Birth Control, Pornography, and Abortion are Intrinsically Linked

Birth Control, Pornography, and Abortion are Intrinsically Linked

In a video called The Baby War: Defenders and Defectors, we are taught the history of birth control in America. Doctors in the 1800s warned against contraceptives and how detrimental they were to a woman’s health. They saw nothing good about them and even found them repulsive. “The evil result of the whole system of avoiding offspring in the married state are so palpable and so gross, that one can scarcely find language strong enough to denounce it in suitable manner” (Dr. E. M. Buckingham, 1867).

Before 1930, all churches and religions fought hard against birth control but in 1931, The Washington Post wrote an article called “Federal Council of Churches of Christ Accepts Birth Control.” Not all churches and religions had actually accepted this (which was only acceptable within marriage at the time) and continued to fight against it. In The Washington Post article, the author wrote, “The committee’s report, if carried into effect, would sound the death knell of marriage as a holy degrading practice which would encourage indiscriminate immorality. The suggestion that the use of legalized contraceptives would be ‘careful and restrained’ is preposterous.”

Margaret Sanger had come on the scene by this time and was actively promoting birth control. Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger’s goal was for couples to have sexual pleasure without responsibility by completing divorcing sex from procreation. This is not from God and stirred up a lot of contention but the churches finally caved to the pressure. Once birth control was accepted, eugenics (the science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics) and overpopulation (due to the book “The Population Bomb”) became popular and the culture bought both of these myths hook, line, and sinker, including Billy Graham. He had seen the human suffering going on in Africa and thought that it was from overpopulation. Now, we can see that it’s the result of war and corrupt governments, not from overpopulation.

Soon after this, Roe v. Wade became the law of the land. Once birth control was allowed, those who had fought so hard against birth control knew that sex would be used for licentiousness and recreational sex outside of the bounds of marriage and would retard the purposes of marriage that God had designed. Also, licentiousness due to birth control breeds an abortion atmosphere and we can see this to be true with over 60 million abortions performed since then.

Marriage today, sadly, has been reduced to two consenting adults who pursue their own pleasures. The Church lost the fight against gay marriage when they divorced marriage from procreation.”You can’t separate cleanly and neatly pornography, birth control, and abortion,” said Anthony Comstock who had fought hard against birth control, pornography, and abortion and kept them illegal in America for many, many years until he died in 1915.

Doctors who once fought against birth control because they knew the harm it was to women and marriage, now support it and want taxpayers to pay for it. (By the way, ALL birth control pills can cause abortions. Read the insert.) It’s time to reconsider the way we view birth control, women. God views children as a blessing and good. After all, He is the One who creates life.

Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house: thy children like olive plants round about thy table.
Psalm 128:3

*Yesterday, I made a video related to this topic titled “Unplanned Pregnancy is a Satanic Lie.”

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  1. What if you use birth control because you can’t afford to have children? I want more kids so badly. I believe God has put this desire into the heart of my husband and mine. I currently stay home with my one child, but I would have to work full time in order to have more. Then they would have to be in day care!

  2. Good morning Lori-
    I had emailed you about this privately, but what about women such as myself, whose eggs are affected sometimes to a rate of 50%, and are therefore carriers for conditions that cause our children to be severely disabled, such as Fragile X syndrome, Angelman syndrome, etc….What is the answer to this, knowing that I could potentially have several children with a severe disability? Is there a biblical or Scriptural answer? I would like to add that I already have a child with a severe genetic syndrome due to my being a carrier. He will never be able to care for himself and eventually will need to be put in a care facility when my husband and I are no longer able to physically care for him. We struggle as it is, to provide the round the clock care that he needs now. I don’t believe in abortion and we are actively practicing believers, but what is the answer if a woman knows that her body has a high likelihood of carrying unhealthy children? In theory, I agree with not using birth control, but what happens now with this situation? Would other readers be willing to chime in?

  3. Feminism.. vile, vile feminism. The havoc it has wreaked. Nothing good, not one iota of good has come of it.

    The history of ‘the pill’:

    There is nothing Godly, there is no grey area, in any of this.

  4. “Birth Control, Pornography, and Abortion are Intrinsically Linked”
    Can I add to those, promiscuity and divorce !

  5. Hi I have been thinking about this for a while and while we don’t agree with birth control either but what about natural family around your fertility cycle?

  6. My husband believes sex must include pleasure, bonding, and procreation.

    Stopping procreation? A sin. God knows us before we are born and life begins in the womb. No one is to spill their seed.

    Stopping pleasure? Husband gives his body over to his wife and the wife gives her body over to her husband. No one is deprived of their needs.

    Stopping bonding? Two become one flesh during sex.

    I think this mindset is so important for marriages and those preparing for marriage. Sex is about bonding, as God knew men and women needed to become one to truly experience marriage. Sex is about pleasure, as God created us anatomy that feels pleasure during sex. Sex is about procreation, as God created sex to create children.

    When couples feel that sex brings them closer together, both have enjoyable and pleasurable experiences focusing on each other, not themselves, and couples are open to the blessing of new life, sex becomes a frequent “glue” to reinforce their marriage.

    If you take out one of these elements, you are not doing what God intended. As a result, one spouse may be resentful of the other or even feel the need to repent after the act.

  7. I answered your same type of questions on Facebook so I will just share it with you here: I know women who have put their lives in jeopardy to reproduce. The Above Rubies Magazine is full of articles about women who have done so and their stories are like reading true-life miracles. There is no Bible verse that states anything about preventing pregnancy if a mother’s life is at risk or an issue like yours, A, but I do know that we are to live self-sacrifical lives and understand that this earth is not our home. Some women decide to live by faith and trust God instead of their doctors and some decide to prevent more pregnancies because they do not think it is worth the risk. Neither decision is wrong or sinful in my opinion and is up to each couple to decide after much prayer.

  8. It sure is and it was their goal from the beginning since they believed that motherhood is something beneath the dignity of women. Careers and making money are much higher things than motherhood.

  9. There is nothing wrong or sinful with natural family planning, and in your case, this may include adoption if you fear that there is a 50% chance of passing down a significant disease or genetic deformity. I do not believe that God is demanding in any way that we must have children under these circumstances, and your case is certainly not one that is being referenced in the article.

    When we have a grave issue that the Word does not appear to address specifically we must take it to the Lord and ask that His Spirit direct us in our wise decision making. God’s grace will cover such a couple’s decision as no matter what they choose it wil not be opposed to his perfect will for their lives, unlike those who purposefully thwart the will of God.

    “Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.” What are these things? All the good things of this life and the next for those whose hearts are set on Christ Jesus. And it sounds like your hearts are set on Christ, even in these tough decisions, so step out in faith whatever direction you go and trust that your good and gracious and all-loving God will be with you every step along the way for He is always true to His promises.

  10. And can I add to it sexual denial in marriage? I was embarrassed when my mother told me never to use contraceptives as we were planning our wedding, not because she wanted many grandchildren, but because she didn’t want me to lose sexual interest in my husband overtime like she had until she quit the pill. I thought nothing of it then, but now I see that many of my friends who are “gatekeepers” are on hormonal birth control. They’ll not listen to any suggestion that it might be the contraception that is killing their interest in intimacy but I am convinced that it is.

  11. It’s true! I have heard that it absolutely kills women’s interest in sexual intimacy. It can’t possibly be a part of God’s plan for our lives.

  12. And may I be so bold as to add legalized homosexuality to that list? I believe it was a direct result of feminism and birth control. It’s no consequence pleasure seeking, then forcing the world to accept it.

  13. Dear Lori,
    Thank you for this! You must be alone online as a Christian woman having the bravery to state this. This very topic is what finally turned me off another “Christian” marriage blog. Being Catholic, I always disagreed with the commenters and the authoress.

    Anyhow, yes, the Catholic Church has always been the lead on the importance of family, one man one woman, open to life, parents’ rights, etc….one of the Popes in a beautiful Encyclical was explaining the danger of contraception, etc…and he officially called it an “intrinsic evil”. Obviously the Church, esp. in the past 70 years or so has allowed for NFP. But many people don’t realize that even though individual priests have pushed it and such on their own agenda, it has been abused. The Catholic Church officially has only ever TOLERATED this restriction of the marriage act. It was meant to be for temporary time periods and only due to extreme reasons of sufficient gravity which the Church has explained the nature of. Unfortunately, while the TEACHING of the Catholic Church has never changed, the modern crisis in the Church (an explosion since Vatican 2 in the late 60’s) is seeing NFP get abused and wrongfully named “Catholic birth control”.
    Sorry. That’s a lot of info at once, but I am so passionate about this topic. And I’m so HAPPY to see your words getting out there!
    God bless you all today!

  14. Great article, Lori, and SCOTUS illicitly legalized contraception in 1965, porn in 1969, and abortion in 1973. 9 horrible years in America’s history. All 3 should still be illegal, as they are abominations!

  15. I would also add sex-trafficking of women and children. The demand for pornography fuels the trafficking demand. What happens to the victims is horrible.

  16. Thank you Lori for the history lesson. The church today sorely needs to know the history of birth control as well as its historic opposition to birth control throughout the ages.

    Because our marriage counselors (pastors and Christians and Christian books) all recommended birth control for the first years of marriage, I blindly and unquestioningly, stuck a patch on my arm that fed chemicals into my body for the first couple years of marriage. It made me feel so sick that I stopped wearing it.

  17. Yes, homosexuality as well. The Birth Control Movie lists the three ills that inevitably follow the adoption of contraception as pornography, abortion, and homosexuality.

  18. Great job, Lori. You are so good at tackling the topics that no one else will touch (or will touch only to agree with the popular vote). Your courage shames us all. Bravo, again and again.

  19. but the churches finally caved to the pressure

    The key words right there, not only relating to this topic, but so many others as well. The full explanation for why churches today are so ineffective against the culture and thus lacking all “salt and light.”

  20. I usually do not agree with anything on this site, but I must say that this is a very good response from both of you.

  21. Hi there, I also have a Child with special needs. While we decided to have another One (never Wanted an only Child and back then didnt know it was genetic), I Dare say we are blessed to have our Second born healthy as can be. I am not a believer and therefore my opinion might Not be relevant to you, however I do believe in not avoiding a Blessing at all costs or worse, abortion. For us, it is about the effects it would have on future children and our family. Lori once Shared a Beautiful article about women being Mothers, not only physical, but to society- whether as a carer to other children or Elders in the Community. I hope to foster One day when our children are grown and to use my Time and love to serve elders and needy within my Town. I do also believe that people who are followers of God know his love and that he knows a pure heart- no matter what choice you make, if you dont do it for selfish reasons and live your life to serve the child you have, you are a good, loving mother! Blessings to you

  22. They have caved to teaching women about be submissive to their husbands and being keepers at home, too. It’s a sad time in the history of the church.

  23. Yes, I am blessed. However it is hard when my friends or other young women come to me for advice, since their husbands may have different views on this. For example, some husbands see sex as just an opportunity for their wives to serve them (which it is!), but they do not “return the favor.” Hence why some them have begun to resent sex as devoid of pleasure. It is hard to remain joyful, and I am not sure what to say because I do not want them to compare their husband to mine. Any suggestions? Do you think that the expectation that sex will be pleasurable is one of those “have no expectations in marriage” rules?

  24. If we as Christians are to fully follow what the Bible teaches, shouldn’t we leave all aspects of our family planning to the Lord? Does He not have the wisdom to give us our children when He wants us to have them? Are we truly living by faith and believing that God will not give us more than we can handle? I can see the sin behind any form of birth control, but I can also see the lack of faith in taking control into your own hands to try and conceive. God opens and closes the wombs of women, always for His glory. His timing is perfect. There’s no need for us to do anything but trust in Him like the holy women of old. He knows what’s best for us in every area of our lives. Some mens’ quivers are full at 3 and some at 23, but is that for us to decide?

  25. I am shocked that there is still a remnant of women like yourselves who are truly intent upon following God and the Word of God. As a husband and father I have struggled so desperately to pass these abandoned and forgotten truths to sons and daughters alike. After a long and torturous period early in our marriage my wife finally realized these areas of the word to be relevant even in our contemporary times. Much to my anguish, however, as my 3 oldest reached their late teens they all rejected these
    “outdated” truths about gender roles and family life. I have felt SO all alone in my adherence to these beliefs. I have never yet found a sound congregation that still teaches and promotes the Word in these areas. I attempted to seek out congregations that taught what I felt to be the as much of the truth as I could find, and then asked my wife and children to not be influenced by their “unteaching” of these abandoned truths. I lost. The influence of the congregations and ministers overpowered my own gentle, persistent at home. As a result we haven’t taken my family to worship with a congregation in years. I fell so alone and isolated knowing that almost all of modern Christianity is against me in these areas. Though I am a male, THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving me a refuge to hear from like minded believers. I literally start to cry from relief when I hear the APPROVING responses to Lori’s posts. God bless all of your for your courage and tenacity, ESPECIALLY the ladies! You are the most Godly women I have ever come across in my 55 years.

  26. Can you be a loving mother, have several children, and then use birth control which is not abortion but prevents future pregnancies? Barrier mathods like the condom and the diaphragm or the rhythm method do not abort.
    I am a stay at home mom because I can afford it. I know some who need to work for food or health care for their kids. Why is that wrong?

  27. SM – well said your absolutely right, “periodic abstinence” as a means of delaying or avoiding pregnancy was only ever meant to be an alternative to abstinence – full stop – if that would cause greater evil, for example divorce or adultery and only ever meant to be for serious or grave reasons. It was not meant to be a lifestyle choice and as a Catholic woman who has practiced it (briefly) I can say that it is VERY easily turned into a serious sin by the contraceptive mindset that it engenders.

  28. Kate – your husband is absolutely following God’s intention for sex and marriage (and perhaps incidentally Catholic teaching).
    As his wife you are blessed to have such a Godly husband. No Christian husband should practices contraception nor encourage or allow his wife to do so.

  29. Any sexual act which is not open to life (capable of allowing conception) is a sin and as such the use of birth control is a form of sinful ‘self abuse’ (masturbation) in the same way as is the practise of homosexual sexual acts.

  30. In any country ruled by Christian principles all three would be illegal (as indeed they were in almost all).

  31. The condom has toxic ingredients that can cause cervical cancer in women and with the diaphragm, there is a toxic chemical that must be used in it in order for it to work. The chemical can cause cancer. Read Hebrews 11 about the heroes of the faith. Most people today lack faith in God to provide for them and their families.

  32. Thank you, Robin. Yes, the Church has become very lukewarm on the role of women and men for fear of offending women. It has been tragic in many, many ways.

  33. We must not have the mindset of seeking pleasure for ourselves but in giving our lives away for others by loving and serving them, this including their husbands. Sex for women is mostly in the brain so if they decide to enjoy it, they most likely will. It is better to give than to receive.

  34. Oh! I have not found this to be true among my circle and when I was growing up! Most women seemed to look forward to the physical pleasure, and still do today!

  35. I have never yet found a sound congregation that still teaches and promotes the Word in these areas.

    It’s not just you, brother; I’m convinced that there are almost no such congregations to be found today, except in isolated pockets (e.g., the Amish or Mennonite communitites).

    It’s an absolute travesty and an affront to the Lord that His Full Word is only taught, absorbed, and lived among tiny communities of true believers. These are usually very humble people who don’t draw much attention to themselves, while those who chest thump most loudly and ostentatiously about Jesus are the ones who most flagrantly ignore those parts of Scripture they don’t like and who are generally indistinguishable from the World they try to convince you they’re not a part of.

    If you’re looking for a congregation that is really true to Scripture, especially where the subject of this blog is concerned, try reaching out virtually to find believers in your area who adhere to biblically grounded sex roles and consider starting your own congregation (it might end up being just a small group that meets in your living room). This may be the only practical solution as long as churchian franchises are more concerned with numbers and other worldly preoccupations than with adhering to Scripture.

    Pray for the Lord’s guidance here.

  36. Very biblical i m hurting husband and wish my wife would read your posts thanks bill

  37. Profound words, and totally agree. At least 95% of the Christian churches in America aren’t teaching against birth control, in my America. If you mention it, they’ll call you Pharisees and legalistic, though Christ didn’t teach the Jews on this, because they already knew it.

    This is a clear and present danger to America, as we aren’t having our own children, and are importing people, many illegal, who rarely share our values. It’s an invasion. Many conservative Christians want a Wall, and oppose illegal immigration, which I understand, but they won’t have their own children. Can’t have your cake, and eat it too.

    You are completely right, my friend. ‘It’s an absolute travesty and an affront to the Lord that His Full Word is only taught, absorbed, and lived among tiny communities of true believers.’

    I can’t find a home church. Went to one last night, and the entire lesson was on ‘legalism’, and it was definitely all for me. Getting rather tired of being called a legalistic Pharisee for upholding the moral law, which, as mentioned above, Christ didn’t even have to teach the Jews, as they already knew it.

    One thing is for sure, a reformation of Christianity in America is badly needed. Having a bible study in one’s living room is a great idea. Been pondering it for some time. Would prefer to meet with others in person, rather than meet online. While I deeply appreciate those with Godly values online, it simply isn’t the design of Christianity, and meeting regularly with believers is a very healthy habit. Not doing that can be isolating, and from personal experience, I’ve had the greatest temptations and falls in my entire life when isolated. Things I never dreamed of doing when I attended church became possibilities and then shameful falls when I parted ways with my church over doctrinal issues.

  38. Tell her to Bill. You are her head, lead her. If she does not follow, inform her of her sin. (Ephesians 5:22-24) Give the Holy Spirit something to work with; assuming the Spirit resides in her. God will honor your obedience to Him!

    Wash your wife in the water of the Word. Lovingly, gently but be persistent. If you are not doing this, then you are not loving your wife as God instructs you to.

    Ephesians 5:25-27 Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her, 26that he might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word, 27so that he might present the church to himself in splendor, without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, that she might be holy and without blemish.

  39. feeriker, I have enjoyed your insights on this blog. Thank you for taking the time to share your walk and understanding. I offer my experience with your struggle:

    I also struggle with finding a congregation that is ‘salty’ (ref: Ma 5:13). I am reminded that the Church is an assembly of believers, who will all have different walks and perspectives of said walks. As sad as it may be, I have lowered expectations. (There is a difference with lukewarm congregations, and apostate congregations. I ‘put up with’ the former, I run from the latter.)

    I take what I can (fellowship, worship, Bible studies, sermons) and where I can, offered measured input in the theology of those around me. Yes, 95% of church-goers are barely able to get the milk down (1 Cor 3:2), how can they be expected to digest meat unless it is shown to them (Heb 5:12)? And for persons on a liquid diet, solid food is foreign and it takes a lot of effort to get it down..

    But what about me? Where is my tutor who understands both the mandates and models of Scripture better than I, so that I may continue to grow? (The first rule about being a good teacher, is the knowledge that you yourself require a better teacher.) I have found past sermons, summits from persons such as Charles Spurgeon, RC Sproul. Current QnAs, sermons, podcasts from Carl Broggi, Chuck Swindoll and (younger) John MacArthur. Slowly working my way through Church history literature from Calvin, the Anabaptists, the Mennonites. This is how I (strive to) keep sharpening my iron.

    I wish I had a helper suitable. I wish I had a local congregation that was alive and deep into the Word. In these two regards, it is a desert, and I am parched. Instead, I am promised that I will know trials (Jo 16:33), I have been given the model of Elijah regarding loneliness (1 Ki 18:22), and I am instructed to simply just study the Bible (Josh 1:8, Ps 119:16). And prayer, lots and lots of prayer (1 Thes 5:17). I must make peace with these circumstances, and be faithful in the little things, lest I be trusted with greater things before my time and they destroy me.

    Is there another answer than this? Do you know a another way?

  40. A Lady of Reason says “even killing an already born child now…That’s radical feminism.” Maybe, but I prefer to call it murder.

  41. Most married men (me included) don’t like condoms in our sexual relationship with our wives and most married women don’t like them either. It is something unnatural. My wife used contraceptive for a while but she didn’t like it at all. I don’t think any women like these contraceptives.

    There is other ways keeping the number of children within a reasonable limit. I really wished we lived in a society in which it was possible to have more children. I and my wife are in early thirties, have white color professions and two children and we cannot afford to have a third child. My wife really wants a third child (and so do I) but we can simply no afford it if we want to retain a middle class life – as everything becomes more and more expensive and salaries are frozen. One ought to think when you live one of the wealthiest countries on the planet at least a married healthy working couple should be able to have three children. For us controlling: when an how to have sex become important. For obvious reasons I don’t want a vasectomy. What I find so sad is that it feels unnatural not to be able to ejaculation within (although it is done on safe months) and for my wife around ovulation. Late-Modern sexuality has just become so strange, unnatural and shameful.

    When it come to pornographic me and my wife don’t talk about it. We have never seen it together. I think that if people just were allowed to have normal sexual relationships we wouldn’t have this kind of things around.

    In Nordic culture it is shameful because of “feminist” reasons but I really don’t see why one would watch this kind of things if you have a healthy intimated relationship with your spouse. If people got married and had normal healthy sex within marriage a lot of this kind of stuff would disappear.

    When it comes to abortions Im split. I understand why they are done and there are rational reasons for it at some cases (rape and mothers life is threatened – they are just a small fraction of all abortion) but married or co-habiting hard-working loving couple wanting to have a first, second or a third child are forced to having abortions for financial reasons. It is just so horrible. They don’t even want to have these abortions.

    I think this is controversial but you talk with women around 21-22 they don’t want to do these abortions either but they have no way out. It is all just so sad. What we are not told is that having a child around 20-25 it the best period of having a child. In the 1950s women and men actually had children around that time. It is understandable young men and women want sex. It is natural. If our young just could get married at 20-25 we wouldn’t have all of these children out of wedlock and these systematic abortions. Practicing sex around 20-25 within a marriage is not a bad thing. It ought to be a good thing.

  42. Eric, abortion is NEVER the answer. Never. No matter how bleak it seems. Abortion is the unjust taking of an unborn child’s life. It’s murder. Plain and simple. Even in rape cases. You cannot right an evil (rape) by committing another evil(murder). Just had to say something. God bless!

  43. Hi SM – well said ! There are NO circumstances where abortion is morally acceptable or ideally where it should be permitted.

    To all the male posters here I would strongly argue that you should take the lead in refusing to practice or allow your wives to practice birth control. God made men and women, marriage and sex with the purpose of creating and welcoming new life. It is for him to decide not for us to pervert his purpose.

  44. Before I started reading this blog, I actually though the contraceptive pill was OK for married couples because it did not kill a foetus. Then I discovered that conception begins when the egg and sperm meet and fuse together, even before they are implanted. I really thought conception did not begin until implantation. But the contraceptive pill prevents that implantation, thus killing a foetus. A sperm on its own or an eggg on its own are not foetuses. But together they are.

    I have many health issues that would make carrying a child full term difficult and raising them most likely impossible. If I and the unborn child survived pregnancy, then I would probably consider putting the little one for adoption or being raised by an able bodied relative. But I won’t be using an abortifacent method of family planning if I ever marry. There are natural and non-killing methods of planning a family. If and when I am ready to marry, either God will heal me or I will find a way to plan naturally or maybe my faith will have grown by then so I will just trust Him. I know He has my life in His hands and if i created the world I can trust Him to guide me wisely. I say “me”, but of course, once married it will be “us!”

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