliberately render ourselves infertile. Then to us that infertility to fornicate.

    It is for God to open and close the womb in marriage and for us all as Christians to trust to him, his wisdom and his plan. Birth control is a direct rejection of Christ’s authority over us, of Gods love for us and of his purpose for marriage and the intimacy between husband and wife.

    No Christian husband should allow his wife to use hormones to poison herself and defy Gods purpose.

  24. The essential of NFP is that it is a wife gathering information. She is then able (if he wishes to know) to inform her husband as to how likely conception is at any given time.

    He may then decide to abstain or not based on that information, based on what he feels is best for his wife, his family and most importantly their relationship with God.

    There may be times when (in cases of illness or other extremes) when a Christian husband may abstain accordingly. But always the default should be to trust ourselves to Gods planning.

  25. I cannot imagine any circumstances or justification for it ever being acceptable for a Godly wife to practice any form of birth control without her husbands knowledge or consent.

  26. Diana – my experience and conviction is very similar to yours.

    God made us receptive to our husbands when we are most fertile for a very good reason and it is very clearly his purpose that we submit to him.

  27. If I were in your situation, Hannah, I would probably have my tubes tied because I would not want to willingly abort my babies through many forms of birth control.

  28. No form of contraception or sterilisation is 100% effective and all are sinful. The only truly safe and acceptable solution is to abstain.

  29. Hi Lori,
    You are aware that not everyone is one birth control just to stop fertility right? It’s a medicine like any other medicine and can treat a variety of things when it comes to the uterus. This includes painful/heavy periods, ovarian cysts (which can lead to infertility if untreated), irregular periods, severe acne, and much more. You seem to ignore this completely in this post. All medicines have risks, but sometimes the risk is better than continuing to live without the medication.

  30. This is what I wrote on Instagram the other day:

    Please, women, get off the birth control pill. Read “Beyond the Pill” and begin restoring your health and having babies! ?? “Did you know that women on the pill are more likely to be prescribed an antidepressant? That they are at significantly increased risk for autoimmune disease, heart attack, thyroid and adrenal disorders, and even breast and cervical cancer?” #notobirthcontrolpills

  31. I am currently on a implant and me abnd my husband are christians. We didnt know about contraception can be harmful and how this all came about. We looked into margret sanger that was behind the birth control movement and was shocked. I have requested for my implant to be removed and have a appoitment tomorrow to talk about it, hopefully they can remove it soon. We have both prayed and asked for forgivness. Im really worried about my health now but i know god can heal so i trust in him and pray we can keep having babies. I have lots of rib pain and have been bleeding alot for over 2 months! ve put on alot of weight due to this implant and loss of sex drive. I pray for our marriage more than ever that we can ignore the fears of this world brings. Alot of people say there will be a wait for inplant removal because of covid? Do you think if you say its because its againist your religous beliefs it will speed process.?

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