The Hysteria Over Measles

The Hysteria Over Measles

On Thursday, I posted this chart on my Facebook page. I didn’t create it and I tried to find out who did with no success but hysteria broke out among many of those who commented. “Where are the links to support these claims?” It didn’t take long for me to find links to support some of these claims, so I thought I would share them with those who are interested. Truthfully, it’s difficult to know who to believe on the issue of vaccinations because even the government seems to be in the pockets of the pharmaceuticals. I just know that there are a lot of toxic ingredients (like mercury) in them and aborted fetuses in some.

This was before the vaccine was widely used. “These data suggest that the chances of dying from measles in the US in the late 1950’s was probably closer to 1 in 10,000” from this article published by 2020 Science called What is the Risk of Dying If You Catch Measles. I could find this statistic on other sites, too.

In 2000, measles was declared eradicated but “In 2000, a provisional total of 86 confirmed measles cases were reported to CDC by state and local health departments, representing a record low and a 14% decrease from the 100 cases reported in each of the previous 2 years” from the government’s own website on measles.

It’s difficult to find when the last year a child died from measles since Google has taken down all sites against vaccinations so I went to Yahoo and was able to find a site that states that there’s only been one confirmed death of measles in the last 27 years! “A 13 year old transplant patient on immunosuppressive drugs. No other case of measles could be found in the area, so how it was transmitted is a mystery. CDC did not report if it was a wild strain or the vaccine strain.”

“The CDC attributes the drop in reported measles cases and deaths in the U.S. to use of the measles vaccine beginning in the mid-1960’s, however, published measles morbidity and mortality data give evidence that death rates for measles had dropped significantly in the U.S. before the measles vaccine was introduced in 1963” from this article What is the History of Measles in America.

“The World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) issued a joint statement recommending that vitamin A be administered to all children diagnosed with measles in communities where vitamin A deficiency (serum vitamin A <10 µg/dL) is a recognized problem and where mortality related to measles is ≥1%” from this article Vitamin A Treatment for Measles.

I encourage you to do your own research. (You may have to use Yahoo or some other search engine to find articles about this topic.) As believers in Jesus Christ, this issue ought not to divide us. We should be able to discuss it in a kindly manner; for they will know us by our love. There does seem to be something extremely dark and foreboding when big corporations and social media platforms are shutting down any discussion against vaccinations and mayors are insisting that their citizens be vaccinated against their will. Just how powerful is the pharmaceutical industry?

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.
Matthew 10:16

***Here’s a video that proves that before the measles vaccination, there was NO hysteria over getting the measles.

36 thoughts on “The Hysteria Over Measles

  1. Yes, this is truly hysteria over measles. Probably from the left, who wants mandatory vaccinations.

    Meanwhile, they aren’t hysterical about the public health disaster of all sex outside of marriage, including their favorite debauchery, homosexuality and pornography.

    110 million STD’s doesn’t seem to be bothering them much.

    $740 billion a year spent on alcohol, drug, and tobacco issues doesn’t seem to bother them much either.

  2. My 4 children are not vaccinated.

    I’m not going into the reasons for that on here, but I have done a huge amount of research into not only measles, but other childhood diseases, and vaccinations in general.
    The hype around measles is scaremongering, pure and simple. I have read in the media that New York City is banning unvaccinated people from public places. I don’t know if that’s true or not (I live in New Zealand so only know what I read in the media and we all know that’s not always the truth) but if it is, that’s incredibly scary and a violation of our human rights!!

    Statistically, the death rate of measles is 1 or 2 every 1000 cases of measles. That’s a pretty low death rate.

    Statistically, the rate of hospitalisation due to complications is 10%. 8% of these make a full recovery, 2% have permanent damage (deafness, most often).

    And the cause of death isn’t ‘measles’ but a complication of it – and it’s the vulnerable (old, very young, ill, immune-compromised etc.) who are at risk. Normal, strong, healthy kids are most likely to recover from measles quickly and easily, with a lifelong immunity. This immunity also passes to newborn babies through breastmilk, providing protection for at least 7 months (if baby is fully breastfed) – the length of time that baby is most vulnerable to measles. The same immunity is not passed on if the mother has been vaccinated against it.
    Isn’t that incredible? The way God has designed our bodies so we mums can give our precious babies immunity when they’re at their most vulnerable?

    I’m not for a second suggesting that vaccinating OR not vaccinating is a sin. I am very much pro-choice. But it’s really hard to find decent information in the age of social media and the internet, with such false, scaremongering “facts” so prevalent! I’m grateful in a way that 16 years ago, when my first baby was born, I didn’t have access to the internet, so had to do my research the old-fashioned way – talking to medical professionals and reading scientific literature.

    The thing that scares me the most with the thought of compulsory vaccination is what they will find out in the future. When my Nan was having babies, doctors were prescribing Thalidomide to pregnant women to help with morning sickness. My Nan had severe morning sickness but she refused to take it. She was ridiculed for her choice, but when other women were having babies born with birth defects directly attributable to the Thalidomide, my Nan’s babies were all born healthy.

    50 years ago, Asbestos was a great product. Now, they’ve discovered it causes cancer and thousands, perhaps millions, are spent on fixing/restoring buildings with Asbestos in them.
    In the Vietnam War, Agent Orange was sprayed from the sky, onto the troops. Apparently, it was harmless. Now, we have very sick and dead Vietnam war Vets – directly due to Agent Orange.

    Are they going to find, 50 years down the track, that vaccinations are actually harmful?

  3. Mass immigration from foreign countries who carry the disease are the cause of measles outbreaks in both America and in Australia. And it will continue to rise unless a plan is put in place to counteract it.

  4. There is an episode of the Donna Reed show where a young man gets the measles. He has no where to go so Donna invites him to her home. She explains to her husband that it will only be for a few days because it is “just” the measles. This was before the vaccine. Interesting how there was no panic then.

  5. Build the wall! But measles isn’t a “deadly” disease as many make it out to be. Once a person gets it, they are immune for life unlike the vaccinations plus the toxic ingredients and the amount of vaccinations they are giving young children should be of grave concern. They have no idea what the long-term consequences of these will be…cancer, type 1 diabetes, mental disorders…?

  6. I can see that your links are pro-vaccination just from the links, Greg. I believe every parent should have a right to research for themselves what they want to do with their children and it should never be forced upon them. You don’t find it troubling that all of the left-wing social media outlets have tried to get rid of all information against vaccinations?

  7. Lori, I have spent the last 7 years doing an incredible amount of research on minerals, vitamins, herbs, peptides, enzymes, supplements, nutrition, athletic performance enhancement, alternative therapies and cures, for various ills that might afflict my family, and you are right. Google used to be the search engine that I used exclusively to do my research, but I have had to switch. I noticed that starting a few years ago Google gradually kept favoring the standard medical industry treatments over any natural alternatives. To the point now where when I try to find many alternative treatments, I am continually redirected and only shown results approved by the Government cabal of the AMA, FDA, and Etc. It became clear to me that Google is actively suppressing information that is alternative to the existing government sponsored groupthink. And that is exactly the information I’m looking to research, so I’ve been forced to switch search engines.

    You are also right to label the attempt to dumb us down medically, in the information age, making us dependent on government licensed and controlled medical practitioners for our diagnostic and prescriptive care, as left-wing. It is the opposite of the right-wing mode of encouraging people to take greater personal responsibility for the upkeep of their body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

    FYI, I’m in vastly better health now, than I was 7 years ago, in spite of still living under incredible amounts of stress for all this time. I don’t know anybody my age, who I would want to trade bodies or health with.

    God also wants us to stay fit. Gluttony and idleness are sins that don’t get preached about much these days. Obesity is undisguisable proof of a continued practice of sinful gluttony. And we have an “obesity epidemic” in our nation. Being obese isn’t fair to God, your mate, your children, your nation … Etc. We all need to repent of our lack of self control, deny ourselves, pick up our respective crosses, and follow Christ.

    If any of you “can’t lose weight”, weigh yourself, then fast and pray about it for three days or more, drinking only water, weigh yourself again then, and see if God will not reveal to you, the secret of weight loss. I trust the Lord will reveal it to the wise.

  8. Indeed, people who “can’t lose weight” are really just unable to be honest about their caloric intake.

  9. All the men from highschool who slept around and did bad things to girls are firmly in the liberal camp politically…and they CONSTANTLY post about how stupid anti-vaccine people are

    It’s actually because of those guys from high school that I started wondering if vaccines were a bad thing.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the U.S. gives way too many vaccines and that you should take a risk and wait until your kids are older to get them vaccinated. And even then, they don’t need chickenpox and stuff like that.

    Middle of the road is always a good option in cases like this.

    I have noticed that it is liberal men who are the most vocal about making sure that no one questions babies receiving a billion vaccines upon birth. The mere act of questioning sets them off.

    I think even liberal mothers realize in the depth of their hearts, shooting stuff into babies always comes with a risk.

  10. My son decided he didn’t want that human papillomavirus vaccine. I did get my self and son vaccines measles and others.. Because Indians did die from many diseases and in the Navajo Nation they believe the vaccine saved the rest of the Nation. But my son while doing his own research fought with the doctor telling her he did not want it and told the doctor the reasons why. I’m so proud of him. Sticking up for his self. Luckily in New Mexico we have a few more choices than other states. I’ve heard that some states force you to take these vaccines. I think we should all have a choice. I’ve read about people being harmed greatly by these vaccines. I knew a lady that got polio from the polio vaccine.

  11. It would help if the government didn’t allow food companies to put high fructose corn syrup into everything you buy in the store. Even in something like meat. Why would anyone want sweet meat. That is why I try to grow as much as I can. But I don’t judge people on their weight. There are so many reasons why people are heavy. Some of them are genetic. But I find I did better on organic food that didn’t have all those chemicals in the food and also eating for vegetables as I can grow them. But I have to tell you my weight went up when I got into a serious car accident and then had a heart attack and heart surgery. Then I got a tumor on the bottom of my foot that took 5 months for it to heal and allow me to walk again. I have been struggling to get under 150 pounds. Fasting let me pass out. So I just pray and do my best.

  12. I agree with the parents right to choose but the kid should also have some chance to have a choice to the matter. And personally I would rather trust my doctor since they went and studied for years on medicine along with vaccines than looking it all up online whether it has a liberal or conservative opinion

  13. But measles isn’t a “deadly” disease as many make it out to be.

    Indeed. I grew up in the pre-vaccine dark ages and I, my brother, our cousins, and all of our friends that I can recall had measles at some point in our childhoods and every last one of us recovered without any lasting damage. I also recall asking my parents and grandparents (who were children at the turn of the last century) if they knew of anyone who had ever died of measles. Not a single soul, to their knowledge.

    The State and its propaganda, from which the average citizen-slave imbibes deeply, has turned the majority into non-thinking, quivering zombies.

  14. Doctors are only “practicing medicine.” In my experience, doctors are great for emergency situations but terrible for long-term and chronic conditions. If drugs, surgery, or radiation can’t cure the disease, they will call it in curable. I have cured some of these “incurable diseases” through natural means. All drugs are toxic to the human bodies, all doctors are taught in medical school.

  15. Elias – What search engine do you use? I, too, am struggling to find health alternatives on Google.

  16. Greg – I don’t know where you live, but here in New Zealand doctors DON’T spend years studying vaccines. They spend years studying medicine in general, but most of them know very little about vaccines. When I first started researching, I asked my GP how much he knew about vaccines. He was honest and said “very little”. Apparently he studied it for about 4 hours at medical school.

    Just out of curiosity, I’ve asked just about every single medical professional I came into contact with, whether or not they vaccinated their children. I’ve asked neurologists, pediatricians, doctors, nurses, and midwives. 85% of them DO NOT vaccinate their children. What does that tell you?

    Admittedly, my sample size is pretty small (only a few dozen people) so not very scientific, but still…. the results are alarming.

  17. I have been using for about eight months. The results are quite different from Google. I’ve also used in the past. I still use Google, every once in a while.

  18. Not measles, but I nearly died from the chicken pox when I was a month from turning 12. My fever hit 105 and I was delirious. The doctor made a house call so you know how sick I was! He stayed all night until my temp went down. I don’t remember about 3 days and I missed 3 wks. of school and passed out on my first day back! My brother was 6 and had them first. He got a few spots, was totally normal, & only missed a week.

    The doc said it was my age and he had no idea why I missed them at a younger age. He said he had regularly heard of “chicken pox parties” where, when one neighborhood kid had them, everyone went over to get them & get them over with! I remember my friend doing that with her 2 children in about 1990, before the vaccination. No opinion, just a story.

  19. Greg
    The head of Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital (one of the top in the nation) told my husband and I privately not to ever vaccinate. Sadly we had already partially vaccinated our daughter and I flip flopped so much that later our son was partially vaccinated too. So there you go, a doctor telling us not to. I gave in when a hysteric doctor started crying when we didn’t. My daughter now has a severe nut allergy (most kids that have severe nut allergies have been vaccinated). She is very upset that she was vaccinated (so am I).

    Don’t believe the media or low level hysterical doctors (who take the word of the pharmaceutical companies as God). And don’t believe the doctors who are being fed by the pharmaceutical companies.

    There are plenty of doctors who will tell you to run the other way with vaccines but they are silenced and have to do it quietly.

  20. Thank you for addressing this Lori. I am deeply concerned. For years I have been hearing about Healthy People 2020 and it includes mandatory adult vaccination. We are headed in a direction where vaccines will be required for a Drivers License, to obtain Social Security benefits, or airline travel. They make these diseases out to be mass killers, and never disclose the real risks of vaccination.

  21. In intentionally exposed my kids to chickenpox this spring. My kids are 14, 11, and 9 and I wanted them to get natural immunity rather than the vaccine. The child we got the virus from had an active infection with pox even in her mouth. She sucked on each lollypop for 20 seconds before handing it over to my kids. I gave my kids a capsule of Vitamin A for the next four days to hopefully encourage a more mild case, since my oldest is 14. Fast forward 21 days and not one of my kids got even one pock. The highest fever was 99 degrees on day 15. My older two felt itchy that day, and my 11 year old went to sleep at 5pm. That was it. That was the extent of “chickenpox”. So why did my children clear out the virus so effectively? Is Vitamin A really that powerful? There is more research that needs to be done, and just shoving vaccines at every man, woman and child isn’t the answer. (Not saying you believe that. Just responding to the current gov’t narrative.)

  22. Greg, you’re shilling for big pharma without realizing it. Stating that a ‘doctor knows best’ is an appeal to authority, and sadly, unfounded. M.D.s are brainwashed from the get-go and continues throughout their entire stay in med school. They are fed a diet of talking points, nothing more.

    TIME magazine (the ranting, raving, leftist magazine) circa 2011 published their article of the decade on ‘health’ care in the West. The chief surgeon of one of the many disciplines stated “I had to protect her” referencing his wife, and avoiding her going into hospital care whatever the cost. By the numbers, upwards of 55% of all admitted hospital cases exit the building WORSE OFF than when they went in, REGARDLESS of the malady for which they entered. Translation for the layman: if I was hemorrhaging from a gunshot wound, I am statistically better off bandaging myself and disinfecting the wound at home with Everclear than I

    In 2010, a head-to-toe review of ALL articles published in the JAMA over the past 10 years, 100% of all articles, were compiled and reviews. The executive summary echo’ed what TIME magazine had published in their article of the decade. The state of ‘health’ care in the West treats symptoms, not illness, and is hell-bent on scaring patients into becoming perpetual pill dispensers. Why? Because getting patients well doesn’t make money. A patient who is always ill is a repeat customer.

    Can’t tell the forest from the trees? Which countries have the best funded ‘health’ care infrastructure in the world? Now, which countries have the longest life expectancy? You will note by doing very, very simple research there is an inverse correlation between the two concepts. Now how in tarnation could that be? If we are spending entire countries’ worth of GDP on healthcare alone, would it not stand to reason we have the longest, cleanest lives on the planet? THEN WHY IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE TRUE?

    You are at best stuck struggling with ‘ought to’ and ‘is’ in your mind. However, you have exposed true sickness of thought here:

    ‘the kid should also have some chance to have a choice in the matter’

    This is perversion, pure and simple. What you are stating by this is ya, sure, the parent can disagree, but if I can just brainwash the kid under the guise of ‘reason’… You care better for the child than does the parent? They are not under your care, they are not under your provision, they are not your concern.

    If you truly cared for the child, you would not interject yourself and undermine the authority of the parent over the child. Don’t be an agent of Satan.

    The prefrontal cortex is not fully formed until 25 in men. Assuming that a child of 3 years can actually reason would be laughable if it weren’t so tragic.

    ‘Health’ care is a business. Never forget that. Get over the concept of how things ‘ought’ to be, and see things exactly as they are. Treat every doctor as a salesman, because that’s exactly what they are.

  23. “Middle of the road”

    Beware the Overton Window. Meeting anyone ‘halfway’, a logical strategy of appeasement.. these are not the marks of wisdom.

  24. My mother was advised not to vaccinate myself in the late 70’s. I suffered from eczema as a baby and that was the doctors advice to her.

    Fast forward to now; whenever I have to take one of my children to the doctors they look at their notes and give me a big lecture on vaccinating them before we leave.

  25. Elias, yeah- obesity is very damaging to health, and drinking lots of water is a great idea. I struggled losing weight for years then it was revealed to me through God that I was suffering from a binge eating disorder. I joined Overeaters Anonymous and am having psychotherapy with a Christian therapist. God is SO good- I am losing weight and loving myself and most importantly, God a lot more!!! I cannot fast due to diabetes and PCOS so I just eat less and five up sugar- that helps me binge and purge less too. –

  26. I used to judge parents who did not vaccinate but then I read some disturbing info about the current vaccines for MMR. I am not anti-vax but I am not as rabidly pro-vax as I used to be now. The decision to vaccinate or not is between them and God. Also I live in a country where our children have a less intense vaccine schedule than in the US, so I can understand why American parents may have some concerns. I was shocked when I read how many vaccines US children have!!! It seems like too much for a developing immune system in a tiny child.

    I also think the government making it mandatory would be a totalitarian system- if government has too much control we end up with situations like N Korea- then they will stop Christians practicing our faith! the government should be there to help us when we need them , not control us.

  27. Fasting is actually quite helpful for restoring insulin sensitivity in type 2 diabetes, just be careful to watch for and prevent hypoglycemia. Take “GTF Chromium” for Type 2 Diabetes.
    For PCOS I would recommend Serrapeptase and a lot of Iodine. As a precaution against Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, always take Selenium along with the high dose of Iodine.

  28. Great post, Lori – funny b/c I just saw the link to this Youtube video in another article earlier today, so it’s making the rounds – wonder how long before Youtube removes it! 😉 Wanted to throw in another 2 cents for consideration. It is widely accepted in the medical community now that overuse of antibiotics will result in evolution of bacteria to be resistant to treatment. But it’s not often discussed how vaccines can be doing the same thing for viruses. Here is just one article if you care to post it along with your blog, for those who may be interested, but there are others out there if one does the research:

    God Bless!

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