Biting on the Feminist Lie

Biting on the Feminist Lie

The Facebook page called Fix the Family-Citadel Catholic Media shared one of my handwritten posts about women being keepers at home. No, I am not a Catholic but this site teaches almost everything I do about mothers being home for their children full time which I fully appreciate and they clearly understand the harm that feminism has done to the family unit. Here is a comment they received from my post which is similar to the many comments I receive on this same issue.

Margaret: “I know PLENTY of devout Catholic women who are married, have kids, and work. Guess what?? They STILL run their households like magicians! My Mom went back to work after being home for us and with us for 14 years. Women CAN be Mothers AND work out of the home if they choose to do so. Motherhood is a 24/7/365 job, anyway, and it’s all about balance. I agree ? that there’s enough guilt that Moms might feel about EVERYTHING they do to be present in their families, so let’s just be supportive either way. I’m grateful for my husband, my parents, and my support network of wonderful friends who all help me be the best Mom that I can be ?❤️?”

Fix the Family-Citadel Catholic Media: “Well no, I cannot be supportive either way after seeing the vast majority of those who try it fail. And you know who suffers? The kids. The mothers might think it’s them, but no, the kids need two parents in the home. Way too often women bite on the feminist lie that they can ‘have it all’ and enter into a job under some emotional wave that it is a glamorous ‘career’ so they can ‘fix society’ or ‘make a contribution.’ It’s all bunk and destructive to family life which is the goal of feminism.

“It was introduced to society by Communists and Marxists. It is NOT God’s design for the family. So sometimes times get tough and situations make it so a mother MUST work. Let it be, so but let it be very temporary if at all possible, and let it be seen as so so so unfortunate for them. But still today, CATHOLIC parents are pushing their daughters to be ‘career women.’ How hypocritical is that!! After our Church has taught for generation after generation the utmost importance of a mother to her children. You may feel like you can support working mothers, but know what you’re supporting. And be there for them when they fail as chances are their marriages will fall apart.”

He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the LORD.
Psalm 113:9

***People have asked what denominational church I attend and my answer is always the same, “I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ (a Christian) and a follower of Him!”

13 thoughts on “Biting on the Feminist Lie

  1. Wow, that was an AWESOME response. Bravo to the writer of that Facebook group for standing up to that criticism, rather than buckling!!

  2. I don’t understand; I’m all for women staying home and raising kids but if they can combine being a home-maker and working without having the kids suffer (Like Margarets mom), and they asked their husbands and their husbands allow it because otherwise, there might not be enough money, why not?

    I’m not saying every mom should, because obviously, everybody is better off if they stay home, but if they some can pull it off successfully; why not? Shouldn’t we support that?

  3. Children always suffer when they are not with their mothers. It’s their mother’s ministry to raise, train, and discipline their own children. None of them can pull it off successfully because something always suffers, usually the marriage and the children. The mothers do in the long run as well. It’s better to learn to live frugally and simply within their husband’s income as Laine does with much prayer and trust in the Lord. The Tightwad Gazette is a great book, too. We should be supporting mothers being home full time. They are the ones who aren’t getting much support from this feminized culture.

  4. Oh, aren’t Laine’s Letters so wonderful? I was told about them some 2-3 yrs. ago and have read through all of them. I keep a Housewife notebook and have printed several of her letters for my Encouragement section. This is the link I received.

    I learned so early on, at 17 or so, that the whole baloney of women having it all was a work of pure fiction. I’m shocked that a 17 yr. old could figure it out and many women are still buying it. As a woman who desperately wanted children to stay home with and homeschool, I’m baffled by any mom looking for “more” when, from my view, they have everything and are too selfish to see it.

  5. Mary – you are right to put in there “if their husbands allow it”. No married woman should work outside the home contrary to her husband’s wishes.

    But Lori is right – children need their mothers at home, sometimes women are forced by circumstances to work but it is never the ideal and to follow a career which detracts in any way from the proper priorities of motherhood, either caring for existing children or in welcoming future children is an act of sin.

  6. Also women are not having as many children.

    If its between 2 children and working versus 5 children…that’s a big difference for society

  7. Hi Lori,

    According to the CDC, many babies and young children did not die from the measles (you pointed that out in your post). However, many did contract pneumonia as a complication of the disease, which can be fatal in babies, the elderly, anyone with heart or lung complications, and children with weak immune systems. In addition, the high fever from the measles can cause deafness or brain damage that leads to intellectual disabilities.

    So yes, getting the measles could be “normal,” or it could take a turn for the worse and impact a child for life.

  8. What about the impact of the vaccinations on children, Kate? This is where parents must decide which is the greater risk – the vaccination or the infection. I would choose the vaccination since it is filled with toxic chemicals and even aborted fetuses. No, thank you.

  9. I love your post. I put a link on my blog Candle in the Window because I too have a site for keepers at home and modest ladies. I used to have to work because my son’s father was severely disabled by a serious car accident. I really had no time for my family. I was a special education teacher and it took all my time. When I got home I told them to shut up and leave me alone because I had to work. All that grading, lesson plans, and making special items to teach the kids with. Who says that a ladies own family isn’t the most important thing. Why is raising stable, kind etc Christian children considered stupid and not doing anything with your life. My son hopefully will live after me but no one remembers me from when I worked a job.

  10. Hi Lori, I’m not writing to comment on this post. Rather, I just want to let you know I really enjoy and appreciate your videos! In the videos, I see you as warm, loving, compassionate, determinedly dedicated to Christ and a wonderful wife, mother and grandmother.
    Your “tone” in your writings is more blunt, harsher (in my eyes). I love the you I see and hear in your videos. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

  11. Thank you, Beth! I do enjoy those who don’t water down the message of the Word of God and teach the hard truths which do seem harsh to many. Years ago, when I was teaching a group of women biblical womanhood (and I do say things as I see them even if they sound harsh), one woman said that I can say anything because I always say it with a smile! 🙂 When I write, people can’t hear my tone of voice or see my smile.

  12. Women in the workforce is a double win for the government:
    1. Double the household income to tax, filling coffers to the brim.
    2. Separation of wife/mother from husband and children, destabilizing the family unit.

    Satan loves money and a weak family.

  13. My dad worked hard, was always on business trips and I missed him so much. He provided everything for us, was faithful to my mom, was kind etc. I was sad every time he left for a couple of weeks an was always looking forward to having him back. I did not care about all the clothes and toys he bought, but him.

    My mom stayed at home for 6 years and then worked part-time. I did not see a difference, since she was working while I was at school.

    Then died when I was 21, a year after reaching retirement. I never got to spend time with him or get to know him at a deeper level.

    I would never allow that to my children. That is why it is very important for me that my future husband has a 35-hour work week like me and is at home on weekends.

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